March 19th, 2014

quick wants list

hello! I just wanted to make a short and quick wants list!
I have been very attracted to all the pokemon kaiyodo chess pieces!
I collected some already but there are still some that are not in my collection!
I am trying to collect all the chess pieces :)

i want...

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If anyone has one of these, please please let me know!
thank you!

Small sales!

We moved recently and I have a few things I just can't fit on my shelves and don't care much for, so they're going up for sale. C: Plus it's nearly my birthday and I gotta get myself a present, obviously.Check under the cut for Pokemon Center Zekrom, fluffy-tail Eevee, Pokémon Time Dragonair and lots of figures!

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More specific wants post

Hello!! Since I only got one reply for my wants post I figured i must have been a bit vague so I sat down and really thought of some stuff I would like! Since my budget is low right now I may not be able to buy all these things right away but I hope you will keep me in mind! I now present: ClassyPersian's wants post!! ^o^ Just please remember I can only buy within the states!

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sylveon stamp wants, trade and some gets!

hey guys! i had a question about the sylveon trainer kit promotional card. there is both a 15/30 AND a 30/30.. are they the same card? is one holo and one isn't, or..?? if someone could clarify this, that would be great, thanks! SOLVED THANK YOU!

unfortunately we have lost the big ol' ga. :c from the beginning, I've been in a crazy bid war with another user, and then in the end, we lost by hundreds of dollars even after both my co-host and I raised our claims.. sorry!

next, i am on the lookout for stamps!! I snagged all these images off of google, so please let me know if you'd like them taken down! I want the -Sylveon retsuden stamp! I'm not sure how much this goes for, but I was hoping to pay under $10 shipped? Other Retsuden stamps I am looking for (but not as high priority) are Entei, Luxray and Emolga.
-Sylveon movie promo stamp set!! I reaaally want this one~~ Hoping for under $25 shipped? Got it!
-Eeveelution stamp set! I'm also unsure of the pricing. The last I heard, it was going for $13 before shipping. Got it!
-Pokebox Sylveon stamps (any)!!!

stamp2 photo sylveonssalesandupdate033_zpsd2be2fce.jpg

Finally, I would like to trade my MWT Flareon DX for a MWT Vaporeon DX! I believe they are roughly the same value! US only please, so that way we can be absolutely even with shipping costs as well. For now, I am not looking to trade for any other plush and I am not interested in selling her.
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you can view the rest of my collection at my website!!

finally, a sales plug! i've updated and lowered my prices on most of my items. I'm also waiting on a large lot that I only wanted a few items from, so you can hopefully expect a huuuge sales update very soon!
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Stationary set & I love Pikachu prize

I went to ship something out yesterday and found this cute little stationary promotion going on at the post office. xD
This set includes 4 postcards, envelopes, and pokeball cards along with a sticker sheet.

Here's a close up of the stickers and pokeball cards for those interested ('u')b

On a side note something like this would make a lovely stationary set I think. There's so much stationary in Japan but I wish they released more unique and interesting sets for Pokemon! I'd love to see something in a similar style to the Chandelure print released in the Halloween promotion as a stationary set.
Artist found here, thanks winter_snowdust!

On a completely diff note, I won a cute little something today!
The pass cases are out in the cranes right now so I came home with this little guy.
He's super soft and the details and soft coloring are really nice.

Thanks for looking! ('w`)

Dice GB- Only one left to be claimed!

Hi guys! This is just a reminder that one die is still available from my Dice GB- #2! Only three Pokémon are visible in this picture, but it is actually six-sided!


You can make your claim by clicking the picture. :)

Also, I've updated my sales! There's plush, PokeCen charms, bath salt figures and more! Please check it out. :D For the people that have bought something from me or won any of my ramen sticker auctions, everything will be mailed out this Saturday.

Weeding sales/trades.

Hi guys. I've decided to collect pokedolls, so im weeding down my umbreon collection. Hope they will go to a good home! :)
Also if you want better pictures of a items condition (tag) don't be afraid to just ask im more than glad to oblige.
Rules (Please read them all.
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As for trades. Im interested in: Helioptile/Froakie/Scraggy/Audino pokedolls. Maybe more im still new to the pokedoll collecting thing. :)

Yahoo Japan Middle Man? First collection post and updated collection items.

hey has anyone bought of yahoo japan or knows how to use it? I know there is an whole section on this community dedicated to it but i'm a tad confused by things. What middle men are the best to use and does it come out expensive? Any help would be wonderful :)

Now since i have joined this community i'v just been floating about seeing whats coming out and stuff and slowly collecting bits and pieces due to no money its been difficult to get things i would like..but with more hours given to me at work recently... well my collection in just two weeks..has tripled in size , i also have never ever posted any pictures of my collection before so i'l throw those in there as well.. Pictures are in the cut

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