March 23rd, 2014

Quick question about one of my wants.

Hi community! A while ago, I posted my wants list, and the Uxie banpresto plush was on there as low priority. Recently, I changed my mind about that and made it high priority. So, I have a question:

Does anyone have one for sale?

Also, I do have some preferences:

I will pay no more than $25. This does not include shipping fees or other fees.
I can only pay with PayPal.
If possible, I would like to buy from a US seller.

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

Looking for giant raichus

Hey guys... I was wondering what's the largest raichu out there...? I saw this:

and there's this one that's 2ft tall and I really want it but I don't think they have those and I am sure he/she would not give it up... Does anyone know where I could try checking? Asides ebay? :c Uhh don't post links here to sell stuff (just pm it if you need to) because I don't want you to break the pkmn community rules. ; v; which I "think" it might be against it. I am just trying to inquiry on how much it could cost me and how I could get it.

Also was wondering, do I need a sales permit to initiate a trade transaction with someone who already has a permit?

TCG Trades

Hello community!

I was curious to see if anyone here is willing to do TCG trades with me?
I have Gen 1 and Gen 2 cards that are all holographic and rare. I also have E-reader reverse holo cards.
I have japanese holos as well.

I'm looking or these cards for my Chesnaught collection, I'm also looking for a Chespin starter deck TCG code for the TCG online game.

Name any gen 1 or gen 2 card and I'll let you know if I have it.
THe only shadowless cards I have are Shadowless Macamp and Shadowless Nidoking. They're in great conditions ungraded.
All my cards are in mint-new condition and holo.
Sorry if this is too vague but It's a lot of trouble to list all my cards.
I also have never been open First movie Mew cards!

Looking for:
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Quick sale: Meowth DX We are Rocket Plush

Update: Sold!

Brand new with tag.  Price with fees and shipping included: domestic 1st class $35; domestic priority $37; international $ 44.
Sales permission granted 19 FEB 2013 by entirelycliched.
I ship from NY, USA.
Shipped in a polybag.
I accept Paypal ONLY.
Not responsible for Post Office oopsies.  Please enquire if you'd like insurance (included w/ Priority)
I have pets, so you may find a stray hair.  Non-smoking home.
Please note your postcode or country for shipping.
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Me again!

Here with another boring wants post <3 Let's see if I get lucky!!! :D So close, yet so far... WILL PAY VERY WELL! ^o^

Looking for mint-in-package Tomys of the following (NO HASBROS for now):
Ponyta/Rapidash (preferably the 2-pack)
Tentacool/Cruel (only the 2-pack)
Marowak/Pidgeotto 2-pack
Ninetales/Persian (single or 2-pack)
Caterpie/Weedle 2-pack
Staryu/Starmie 2-pack
Rhydon/Rhyhorn (2-pack or singles)
JAPANESE variant pose (MB set) Ivysaur

Also seeking MIP recolors of:
Dragonair, Snorlax, Rapidash, Tauros, Hitmonchan

Loose figures:
Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur Battle action (pose) figures

To make up for the boring, here's my collection! <3 Was working on the site, but I will finish it up once I get to Japan.

Also looking for any MIP of Tomys I am missing that I didn't think to list. If you see any that you have for sale, let me know! :) (besides the incredibly easy ones like Meowth, Lapras, Dewgong/Seel, etc)
Have a great week everyone!

Quick sales... again... Customs and stuff this time.

Sorry... Haha. Since I sold something, I'm posting other stuff here to get a new home. Please help! If you need more pics, feel free to ask.

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Fan Rotom Pokedoll - $21
Pokemomo Zipper Pouch - $30
Bouffalant MPC - $8
Ferrothorn MPC - $5

Bouffalant for size ref. Avaliable for purchase above

Shiny Deoxys custom plush made with velboa like fabric - $22
Custom Exeggcute plush with 6 eggs made with minky. Plush are separate so you can have fun with them putting them everywhere. xD - $35

New tutorials

I am thinking of these two over days, and post it in the suggestion box. However, apparently several of our mods are really busy (i.e. heading back home, and moving) these days and I have not got an answer since people do not check the suggestion box as often as the front page. I guess it is better for me to post it here instead. Let me know if this is not allowed and should be better put in the suggestion box. I will delete it right away.

"I am considering of two things after reading posts these days

1. Would it be better if there is a tutorial about shipping charge/speed/packaging? Just give people an idea how to weigh and calculate their shipping cost, how to print postage online to save time and cost lining in the post office, and how to track and get an estimate of delivery date, esp. for internationall buyer? I am myself being a regular shipper can be surprised by when I am overcharged for the shipping cost when I reach a post office, and I believe a guide overall about shipping can be very helpful for both buyers and sellers.

2. Considering Japan will increase their sales tax starting Apr. 1 to 8% and revamped members seeking help on deputy service, I am thinking of a comparison of the current deputy service about final value, payment and shipping (deadline, speed, cost), multiplier (smj and noppin), international shipping, customer service, and so forth. We have the tutorial guides, but I am thinking of some examples to help people get better idea when they purchase or group auction on items in Japan, not only just on Yahoo! Japan.

I am overloaded with the college work since this is my last semester in college, but I can make a draft/outline or provide help if someone is interested in writing a tutorial. Any ideas?"

First Sales Post! Rare AG Topps, G/S pogs, XY TCG, EXs, and Promo Stickers!

Hello everybody! I'm super excited because I just got sales permission today! ^ -^ I decided that I'm limiting my first sales to just flats because I thought they'd be a good start being so easy to ship~ ^ -^
I bring to you some really really rare Advanced Generation Topps! I haven't seen this like anywhere! I see the AG Challenge Series a lot, but not these! I bought them when I was younger, getting a pack or two if my mom and I went to Target (I think that's where they were?) so now I'm giving back to the comm~! ^ -^
I also have some rare G/S series pogs from the RED version of the Master Trainer board game which is more rare then the Black version.
And finally some XY TCG that I believe other people would appreciate more than me ^ -^
Without further ado, let's get crackin~!


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Also for those who participated in the Scope Keychain GB, Feebas informed me that he received them yesterday! He said he'll have the post up soon ^ -^ When he receives the third payment, I will leave feedback, feel free to leave me and feebas feedback as well! ^ -^

Gets post!

Hello everyone! These are just my recent gets from the community! I'm pretty sure that most of you have seen these before, so I just took one crappy pic~ They are various eeveelu things + a pikachu from allinia, cyritic, tsuki_no_eifie, kyraiee, helloskitty, pokemontrader, and polahbear! And not pictured are the eevee chibi kyun chara from poke_zula (it came just a bit too late for the photo), and the cards (I will show all my cards in a future post). Thank you sooooo much!!!
Thanks for looking! (>w<)
clemont: citronic gear on!

ebay lot is go!

hello comrades! i have popped up a lot of pokemon center goodies onto ebay, so please check it out! :D there is a lot of pokedoll things, lotto goods, tins, pouches, figures, etc etc...just go have a look if you have any interest :D

today i had SIX! pkmncollectors members over at my house, seven including myself. what a fun party :D maybe some members will put up the pics they took ;D for now, here is a sneak peek of my redone guest room/pokemon room/orange room! does anyone else have a whole room just for pokemon?


Collection update!

Hi everyone! It's been over a month since my last post so I thought I would do a collection update :) I was gonna wait a little longer to post but I got too excited after getting 2 packages in the mail on Friday haha ^^ Anyways I got a lotttt of new things and have declared my new main collection as Noivern/Noibat. My main collections before were Eeveelutions and Piplup with Oshawott, Dragons, and Absol on the side. I recently started up new side collections of Charizard, Axew, Fennekin, and Litwick :)

As a sneak peak here is a picture of my headboard before March

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And here is a link to my first ever wants post :)

Thanks for looking ^^

Search for the Boos!

Hello Community!

Hope you all had an excellent weekend! Reaching out to you all in hopes that you might be able to help me find a Pumpkaboo (or two!) that I could get for my fiancee for his birthday which is coming up in two weeks! I'm running out of time and I would love to get at least one Pumpkaboo plush (either DX or smaller MPC) - if I could get one of each, that would be amazing!

I can pay fast via Paypal invoicing to my email, and appreciate any/all help!

Sincerely yours,