March 8th, 2014

First Gets from the community!

OhMyArceus! I just got this not an hour ago and I'm running around taking pictures and loving this guy to pieces!!!
first I would like to send all my PokeLove to revarrie for this "Zesty" little guy...

wanna guess who?...
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Thanks for reading my first Community Gets post!
Please, if I've messed up somehow, let me know! I am still learning and Pokémon is a passion so I get all excited and discombobulated when writing about it! :)
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Yoshi! :)

NA/US Pokemon Black & JPN Pokemon Black 2 up for sale

Greetings everyone,

Today I have the last two versions I've decided to let go of, US Black & JPN Black 2 (It took me a while to decide on JP Black 2 btw, lol). I've finally finished transferring my Pokemon from Black & Black 2 to Pokemon Bank and cleared the game's save data as well. Both of the games are legit and in great working/playable condition.

Note: JPN Black 2 is compatible with an American DS or DS Lite, but I believe it is not compatible with an American DSi, 3DS/3DS XL, or 2DS due to region locking (I can safely say it can't be played on a US 3DS XL. I tried it out myself).

(Extra info: Both games come with all inserts & the instruction book.)

NA/US Pokemon Black: $15
JPN Pokemon Black 2: $20

Haggling is accepted. Shipping is $3.00 to anywhere in the U.S. (I am shipping within the U.S. only).

Sales Permission granted by [info]lineaalba on November 24, 2009

Here is my old & new feedback posts just in case anyone's curious:

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have! :)

Thank you as always for reading/viewing!
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Looking for the Last 3 Cups (Jolteon, Vaporeon, Leafeon) and other household goods

I'm really only looking to spend about $12 on these each (not including shipping)

Plus I'm interested in any other inexpensive household items such as mugs, towels, washcloths, kitchenware, ect. I'm not looking for collecting but actually using! If you have cheap household items to sell please think of me first! The above 3 cups are priority!

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Group Buy: Johto League Champions Topps Complete Set


Edit: I have decided to cancel this GB due to lack of interest. Sorry to everyone who had claimed items.

Today, I bring you a Group Buy for all 105 cards included in the Johto League Champions Topps Card Set.

Your hosts:

pikachux will be handling payment and shipping (from the US).

- Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2009
- Feedback thread - Link

I, risha_moon, will be handling the posts and spreadsheets.

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Link

Info -

Payment 1: There are 105 cards in the lot. With the Buy-It-Now Price + Shipping to PikachuX, each card will be $2.35 each before Paypal fees.

Payment 2: Shipping from PikachuX to you.

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PikachuX will be claiming:

die-cut 4 of 18 #172 Pichu
die-cut 5 of 18 #25 Pikachu
die-cut 6 of 18 #26 Raichu

I will be claiming:

stickers 23 of 37 Houndour
stickers 24 of 37 Houndoom
#196 Espeon
#197 Umbreon

(I am interested in others and am willing to claim more if we don't get enough claims.)

Please comment with your claims and your zip code (or country).

~ Risha

Looking for legit Tomy Zoroark plush!^^

Hey guys,

I just found out my Zoroark plush is a bootleg ie not the real Quaid. :( I am looking to rectify this asap.^^; So, if anyone has a real Tomy Zoroark with the tush and paper tag in tact, I've love to buy em' from you. Heck, I'll take one without the paper tag (though it is preferred WITH the paper tag!). Let me know!^^

Zukan Wants Updated + TPP Zukan Tribute

Hi people

I've just purchased some new zukan pieces i was looking for, and after receiving the last package, I update my want list. You can check it on my LJ entry.

If you have some of them, or another zukan pieces for sale, please let me know

Last week (i think you have heard about this for sure) thousands of people (known as the mob) could beat succesfully the Pokemon Red Game, playing at the same time in twitch channel, after more than 2 weeks. They became very popular, specially, the story that was created about this (about Helix Fossil God). They did a lot of stupid things in the chaos, so they were really funny. By now, they're playing pokemon Crystal right now, and they are in Ice path at the moment.

You can get more info here

As the story was very funny for me, I decided to take pictures of the starring pokemon of this game using my zukan pieces, as tribute. I've taken really cool pics that i want to share with you. I hope you enjoy them.

Here's the God of Anarchy, Lord Helix


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Chibi figurines GA Payment 1

Hello comm!

We won the Chibi figurines GA after a really tense fight because this lot didn't have time extension and someone bidded a lot so it's time to prepare the payment 1!

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There are a lot of figures without bid and they are open to be claimed to anyone, participant or not! You can see them on the original post HERE and comment on the item without bid there or just ask me. First come, first serve! If you're a participant and you want any other figure ask me and I'll change the payment. They are only 1$ each figure!

Thank you very much :3
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Calling all Gengar Pokedoll owners and bootleg experts!

Hey you all, I need your help.

I've recently purchased a Gengar from the community, and I have some little issues that make me worry he might be a bootleg.

I am NOT accusing the seller of consciously selling me a bootleg at all. I knew exactly what I was buying, and the seller told me he got Gengar without his tush and hang tag in a lot with other Pokedolls (such as Blaziken, Giratina, Wobbuffet etc.) all of which were LEGIT, so he assumed the Gengar was legit as well. So, he informed me exactly about Gengar to the best of his knowledge, and I was aware of it, also that he came with no tush and hang tag, and I was very satisfied and happy with the seller (I also purchased from them before). So this has absolutely nothing to do with the seller.
I just wanted to make this clear first, also: I am not sure about Gengar being legit, that's why I am asking you.

Now, I just worry about Gengar maybe being a bootleg primarily because of the following things...

First of all, the place where the tush tag was supposed to be looked like there was no tush tag at all in the first place. There was some silvery fuzz looking like tush tag material comming off that spot, but otherwise, it looks really clean. The seller told me that you couldn't really see where the tush tag was before I bought Gengar, but now that I saw it, I am somehow suprised that it is that clean and I just wonder if this is "normal".
Idk, is it possible to cut off tush tags like that without any traces left? Has anybody of you maybe also got a plush where this is the case, knowing that it is legit though?

Other than that, I compared Gengar with my other Pokedolls, and I discovered irregular stuffing with Gengar.
All my other Pokedolls are really well stuffed, and even the little parts like feet and arms are well stuffed so that there is no loose fabric hanging around, you know?
Now, with Gengar, his little tail at the back has no stuffing inside, so that you can basically squeeze it inside.
Squeezing it inside looks like this:

Also, at right side bottom of his chin, there is less stuffing than on the other side. Normally, I would assume that roundish Pokedolls are fully stuffed so that they form a firm round "ball".
But when you look at Gengar, it looks like the fabric at his chin is a little bit loose, like this:

Has anyone of you also a Gengar Pokedoll where similar things are the case? I mean is it normal for Gengar Pokedolls to miss stuffing in their tails or something?
Everything I heard of legit Pokedolls was that they had very good stuffing, and normally, when there was missing stuffing, I always thought this was typical for bootlegs.
Other than that, my Gengar Pokedoll looks pretty much like other Gengar Pokedolls I've seen.

Any help is highly appreciated :)


Hello I am lurker that said that I would post my collection ages ago xD
It may have been years since I said that but now I will post it
-I hope the cut thing works because I have not used it before-
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First gets post! - Major Cobalion Gets! :)

Hello Community!
I'm new here and I've been inspired by many to start my own Pokemon collection!
This community is very nice and so sweet! I met a lot of nice and awesome friends so far!
I'm still new to collecting, I've been a fan ever since I was 4 years old, (I'm 15 now)
I started my own collection of Cobalion merch, as I remember the first time Cobalion was released and I've been obsessed with him ever since! I love deers, their my favorite animal. Cobalion resembles one and I think he's pretty bad ass. I was surprise to know that he wasn't an Electric type pokemon! He looked like one, but it's cool that he is Steel/Fighting.
He was also the first pokemon I had soft reset to achieve a shiny of!
Now the sweet shiny Cobalion, Athos, is in my Pokemon Y. :)
Anyways, let me show you the awesome gets I've received so far from the great comm!
*Please excuse crummy photo quality from my phone*
Ameer's Windows Phone_20140308_003
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A big sales post with all new items!

Well big for me haha. xD I got a bunch of new items including the new pokedolls Litleo and Swirlix. I got rare things like the Attack Breloom kid, DX Darkrai Pokedoll and Stunfisk rug and other cool things like Sylveon phone strap and Inkay iPhone cases. Come check it out!

LOOK HERE ANNOUNCEMENT xD: I got a DX Darkrai Pokedoll made in 2007. Price is $75.

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A postcard from classypersian!!

Dear comm, today we have played at the beach all day! It was so warm out but the water was freezing!! Wish you were here!! :( best wishes!!
No Litleo don't look!! I snuggled with my plushies all night! They are so soft @@ I'm so happy I brought them!
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TCG Sales - XY, Legendary Treasures, and more

Pokémon cards! Pokémon cards! Come get your Pokémon cards! I've got brand new ones from the XY set and Legendary Treasures, classics from Base Set, and plenty in-between! But be aware, what you see in my sales post is only the rares and holographics - I've got lots of commons and uncommons that I don't have pictures of, so if you're looking to buy any, let me know what you're looking for! Trades welcome! Just click on the banner above to be taken to my card sales post. Thanks!

Charmander Arrival and Major Collection Website Revamp!

Hello everyone, I wanted to share an exciting and rare addition to my collection! <3


I've also done a huge revamp on my pokedoll collection site, which took 3 days. I've retaken photos, changed the layout, and made new sections!

Check it out if you can! ^^


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Metal GA payment 02 post

Its that time again! The metal figure GA has arrived! I arrived home from work and saw the box outside! So its all ready!  Everyones figures are in order and some have some paint wear.

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I am also looking for Dragon type cards. That is the actual dragon- type cards. So show me what you have and I will see if i have it and what i can trade for it.

  Thats all for now!

Tomy Collection Update

Hi guys! It's been a little while since I last posted something. So time for an update :)

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I'm still looking for these figures:
1.       Kirlia
2.       Ninjask
3.       Mawile
4.       Meditite
5.       Sharpedo
6.       Wailmer
7.       Torkoal
8.       Clamperl

1.       Kricketot
2.       Kricketune
3.       Budew
4.       Shieldon
5.       Bastiodon
6.       Vespiquen
7.       Chingling
8.       Happiny
9.       Carnivine
10.     Gliscor
11.     Probopass

And I still need most of Unova.
I'm also looking for special figures/clear/alternate poses.

I prefer to buy in a (small) lot but if you have any, please let me know :)


PS: for people interested, here is a link to my Tumblr: I'm still working on it, but I will post pictures of my collection regularly.

Shopping in Japan!

I'll be going on a guided tour in Japan, and we'll have some free time. It doesn't look like I'll be in the vicinity of any Pokemon Centers, but I was curious if anyone had some advice on where else to look specifically for Pokemon goods?

I'll be in Osaka (near Nara), Kyoto (near Gion), Tokyo (visiting Harajuku, Akihabara,near Tokyo Tower, eta also will be in Shinjuku! Forgot that one).

Any tips would be great as a lot of my friends (and myself!) are expecting to get Pokemon trinkets and things!

Sales & auctions, bootleg help,/ misc. pictures

I don't know what it is but I'm not too keen on most of the gen 4/ 5 tomy figures. And now gen 4 tomy figures are twice as expensive (lol @ mismagius price on eBay)
So I'm selling some of the ones I have that aren't my favorites
I am also doing an auction for a few of them
Below is the auction followed by a few tomy figures I'm trying to find a good home for
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The auction ends 3/11/14 at 16:35:00 PST. Countdown timer is here:

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Is this Wooper a bootleg?
Its smile and paintjob is weird

Fun pictures:
Two differently painted Zekrom tomy figures
One is from its own individual box and one is from the Movie box set
DSC03692Their eyes are really the only difference. The movie box set is the one on the left and has a brighter red color, it is more sleek and brighter then the other one
The itty bitty Umbreon tomy
It's sO00oooo tiny/ precoius >_<

Sorry for such a long post, got too much in my room that they are overflowing and taking up a lot of space
Need more room for Froakie, Inkay, Feltching, and more gen 6 pokemons