March 17th, 2014

want to buy: munna line, chansey, audino, togepi line, swirlix and of course....sylveon

Hey everyone! Sylveon coLlecting has come to a huuuuge slowdown as it seems more people are collecting her and less willing to let go of things (please show me things, I have too much Sylveon money set aside to not be spending it!). That being said it gives me a little chance to collect the other pink (and cute) pokemon I love. Im mainly a plush collector, but I also like functional items (likr stuffed pens and watches, etc..)

So please show me Sylveon, Munna line, Chansey, Audino, Swirlix and the Togepi line merch!

Im located in the US at Edinburg, TX 78541. Thank you!

Pokedoll Question

I'm closing in on my 31st pokedoll. It is hard to imagine that barely eight months ago, I didn't have any! (now I have around 70 pokemon plush altogether, holy crap 0_o)

I thought about this, though. There are some pokedolls that seem to go in and out of production, so their value says fairly lower. Like cubchoo, for example. Then there are others that are only released in japan, and are never rereleased. Is there a list of approximately how many of each pokedoll is made? Such as really rare ones, like butterfree, to rare-ish ones, like whimsicott or raichu, all the way to commons. I'd like to know.

buying tomy kingdra figure- must be 100% authentic

On the hunt AGAIN for an authentic 100% authentic Kingdra figure...  :/

I will pay up to $90 shipped for the thing out of package. I do not want to buy one that is questionable.  I want to know it is 100% real- the paint job must be good and the figure must be in acceptable condition (preferably with no marks or I'll ask for a price reduction).  Kingdra typically sells for $60 to $70 so this is at least a $20+ profit for you.  So again, this is a very time sensitive inquiry, I am eyeing a few right now so here's your chance if you want to make some extra money.  Kingdra is the last figure I need to complete my collection out and I would prefer to buy one from a reputable vendor in the US unless feedback can be provided for inside/outside sources.

I went after one that was mint-in-package for auction on FromJapan.  :)



Raichu Pokedoll Want and Other Wants c:

I saw someone post the other day looking for and successfully finding a raichu pokedoll; and since i was paid friday and also have been trying to get one, it gave me the idea to post looking for my own and maybe a few other things as well. c:

*****I have also been looking for a raichu pokedoll for a while now and would really like to find one soon! I'd like to spend between 30-40$ before shipping on it. It does not need to be in absolute mint condition or even have a hang tag. Please let me know if you have one you're willing to part with in my price range. :D

As for other wants. i'm also looking for the following:

-Raichu Pokedoll ********

-The new Pumpkaboo DX plush

-A Jirachi plush

-Tomy Standing Leafeon plush

If you have any of these things to sell me, please either comment or pm me with a picture and a price you'd like for it. c:

Thank you everyone for looking!! I really appreciate it !! :D

(I posted this the other day but i deleted that one to repost since i didn't really get any responses. I think posting at like 2am was a bad idea lol)
nu mou

Great Big Collection Auction #1: DX Plush & Pokedoll Charms

Do you like awesome DX plush, i.e. pokedolls, 1:1s, etc? How about super cool pokedoll charms (both the 3D and flat metal kinds)? Well then today is your lucky day! I will be auctioning off most of my collection, and auction number one is all about DX plush and pokedoll charms. Check out the picture below to see a sample of my items (there's lots more to see!), and hit the cut below that for the full auction.

auction 1 banner

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[Sales permission/rules]- I was granted sales permission by on January 18, 2014 by entirelycliched
- My feedback can be found here:
- All pkmncollectors rules apply.
- The first one who commits to an item will get it.
- I can hold items for 48 hours if I get no word afterwards I will give the item to the next person

- All prices are in USD.
- I only accept Paypal.
- You have to pay within 24 hours of having committed to an item unless there is a special case that prevents you from it.
- I do not mind haggling as long as you are polite
- I accept trades

- I ship from the USA
- I will ship around the world, but please be aware that international shipping is very pricey especially if its a big package
- All items will be shipped in boxes or bubble mailers.
- I’m not responsible for lost packages in the mail, damaged packages, or import taxes as soon as the packages have left my house. If the package hasn't arrived, let me know so we can work things out.
- I usually ship the second or third day because of classes and work so if I take longer I'll PM you to let you know
- If you want tracking let me know as well

Check it out in link below


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Hello everyone!

My name is Fluna (some call me Floons) and I've recently been accepted as new member of this wonderful community. I mostly collect Pokémon Plushes (especially Pokedolls and Banpresto, I rarely get any Tomy plush)... but I think my collection will speak better on my behalf c:

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It's been wonderful meeting you all!
Simple and cute Pokemon LJ

Cool find! Shiny Noctowl sticker!

I was looking through my collection of non-pan stickers, and this caught my eye. I've had it for months but never really looked at it. I did a double-take... I was like, wait, is that... omg I think that's a shiny Noctowl! lol.  I searched all over the comm and internet to see if anyone else has this, but I can't find any info or pics of it. Does anyone here have one? I think it might be rare! Its a Sapporo Ichiban ramen sticker from 2000 (I didn't realize they made square shaped stickers!).

thank you

Lost piece! D:

Hello comm!

I've recently acquired a bunch of gets from the comm and other sites that I've been dying to show everyone! I even got new storage and display ideas for my collection! However, life intervened and with college and the decision to move mid-semester, I think my collection update will have to wait until May when the semester is finished :T
Anyway, while I was putting things away I noticed I am missing the tiny sailboat that comes with the Tympole pitapoke! D: I still have a lot of pack so I'm hoping to find it before my move date cause I finally completed the set and I don't want to buy another just for a tiny piece ;_;

On another note I ordered two sealed Pikachu holo promos and they were supposedly shipped on the 8th from Virginia, but they still haven't arrived! My boyfriend ordered 3 pichu bros. cards days after me and his cards already arrived. Before I complain, is there any snow storms going on up there? I don't want to get mad at the seller only to find out there was a delay that was out of their control. Even if they shipped them late, I just want my cards :{

I also have a question! I just bought a brand new scale (a Dymo Postal Scale) and it's showing numbers but the top left corners of every number is missing! So all the 0s look like Js and I wanted to ship out my Secret Swap this week but I don't want to guess the weight wrong. Any suggestions?

Hope everyone is having a good start to their week! :D


A package came in today. Oohh lots of Pokemon Center plastic bags xD
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And finally my collection!! I owe myself and everyone else this update. I have been buying stuffs, but I rarely do gets and have not actually done any collection update. So I told myself that I might as well just do a website.

The story:
I was just about to sleep the night of Feb 23, but for some reason, I opened my laptop and browsed the internet. I, of course, went on the pkmncollectors page and read a small discussion about weebly, So I thought, hey why not try it. The main reason that was putting me of making a website is because I suck with html. Well, I know the basics, but making a website? Woah, that's totally out of my league. And I was just glad that I tried weebly. They have this amazing interface with all the drag + drop features. After a few hours of toying with it, some trials and errors, I finally got the hang of it and I was able to create the layout that I liked. I used some photos from my sales for testing purposes since I have no photos yet of my collection. And I have finally published it Feb. 24
But yeah, I as you have read above, I was missing my whole collection xD No actual photos :D
I was then able to take photos of my collection for four consecutive days, from Feb. 24 to 28. I only had around 2 to 3-hour window each day for taking photos (around 2-3pm to 5pm, before it gets dark) since I only wanted to take them in daylight. First day, I was able to take photos of my Canvas collection and a few of which I can grab that day. On the second day, it's all about my Pikachus and Pokemon Time, plus a few special plushies. I then finished of the third and fourth day with my Pokedolls. After which, I try to add photos every now and then of stuffs that come in the mail and what I can grab in my room which have not yet been photographed.

Right now, I still have around 150+ plushies that have yet to see the lens of my iphone. Most of which are Banpresto UFOs like Arcanine, Feraligatr, Legendary Birds, and some larger plushies like Lottery Pikachus, PokeCen cushions like Gold 'karp, Pokemomo Poliwhirl, Pokemon Time Cushions, and my Tepig and Oshawott Giants, just to name a few. These all exclude what I still have not yet received and those that are in the coming soon section in the website.
Lo and behold..
Welcome to:
**If anyone wants to exchange links, feel free to drop me a message, either pm or comment here. I'd be more than happy to have your link on my site (just don't forget to put my link in your site, too =P). **
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Pikachu Plush Toy Want <3

Got it! :-)

Hello everyone! Today I am on the quest for a Pikachu Plush Toy! :) It's for my friend's B-day and she was specifically wanting the X/Y Pikachu plush toy of him waving. Here is the image below.


I'm pretty sure I've seen a few people selling it but I can't find their shop >: So I am now making this post in hopes one of them sees it xD

Thanks! Hope everyone is having an awesome Monday! :)

Spring secret swap!!! <3333 ! (and some gets!)

Perfect thing to get on a rainy day like today!

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Also check out my sylveon collection in full if you get the chance

And I made a tumblr for silly pokemon collection photos and such! So check that out and add me if you like! Tell me your tumblr and I'll add you too :)!
Singin&#39; Wottz

Pikachu + 10 other's will be Japan's Soccer World Cup 2014 mascots!

Article from Joystick.


LOOK at them all in their soccer shirts! It's kinda adorable. Hopefully we'll be able to get some adorable plush and other-soccer-related-merchendise out of this? Look at Litleo in his jersey - so cute!

Apparently, Nintendo has been planning to license out characters to new partners, so maybe we'll see more pokemon crossovers in the future....and therefore, more new and varied merch? What would you like to see?

quick question!

Hello! I'm wondering what company this tag says. Anyone know?

I tried doing a bit of research but couldn't find anything and PokePlushProject didn't have the company name. I don't recognize the logo...


It's on the Plusle + Minun mascot plushies! Thanks!


greetings, pokemon fanatics,
I am here with some pictures of the new TCG "wild Blaze" that came out in japan on the 15th!
I have pictures of the charizard ex's and mega evolutions which looks awesome in my opinion!
hope you guys like the pictures!
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TOMY figure Rarity Guide, Second gen

I recently made a rarity guide for the first gen TOMY figures with the kind help of blackberry_kiwi
So here's the second gen guide! You can see the first gen guide here

Based on her personal experiences collecting and her findings from 2012~2014. (Visit her website here)
And my research of the community archives and auctions, along with other information and collection websites, excluding eBay and other auction websites.

✱ Note this isn't a price guide.

Legend key:
UC = Uncommon

HTF = Hard to find
Goodluck = Impossible to find!

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The second gen is also available open source in Google Doc available here
If you edit, please comment your edit on the doc so I can update this post. Feel free to post suggestions in the comments here. ('u')b

Someone recently made a post regarding rarity of Pokedolls. Does anyone think a rarity guide like this would work for Pokedolls?
Maybe cut out the common tier and only make a list for the rare tiers?
I think it would be a lot more complicated and would have to be updated a lot, but if you think something like this is possible and would be helpful let me know in the comments!
Also let me know if you're interested in helping to create one! I'd be happy to make one, but I need some experienced Pokedoll collectors to help with information since I don't have much experience myself.

Grail want!

Hello everyone me again :) just popping this back up at a more US friendly time in hope!

I'm looking for a mint with all tags Dragonite pokedoll!

He is my grailiest of grails so please get in touch if you have one you might part with! He will have an awesome home.