March 18th, 2014

New Toy Factory Plush

Hello, everyone! It's almost amusement park season, and you know what that means: Toy Factory Plush! I looked at the Toy Factory Catalog today and got a few screencaps for you. There are new Pokeball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and Master Ball plush, as well as Sinnoh starters, and Pikachu and Meowth. We also get Chespin and Fennekin, but it seems as if Froakie got snubbed! Here's a picture, and the measurements of the plush are under the cut!
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New stickers~

Just a little post to say that I've updated my shop! In the time I've been gone I've accumulated a large amount of stickers. And now I'm bringing them to you~

I was granted Sales Permission on 10/27/2012 byallinia

Right now, it's sticker booklets, but i have more on the way, including glow in the dark pan stickers, pokedex stickers, and lenticular stickers. I've also go some miscellaneous stickers too, and later this week I plan on posting up my spare marbles too.

-Show me the Stickers!-

Thanks for looking!

Light Sylveon gets and wants

I didnt realize how cutthroat sylveon collecting would be xD
I might stick for fairly light collecting or a little more expensive buy it nows for items i really want. But if anyone want to help me out with my sylveon quest i would endlessly appreciate it!
for wants right now im really interested in keychains,and stickers!!!
for figures im really interested in the bathsalts figure, the pose figure and any kids.
i really really appreciate any help if you have anything sylveon i probably will attempt to buy so throw it my way ^^

as for gets a have a few more things on the way but for right now
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Display cases?

Hello I found this online and I was wondering if anyone knows where can I get something similar? I would want it with a door though, for the figures not to collect dust.

Any help would be appreciated... I don't have enough space where I live so I need something that can go on the wall ^_^

I live in in US so I may not be familiar with stores outside of US :< so unless the store has a web site I wouldn't be able to buy it

What places could I check?

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1st ed Base Set Collection PSA

I've been trying to complete this set for awhile now! And almost 2 years of collecting, then giving up, then re-collecting! i'm almost 2/3s of the way.
1st ed lot part 2

1st ed Alakazam PSA 9
1st ed Chansey PSA 9
1st ed Celfairy PSA 9
1st ed Gyarados PSA 9
1st ed Magneton PSA 9
1st ed Mewtwo PSA 9
1st ed Nidoking PSA 9
1st ed Poliwrath PSA 10
1st ed Venusaur PSA 9
1st ed Zapdos PSA 9

Bought this sealed pack ages ago, before the prices sky rocketed!!
[Spoiler (click to open)]charizard pack

Custom jigglypuff auction!

Hi guys! I come to you with a new plush that I made. She need a home! She is my own design with chibi eyes and huge ears/curl.

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The auction will run until Friday, March 21st at 11:00 pm EST.
Beginning bid:$35
I got seller permission from entirelycliched August of 2013.
feedback here:
i ship from the USA. Buyer is responsible for insurance and tracking if desired, as once I mail out the plush it is no longer my responsibility. I will ask you when calculating your shipping total. I can provide proof of shipment.

paypal only

Good luck guys ^^

First gets!

When I got home from school I didn't get just one package, I got two!

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A friend of mine is in Japan and he promised me to get me anything from the PC I'd like, so my shelf will be filled in the future! I'm so happy with these <3

Seeking: Vulpix Canvas! ;;

Hello everyone!

I am looking for a Vulpix canvas. Condition doesn't matter, tags don't matter. I'm hoping someone here might be willing to trade theirs?

{image taken from google}

There are a few things from my collection I'm willing to part with. Perhaps there's something you'd like, plus partial payment of cash?

click here to view my collection!

Let me know; as I don't have the money to pay in full right now. Let's work out a trade/deal! <3

Thanks everyone!! :D

looking for banpresto arcanine figure

Dear beloved community,

It wasn't until today that I learned what brand of figure this was through a good friend of mine.  For some reason, I had always thought of it as a DX kids figure because of its size.  No wonder I didn't find it.  For those that know me, I am a big Arcanine lover so I definitely need this in my life.  If anyone has one that they would like to sell, please let me know your price and I will consider it.  Thank you.  ^____________^  <333


Kiwi  <333
gothita heart

Hey everyone! Sales Time!

Hey! So I have NO ROOM! Literally my room is boxes :(
I wish I didnt have to sell. But wanting everything doesnt work lol... I had to decide to cut down my collection.
Click pic or here to go to my sales :D

Sales and offers include
Pokedolls, Friends plush, Canvas plush, Pokecen plush (US and J), Kids figures, Clipping/motion gallery figures, Zukans, Retsuden stampers, keshipoke and more :D

Here is what arrived today...

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As always looking for:
Banpresto Arcanine FigureIMG_045032816_60033301_600

I will be SLOW to answer! I have guests over and work tomorrow. but I will comment back! :P

Auction reminder for eevee toy

Just a reminder for this item ending on Friday. Last chance to own one!
Go here to bid!

I will accept payment plans if need be. :)

I also got one more eevee france exclusive toy. It is NIP! Comes with a promo card. I am not getting anymore of these. This is the last chance to own this big, cute item for your collection! There is only one more listed, but the seller refused to ship to the US and after I asked blocked the option for me to send another question. A few people were interested so to make this fair I am going to do an auction.
His head and tail swivel.
Starts at $20
Any questions please ask
All community rules apply. Sniping adds 5 minutes to auction.
Auction will end Friday the 21st at 7pm EST.
Countdown is here:

I also have a few sales left!
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International fees went up. Base shipping for anything (except flats) is $6.55. Do not inquire if this bothers you. There is nothing I can do about it.

UPDATED 3/15/2013
Click the images for bigger photos

Original 2009 1:1 eevee plush. High quality (tush tag only)- $85 OBO
Kawaii fuzzy tail eevee- $35 OBO
Teefury shirt women's XL- $5 (Measurements are W:18.75in, L:28in)

Huge Pokemon card lot- $10 (yveltal, xerneas, braixen, etc)
Contains X and Y cards, reverse holos and rares. Also comes with 2 custom stickers.

Monferno moving toy new- $0.25
Chimchar pullback racer new x2- $0.10 each
Turtwig racer- $0.10 each
Mewtwo strap (new with insert)- $3
Umbreon lotto figure- $14
Psyduck with pokeball figure- $1
Pikachu lotto figure- $6
Metal sleeping pikachu- $2
Pichu keychain (opens)- $3
Pikachu ANA keychain (tummy first)- $3
Red Genesect keychain new- $4

Pokemon pencil tin. Very good condition! - $10 (has tray inside for extra storage)

Kyurem keychain NEW in capsule with insert- $2
Deoxys keychain NEW in capsule with insert- $2

Buying off eBay

Right, so, browsing about, just lookin' at some Pokémon stuffs when I come across a Japanese seller called hobby_japan. They sell lots of things, Pokémon Center plushies included. They look very legit and for very good prices too. Living in the UK, buying internationally is just about the only way I'm going to get any plushies. And if anyone's been following my posts recently, they'll know I had a bad run in with an eBay seller a while ago who sold me a bootleg Sylveon and I was completely unaware. I'm more informed of bootlegs these days but it doesn't stop me being suspicious.

Here's one of their listings I'm interested in: (Sorry for massive link, eBay is insane.)

I'm wanting the Litleo Pokédoll and regular plush, a Tyrunt, a Fennekin Pokédoll and the sitting Sylveon. Does anyone know if this seller is trustworthy? From my own experiences, if the plush is coming from Hong Kong/China, don't buy it, if it's coming from Japan, it's most likely legit. Also bootleg sellers don't seem to use 'Pokémon Center' in their titles or anything, just the name of the Pokémon.

This shop is probably the cheapest I've found and I've struggled to find the best places to buy plushies, honestly. :/ Anyone think I should go for it and that this seller is selling legit items? It sure seems so!