March 10th, 2014


Showing my plush collection!

Hello everybody,

It's only been a few days since I have joined this incredibly cool community. Your collections are amazing, and mine looks very tiny in comparison. :D Maybe this will change the following months. ;) You have to consider that I just started collecting around last Christmas.
Anyway, this post will show pictures of my current collection.

I own many of the old Hasbro ones, but also a couple of Canvas, Jakks, Takara Tomy, TY Beanie Babies and Pokemon Center plushies.
Please open the cut to see more. :)
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I wish you all a very nice day!! :)

Items for sale, eBay lots, and Bell Plush winners shipping notice!

Hello everyone!

I have cool pokemon stuff for sale, again!
I will have some items up for offers and others are just straight sales!

Items include:

I received sales permission on March 15, 2013 from allinia
My feedback is here.
(I can be slow at giving feedback but I will be doing a lot of feedback giving in the next few days!)

Offers will last until Friday the 14th at 12 am.
Countdown can be found here.
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I also have some interesting lots that end tomorrow if anyone is interested!

ebay lotebay lot2
ebay lot4ebay lot5ebay lot6

Click the pictures or here to be teleported to eBay!
Also if anybody wins any of these, I can sell them outside of eBay if you would like.

Attention all Bell plush and Offers winners!
I sent off a small handful of packages on Friday (March 7) and will be sending off the rest tomorrow (Monday 10) and Tuesday 11.
I'll be making a post on Monday or Tuesday night with your tracking numbers so keep an eye out.
Thank you for your patience!

And so this post isn't just about sales, I give you Nurse Mewtwo!

nurse mewtwo

Have a good night/morning!

What is this figure? + a huge panda want!

Hello guys. :3 how goes the collecting? Pandas have been coming in whenever I can find them! I have every plush and figure of them that has been released so far. O.O

One of the official bits of Pancham and Pangoro that I'm missing so far, though, are the CAN BADGES!
I REALLY want these, and if anyone could help me out I'll be so grateful. u.u <3 I'll even draw ya something for free, whatever you want.

Also, my new site for my collection is almost done! It's gonna be great!

Anyway! I thought this figure was a V-Trainers toy, but it's by Tomy and the bottom looks much different! :o anyone know what it is? I'm curious. I won it in a lot on eBay so I have no info on it. I'd also like to see the other figures like this!

Thanks for looking, have a great day/evening!

Auction time again! Rare items including metal figures

Here I have another handful of items up for auctions which will be available for bidding for 2 days!
The auctions will end on Weds March 12th at 11pm Japan time (that's 10am EST in the USA).
Final bid does not include shipping and fees- they will be calculated once the auctions end.
Bidding extensions as per community rules. Granted sales permission on 03/17/11 by dakajojo

Let's start off with a super rare promo banner featuring Sylveon!

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Happy bidding!

Small Sylveon Wants

Hey there everyone! I finally completed my Sylveon plush collection so now I'm after some other non-plush wants

I'm still looking for the plush pen! Need this snout cutey in my life
Also would like to find the following:
Sylveon friends figure (i dont mind if its boxless)
Sylveon cookies (bag and tin)
Sylveon bus case pouch
Sylveon coin purse

Also I'm unsure if there is this kind of merch, but if there is I'd like a Sylveon lanyard?

Thanks for everything, its only because of all of you I was able to complete my Sylveon plush collection: 3
Fang Love

Super duper sticker and gum sales and auctions

Selling pokemon sticker sheets and gum and auctioning off some pressed coins and a Sylveon w. Eevee Lottery plush. Each roll has 8 pieces of gum and a sticker sheet with 8 stickers (4 on each side). The 8 pieces of gum are randomly ordered, so the order in the picture may not be the same order you receive.

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I am still looking for the megmilk eeveelution stickers. I already have Jolteon, but I'd love to at least get my hands on Flareon. I don't know what a reasonable price to offer for it is, but I'd be willing to work something out :) I'm also looking for the other version of the Sylveon pressed coin and the Sylveon can badge from the cookies and the kids tins. I'm only really looking to trade at this time for the can badge, as the megmilk stickers are a higher want :D

I'm going to bed now, but I'll be on in the morning.

USPS Tracking states "Delivered" but there is no package? SOLVED

EDIT:case has been solved! This was an issue of the seller hand-writing the address incorrectly. They wrote 321 instead of 327. The mail carrier let me know he delivered only 3 packages today and that 321 was on of them, I went to their house and lo-and behold, it's already been opened and sitting on their coffee table. After a small confrontation they returned the package and it is without damage and as described luckily. Let this be a bit of a lesson, if you hand write your addresses please DOUBLE-CHECK them! I'm glad this issue has been resolved, and apologize about others who have experienced similar issues, hopefully the USPS is able to pick their service up.

Firstly I apologize that this is a bit before the general once a day rule, but I'm extremely confused, upset and worried. I purchased an item and the tracking was wonky from the get go (it departed and was processed at the same sort facility 5+ times) and then it was in the sort facility 4hrs from where I live last night. I kept tracking the package today as usually when it arrives at this facility a bit away I get packages the next day. The tracking never updated. Now I check the tracking and suddenly it says it was sorted at my local P.O. and delivered at 12:51pm. I was home during this time and there was no mailman at my door to deliver a package. I just checked the mail and the package is not in the mail. I'm pretty sure it's not theft as BOTH my husband and I's income tax checks were in todays mail, untouched as well as a credit card we just signed up for. I don't know what to do. Has this ever happened to anyone before? I've never had a package that stated "Delivered" that wasn't actually delivered. I did call my local P.O. to tell them and they told me they could do nothing more than advise me to check the perimeter of my house (which yielded no results)and alert the mail carrier for my route to see if he left it somewhere for me. If neither of these prove fruitful they basically told me that without insurance on the package that I was SOL. I don't understand at all, the address on the package was correct and was NOT delivered as an error on their part, so how am I the one who eats the loss? Please help me out, I have no idea what to do and am so upset, I'm out my money, my item and it looks like my help from them or paypal (seeing as it says delivered). I want to cry over this, this is really a sad event, never had any problems with USPS until now :

Wants and Reduction in Sales!

Hello guys! i just wanted to share a couple of my new gets today and hoping anyone would happen to have a couple of my wants!

So I received my pokemon time charmander and squirtle plushes as a trade from mriwanaga
Soooooo Cuuute!
So.... i'm still looking for little bulbasaur to complete the set!
please let me know if you have one for sale or have seen one somewhere :)
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Click here or the picture below to visit my recent sales page with prices reduced!

I also have a MWT Raichu Pokedoll and Christmas Fennekin Plush i'd be willing to trade for my wants especially pokemon time bulbasaur :)
Thanks for viewing guys!
Sylveon Heart Ribbons

~Sylveon Collection Gets A New Space~

I've finally moved! I finally got a brand new shelf for my ever growing Sylveon collection! And it's finally unpacked! Come look at my lovely fairies in full!


tumblr_kt6u7iNnxt1qaqps8o1_500 copy
Look at these huge boxes! Lets rip them open!
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~Click this to see my SYLVEON COLLECTION~

~And click this one to see what is currently on my want list~

Any help would be appreciated! Take my money <333
I also put up more pokemon lots on EBAY! A lot of it is Eeveelutions! Pokedolls and plush!
Click the images to be redirected~

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 2.54.08 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-10 at 2.54.24 PM
Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 2.54.37 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-10 at 2.54.47 PM
Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 2.55.01 PM

Till next time! Happy collecting!

Toracon 2014 gets!~

This weekend I went to Toracon dressed as Kyoko from Madoka Magica~

These are the pokemon merch gets I got <3

toracon gets pokemon

Sorry about the Sanosuke sticker in there, I didn't notice him until now xD

I got a MPC Stunfisk plush, and a small Charmander plush for fluffyfurret
Then I got a Espeon and Umbreon pin, a kechain of Bulbasaur, Cubone, and Sandshrew, and the eeveelution print <3

It was really hard picking out the keychains, so I went with some of my favorite pokemon lol
I wish I'd have gotten a few more, but by then pretty much all my money was gone >w<

I also got a bunch of Vocaloid and anime figures, I won't post them here but if you wanna take a look at them and my cosplay I have them posted in my journal:
  • nerd


Hello Comm!

I'm looking to purchase a stack of Online Pokemon TCG Codes!
They are codes that come in Pokemon booster packs, I'm looking to buy a lot at once :)

Also, I'm looking for any Whimsicott merch that involves plush or figurines. Same with Cyndaquil! (Grail is a canvas cyndaquil)

That's about it for this week! Have a good day. :)

small sales and name change!

this is SOULSALIGHT!  I purchased a new name for myself. yay. changed some things, updated my small sales, the good sort of stuff. (yes, there's only vaporeon up right now. I'm tired and bleagh, cut me some slack. added the other four items! including a totodile themed pokemon time clearfile~ )

take a look.

[granted permish on 1/18/14 by entirelycliched]

old feedback as soulsalight

new feedback for this sn

My very own Wants List!

It has been a little more than a day since I made my first post here to the community, and I would like to thank everyone here for the warm welcome! So, for my second post, why not make my wants list?

High Priority:

  • Any kind of legitimate Mew plush no bigger than the one I already have. ORDERED FROM TOYWIZ!!! Thanks to Fox7xd's post about his Helioptile get, I found out about a very recent American Mew plush made by TOMY in 2013! If it wasn't for him/her, I would still be looking for one! :D :D :D

  • Any official Mega Venusaur plush, as long as it's not astronomically huge. C'mon Japan, HURRY UP AND MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE!!! X(

  • Any official Noivern plush about the size of a regular Pokecen plush.

  • Any official Heliolisk plush about the size of a regular Pokecen plush.

Medium Priority:

  • Any official Bayleef plush.

  • Any official Grovyle plush.

  • Pokecen Quilladin plush. I'm currently waiting on a US release in order to save some cash.

  • Any official Aurorus plush about the size of a regular Pokecen plush. I know one is coming out in a few months from Banpresto, and I did preorder it! :D

Also, if there does exist an official Ice Flower plush, I'll probably buy it ASAP.

Low Priority:

  • Uxie Banpresto UFO plush. I just feel that my Jakks throw-ball plush isn't sufficient enough, but if I can clear out my high and medium priority lists and add nothing new to them or if I can get a sweet deal, I'll get it.

Dream Wants:
These are basically my holy grails. It is highly unlikely I will get any of these in my lifetime, but if a Friday the 13th occurs on the night of a blue moon when all of the planets in our solar system line up and I win the Mega Millions 9 times in 1 night, I might have a shot at getting one of these.

  • Shiny Entei Pokedoll 2010 movie lottery prize. I know there are a few on the web out there up for sale currently, but they command hundreds of dollars in order for me to get a hold of one.

  • Venusaur GBA SP (any condition, but working). Same reason as Shiny Entei why I can't see myself with one of these bosses.

Well, there you have it. These are my wants, and I can see myself getting a hold of all of them (except the dream wants) before I stop collecting, which won't be happening anytime soon.

pokemon sales post updated + zukan question

Hi i up dated my sales post with some cool zukans :) lots more than this preview pic:

And a question to togekiss zukan owner, i got mine and its bluish :S
are all like this? i though it will be white.