March 16th, 2014

Guess who got a paypal?

With that said, I am looking for team rocket goods! And if I see something I want, I shall buy! I defiantly want a we are team keychain plush! Either meowth, wobuffet, or pumkaboo I can't decide all such great choices! I look forward to seeing sales posts! Nya~
"Purr~ I wonder what Giovanni will buy me <3"
just as a quick note I will only buy from the states sorry guys :( I can't afford international shipping right now...
I wouldn't mind having one of these guys! Since I have chickens I need something torchic XD mewtwo looks like a cute wiiu rumble figure too!
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looking for a few mip tomy figures for a friend

Dear beloved community,

You all have been very helpful getting the figures I needed in the past.  If there is anyone out there who has these toys, I am looking for a mint-in-package Nidorino as well as Exeggutor for a friend.  Please message me if you have one for sale.  Let me know your price for it and I'll then run it by my friend.

Thank you so much for reading and looking forward to your responses.


- Kiwi
Glaceon love

Ack!! They're gone nuuuuuuuu!!

Why must I always wait last minute to buy something. DX

Does anyone have any Pokebox Postcards of Autumn Espeon and Umbreon and Glaceon and Leafeon they can spare?? I'm looking to pay about the same price as it was in the their store, but a little more is fine.

I really wanted to get them with the 2014 charms to save on shipping.. But I guess it can't be helped. :(

Also I need some good recommendations for a special someone(for the spring secret swap I still have yet to find something good)for the Mareep line, Houndour, and Absol merch. I don't really know much of what's out there since I don't really collect those types, so whatever things anyone knows exists, will help a lot to search for the perfect gift. I have got a few small things I have to give in mind, but they're not up to the $15 limit and I don't want to get one of those common stuff, if you know what I mean. :/
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Looking for some shinxies again!

Hey everyone,
got some more money to spend on some shinxies! c:

Interested in the whole shinx evolution line so feel free to throw your luxio and luxray stuff at me.
I'm really looking for the Shinx DX plush can't find any at a normal price sadly, so please let me know if you're selling one! ^^

Also looking for a plush maker that could try to make me a shinx plush in the pokemon time style! Have been looking for a plush maker for quite a while now but sadly no one is taking commisions at the moment. So let me know if you do! I would love to see some examples and let me know your prices. Not sure what I want to spend, really depends on the quality of the plush! c:

Shipping would be to the Netherlands, and i'm aware that shipping might be a little high but I don't mind at all ^^ As long as the shipping isn't more expensive than the item i'm buying.

Seeking advice

What should I do when a seller messes up my order and stops responding for over 2 weeks? It's been over 3 weeks since I tried to order something using a middleman. After a week and a half, I asked the deputy service if the seller had shipped my items. The deputy service told me they only received half of one of orders. Two weeks passed by and about 3-4 days ago, I asked if the deputy service had received the rest of the items, and they told me that the seller hasn't responded. What should I do? These items were sort of pricey :/
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Card Sales!

I've got cards for sale from the XY base set, Legendary Treasures, and some ex/lv x and rares from as far back as the HGSS expansion. I'm open to trades, as well! Here's my trade list. If you're a TCG Online player, I'm selling 15 of the unlock code cards for $2.50, and if you're a fan of buying bulk cards, I have over 250 commons, uncommons and trainer cards that I'm selling for $20 before shipping. You can check out my sales post by clicking the banner above or clicking this.
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An exciting grail get, and a general question

Hey guys! Long time, no see. I've had to step back from collecting so actively for various reasons, but I'm too excited about something I just won to stay quiet. There will be a post about it as soon as he's in my hands, but for now, here's a teaser image!!


With that, I'd like to ask you guys a question! What is your favorite collection item, that ISN'T part of your main one?? Meaning, are you a Mew collector, but you have, say, a Bulbasaur item you treasure dearly? If not, what is your favorite main collection piece? For me, the first answer is easy.

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Thanks for looking! Hope to see more collection updates from you guys, as well!

Pokebox charm damage?

Hello everyone!! I'm not very good with interacting with communities of this size so I don't post much. It's likely only a few people have seen me around purchasing things before ;-; I'm very much a lurker, you'll have to forgive me orz   but-but, sometime soonish I plan to take a picture of my collection, maybe after that Meowstic promo comes along!! :o (sooo excited for it)

Recently I was really happy to find Pokebox had a storenvy store, and I finally got myself some Pokebox charms I'd been coveting for a long while! I got them both only a couple of weeks ago and have been really happy with them, only a few days ago I noticed something wrong...
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Has anyone else experienced something like this before and maybe know how I could fix it without the missing piece? It's not as noticeable as it could be but I worry the defect will make it easier to be damaged even further and I do like using this charm like this :c 

Wants list update, a display question and sales/

First up is I have updated my want's list for Dragonite and Iris on my website and added many pictures of items I am missing that I accumulated over the years and of course I'm especially looking for is the PC sleeping spiky eared Pichu and Dragonite cookie tin, click the tin picture or here to go to my wants list.
Now for my collection question, I have 100 or more of the small 151 figures and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to display them? here is a picture of a Arcanine 151 figure in comparison to the size of a Arcanine kid figure, picture credit goes to knienke
 photo 149306_original_zps4e0ac549.jpg

now for my sales plug
click the banner or here to go to my sales
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custom shiny noibat tote auction plus tote and sticker sales!

hello hello hello! *u* i've been waiting for my secret swap partner to receive her present so i wouldn't ruin the surprise, but now that she has gotten it, here we go!

today, I have a custom shiny noibat tote up for auction! this is a OOAK bag! there is only one of these and i will not be printing any more. the art was done by me using the Pokemon Time style as inspiration and then professionally printed onto a white canvas tote!

i will also be opening pre-orders for the regular coloured noibat tote!! there will be two sets of preorders. the first preorder will end on Tuesday, March 18th at 7PM PST and the tote will be $24 shipped within the US, $34 shipped internationally. the second preorder will end on Sunday, March 30th at 5PM PST (same time as the auction) and the tote will be $26 shipped within the US, $36 shipped internationally.

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as always, I am more than happy to combine shipping with any items in my regular sales or the group buy/auctions I am hosting!!

Update for Eeveelution MPC group buy: I purchased the lot on March 10th and am currently still waiting on the lot to arrive at the middleman warehouse!

long needed intro post

hi there! i just joined this lovely community a week ago and I love it *v* i haven't had time though to make an intro post so I thought, why not now when SPRING BREAK JUST START, woo! Anyway, I'm Jenn and my favorite pokemon (that I hope I start collecting as well) are Pichu, Terrakion, and Arcanine/Growlithe! At the moment though I'm trying to save money so even though there's so many goodies I GOTTA RESIST.
While here, I also got some goodies so lets get to the gets~!
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I just started to actually collect pokemon merch, but I actually already have some that are mostly gifts!
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Okay I'm done with the photos, LOL. As for wants I guess I'll make it short for now, but I would love all of the other Pichu Pokedolls and either a Banpresto Arcanine Plush or the Canvas/Pokemon Time Growlithe. *_* Thank you for taking the time to read my rambling haha.

Looking to Trade TCG Cards

Well, I picked up my Xerneas and Yveltal tins yesterday and didn't get many cards I need. O: So, I'm ready to trade! Since I have compiled a list of all BW through XY cards I need, I decided to post ALL the lists here. Right now, I'm looking to trade for these cards. I'd like them to be in mint/near mint condition, please.

Please let me know which cards you have from my list and give me a list of cards you're looking for in return. If you can list them by set, that would be really helpful. ^^

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Link

FIRST! I am looking for the last three English Hound cards I need -

Houndour - Expedition Base Set 113/165 - Common REVERSE HOLO
Houndour - EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 62/95 - Common REVERSE HOLO
Houndoom - Aquapolis 14/147 - Rare REVERSE HOLO

I might resort to buying these for overpriced ebay prices soon since I want to complete my collection.

I'm always looking for non-English Hound cards and any flats (or anything really) of them. ^^

Now onto the long list -

I like these cards to varying degrees. Right now the cards I want most are: any Eeveelutions, Victini, Emolga, Cinccino, and Minccino. (pretty much any canine, feline, or rodent Pokemon). Oh! And the BW100 N promo.

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I will be going to sleep soon (it's past 11pm here), but I will try to reply to comments tomorrow. I have relatives visiting so it might not be until Wednesday before I can reply, though.


~ Risha