March 14th, 2014

opinion on the monster collection redesign?

Well, today I got my package with mega lucario, mega ampharos (amphy I gave my gf <3 ) and moncolle charmander and gogoat

I gotta say that the new packaging is so amazing that I don't even plan on opening them. I'm actually going to hang them on my Flats board (when I redesign it)

I was wondering what's everybody's opinion on the new packaging, and the fact they did away with those rotating base things? ^.^

To make things less boring, here's a moncollé pic!


Custom plush quote

I have been thinking. My favorite Pokedoll is Natu, and I would reallly love to have a custom DX Natu Pokedoll. I do plan on having someone make me one, but not for a few weeks. The thing is, I am VERY picky with customs, and it would have to look identical to the regular Pokedoll, same color, same fabric, same embroidered eyes. What would be a typical price range to expect for a foot tall plush with not many detailing, since hes just a plain green bird. Please let me know and I can delete this post if its against the rules :3
And here is a quick Pokedoll update :D I laid them all out for a photo shoot lol (although it looks like a picture from a GA xD). Still looking for an Altaria, Corsola, Oddish, and Houndor.


Long awaited collection update!

I'm FINALLY home for Spring Break, so I can finally update my collection! I updated my collection website with a ton of new pictures, but I'll just post some of them here. :D

Also funny story (meant to have pictures to go along with this but oh well), so I when I was younger I had the Torchic Hasbro Beanie along with Treecko. I've managed to NOT lose the Treecko. But as usual when cleaning/messing up my room over the years, my plush get lost/donated. When I stumbled upon the comm last year, I thought I still had the plush but guess what? I lost it. So I bought a replacement w/an attached hangtag on the comm. (along with Mudkip to complete the trio)

Fast forward to today. I come home from Spring Break. My mom cleaned my room, and cleaned out a lot of my old stuff and stored it away. As I was taking out plush from my collection shelf, I noticed something. I saw the top of a Torchic head with the hangtag attached, and another Torchic with no tush tag. Somehow, somewhere, my mom found my old Torchic. It was a nice surprise and I'm pretty happy about it. Has anything similar happened to you guys?

Anyway, onto the pictures!
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Also expect a video of my TCG collection in the coming weeks, I just recorded it today! I'll be posting it on my TCG/collecting Youtube channel. Thanks for checking out my collection post! :D

jakks pacific figure questions

Hey everyone. It has been a bit since I've made a post.

Anyways. I think I have decided what I would like to collext.

The Jakks Pacific figurines.

Many ways so I have some questions.

Does anyone know where I can find a list or database of all the jakks 3" figures?

I already have quite a few of them already but a list would help alot.

And to make this less boring I have some

Any figures or plush or stuff related to the mystery dungeon series.
Any jakks pacific figurines. I have too many to name lol


I dont have pics right yet but I will be getting something that is a major want to me, the mystery dungeon dialga plush!!!!!!!

Also did a trade and I have some diorama figures coming as well!!!

Let me know what you got!

Jakks Haunter Want

Hey Guys Still in search of a Jakks Haunter figure. I would prefer one that is used and as affordable as possible but I guess new would be okay too. as he has both hands in tact. If you have one on your sales post or want to part with one let me know. Also looking for the Japanese Voltorb and electrode bouncy ball figures that came in capsules as well as a jay franco Voltorb

Raichu Canvas Sale *Price lowered*

 photo Untitled-2.png

Please read the rules, if you fail to do so I WILL know

ALL pkmncollectors rules are in effect for this sales post
some_text #1. I recieved my sales permission on 10/04/2012 from dewott. And here is a link to
my feedback:
some_text #2. I ship from the US and use USPS as my preferred shipping service.
some_text #3. I only accept payment in the form of Paypal
some_text #4. Shipping is not included in my costs and will be added when you ask for a quote, please do ask for a quote before you commit to buying.
some_text #5. Haggling may be accepted on some items please ask but don't feel offended if I turn your offer down some things aren't as negotiable as others.
some_text #6. Trades are not being considered at this time sorry
some_text #7. Please ASK QUESTIONS if you are curious about something I would like to know. I may not have thought of every detail when posting the description of an item but you can bet I will help you out if you need to know anything
some_text #8. I will NOT sell to banned members of pkmncollectors
some_text #9. For any questions pertaining to my rules please use my Questions/Comments thread below or PM me
some_text #10. After you ask for a quote I will reply to you with the quote and the exact condition of the item(s) you wish to purchase, it is at this point that you may choose if you do or do not want the item(s)

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Pikachu -- Star

A birthday want!

Hi everyone! I'm in dire need of a reintroduction and posting about a thousand collection pictures, but today, I'm on a mission.

See, it's my 26th birthday today. And it just so happens that one of my biggest collecting regrets was missing out on a Pokédoll of Pokémon #26--this guy:

tumblr_mff2i46cwy1qkjm7do1_500 (Mobile)

I'm still kicking myself for not buying one when they were in stock at the Pokémon Center, but they disappeared much faster than I anticipated, and I've missed every single one in my price range ever since. I'm not holding my breath that this post will work, but I figure it's worth a try! I know the Raichu Pokédoll is highly sought after and the prices tend be pretty expensive these days. But, my birthday wish is to get a Raichu Pokédoll for around $40 + shipping. I can't currently afford to pay much more, but I would be incredibly grateful if someone would be willing to sell one to me for around that price! Thank you so much for reading my plea! If don't answer right away, it just means I'm out doing stuff and will respond/pay later!

EDIT: I managed to get one in my price range--thank you so much! It really makes my birthday much brighter!
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An Introduction, Flailing About my Collection, and Wish List

Hi folks!

I’m Emma, and I’m a newbie collector from the UK. I’ve played Pokémon on and off since Blue, but Y really woke me up to how much I’ve missed the games. I bought Y on a nostalgic whim…then didn’t put it down for days!

So, after playing it until my thumbs hurt, I searched the web for Pokémon things in some vain attempt to quell my renewed Pokémon addiction, and found this community. Looking at all your awesome collections helped me decide that I wanted to have some Pokémon merch’ too – and an empty wallet!  I decided on figures, since I like miniature things.

I’m hoping you can all help me collect my long list of favourites, and probably then some!

Here’s my collection so far!
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Calling for japanese card collector

Hello, comrades! Recall what I talked the other day about trading my binder for Altaria cards? Well, the end of this story is that I have purchased ALL the Altaria cards! Yes, ALL. Well, my wallet really hurts but I am so happy that I just finished thie quest so fast. Some of the cards are even 1st ed, but I guess no one really cares about that 1st or 2nd ed thing as long as it is not from the Bast Set. Haha. I think I overpaid for the ex delta species Altaria for like 1500 yen. But it is a 1st ed plus it is mint, so I don't really care about that. I got a bunch of cards from a second-hand goods store for only 30 yen, and I would call that a deal in balance between the condition and value. Hopefully most of them are above excellent condition. Dream not coming true? lol.

Now I am with my fingers crossed and hope the cards will arrive safe and sound. Since I bought them from different yahoo sellers and second-hand goods store so I am little worried, but I have a deep faith in japanese sellers so that is not a problem on my mind. I will make a nice collection update when they all arrive, hopefully in the end of this month.

Sorry for the boring post with only words. I have a quick question about a card store named I have seen that their price is about the same as the market price, just like the store here such as trollandtoad or professor-oak. Did anyone order cards from them and how is the overall condition of the cards? I just started an Espeon collection and want to order some cards from them.

Finally, I want someone who bought these cards to tell me about the range to pay for these two cards. I saw they were listed for approx. 2500 and 1500 yen respectively, but I just want to assure the price is reasonable. Thank you for your reading and have a good afternoon/night/day.

Finally I just want to share some tips on shipping your packages and I think it is worth some notes.
1. I believe the Paypal has uped their First-Class Mail shipping rate from $1.69 to $1.93 for packages weighing under 3oz I guess? Maybe some other weight packages but it is really a pain when you usually ship these weight packages as I do. I did not even notice that change when I shipped most of my packages this week. They made the change last September but I never received an email like a shipping charge increase. Hidden fees, hidden fees, man.

2. The usps online postage system problem. I do not know if anyone shares the same problem with I do. But the system will stop me from proceeding to print my label for asking me to "Choose a Shipping Date" though I have already done so. I asked a technician on USPS and he told me to Clear you cache - Restart your browser/ Change another browser, but that just does not work as I did (and cleared my saved cache, passwords, searching options is just another pain). Let me know if you have encountered the same problem, and if it is resolved. I usually use it to cut some charges both on me and buyers' sides, so I am very unwillingly to see this occurs.

3. Finally just a trick, for international first-class mail ONLY, the customs number on the receipt you get serves as a tracking number inside the US so you can track it at least inside the US. My postman just told me that you cannot get first-class mail tracking, and I told them there is free delivery confirmation when you print the postage online. So I just tried input the customs number when I bought the postage in the office instead of online, and it WORKS!

Hope these tips can help our comrades win a battle against our everlasting foe. lol


kanto region pokemon tomy figures wants

I need this figures:

pidgey, nidorino, paras, parasect, machoke, bellsprout, weepinbell, victreebel, muk, shellder, gastly
voltorb, electrode, rhyhorn, kabutops, aerodactyl, ditto, magmar, zubat***, tangela***, Ponyta***

*** means i need to replace

016 033 046047067069070071089090092100101111141142126132041077 114
If anyone has them let me know =) thanks for looking.

Grails (I NEED HELP)

Hi guys,
so still looking for someone to help me with my grails, Togekiss, Ambipom and Mismagius pokedolls. Oh and a question is it just me or do you guys like to do crossovers from shows to your pokemon games,meaning naming a ninetales Naruto etc. cuz I love to do so. I have a Gothitelle by the name of Sheherezade, from the amazing anime 'Magi: Kingdom of Magic'. (a must watch by the way) I was looking to pay around 40 to 50 $ each

Here are pictures of the three pokedolls
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Auction reminder, less than 24 hours left on rare ramen stickers! c:

Hi guys! Just a reminder that my ramen stickers are ending tomorrow at 12pm eastern! Gogoat and Yvetal currently have no bids, and Swirlix is only at it's starting bid. The other Pokémon stickers include Noivern, Inkay, Malamar, Pancham, and Pangoro Each sticker starts at $1 !
Click any of the pictures below to be taken to the auctions. :3

And a shameless sales plug. ^-^ I lowered the price on my bath salt figures and 7-11 screen cleaner straps!

You can never have too many foxes ...

Hey guys just a quick update as I got a package from Japan earlier :D
*Please excuse the awful photos ... seriously why does the iphone have such a bad camera?!*

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OKay thats all for just now, as always here are the links to my wants. --- eevee, flareon and sylveon wants --- fennekin, furfrou and swirlix wants

Hope you all have a lovely weekend <3 

Krazy Kanto Auctions

Hi everyone! I've decided to downsize some of my collection. Today will be focused on my kanto plush! This includes magikarp, charizard, vileplume, and a couple flareons I forgot last week. X)
Granted sales permission on 01/26/11 by dakajojo
Auctions end Friday March 21 at 4 PM Pacific Time timer here
No sniping- auction will be extended 5 minutes until 5 minutes goes by without a bid
I ship from the Washington, US

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Everything from the last week has been shipped!
Sir Aaron Lucario


Omg my grail item and last Lucario plush to complete my collection is here!!!!!! It took me forever to finally find him! I don't have time to take photos of my other new gets yet since I have to study for finals.... But I will take photos during spring break and maybe finally finish my collection website haha! On another note, it was my first year anniversary on PKMNCollectors about a week ago and my birthday is at the end of this month! And my milestone in collecting has been accomplished! Maybe ill slow down my collecting speed, I went from zero to this gigantic Lucario/Riolu Collection (and picking up other things along the way!) in just 1 year! CRAZY~~~

2014-03-14 19.15.43
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He is now one of my favorite Lucario plushes! Its too hard to choose from! There is Heartland Lucario, Lucario Pokedoll Cushion, lottery Lucario, and this one as my top faves! I will still be looking out for another one, hopefully MWT so I can cuddle with one and keep the other one mint! ^_^ As always, I'd be interested in any Lucario or Riolu items you have to offer! I will also be updating my sales post and doing some auctions in a few weeks, keep an eye out. (o.<)


Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 1.21.46 AM
new eeveelutions

Quick Sale(s)!

Hey guys! I bought a few of those lovely +Pokebox+ charms and they accidentally gave me a Flareon charm instead of an Espeon :( Looks like they said they will ship out my Espeon and I can keep the Flareon ^_^ I do not collect her really, so I am offering her to the community :) I am hoping to get like $12 shipped in the U.S. for her since she is the "old" version and is more rare.

Sales Permission was granted by Denkimouse on 11/28/2010
Feedback is HERE:




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Also, I was wondering if anyone was interested in purchasing the following games?

-Pokemon Rumble Blast (3DS) SOLD! thanks ^_^
-Pokemon Black (DS)
-Pokemon Diamond (DS)

I am not looking to get a ton for them, but really won't be needing them anymore. Just let me know! ^_^
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quick mini lot sales!! & collection website!

hey guys, i've been doing a lot of collection weeding so here are a few small lots available for sale!!

-Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 5.21.11
-I reserve the right to refuse to sell.
-Prices include shipping and fees! I ship from California, USA using USPS. I use recycled materials! Let me know if you would like new materials for an additional fee.
-I will hold items for 24 hours.
-I have a dog but he's not allowed in my room. However, his fur does get everywhere but I will brush down everything before sending!
-Paypal is my preferred method of payment! Please pay within 24 hours of sales confirmation.
-My feedback is located here and here
-I will trade/partial trade for items in my wishlists here and here!

-If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

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I've also updated my collection website with a bunch of new gets! Come check it out! *u*

New Canvas copy

you can also check out my regular sales here! I've added a lot of new plush, TCG, etc.!

Sylveon Plushie Wants

Sometimes I stare at Pokévault and cry because of how expensive they seem to be. Sob.

If *anyone* is able to post to the UK and wants to sell their Sylveon plushies *with tags* or could possibly even pick one up for me, I would love that person forever.

I'm particularly after...

- Takara Tomy Talking Sylveon Plush Toy (MAJORLY wantneed this)
- Takara Tomy Sitting Plush (I have this one but it's a bootie and I require a legit one too)
- Pokémon Center Standing Plush
- Pokémon Center Mini Sitting Plush

Those are the ones I'm really wanting but honestly anything at this point will do, there's a serious lack of Sylveon plushies in my life!

(Also the talking palm figure is amazing and I want it.)