March 21st, 2014

Dice GB cancelled :(

Sorry to all to those participating in the Dice GB, I just went to place the order and it was sold out. :(
I tried to look for another set, but couldn't find one. If anyone does happen to find another set, let me know and I'll gladly host another GB for it.
I refunded all those who participated in the GB, but if I missed you, let me know and I will send a refund your way.

As for the clip GB, it's on it's way to FJ. As it turns out I didn't calculate the clips right, they ended up coming out to $1.71 each instead of $1.66 so I will add on the difference to the second payment. :) 
Plusle and Minun

Lucario's huge clearance sale (part 1)

I decided nine crates of Pokemon 'to sell later' was exactly too much to store, and my parents need their spare bedroom back! So it's time for a massive sales blowout! Apart from one or two items, anything that does not sell will be eBayed in a big lot, or donated.

I will be posting a second lot of items in the next few days. Mainly figures and lots of flats. If you want to wait on that stuff, and see something you want today, simply pay for your order today, and tell me you want to wait. :)

(Picture drawn for me by aceattorneygirl)


And much more! Everything from 1:1 Turtwig to teeny tiny zukans
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Crocheted Piplup, Raichu Backpack, Lotto Meowth with pikadoll, etc
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- My Mum and I ship from the UK, from a pet and smoke free home. Some items are second hand, but we do our best to clean everything.
- Please reply to your own comment to add or remove items. Please don't edit. :)
Quotes asking for a lower postage combo are fine.
- Sales permission granted in June 2011 by Dakajojo
- My feedback is here and here

Holds / Quotes:
- Quotes do not count as "holds". If you 100% want to buy something regardless of the postage cost, please say so in your comment!

2 auctions and many direct sales- Sylveon & Eevolution items!

I went through my stock and pulled some extra items I have, mainly from last years Happy Party time and Eevee & Friends promos. Having looked over wishlists, I found that I have some desired items, so here they are!

First, the auctions, two great items!!

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Prices do not include shipping and fees- they will be calculated into your total.
NO holds. First to comment with a commit to buy gets the item, please don't request items and not be able to pay.
Granted sales permission on 03/17/11 by dakajojo
Thank you!

Small pokedoll get :)

Well today I accidentally slept in so when I finally awoke and got up people were rushing out the door to go places they needed to and so as I've done every morning I check the mailbox and inside our mailbox today was a parcel from Sunyshore! :D I knew it was my pokedoll because I have been waiting anxiously to get it since the day I ordered it x3 So I rushed inside and decided to take some photos :D

This is actually my first ever pokedoll :o that's why I am super super excited I got it today <3

Looky at the cute little eevee they drew on! <3 ahh is so adorable :3
2014-03-21 10.35.19

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eeee I'm gonna find a place on my desk with all my other plushies that are sitting on it x3
He's super adorable and I'm so glad I got him <3

Thanks for reading! :D
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Sylveon Heart Ribbons

~Mandatory Sylveon Want Post~

I have some wants and I'm craving them deeply. *u*

Firstly, has any one won the "Battle Trozei" lotto Pillow? I want to at least hear stories about it. I'm on the search for one and would pay top dollar for it.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 12.28.01 PM

I've also got paid the other day and would like to buy MORE Sylveon items. I'd be happy if I got at least one item out of this post.

~Bigger picture under the Cut~

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I'd like anything pictured and I'm willing to pay big for them too. Name your price and we can negotiate.

I've also updated my collection website with more items. If you see something not listed on my want post or collection page but have something I don't.
Please let me know!
New collection update coming atcha'.

Thanks in advance!


A few quick pokedolls wants.

Hi guys I just posted a few days gao but I have a few wants.

-Mewtwo Pokedoll (15-20+ shipping)
-Audino: 15+shipping (american/japanese doesn't matter)

I'd prefer all to have their hang tags. The art on them is just too adorable. :3

I also have some umbreon item's to trade for them aswell. My post on it can be seen here: -This has all my sales policies/info/feedback/and permissions in the post. :)

As a small update. I got my Swirlix Pokedoll in the mail today. It is SO soft! If you were contemplating getting one but was unsure about it's material you have no worries. It's a squishy little ball and I highly recommend it! :3

EDIT: I appreciate the help guys! I've been able to cross off two of my wants. Just waiting for them to arrive, and i'll do a collection update.
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HOLY CARDS! + Pokemon Items + Wanted ALL Chesnaught MERCH!!

Hello Community!
Here is a brief introduction to this post. I've been collecting cards ever since I was reallly little (about 4 years old.. i'm 15 now!).
I just found my card binder in the attic, I had about 3 different binders but only found 2 so far.
I found this cool binder filled with ALL HOLOGRAPHIC CARDS and Japanese holo cards!
I also found 2 sealed Giovanni/Team Rocket decks that are in NEW condition!
All of my cards are new/mint condition!

I also found a Pikachu Coin Bank, Gold pokemon edition Game boy color that works well (little scratches) and pokemon games!

Anyway, I would ask for price checks although it isn't allowed, so I'm just curious on the rarity of some cards from my collection and the rarity of some cool pokemon items I also found.


Firstly before I begin, I'm searching for ALL CHESNAUGHT MERCH! ANYTHING! I just purchased a chesnaught plush and tomy, I'm looking for clearfiles, cards, charms, keychains, ANYTHING with chesnaught! He's going to be my second main collection next to Cobalion!

Now for the Pokemon Cards/Items!

Closer Photos of cards and Items under cut!!
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I purchased the domain and will eventually create a collection site, although I have a small colelction right now ahaha.

Blue Furret shop, now with Marbles!

I was granted Sales Permission on 10/27/2012 byallinia

Howdy ladies and gents! Blue Furret has been updated, now with my entire stock of spare marbles and bags!

Sorting them out was quite a task, but it's done now :D

Click here for Marbles!

Click here for my main storefront!


As a gift to all you fine people, I have a present! it's not much but feel free to use as you wish~

In the backs of most of my sticker books, there's a little activity page or something. Well, one of them came with these cute little standees:

Lookit how happy piplup is! And Eevee!

But of course, You can't expect to print out that dinky little thing, so here's a scan at full resolution!

(WARNING: image is flippin HUGE)

Quick & small group auction!

I know it's soon to be posting again, but I thought maybe others who were hoping to get "We Are Team Rocket" keychains might want to get in on this since it ends in a little over 24 hours! I found a lovely little auction with inkay, pumpkaboo, & wobbuffet keychains at a decent price, but I'm only interested in Pumpkaboo! This will be the and only post about this auction!
pumpkaboo we are team rocket
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It's been a while since I've ran an auction so let me know if I"m forgetting anything xD
Do not post until threads are made.
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Collection Update + Gets + Wants!

Hello! It's been a bit more than a year since I've made my first collection update in this site. I just wanted to show you all how much it has grown ever since :D (sorry in advance for the quality of the pictures)
If you wish to see bigger and individual pictures you can check my website Super Neon or my tags on tumblr!


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Thank you so much for reading :D

Nintendo World Pickups Reminder

Hi everyone! Just a quick reminder that I am going to Nintendo World on Monday, and will be taking pickup orders until Sunday night. I am adding the hats that were just recently announced at NW, and will be updating the post shortly with photos thanks to dtrain4eva ! Click on the banner below to go!

Edit: Of course, my trip is being moved to Saturday-Sunday of next week instead (29th-30th). -.-;;; Oi.

Thanks everyone!
Purple Shard

Collection Sell off~ Now put into Four smaller lots.

Hey everyone! I am still looking to sell off my whole collection. However, the one large auction didn't raise enough like I hoped. So I've decided to put my items in four smaller lots to see if they'd do any better or fair any better that way. I'd rather give it a chance this way, so people get the items they do want.

This lot has Whimsicott/Cottonee, Chingling/Chimecho, Spiritomb, and Mawile

This lot has my Darmaka line and Bonsly/Sudowoodo, not to mention some other random items.
Being GA'd~

And this lot is the biggest which has all of my Glaceon and Eeveelution items.

Also, because of my eBay limit, I cannot put up my fourth lot… which is Persian items.

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That link will take you to larger and more detailed pictures.

Feel free to GA these and combine shipping! If you'd like, I have a price list of everything if that would help out as well.

If anyone has any questions post away~ Thanks everyone. ^^

Lovely gets post! (with a bit of grails)

Hello community! Today I bring you one of my favorite gets post in a while because I ended up getting lots of neat and interesting stuff!

espurr banner

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Here's a very interesting get. It's Hanafuda cards and what's cool about it is that it's theme is Pokemon! To be more specific, the Pokemon featured on these cards are the original 151 Pokemon from Kanto.


I opened up the deck of cards and tried to showcase all of the beautiful artwork featured on these cards. Click on the cut for more!

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Question: How do you guys display your Pokemon charms and hand towels? Do you have an entire shelf section dedicated to them? Let me know! :D

Thanks for reading this extremely long post! :P