March 20th, 2014


Hello guys, I was wondering if you could tell me how much would cost a 24" Snubbull pillow/plush, the ones that Hasbro made in the 90's
I'm thinking about buying one, that someone I know offered me and It's in perfect and when I mean perfect I really mean PERFECT condition and it still has its tags
So how much would you think it would be, so I know if its worth buying it
Pokemon - Jolteon!

Secret Swap!!!

It was a Monday. After a long day at work - very long, as I was called in nearly five hours early and ended up working a 12 hour shift - I immediately fell into bed at seven AM, not to awake until five that evening. I went to the mailbox, expecting either a bunch of cable and credit card ads or a hollow metal interior staring tauntingly back at me, laughing at me for walking that arduous twenty feet for nothing.
Yet, to my surprise, there was something inside that was in a fine, bubble-coated package, lovingly protecting the contents inside. 'What could this be?' I wondered as I fought with the mailbox to get the package out, mentally ticking off the list of things I was waiting for. It was too thin a package to be a custom plush I was waiting for and it was much too soon for the package of Eeveelution pins I'd bought from a comm member.
And then I saw it. The picture that could only mean one thing:

An Eevee with a heart pretending it's Valentine's Day?! MY SECRET SPRING GIFT HAS ARRIVED.

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wants: guessing it is the time to collect cards

I come and have a quick wants of these Espeon cards. I would like to buy for no more than $5 each piece in great condition before shipping and fees ideally, but I have not done many researhes yet so I am not sure if my price range is reasonable or not. Let me know if you have any info and feel free to counter-offer, but I might also counter-offer back. So don't feel being offended. xD I would also open to trade if you willing to as well, let me know what is on your mind and see if I have any high priority or related and we could work the rest of the things out. Thank you guys and have a good night/day!

EDIT: For Retsuden collectors, in case no one has posted this before, there is a XY set coming out on late May, and it has the following:
Pikachu, Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, Meowstic (girl), Inkay, Dedenne, Noivern, Xerneas, Yveltal, Mega Charizard X, Mega Mewtwo X, Mega Scizor, Mega Blaziken, Mega Gardevoir, Mega Absol, Mega Lucario, Mega Garchomp

Pretty cool, right? The AmiAmi is open for taking pre-order, and I can confirm they are great and you cannot beat their price. xD
hawlucha pokedoll

want to buy: toxicroak cards

I know some pople have ordered full boxes of Wild Blaze so I was wondering if anyone was willing to sell these Toxicroak cards to me, hopefully at lower prices than eBay:

I'd like to buy both from the same seller, to save on shipping cost. Shipping will be to Italy. Thank you!

EDIT: seller found, thank you!

So very excited!!

I am really excited right now! :D

I spent quite a long time hunting for the best places to buy new Pokemon Center plushies from and I think I finally found my best source for a UK buyer. I now have a bunch of plushies on the way, from them and from a few community sellers too that I can't wait to arrive and to show you guys!! These are my first 'proper' Pokemon plushies! ('Proper' being that all my others were gifts of random plushies found in random stores here in the UK.) Now I have the trouble of deciding whether or not to take the tags off, haha! I do love the tags and I know collectors like to keep them on but I would love and hug my plushies to death so I'm thinking of taking the tags off and keeping them all safe somewhere and collecting them separately. :3

Sorry for the kinda random and useless post, just need to exclaim how excited I am. x'D

Looking for some shinies

Hi everyone. I am currently looking for these guys.
Shiny Entei MWT = $180 shipped
Shiny Suicune MWT = $250 shipped
Shiny Raikou MWT = $250 shipped
**Detached tags are totally fine as long as they are included,minor creases are also okay.**

And some more of my wants:

Shipping is to USA.

Also, in case you missed it. I have my collection site now up! Feel free to check it out.

Dont forget my unending sales!

EDIT: Hope this is okay, but I need help to get a Shiny Charm on my Pokemon Y.
I am missing four: Unown, Kricketot, Kricketune, and Dusknoir. Pls pm me if you wanna help so we can exchange FCs. Thanks!

Thank you shuuichi_chan for helping me! ^__^

Seeking: XY TCG

I've decided one of my current priorities before Flashfire comes out in the states is to finish the XY TCG set! (Not including FAs) I have a lot of the set already thanks to my Spring Secret Swapper but I'm mainly looking for holo and non-holo rares. I have a ton of extras from XY, Boundaries Crossed, Plasma Blast, and other BW sets to trade for these so let me know your wants and we can work something out!

Sales permission granted by dewott on May 17th, 2013.

Full list under the cut!

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Thanks for reading!

Kids and cards sales

Hi Comm

Its been a while since I've posted sales, so I decided to post some kid figures, as well as my 40 sealed packs of legendary treasures. Before we start, let me post the rules and permission info

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Question and quick sale!

So I got sick yesterday, and I'm pretty bored of sitting around, so I figured I'd make a post :P

I'm pretty sure this is allowed since I've seen this kind of post before, but if the rules have changed let me know and I'll delete/edit it <3

So here's my question (which is kind of a discussion question haha)

What gets you really annoyed that seems to happen all the time during transactions, either over the comm or on another site? Or what gets you annoyed in general about buying/selling/trading? XD
I thought this might be fun to discuss~

For me personally it's when people start asking sellers to haggle waaaay to much. Or they try to get sellers to really lower the price of their item, even when the item is reasonably priced to start with. My biggest pet peeve though is when sellers put plushies up for sale with a price tag super high. Like, really high. I always wanna comment on their posts and tell them that they won't get business that way, but obviously that's rather rude so I don't haha

As for the sales part of my post-

My sister asked me to sell her Pokemon trozei game for her. It's in good condition, and doesn't come with a case or manuals. I don't know what this game goes for, so I'll start offers at 5 and see where that goes.

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Looking for this figures

Having a hard time finding all of them ;-;

I believe im only missing this ones BUT i do need to check my collection for fakes since I bought some on ebay and I was told by a few members some were fake :<


If you have any let me know the price please and thank you ^_^
Chillarmy - Shiny

Espurr WANTED!!!

The Espurr/Meowstic promotion title was revealed last night on the Pokemon official Twitter, and it is Espurr WANTED!!!

These posters will be going up in Pokemon Centers starting tomorrow (Friday) which is a public holiday in Japan.

Also, because of that public holiday, Pokemon news went up on the official site today instead of Friday. I woke up to exciting news!

Promo pics!

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...and that is just the tip of the ice berg!

BIG size plush Meowstic (Male) 3,704 yen
BIG size plush Meowstic (Female) 3,704 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! plush 1,482 yen
Meowstic (Male) mascot plush 741 yen
Meowstic (Female) mascot plush 741 yen
Espurr mascot plush 741 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! FRIXION 3 pen set 815 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! Dr. Gripp pen 762 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! B6 ring note book 556 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! A4 Clear File 204 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! Memo pad 417 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! sticker sheet 278 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! book marker set 463 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! 2 way tote-bag 2,315 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! square pouch 1,000 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! pass case 741 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! foldable mirror 1,223 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! beret 2,778 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! knee-high socks 926 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! ankle socks 463 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! dolman sleeve t-shirt 2,667 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! silicon iPhone cover (5/5s) 2,380 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! soft iPhone cover (5/5s) 1,880 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! micro-fiber towel 602 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! Nintendo 3DS hard case 1,510 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! Nintendo 3DS LL hard case 1,704 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! soup mug 1,389 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! face cookies (cocoa) 834 yen
Espurr WANTED!!! pottery tray 815 yen


Espurr WANTED!!! comes out April 26th :D Time to save some monies.

Sticker auctions! Sylveon, raichu, ninetales, arcanine, etc

Just some other quick auctions.

Sylveon glimmering sticker. She is so cute!
Sylveon starts at $6

These are Ensky Armada stickers
IMG_20140320_165634_489Collapse )
The top 3 are holo. They start at $6 as well.
All others start at $5

All are brand new.
All community rules apply. Sniping adds 5 minutes to the time.
Auctions will end 3/26/14 at 7PM
Countdown is here:

This also ends tomorrow. NIP eevee France exclusive McDonald's toy. Go here to bid

I have to go to the next town over for a few hours. Will respond to questions when I get back. Thanks guys. Have a great night.
Mew Close-Up

Swcret Spring Swap Gets!

My spring swap packaged arrived last week, and it totally made my day! Thank you, miniterasu!

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Also, I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but Tomy is releasing new sets of evolutionary line figures, Mega forms and Mega Stones! More info here and a photo under the cut!
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Once again, I am also looking for merch of Pumpkaboo and the Gengar line, Luxray line, Chandelure line and Pyroar line!

Also obligatory Sales Post plug!


UPDATED SALES and rambles

I've updated my sales with some extra stuff I got as well as stuff that I weeded out of my collection. Please check it out. Got lots of random figures, some plush, and lots of cards

I've been trying to weed my collection and only focusing on the Tao quintet and some dark types but it's hard to weed out my plushies ;_; Plushies are my favourite and if I can get all of the Tao quintet plushies (besides the Banpresto ones...I dunno, their plushies of them are weird in my opinion. Guess it's cause those Pokemon are rather detailed) in <possibly> both Japanese and American version and all of the lotto figures of them, I might consider my collection of them complete, only casually buying random items of them when I see them. That's all I really need, so why is it so hard to get rid of my non-Taos and dark type plush? Sorry, I'm sort of rambling OTL

When I get closer to moving for Uni, I might actually bring myself to do some EXTREME weeding but for now, just what I have in my sales post can go.

Also, anyone going to Anime North? I think I'm going to participate in Nomi (the garage sale/flea market type) to sell my Pokemon things there (among other Anime, Japanese brands, and Yugioh things)

Anyways, anyone else have weeding problems? Got things that don't fit in your collection but you just love it (I'm so mixed about my Cresselia Pokedoll. It's not really related but it's cute and I guess it does parallel Darkrai. I might have to bring myself to EXTREME weed it out though since I need the money. It's so cute and minky!)

A fun question & Sales!

Hey guys! So with XY they brought about two Ghost/Grass type Pokemon lines. Which of the 4 is your favorite? Mine has to be pumpkaboo, with phantump as a close second; I plan on collecting whatever I can find of both. :3 How many of you also collect one of these cuties? Show me your collections!!
With that note I'm also looking for the We Are Team Rocket Pumpkaboo keychain and the bottle cap badge thing that comes with kid tins!

College starts in the fall for me so I need to get rid of the stuff that's been sitting around. I just want to get rid of most of this, so haggling is fine! Anything that doesn't sell before next week is going on ebay :D
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what time is it? Post what you collect for trade/sales time!

lately i've been itching to do some trades! I'll only be able to accept 1-3 though as shipping prices went up majorly here in AUS :C

My sales permission was granted on the 8th of June 2013 by entirelycliched

my feedback:

firstly, what is this post about exactly?

exactly what the title says, all you have to do is comment with a list of the Pokemon/Type of merch you collect and i'll check if I have anything I can trade/sell of that particular Pokemon/Type of merchandise

follow the cut for more info
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thank you for reading~

also i promise i'll have a collection update up once I find my camera wire XD

Edit: gtg bed now! I'll respond to comments tommorow

Mostly Eevee Auctions Reminder! Also, anyone wanna trade XY cards?

Hey all! Just posting a reminder for my auctions here! There's only about 2 hours to get bids in, so if you're thinking about it, go ahead and jump on it!

ALSO I was wondering if anyone would like to trade/partially trade XY TCG cards (only trades atm, I'll put them up for sale a bit later should I get no offers)! I'm searching for the Xerneas EX and full-art cards, and I have 3 ex cards up for grabs:

I'm also after a few other cards, namely reverse holographics of any inkay, malamar, and gourgeist cards, and I have a few holos (talonflame, slurpuff, and furfrou), reverse holos, and of course a ton of common cards to offer, so let me know if you're willing and what you'd like! I'll pretty much trade everything away if I can just get the Xerneas cards though, haha.

Thanks again, guys!! :D

Major Major Grail get and help completing a puzzle?

Hey all,

Long time no talk been busy with real life :(

I come with a major grail that I got recently. I spent my Tomy savings and got some help from my Grandparents as part of my bday to pay for it but I think it was way worth it. I have been looking for this for ages and have only found it twice! <3 <3 Click the cut to see what it is (It is Vulpix related)

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Also I am looking for help in completing this puzzle. These are the pieces that were given out in Australia with a Pizza Hut promotion years ago. I have 2 of the 4 puzzles completed. I need this puzzle completed and need the whole of another puzzle. If anyone can help me I would very much appreciate it :D It would be cool for the community to complete a puzzle :D

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I am hoping to post more but I need to get a few things out of the way in real life -.-

Thanks for viewing :D