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So finally livejournal has an option for me to upload photos from my phone !
And hopefully i'm getting a new computer soon so there won't be such long delays for me leaving feedback for people i buy from!

But anyhoo, my spring swap gift came in!

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I also had a really awesome time at Anime Boston and i got to meet yellowmudkipin person! What an honor it was to meet another pkmncollector! We went to all of the Pokemon themed panels there were together and we had a really great time!

Anyhoo, onto the con gets!Collapse )

I also got a few things in the mail, but i'm waiting for a couple more things to come in before i make a post about them all. C:

Thank you for looking!
25 March 2014 @ 11:48 am
Hi guys :)

I come to you today still looking for a Charizard Pokedoll! My maximum budget on this is $55 all in, including shipping to Ireland, as I've found one on ebay for slightly less than that, but I'd rather keep my money in the community :)

Let me know if you have one to offer! Only interested in mint with all tags. Thanks!

Got one, thanks guys! :D
I have kids and figures of about 125 of the Gen 1 Pokemon, and a few from Gen 2 (including Espeon and Umbreon). Also, some charms, Pracoro dice and other things.  Please check them out at my journal http://mintmittins.livejournal.com/3695.html
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25 March 2014 @ 01:49 pm
My package came today, thanks to baconscreation
A very exciting moment for me :D
Eeeee I've always wanted a charizard pokedoll, she is perfect, thank you so much ^__^ cute sticker too! And of course the lovely drawing :D
25 March 2014 @ 03:09 pm
So I wasn't expecting to make a gets post so soon, yet here I am after I got a package handed to me a few hours ago!

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More of my collectionCollapse )

Thanks for looking! :)
25 March 2014 @ 03:38 pm
Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 3.28.00 PM2014-03-28 14.54.31
2014-03-24 14.36.232014-03-25 20.34.23

Coundown Timer: http://countingdownto.com/countdown/kayeechu1993-auctions-2014-03-30-countdown-clock


  • All PKMNcollector rules apply.

  • I received sales permission from entirelycliched on June 08, 2013.

  • Feedback here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kayeechu1993/

  • I ship from California, USA and use USPS as my preferred shipping service. I am new to shipping overseas so please bare with me and I will try to get you an accurate quote.

  • I am not responsible for any lost or damaged items in the mail.

  • I only accept Paypal payments. Please send payment as "goods", include your username and what you purchased in the note section.

  • Shipping and fees are not included in the prices, please ask for a quote before purchase.

  • Once committed to a purchase, please try to pay within 24 hours of receiving a final payment quote.

  • Backing out of a committed purchase may result in negative feedback.

  • I can hold something for you up to 24 hours.

  • Trades may be considered, post a link of your sales/trades post or check my  wants list here: http://kayeechu1993.livejournal.com/947.html

  • Please dont edit your comments, if you need to add or change something, reply to your post.

  • Anything crossed out means it's sold.

  • I only sell to PKMNcollector members and not to banned members.

  • Please ask questions in the questions and comments section.

  • Please leave feedback after you receive your items and I will too~

[BW Gum w/ VS Card Pickup and In Hand XY candy w/ Cards]

I am doing pickups for Pokemon Black and White Gum with VS Card packs. 1 pack includes 2 pieces of gum and 2 cards, one with a different pokemon on it. When stacked together, turns into a VS card.

1 pack is $5 and I will be picking them up later this week. Payment will be due after I pick up them up. Asking for a slot means you are committed to the purchase.

2014-03-24 14.36.23


  1. nmtr37 - 10 packs

Due to all the interest in the Pokemon XY Gum and VS Card Packs, I can do pickup for those too but it will take about 2 weeks to arrive after I order them from the store. They are also $5 each


  1. Slothyshroom - 1 box

  2. chaos_21 - 5 packs

  3. nasija - 3 packs*

I also got the Pokemon XY Fizzy Candy with with plastic cards packs. 1 pack is $5. 1 pack includes a few pieces of fizzy candy with pikachu's face on it and 2 small plastic cards with pokemon and its info on it. (Like type, weight, height, etc.). I currently have 13 packs in hand and they are first come first serve. If I get more interest, I can go to check if I can pickup more later~

2014-03-25 20.35.09

  • Packs Available - 9

  • classypersian - 1 pack - Shipped

  • nasija - 4 packs*

- I will be selling the packs that I opened if anyone if interested?
- If anyone pulls a Lucario/Riolu, I'd be happy to purchase it from you xD

[Pokemon Seaweed Pack Pickups]
2014-03-28 14.54.38
This is pack of seaweed with cut out shapes of pokemon from XY. There are 4 pieces of each pokemon in a pack, one pack contains 4 pokemon so total of 16 seaweed squares. There are 3 different sets. Set 1 include fennekin, running pikachu, gogoat, and lucario. Set 2 includes chespin, pikachu face, litleo, and ampharos. Set 3 includes froakie, standing pikachu, panocha, and eevee. 1 pack costs $6, which I am doing pickups for. Limited supply at the store. They might not have all 3 sets, you can choose a backup set in case they don't have your first choice and still want a pack.


Auctions!Collapse )

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 1.21.46 AM
25 March 2014 @ 03:44 pm
I am looking for this pouch if anyone has a good condition one.  I am also looking for the respective card motif plush.  I am only interested in Umbreon and Espeon at this time.  Let me know if you have either items.  Thank you![pouch!]

Hello everyone! The nice weather and the sun staying around longer in the day has prompted me to do some more spring cleaning.

This sales post has tons of various keychains, Tomy figures, and more miscellaneous things.

Sales!...Collapse )
Rachel the Team Magma Grunt
25 March 2014 @ 06:50 pm
Hi! (sorry for the close together posts, this will be the last one until I get my secret swap gift XD)

So I was looking through all my Pokemon cards earlier, and noticed I had a whole lot of doubles xD

I collect cards casually, and only for the pretty pictures, so I was wondering if someone else in the same situation would like to trade?

So I'm thinking it'll go something like this- let me know your favorite Pokemon, I'll tell you what cards I have to trade of them, and we'll work something out ^^
I'll trade for pretty much anything I don't have :P

I miss trading on the bus in elementary school, collecting cards is a lot less fun if you can't show them off to random people ;^;

Also just a reminder, I still have an extra pokebox Houndoom bookmark for trade/sale.

Original post here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/16872938.html

Also to everyone who bought from me- I'm shipping out on Saturday!

Edit: I will be a bit slow with replying because I'm taking card pics and doing hw at the same time, so don't think I'm ignoring you! This may take a little while ahaha

Edit again: If we traded and you are in the US, your cards have shipped today! :D
Uh oh, A wild Zubat appeared!

(Click) Run away!Collapse )

I also have two ebay lots!
An: Eevee plush lot and a Random pokemon plush lot.
Starting price for the Eevee lot is: $105 with a $10 shipping within the states.
Starting price for the Random pokemon plush lot is: $70 with a $8 shipping within the states.

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Lots of stuff to post about so multipurpose post it is! The Rare Plushies GA package came, and has already been dismantled xD. Your packages are all packed up I just need your payments so I can ship your items to you! I also received my sectret swap gifts from doryphish333 <3<3<3! And... I have put all of my sale items and a ton of other things I need gone into one giant pokemon lot on ebay. Onto the cuts---

Chrizard used Slash to see the names of Rare Plushies GA Participants, and spread sheetCollapse )

Calling out participants from BFJ GA, Need your payments!!Collapse )

Cuteness under this cut!Collapse )

My lot is going to be GA'd woot!

Well thanks for looking!
25 March 2014 @ 08:49 pm
So, I was scrolling through the internet the other day,and found someone trying to sell a raichu plush for $10 shipped. Before I even saw it, I thought it would probably be a canvas bootie....  But when I saw it, my jaw nearly dropped!!But what was it really?
LOOK AT THIS!!Collapse )
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25 March 2014 @ 08:56 pm
The Wynaut family is growing :)

Wynauts galoreCollapse )

Do you have any Wynaut items that you'd be willing to sell me to add to the collection? :)
25 March 2014 @ 10:45 pm
Hello Everyone! I still have quite a bit of stuff coming in but i thought id make a get post of what ive received so far. i Started out with a tomy figure and a plush but my Sylveon collection is slowly growing! I want to thank everyone so much for their kindness!
I got the clearfile, charm, and magnet from rahenna. Thank you so much! The bluestrap figure was the only sylveon i found at megacon lol i only went saturday so there might have been more on firday. the tcg figure, pokemon with you, and pose figure i got on ebay! The pose figure box was a lot bigger than i expected! im almost not sure if i want to open it its so pretty xD the seller also included the package of tissues and some pokemon candy, one with sylveon and one with a silhouetted mareep! It was a great surprise to find those! actually i had ordered a set of the tissues already that havent come in yet so i'll actually have doubled now!
i'll put more pictures after the break. Thank you so much for reading!

WeeeeeeCollapse )
25 March 2014 @ 11:44 pm
Hello, my fellow collectors! I was wondering if any of you were planning to go to the upcoming Kawaii Kon on the lovely island of Oahu, Hawaii? (http://www.kawaii-kon.org)

I'm pretty sure I've seen some members here who live in Hawaii…Anyway, I'm planning to go to the convention, and I would love to trade Pokemon cards/figures with you if you would like to meet up sometime! ^_^

Oh, and to make this post a tad more interesting, here's a picture of a Persian plush I made a little while ago:
Persian-Side 2

P.S. I hope this is OK to post here…I trust I will be informed if it's not and am happy to edit/delete it if need be. Thank you!
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