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11 March 2014 @ 12:35 am
Hello guys, need some assistant here, I've been looking for a good website to buy MC figures (Tomy 2" figures), I've been using HLJ.com for a while when suddenly they ran out of everything !? they no longer have any available MC figures, I cant find a safe place to buy MC figures with the same prices, Ebay is full of Chinnese and Asian sellers who are most likely thieves.... I even finding it hard to belive the japanese sellers cause all of them use the same photos..
Any suggestion ? if you know a trustworthy ebay seller just hit me up !
Thanks for your time.
11 March 2014 @ 12:55 am

Hi everyone!

It is amazing how dramatically your collection can expand in less than two weeks.  The hunt finally paid off.  Now it will be time for me to start focusing on collecting all the alternate tomy poses, re-paints, and clear figures.  I might even expand out to collecting kid/zukan (and bootleg) figures so I can have the rest of the monsters- leaving no gaps in my collection.  I might even paint some of my duplicates into shinies and work on making clay molds of the toys.

That said..  I am only missing one last figure and it's proving to be the hardest to track down but I won't let it stop me from tearing down my dream of having them all.  I am also looking for two other replacement figures that must have their clear bases and a Nurse Joy figure.  If you have them, please let me know, these are the LAST three tomy figures that I need:

Sharpedo (Replacement)
Kirlia (Replacement)
Kingdra (Will pay up to $60~70 for him)
Tomy Nurse Joy Trainer (Will pay $80+ for her provided that she is in mint)

Thank you for reading.  :D

first of all, some new kids in june..........i'm......... i'm happy.............

apologies for the extremely crappy pic, though!

AND! thanks to my good friend and sunyshore helper libby, we have some release dates and NEW IMAGES for some of the raichu things coming out this spring!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! more exclamation points!!!!!!!! and more!!!!!!!

you can click that to enlarge.

....i'm happy .... :D
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11 March 2014 @ 08:36 am
Hello comunty
Just a quick question,  are there Pokemon Center kiosks in Los Angeles and Chicago?
or any place to buy official merch there?

Thanks have a great day :D
11 March 2014 @ 12:13 pm
I just need a few card to finish my E Reader sets (all cards must be NON HOLO)

Expedition: <low priority                                                       
#75 Dragonair
#43 Dragonite
#107 Dratini
#69 Vileplume
#94 Bulbasaur
#98 Charmander
#126 Ponyta

#36 Sudowoodo,
#65 Weepinbell,
#54 Marowak,
#63 Tyogue,
#81 Hitmonchan
#100 Phanpy
#46 Dodrio,
#73 Doduo
#36 Sudowoodo
#65 Weepinbell
#101 Pinsir.
#40 Tyranitar,
#56 Pupitar,
#88 Kangaskhan,
#98 Onix#60

#51 Ditto < High
#101 Snubbull < High
#81 Nidoran (F),
#108 Swinub
#27 Raichu,
#42 Persian,
#78 Meowth,
#84 Pikachu
#90 Rattata,
#128 Lure Ball
#50 Diglett < SO HIGH need this in my life the card play ride of the valkyries
Wizards black star promo
Celebi: Voice of the Forest VHS/DVD release: Suicune
Pokemon center or nintendo power: Ho-Oh and Rapidish
Hello community! Hope all is well! With the new releases of merch seemingly out, I was wondering if anyone had any of these (or access?):

- Pumpkaboo MPC plush (the small or DX, or both!)
- little tale pikachu couple keychain
- Mega Ampharos pokedoll/plush

Any points in the right direction would be great as I'm hoping to do some buying soon :)
11 March 2014 @ 06:36 pm
Sales permission :
granted on 09 December 2012 by entirelycliched

My feedback

Hello guys,

I am just updating my sales thread and I got some of rare old items from my collection for sell. I need to move the money for my other collections.


Please let me know if you have any questions or offers.

IMG_2669Photo Feb 26, 3 04 18 PMPhoto Feb 26, 3 19 44 PMIMG-20111028-00107photo (26)IMG_1554IMG_1374
just another girl~ ♥
11 March 2014 @ 08:00 pm
Hello pkmncollectors! It's been a long while since I last posted, so I'll just re-introduce myself. I'm kasumisukimix and my main collections are Misty/Kasumi, Touko/Hilda, and Touya/Hilbert. Here is my collection for reference. I have gotten more things since. I'm waaaay due for another collection update. =v=

Touko & Touya wantsCollapse )

If you have any of these items and is willing to let go of them, please let me know! I'd rather buy from the community. Any help is appreciated!! Hope everyone is having a good week! ;v;
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11 March 2014 @ 08:24 pm
Plush maker found! Hehe

Hello all!
Today I have a simple want, a dittochu pokedoll!
Can any custom artists out there make me one?
I'm wanting one similar in size to the real pokedolls but would be fine with any size because I really want one! Hehe

So pretty much I want a pikachu pokedoll with ditto's silly face :)
Any offers/price quotes are welcome!
Looking to spend $150 or less before shipping.
Thanks a bundle :3
 my ♥pretty ♥ soldier
11 March 2014 @ 08:27 pm

please follow rules when requesting or asking for quotes i ship to members of pkmncollectors only. thanks!
i was granted sales permission on 07/02/11 by dakajojo

I'm curious if anything have been officially said about Mega Charizard/Blastoise/Venusaur from XY to be made in Zukan? I didn't found some clear infos from Google, maybe some people here know more?
11 March 2014 @ 10:39 pm
I've seen a lot of collections organized in different ways like brand, country, alphabetically, type, color, and by the same pokemon. I've been wanting to reorganize my collection for a while. It's a mix of chaos and by the same pokemon/line.
Here is a list of the pokemon plushies I own so you can tell me what you think is best:
poofCollapse )
Also, How do you organize your collection?
Here is a reminder for my auctions!  There are lots of neat items starting very cheap including a Slowpoke pokedoll and a lot of things with no bids yet.  Please check them out!

All that and more! Click here or the preview to go~
11 March 2014 @ 11:39 pm

So does anyone have a legit absol tomy for sale? Or the movie version where its all shimmery?
Or a vaporeon minicot?

These are so hard to find:(

And to make this post less boring!!...

checcckk itCollapse )

11 March 2014 @ 11:41 pm
First thing first, I have shipped all packages out by the end of today if you have paid me. Hooray! Check your inbox for my comments if you would like to exchange feedback and your Paypal/email for tracking number. I want to extend a thank you for every bidder since you give dratini's family a new home. For those who have not yet paid, please also check your inbox (lol) for my comments about your total and pay as quick as possible so I can get them all shipped before the end of my spring break.

Second, I have put a big lot on eBay including all my leftovers FCS, Battle Museum, Battrios, and a bunch of trading cards with the least rarity. If you are interested, you can find the lot down here:

Typically, it includes all the FCS, Battle Museum, and Battrio from this post. It also means that these are no longer available for single sales.

I am very satisfied with recycling the promo tins of Snivy, new Xerneas ex and Yveltal ex since I feel a shame just to throw them away. The artworks of these tins are gorgeous.

Sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/2011
New feedback
Old feedback

Last, I decide to start collecting Altaria cards (English and Japanese versions only), and I hope I can begin by trading the cards left in my binder for less expensive ones. Hopefull we could achieve some win-win. Here is a link to the galleries of my binder, you can just click Previous button to view all of them. Comment if you are interested in a trade for your Altaria. I will post here with cards no longer available.

Altaria ex Not for trade obviously ;p
Cards no longer available: Dragonite, all Dratini & Dragonair, Ponyta, Growlithe


Thank you for reading and have a good night/day!
11 March 2014 @ 11:44 pm
Mainly looking for the older ones, especially for Lucario, Salamence, and Absol.
(Please none from the XY set with pikachu, sylveon, genesect, eevee, and mewtwo. )
Please post which ones you have for sale and price please! =)