March 13th, 2014


PokemonTrader:// Sales Post Update!

THREE DAYS LEFT UNTIL XY2!  (WILD BLAZE) Anyone else excited?
collectorviper has coverage on latest leaks of the new set! (link)

I recently added in a TON of goodies to my sales post!
Including Meiji Chocolate Promos, VS Series 2001 and Vending Series Promos!


Any orders that are finalized by Mar 14 @ 12:00 PM EST will be shipping out that day (FRIDAY)
I am also offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $10!

Trade? My Duskull for your...

Trader found! Thank you!!!

I recently got a Duskull Pokedoll with a tag, so I was going to sell my tagless one. But first, I wanted to see if anyone wanted to trade! I'm looking for the Snover Pokedoll mostly, but would also consider Mismagius or Weavile.  Since mine doesn't have the hang tag, I'm fine if yours does not. I do ask that it has a tush tag and is in good condition. I'm located in New York, USA.

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Also just a little reminder that all legendaries in my pan sticker shop are 25% off through March 21. (Click the banner to go!)

Sales permission granted 19 FEB 2013 by entirelycliched. Feedback:
bubble gums birds

Mutant Teenage Ninja Squirtles

So something interesting has recently appeared in my local skill tester/claw machines:


Squirtle plush! He has no shell, though, and those eyes are printed on. He even comes in a variety of colours:

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I have blown quite a few dollars trying to get one of the little buggers darlings to no avail - all our machines have super-loose claws, so it's more a matter of luck than anything if I get one. So sad :( I will keep trying, though. There was a blue, too! Although he seems to have disappeared. Still, interesting to see the 'ol pokes pop up in unusual places, eh?

Livestream: 4 Korean Booster Boxes + Some Wants

Hi Everyone!

I'm going to be hosting a Livestream in a few minutes while I open these 4 Korean booster boxes -
(probably about 5 minutes after I post this journal)

Most duplicate cards will be available for trade/sale. sorjei and squeakaree get first pick since they helped me purchase these. :D If you see something you like, you can either comment in the stream chat or on this post (it might be better to post here because I might forget to go back and check the chat).

Livestream link - Link!

I will be typing in the chat as "Risha" or "Maitaidelight." Don't check your sound, I have the stream muted - because I'm shy and because my dogs usually end up barking and making a ton of noise. lol.

Reminder for pikachux and my Johto League Champions Topps Complete Set Group Buy

I am SO close to completing my English Houndoom and Houndour card collections. Does anyone have the following for trade or sale? I know I can find some of them on Ebay, but the prices there are higher than I would like.

Houndour - Expedition Base Set 113/165 - Common REVERSE HOLO
Houndour - EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 62/95 - Common REVERSE HOLO
Houndoom - Aquapolis 14/147 - Rare REVERSE HOLO

I am also looking for some XY cards but I will not be trading for them until after I pickup the XY tins I preordered (should be today or tomorrow). The EX cards from this set that I currently have for trade are the non-FA versions of Skarmory and Xerneas. I would love to get Emolga EX.

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High Priority Want Recieved in Mail Today!

On Monday, I posted my wants list, and I had an item in my high priority list crossed out: an official Mew plush. The reasoning was because I ordered it from ToyWiz. Well, I just got home from school, and this was waiting for me in my house!:
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So, this was a pretty big get for me, and I am truly happy for this get. Also, this get was a very special get. This was the last of the Pokemon merchandise that I needed to get in order to replace a fake. Now, all of my Pokemon merch is 100% legitimate and counterfeit-proof!

Ice Flower, you're next... ;)

Pokemon Card Trading Post


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Also, here is a brief reminder for my auctions ending in about 3 and a half hours. Click here to go to It's Almost Spring Cleaning Auctions. There are still a lot of items without bids.  Thanks!
Auction ended! I will be replying to your comments if you bid so please check back.

Iso plushie commision

I am looking for someone who does plushies (in whatever medium suits them) who would be up for a Mightyena commission. Small to medium plushie (depends on price). I would love to see your work! please let me know if you can do this, i do not have a deadline.

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Uhoh, its me again! Thanks to a tip from tehwhitetiger I got down to the Entertainer for my very own 1:1 (I think?) Oshawott plushie!!! I had to ask if they had Oshy out back, as only Tepig and Snivy was on the shelf. Luckily he was hiding, so he came home with me.
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Shes soooo cute <3

Thanks fer looking!

Chibi figurines GA Payment 2 + MEGA GRAIL + Plushie Sales and Espeon auction

Hello community!

Today I have some things to share with you. First of all, about the Chibi Figurines GA. The payment 2 is ready, you have all the info on the post:

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There are a lot of figures without owner and they are open to be claimed to anyone, participant or not! You can see them on the original post HERE and comment on the item without bid there or just ask me. First come, first serve! If you're a participant and you want any other figure ask me and I'll change the payment. They are only 1$ each figure!

Secondly A TON OF GETS!
What could they be? :O
Sin título-2

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And finally some SALES AND OFFERS! There were some plushies on the lot that I didn't want so I'm selling them! I'm open to offers of a Espeon Friends plush (starts at 15$) and some UFOS on BIN!
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Manaphy UFO, Cherrim UFO 22$ shipped each one or just take both of them for 35$ shipped!
Turtwig and Buneary 4$ each.
I still have also the old Meowth beanie (a bit dirty) free with a purchase!

As usual, you can combine everything with my sales post HERE or click on the photo
Thanks for everything!

Wanted Zukans list

Here's the list of Zukans I'm looking for, let me know if you have any of them for sale (preferably sealed, but I can do with used ones as long as it's complete with the stand and base), thanks!

-Charmander, Chameleon, Charizard line
-Ratata, Raticate line
-Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu line
-Sandshrew, Sandslash line
-Nidoran (male), Nidorino, Nidoking line
-Vulpix, Ninetales line
-Psyduck, Golduck line
-Mankey, Primeape line,
-Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam line
-Machop, Machoke, Machamp line
-Tentacool, Tentacruel line
-Slowpoke, Slowbro, Slowking line
-Doduo, Dodrio line
-Grimer, Muk line
-Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan line
-Koffing, Weezing line
-Goldeen, Seaking line
-Scyther, Scisor line
-Togepi, Togepic, Togekiss line


Greetings pokemon friends!
School has been taking over my life so i really havent been as active as i want to be but i would really like to start collecting again so i will try harder to be on top of things more!
Recently ive been looking to getting into Sylveon and i got the us tomy plush from epcot that my friends got me :) yay!
but i would like maybe more plushes and keychains, figures, stickers and stuff. so if you have any sylveon for sale please let me know!

below break is what i have in my dorm of my Gengar collection and other pokemon. some of its behind stuff but thats ok. i have some more gengar stuff at home that wont fit in my dorm also.
Thank you so much!
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Togepi Wants

So, my love for the adorable Spike Ball Pokemon Togepi is overflowing again, and I recalled three items I had wanted back when they were released in Australia, but could never get.

Togepi reversible plush (changes from egg to Togepi) - TOGEPI COLLECTION MINI-GRAIL
Togepi large plastic figure (came with another Pokemon...Mew, I think? Anyway, it had slight movement)
Togepi talking and rocking figure
All were released by Hasbro internationally

I checked ebay, and if they're not just being sold to US buyers, they're expensive! If possible, I would like to ask no more than $10 for reversible plush and large figure, and $20 for talking figure (those were about the cost of them in stores, though the plush was like $5 at Safeway).

Please note I am in Australia, and would like a cheaper shipping option (don't go for most expensive please). Thank you.

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