March 22nd, 2014

Candy merch~

Good morning! (Bc it is midnight here) besides plushies, I am also interested in candy pokemon merch I know there are cookies, ramune hard candy, and gum that come with cool figures and/or stickers but is there anything else out there? I would love to know ^^
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First Post/Introduction!

Hello everyone!

My name is Soli and I just joined, very excited to be a part of this community instead of lurking :)
I am a college student studying art and design. I've always been really into the pokemon games, but only recently got into the merchandise. I'm addicted now that I've seen other peoples awesome collections. My favorite pokes are jolteon, nidoking, venusaur, sableye, scolipede, and galvantula. I plan on starting my collecting with venusaur, plus I love the old, nostalgic pokemon toys. Also thinking about collecting Yveltal, because he is my favorite from the new gen.  I sort of have a mini venusaur collection going right now, and a tiny tiny jolteon collection :)

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Pokebox bookmark trade/sales~

Hi everyone :)

I just received a package from pokebox, and have a slight problem ;w; I asked for the Lucario, Arcanine, and Houndoom bookmarks (since they forgot it with my previous order) and instead I got three Houndoom's ^^; Since that's the one I wanted most I don't really mind, but I'd like to get rid of the extras :P


So I have 2 to trade, or sell. I don't care which, and will wait until several people have commented before deciding for sure.

If I sell, each be 7 shipped anywhere, and as for trades, I'd prefer them to be pokebox products, such as charms or other bookmarks. If the charm is worth more than the bookmark I wouldn't mind paying a little on top of it

For reference- I already have the Mightyena evo line keychain and bookmark, the Houndoom line keychain and bookmark, the Vulpix, Shiny Ninetales, and normal Ninetales charms, the whole eeveelution charm set from 2013, and the Sylveon charm from 2014~

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Edit: one has sold!

List of Chesnaught merch?

Hello Community!

So I've decided to make a new main collection involving Chesnaught along side with my Cobalion collection.

I love Chesnaught sooo much! I'm trying my hardest to purchase anything that has chesnaught.
I'm curious to know if there is anything I'm missing that involves Chesnaught?

The only merch I have for Chesnaught is the Chesnaught plush, Chesnaught tomy, Chesnaught keychain and Chesnaught clearfile

Here is a list of Items that I do not have yet that involve chesnaught, I'm wondering if I had excluded something? Please let me know.

Also for cards, does anyone know if a Chesnaught 5/39 reverse holo and regular holo exist? Also, if a non holo Chesnaught 14/146 exists?
Is there a Chesnaught theme deck in japanese and english?

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Also, what is this chesnaught item and is this a legit Poke Merch?
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Dragonite and Amphy

AHHHH the gets! +Sales

Today I would like to share some pretty exciting gets.
From a little hunt of an impossible bag to another item I have added to my Eevee collection.

So without further ado; here are some of the items I have received! ^-^

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°˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° SALES: °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °
Please click the picture to be transported to my sales.
If you wish to negotiate then I am open to offers,
I would really like to sell these items, so come and make me offers? :3

A new member appeared!

Hello community~! c:

I'm Sapphire, but do feel free to call me Saph- I have been watching the community like a hawk for a while now. ^-^'' I'm a year eight student (I'm thirteen), who spends her spare time drawing, internet-ing and playing Pokemon! Today, I was accepted as a member, and I'm feeling pretty excited having joined. I have been a fan of Pokemon for around five years now, and I have quite the soft spot for Absol, Leafeon, Suicune, Sawsbuck, Meganium ( a long with quite a few others... ) which I am planning to collect quite lightly. I have already started collecting Absol, but it is quite small. I have also briefly collected Leafeon and Reshiram.

Here is my Plushie Collection sitting up on my bed. Mega Absol is a newcomer to the gang. There are a few booties, but I couldn't leave them out, they are still special to me. ;o;


-Bootleg Absol Pokedoll
-Bootleg Suicune Pokedoll
-Xerneas Oversized Pokedoll
-Reshiram UFO, Damaged
-Hasbro Eevee, Damaged
-Ty Axew
-Pokecen Mega Absol
-Takara Tomy Leafeon, bootleg?
-Ty Snivy

Aaaannddd, to make this post a little less boring...

:: Mini Want List ::

UFO "I Love Gothic" Absol Plush
2006 Absol Pokedoll ( The other is too expenisve ;-; )
Suicune Pokedoll
Absol Kid

That is about all, thank you for reading~!
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Tiny gets

I received some very exciting news in the mail today regarding my visa (unrelated) along with a tiny little package (I normally never get fun mail) so today is a happy day for me! ('u')

A friend found this stamp set on Y!J and I'm really glad she did because there's only certain things I'm able to bid on, and this item happened to be one of them. ♡
This is my first package from Y!J, and I found the website fairly easy to use once I understood it's functions. I bought this set for the cute little Espeon inside! For some reason I'm really glad Espeon is pink even though I don't normally like pinkish Espeon goods. xD
This is the only stamp in my collection and it makes a very good display piece. They're very thick so they stand up nice and straight. ('u')
Photo 2014-03-22 14 05 39
I also found another surprise yesterday!
I had been looking all over Tokyo for the MPC Pumpkaboo plush but had no luck whatsoever, I thought I'd missed them all. Then I randomly found a machine with extra stock so I had to grab a few!
I really wanted to get one of these to do a size comparison because I can't help it! So here it is:
That furry little face ('w`)
This plush is SUPER cute. I wont be making a Pumpkaboo collection since I have very little space, but I really recommend this cute little MPC for anyone who is a fan of Pumpkaboo, it's seriously super soft, tiny and adorable. I'm actually more of a fan of this guy than the DX since I have such little space. ;-; I have an affinity for small/tiny things so that's also probably why.

I can't wait to see some Pumpkaboo collections with the PC plush when it's out.
It'd also be cool to see a shiny pumpkaboo custom, I fell in love ever since I found this adorable pixel. xD (click it for source)
Robin and Batgirl

HUGE Metal Swing Keychain Sale, RARES, JOHTO, Tufty Pichu Weeding

Lots more weeding going on here. (All items from previous sales' have been shipped out.) I'm trying to trim down my collections to only the specific things I collect. Which means many things for sale! Also, after a valiant effort, I realized while taking pictures of my metal swing keychain collection that I'm missing so many Pokemon and as I'm not actively searching like I once was, it would be too difficult to try to "catch 'em all." So except for the swings of my main collection Pokemon (while I will note) ALL are up for grabs.

Click for RARE Metal Goodness!

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New custom get + my itty bitty Furret collection

Since I do collect Furret plushies on the side, I decided to have a custom one made for me. It took a while, but it finally arrived in the mail last week.

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I'd eventually like to add a custom Furret pokedoll and a custom Pokemon Time stye Furret to my collection, too.

Also, does anyone know the general price range for a Furret tomy figure? Or any figures? I'm thinking of adding a few to this little collection of mine :) that is, if I can find any!

Thanks for looking!


Almost There! ...and sales update

It's been a long time in the making, but my tomy shelves are almost complete!:


I only need 3 more to have the full 251, which is my current goal:

Nidorino Tomy figure

Swinub Tomy figure

Kingdra Tomy figure
and kingdra

Back when I first started collecting I wondered whether I would finish gen 1 or 2 first. Originally I thought it would probably be gen 1, because I had so many more of those. Now I only have 3 figures left and I still haven't completed either gen; it's interesting.

It seems like these are the figures that a lot of people need at the moment, so I'm not too hopeful, but can anyone help me fill these last few empty spaces?




Also, I just updated my sales with a few starter pokedolls and entei you can check the page out here or click the image below.


Thanks for reading! Hopefully I can reach my goal soon. :)

TCG sales!

Hi guys! Today I come to you with a few select cards from my sales that I really want to rehome :)

I'm totally open to offers and I have a lot more cards to sell than just what I've posted today :) So if there's anything specific that you're looking for, let me know! Not really wanting to trade right now unless it's for Pokedolls or plush :)

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