March 6th, 2014


GRAAIIAIIILLL!!111 (+mini skateboards on ebay)

I guess since last year I hadn't really found many Zubat line grails of mine since i thought i had pretty much everything, nothings been a really wow get or discovery, UNTIL.


This is like HOLY SUPER CRYING GRAIL FOR ME, I HAD NO IDEA THIS EXISTED, all the mini skateboard lots I've seen and searched through, i had never seen a Zubat, i just presumed he was never made. I've been collecting these guys for 3 years+ now and this is just. IM STILL SMILING.
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i know im like getting ahead of myself I've only just bought it like now, but reason for this post also is this seller has a few other boards which you know, i haven't seen around much, I didn't know if they were rare? They have Machop, Butterfree, Vileplume, Kakkuna and Parasect which can be searched for on ebay

now someone hold me while i sob happiness lkdsl;fksl;f
[YGO] Yubel

Want! Pokemon game

Hi! I just lost an ebay action (dammed autobid, I always forgot to check it and lost actions by cents) and I wonder if someone wants to sell of a copy of pokemon argent/or (soul silver/heartgold) in french.
It doesn't need to have the package or pokewalker, just the cartrige is fine.
Also, the seller needs to be willing to ship it to Brazil.

Thanks guys!
clemont inventin

genga time :D

hey all! i am back. where did i go? places. but now sunyshore is back open! stock is still limited since i need to go see exactly what they've got, but you can get mega evo plushies and new pokedolls! new tomy figures also in stock!

click here to go have a look!

as for collection, i'll try to post updates over time since there is TOO MUCH AWESOME THINGS for one post. but this is by far the best....

this small hand-drawn animated genga sequence of clemont and chespin (with serena and bonnie too!) is from XY anime episode 15 (ハリマロンVSマフォクシー!ダイエットバトル!?), episode 814 overall, which aired in japan on february 6, 2014.

compare to this, from 17 years and 800 episodes ago.

i never thought i would get to own clemont genga....i never did find any for any other gym leader after surge. but here it is, and luckily he and surge are my top favourite gym leaders of all time ;___; baaah!!!

you can go to the full gallery here :D

my clemont/serena/bonnie genga also came with an entire sequence of froakie and chespin fighting. this will be on sale sometime in the future :D

thanks for looking, comrades!


... I was trying to work on my term paper, but silly Gengar is distracting me.


Pokemon can be really silly sometimes!
I bet some of you have captured moments of your Pokemon doing really childish things :D
I would love to see your silly Pokemon moments in the comments below! :D

[and little insert: I will make another collection update as soon as all my other things will have arrived here - there'll be quite a bunch of new stuff to show you guys :)]

XY Trainer Kit 2-Player Starter Set

hi guys, i'm here to spread some joy! i'm unsure of how many people know about this already, but i had no clue until this morning, so! as soon as i saw the sylveon promo, i went BANANAS. this is so perfect because my boyfriend loves noivern too!! how many of you are as excited as i am?!

the US release date for this set is march 12, 2014. click the image below to get the full details!

entei and hibiki

march custom keychains! also reduced price and updated sales!

Hello, it's time for March custom keychains! This month, I will be offering a special for shiny Pokemon. Purchase a normal coloured Pokemon charm and get a shiny charm in the same pose for an additional $4!


Sales permission in pkmncollectors granted by dakajojo on 5.21.11
-I reserve the right to refuse to sell.
-Prices do not include shipping and fees! I ship from California, USA using USPS.
-Paypal is my preferred method of payment! Please pay within 24 hours of sales confirmation.
-My feedback is located here and here
-If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

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Additionally, I have updated my sales with new plushes, figures, notebooks, flats and more! I have also reduced prices on almost everything in my sales. Please come check it out! You can click the banner or follow this link.


new member here:) and first wants list.

Hello everybody!
I don't want to clutter up the front page so I'll leave my introduction and photos of my collection under the cut.
here are some of my Wants; Pokemon Talking 6.5 inch Feraligatr 2001 Hasbro                       
Pokemon JOHTO LEAGUE CHAMPIONS combat figure ZAPDOS    
Pokemon JOHTO LEAGUE CHAMPIONS combat figure Articuno 

If anyone had any information on figures like these, I would greatly appreciate it! Collapse )


new member post + awesome get

Hi guys! :)

My name is Christina, I'm 20 years old and I live in Germany. My love to Pokemon started with the yellow version when I was about seven years old and I ended up having played all six generations. Last Christmas I began collecting Pokemon plushies, and I've recieved a few good ones since then. I makes me angry to see that ebay and even amazon are full of bootlegs and most people are just unaware of that fact. :(
I'll show my collection in a future post, otherwise this will become too long for this first one. :)
I absolutely love the fact that a community like this exists, where Pokemon fans from all over the WORLD are able to communicate about the hobby they all share together. And now I'm part of it - what a great feeling! :D

In my real life I study psychology, and in my free time I also like writing stories, playing badminton in my local sports club, playing videogames and watching let's play videos (english and german).

And now over to something else - I wanna show you the awesome plush I just got today from the US. ;)

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So, thank you for reading my post and feel free to comment. :)

A few cuuuutsie gets! + wants post + calling all plush-makers again! :D

Hi everyone!

To make this sweet and simple, see my recent gets under the cut! :D

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And that's all for now! :D I hope you enjoyed.

I'm still looking for things on my wish list, here:

Click the banner or here to be transported!


And, calling all plush makers, AGAIN! :D

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Thanks everyone! Have a great rest of the week and weekend! :D
Until next time~

Quick new auction and auction reminder!

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Hi guys, I'm auctioning this +Poke Box+ pencil case. It's been lightly used, but has no sign of wear that I can see. ^-^ Here's the front and back:
2014-03-06 19.17.122014-03-06 19.17.33
Auctions start at $10 and end tomorrow, March 6th at 3pm PST.

And a reminder that my Sylveon bath salt figure is ending tomorrow, March 6th at 12pm PST! There's only one bid so far! Click the Sylveon picture to be taken to the auction.
2014-03-05 14.03.55

Lastly, a shameless sales plug! I updated with a ton of new items, such as bath salt figures, X & Y goods, 7-Eleven keychains and more! Click the banner below to check it out!

I Made A Collector's Quest Page

For all of you Tomy Collectors out there. I made a page to show off my collection to you. There are many gaps in there of course, but I hope to fill in the gaps after my Disney World trip at the end of the month. There are 2 other Tomy Collectors on there, but I want to show mine off too. So far only my Kanto & Johto collections are viewable.
Mew Close-Up

Want to Buy!

Hey y'all!

Today I come looking for merch! Show me what you've got of Pumpkaboo and the Chandelure, Gengar, Luxray and Pyroar lines! No flats, please!

I am also looking for stationary, as well as this!
X/Y Pre-Order Pokeball Game Case photo 361710_zps5747885b.jpg
I went to one of those "Pokemon Fan Gatherings" before the launch of X/Y where they were giving these out, but they only had a few and were distributing them via raffle, and I never got one. :< How much do they usually go for? Ebay's prices seem pretty inflated.

I've updated my Sales Post some more! Included is an item I was wondering if anyone could tell me about?

coin purse photo DSC02403_zps28d7be57.jpg
My friends went to Japan a couple years ago and got this for me at the Pokemon Center! The problem is, I have no idea what it's for! There's a tiny zipper at the back, so it looks like a coin purse, but it's so flat and the pouch is so small you can hardly fit anything in it, so it's more like a luggage tag? Can anybody identify this? Thanks!

rainbow tyranitar

Pumpkaboo by the numbers

So as prnzs posted, the DX Pumpkaboo plush are out in Japan.
I was able to scoop one up a few minutes ago and I was finally able to test a theory.
As eevee_trainer posted, it was our hope to get 4 sizes of Pumpkaboo plush to go along with the four sizes found in the game:

Well now I finally have some data to work with (full disclosure, I'm an engineer and I like math a lot ^.^ )

Pumpkaboo comes in 4 sizes, per bulbapedia, they are .3 .4 .5 .8 meters tall respectively. Converted to cm that's 30cm, 40cm, 50cm and 80cm. I am assuming that the MPC plush will be the smallest Pumpkaboo plush, and that the DX Banpresto UFO will be the largest. The the MPC I measured was about 10cm tall, the DX is listed as 22cm tall. So to compare the scaling factors, 30/10 = 3, and 80/22 = 3.6 which is pretty decent! I wonder if they did it on purpose :O In a perfect world, if the MPC was the baseline small, a super should be 26.6cm vs 22cm. I hope Pumpkaboo arrives soon so I can measure it properly to see how close it is. (If any folks in Japan who get one wana measure the height I would greatly appreciate it).

Hopefully the pokemon center will release a plush that's 13.3 cm and/or 16.6 cm for the average and large size.


Hello comm! The DX meowth we are team rocket plush should be released soon is there any pokemon online stores that may sell it soon? I'm hoping to buy at a reasonable price I'm not made of money :/ but if I was... 0w0

That's right meowth, celebrate the fact that team rocket has their own merch!