March 15th, 2014

A pika want

I am wanting the pikachu magnets from this set here:
Sorry if I stole your pic ^.^
I don't want any of the rotoms. Anyone have the set and don't want the pikas? Let me know <3
I sent my secret valentine/spring swap gift off today. I can't wait for them to get it. Anyone gotten their stuff yet?

Tons of Saurs Gets Video!

Yesterday I received a box of grails, wants, rare goodies and more from an amazing user on our fantastic community and I would like to share them all with you!
To say that my mind was blown  is an understatement and I cannot thank this user enough. This video is full of raw emotion and excitement as I go over so many items, that I thought I would be spending a fortune on. It is full of items I have had many a bid war over and items that I have never seen sold on the community in all my years on this wonderful site. But without further adu, please check out this awesome Saur and a few Poli line gets video!

Looking for Tomy Meowstic figure

He all,

I'm looking for either Male Meowstic or Female Meowstic with Pokeball Moncolle figure by Takara Tomy. I've been searching Ebay and Amazon for any US sellers since I prefer shipping from within the US. So far they've been too expensive since I'd only pay with shipping around $10 for the male or $15 for the female. Can anyone lead me to someone or some place with the US that's in my price range? I really don't want to import as fees and shipping time can hurt my wallet right now :\
Canvas, Egg

Back From Japan GA Extras, Sales, Update!

So it turns out there is extra extras! The seller shipped us some free items or just items that were not listed/pictured, so I am including them in the extras and putting them up for sale/claim here. All available extras are now listed here! Extras are going to pay for bubble mailers/packing materials so I don't have to charge extra in participants shipping costs. I ordered bubble mailers in bulk and they will be here Monday. I plan to have the shipping payment prices up by Tuesday latest.

If you were a participant in the Back From Japan GA, or the Rare Plushies GA I will hold your claim and include the cost with your shipping payment.

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Also, I updated my sales! TONS of stuff (mostly figures), so check it out =)

mystery dungeon merch search!

Hey everyone! So I have been searching for some mystery dungeon items and I came across these things. Im not sure what they are but they came from red/blue rescue team.

If you have any information on them please enlighten me.

Also if anyone has any of the diorama figures from the series I have piplup, bidoof, and munchlax in transit. I need the other three in the set that are representative of explorers of darkness.

If you have any mystery dungeon jakks plushes I want them.

And these keychains

Primal dialga is on its way to me!!!!!!!
happy kotone

Looking for some cards and middlemen!

So one of my collections is a challenge as it's a worldwide endeavor!  I'm on a quest for the vivillon cards printed in every single language so I need the community's help!

I have the English and Japanese ones (though I'm always willing to buy more if the price is right) but I'm looking for Vivillons printed in any language in reverse and regular foil! So, this is where you come in. If you have any foreign Vivillons (or Pikachus even) or would like to lend your services as a middleman for me to obtain them I'm willing to pay for everything to get the cards to me. I would like to make purchases or use middlemen that can get me as many cards as possible though to save on shipping.

Thanks in advance for all the help! :)
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Noppin Questions +Wants

Hello Comm! I came to post here today to ask questions ; v;

Noppin Question:
How does Noppin work?
I'm interested in an item on there (to bid) but I'm nervous on using a new service.
How does shipping work?
Do you think if I could give/pay someone, they could help me with bidding an item/shipping it to me?
I'm really nervous when ordering from overseas ^^


  • Canvas Cyndaquil (want the most)

  • Canvas Totodile

  • Canvas Chikorita

I really want a Cyndaquil canvas plush! I'm hoping to get one from the comm cheaper than what ebay is asking for.
(please have atleast tush tag! i would appreciate if you have hang tag too but not needed)

Thanks :)

spring secret swap ahh!!

Oooh I got my secret swap package today, what an awesome surprise! And it reminds me that I need to ship out my package too, haha. Super cute gets under the cut!

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Aaand have a tiny sales plug :D Lots of figures and stickers and stuff, check it out! Haggling and trades are absolutely welcome - currently looking for a Noivern tomy figure and kid figure C: Thanks!

Looking for a poster!!

I just got a new room, and I'm looking to decorate it with a lot of Pokemon stuff :D
My sister is making me perler sprites to hang up, and I got some huge Pokemon stickers from my mom, but the thing I want most is posters~

I want a Pokemon one that is vertical, and can fit nicely on my door. Something that is 2x3 feet would be a good size, but it can be a bit smaller or bigger.

I would prefer it to be of an actual Pokemon (or several Pokemon) rather than the ones that are just a list of Pokemon, but I'm open to anything!

I love Furret, Mew, and the Eeveelutions so if anyone has a poster of that it would be great!

(it's fine if it's a print instead of a poster, as long as the size is similar)

Thank you!

Collection Update! OhMygosh..

Hello everyone! I've been building up to doing this post for a while now and I was just waiting on a few last packages to arrive, they came last week so LET'S DO THIS! WOOO! If I've bought anything from you recently it'll be in here most likely, except my custom Farfetch'd which is on the husbands desk in pride of place between his monitors :D

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Final stretch, you're almost done with me I promise ;)

It's time I finally accept that the Dragonite pokedoll is my absolute graily grail of grailyness and I must has. So I come to you asking if anyone has one, mint with tush & hang tags please, that they'd be willing to part with? He'd be going to an excellent home I promise (see above!) I know he tends to be expensive but I've had a rough time of it lately so I want to treat myself. I've come in to a liiittle bit of money but it might be a 2 payment plan kind've thing. Please don't hesitate to get in touch! I haven't seen one anywhere in so long :(

And of course obligatory sales plug!

Pokemon Plaza!

I have buttloads of EX, Holo and reverse holo on there from all series, XY and older :) Including a megavenusaur, Yeveltal, Lugia, all sorts :) pkmnftw will also get you 10% off until midnight GMT tomorrow :)

Thanks for your time everyone!

Sylveon Wants

So I finally got around to making a wants list to make these posts neater and more concise.But please, don't feel like I am limited by this list! I will happily look at any and all Sylveon merch :3 You can find my wants list here:

Please do be advised that it is definitely image heavy!

Shipping quotes should be made for Edinburg, TX 78541

Thank you!

Espeon friends reminder +Collection post ^^

Hello community!

First of all a reminder that I'm open to offers for a Espeon friends plush. I'll close them the sunday so don't lose this chance ^^ Click on the Espeon to find it!

And now, I want to show you the collection of Diego, my boyfriend. He's with me on this account but he never showed it (because he's laaaazy xD). There are some super cool items on there ^^

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Finally, you can check my sales post as usual following the Poochyenas. As usual all the prices are OBO so if you want to give me and offer we can talk about it or I'm open to trades, you can find my want post HERE so let me know if you have something! ^^ Thanks

EDIT: I still need the payments of the Chibi Figurines GA #2 of:     ville_valo shastina4ever hantsukihaunter
And meloman1a the claimed item
You can click on the photo to see the post.

Budding Artist

Hi community, I am a college sophomore who has recently discovered a way to combine two of my hobbies together: drawing and.. Pokemon! I have recently decided to devote myself to become a better artist, but I lacked the inspiration (and talent..?) to finish my pictures. Also, I am more motivated to pursue something if it will make someone else happy as well.

So, I'm to ask you guys to give me some inspiration. I want to draw trainer profile pictures for this community, but I need some direction:
1. I need to know what your character looks like (hair, skin, etc), and what clothes they would wear (any references would do!)
2. I will draw 1 pokemon that you would like to be included (maybe two if they are small and simple enough! lol)
3. Poses and the way you interact with your pokemon I will try my best to incorporate.

I am an exceptionally biased artist, and I pretty much draw only anime (females/ sinfully girly males).

I am accepting up to three people (for now). I will try my best to finish drawing one person per week (perhaps more because I'm a busy college student). I am not asking for any payments. if you really like your drawing, I will accept donations through paypal.
1.midnitekitten17 (Done! 3/22/14
2.superkpopholic (Done! 3/28/14
3.myntii (Estimated completion date: April 7) *April 6 update: delays due to finals! :( (Done!
(4.haybuddyy ) (Estimated completion date: April 14) *Will be done on May 4st~* (Done!

To everyone: I didn't that so many people would be interested! Please don't be too sad! I will try to contact those who barely missed this opportunity first if all goes well.
I am not allowed to promote this to anymore people as of now! Please message me privately.

Here is an example of a birthday card that I finished for my cousin, Katie:
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Eevee toy auction and sales

Have some new sales listed. Come check them out! These will probably be the last until I move. I will accept payment plans and will work with you guys. Just let me know!

I also got one more eevee france exclusive toy. It is NIP! Comes with a promo card. I am not getting anymore of these. This is the last chance to own this big, cute item for your collection! There is only one more listed, but the seller refused to ship to the US and after I asked blocked the option for me to send another question. A few people were interested so to make this fair I am going to do an auction.
His head and tail swivel.
Starts at $20
Any questions please ask
All community rules apply. Sniping adds 5 minutes to auction.
Auction will end Friday the 21st at 7pm EST.
Countdown is here:


Here is a size comparison from one from my collection:

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International fees went up. Base shipping for anything (except flats) is $6.55. Do not inquire if this bothers you. There is nothing I can do about it.

UPDATED 3/15/2013
Click the images for bigger photos

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Alola Vulpix

One Last Sales Post!

Hello my lovely fellow collectors!  I am just about ready to head off to the land of Pokemon but will hold one last sales post before packing up my final belongings ^^

These sales will be super quick & open until tomorrow night only!** (Eastern US time) I can't do holds or trades of any kind, sorry :( Commitments will have priority over quotes -- for your reference, shipping/fees will start around $3 in the US and $7 internationally.

Anything that ends up not being sold will be put in a lot on eBay tomorrow night!

**I ended up not getting to comments until much later than I hoped, so I will continue to accept orders until March 17th 2PM EST!

Sales Information:
★ Sales permission granted back in 2008
★ My feedback is located here!

[Click to Expand Sales Conditions!]Sales Conditions:
★ I ship from the United States (New York) using first-class USPS mail and accept Paypal only.
★ Please please please buy tracking or insurance if you are worried about lost/stolen mail! I cannot provide any lost mail refunds for these sales.
★ Packages are shipped in plastic bubble mailers by default. Please let me know if you would like to upgrade to a box or if you have any other shipping requests.
★ Once again, please express commitment if you are definitely interested in an item (conditional commitments, such as "I will take XYZ if it is less than $20 shipped" are okay too). Quotes or other questions will not get any sort of hold or priority, sorry!
★ For Best Offer items (denoted with "OBO") I will consider any offer, but buyers willing to pay full price will get automatic priority.  I have tried to make this as clear as possible to avoid any potential disappointment.

I'd also really appreciate it if you could try to get orders to a $5 minimum, as I'll be working with limited time and would prefer to avoid a bunch of small single-item orders -- but if you really want something then we'll work it out ^^

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I also have a couple of lots up on eBay right now from my personal collection that couldn't come along with me.  I hope they find some good homes!!  They are already pre-packaged at my parents' house since I'm moving this week so I cannot separate any items, sorry!! :(

Thanks all and have a great day/night!! ♥

Wanted: Stationary

Hello com!
Today I am writing a note out to go along with my gift for my partner for the spring swap (oooohhhh), and wishing I had some good pokemon stationary to write on.

I know that they had pokemon time letter sets, but I don't remember if the paper itself had nice pokemon imagery on it.

Anywho, I am looking to buy some nice stationary, letter writing paper stuff. If you have some and have pictures that would be super! If you are selling some and have pictures that would be super awesome! I'm mainly looking for just horizontally lined paper as well but if the set you have is grided or vertically lined feel free to share that as well!