March 24th, 2014

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Tiny wants. Yuka Morii illustrated cards and Espeon flats

Looking for a few cards illustrated by Yuka Morii (I'm referring to these:
I'm thinking about starting a mini card collection of them since I really like interesting card art and weird/unique stuff like that.. (^^;;) I wonder if anyone has any or has heard of them before? ('o')a
These are the ones I'm interested in at the moment: Psyduck, Slowbro, Slowpoke, Dratini, Stunfisk, Shuckle, Steelix, Corsola, Phanpy, Mareep, Claydol, Piloswine, Chansey
I only have a few at the moment so I'm looking for any of the others as well. I prefer them to be in good condition, I mostly only care about the edges and bends.

I'm also looking for the following items. I live in Japan so it would be an international transaction.
Chibi Coro Stamps (Psyduck or Slowpoke), or other similar roller stamps. Other Pokemon would be fine too depending and I don't care about the condition since I want it for use not collecting.

Espeon flats like stickers or postcards ft. Espeon without other eeveelutions.
I feel a bit guilty asking the comm since I know they're floating around Japan (I just haven't found them yet), so maybe some stickers/postcards only released in other places like Korea or China would be cool? Either way, if anyone has any available for sale I'd love to take a look.

Can't find this anywhere, but I'd really like to get this little Espeon menko (pog?) (lower left) so if anyone has one or has info on it please lt me know. Thank you m(_ _)m

A new member approaching!

Hi everyone!

My names Will, I'm 18 and I'm a massive nerd when it comes to video games (with Pokemon and Mass Effect being my two favourite series). My two favourite Pokemon are Aipom and Scizor (I wish they'd make a Pokedoll of him) and I collect just the things I like, which is mainly Pokedolls. I have been watching this community for a few weeks now, so it feels great to finally be a member!

I've been a fan of Pokemon since the craze first started here in the Uk and immediately started to purchase everything I could see with Pokemon on it. Unfortunately, because of my young age I didn't exactly take care of the stuff so most of my figures (mainly Gen 1 Tomy's) aren't in the best of condition :(

However, it's not all doom and gloom and I did manage to make myself a shelf in my room of some of my favourite stuff; as well as scattering some Pokedolls around as well. So I took some pics and here they are!

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Hopefully the cut worked :P

Anyway, that's it for things I have on display. I'll show some of my other plush's when the ones I ordered arrive.

Thanks for looking! :)

Edit - trying to fix the pics posted
Mirasol sunflower

Huge sales and auctions! Added new items!!

Hello there guys!
Today I come to you with some new sales and added a ton of flats, new figures, keychains and some others!
I also have a bunch of auctions for you, including some rare things like a Deoxys and Bonsly3D pokedoll straps and lots more! Here is a small preview picture of some:


So I come to the auctions first!
Please read the rules before you decide to buy :)

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And now to my sales!

As mentioned, I have added a ton of new items in there, and I have also lowered prices of some! Please take a look!
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That is all from me, thank you for looking <3

Another wants post!

Hi there!

I guess most of you know the feeling of suddenly falling in love with a Pokémon or character that's been released long ago. Yeah, it happened again. I'm sorry, my dear bank account.

As usual I'm looking for Entei merch, especially the rare Japanese Entei gold star card! That little piece of shiny paper has been eluding me for so long now! But aside from that, I'm now looking for all Shirona (Cynthia in English) merch! I know she doesn't have much merch, even Pokévault only has three items listed. Anyone knows of any more items? I already have the TCG cards :3

I live in the Netherlands. I'll be getting my Wild Blaze this week too and the Lizardon deck arrived last week, I can't wait!

Hurray! first ever sales post! + Taking Offers.

Hurray! I was granted sales permission yesterday, and I could not be more stoked. :') I have so many things I want to share with the comm, but I'm just starting out with a few things to begin with.
Also, my former trade post is now a trade/ SALE post as well. So any items can be combined with items found there:
There are no prices up yet, but just ask! I will gladly let you know! :)

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(no subject)

I didn't mean to, but I am heavily into collecting the TCG right now. Whoops! I had over stuffed my folder to literally, crying-bursting stage...... So look what I found at the car boot this week! I KNEW I'd find one of these classic bad boys sooner or later!


And its got Bulbasaur on, woot!

But imagine my face when I turned to the back page......

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Pichu Collecting!

Hey community! If you have't realised, I am collecting Pichu! So, I am looking for Pichu merch. I know there is the tufty, gizamimi and the normal one. I have decided to collect all three! The item that I want the most is the sleeping gizamimi Pichu plush(the smaller one). I prefer the items to be MWT/MIP/MIB. Shipping is to Singapore. Thanks for looking! Have a great day!
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Sylveon Gets! (Also wants...)

So I've got the Sylveon bug, seems like many collectors caught it too :p This is the collection I've managed to amount since December. I've even shown a before and after photo just to show how big it's gotten, partly because of this awesome community. I've gotten a few Sylveon extras from being a little impatient. Im next in line for sales permission:o It will be glorious!

So here we have my collection as of today :3 I'm so excited to see it taking over the wall XD Photos under the cut. Also don't forget, if you'd like better detail photos, more info on an item (maybe you've been considering getting it, but would like to know more?) to go ahead and ask. I'm super friendly and love to help!
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Also obligatory wants post. My main goal at the moment is the PLUSH PEN. I NEED this baby in my life. If you have one or an extra I'm willing to throw money at you!
Here is the rest of the list:

trip to a japanese market

hi y'all
i've had a tiring week...(many tests and projects due for school)
so today i went to a japanese super market and I found these cute candies and drink type food!
I bought some and it tasted very good!(but it was hard eating them because they were too cute!)
I think the eeveelution fans would love the candy even more because of the wrapper! ^^

photo 1photo 2-1

anyway! thanks for reading!