March 26th, 2014

Charmander Niue coin up on ebay for buy it now

- I was granted sales permission by on January 18, 2014 by entirelycliched
- My feedback can be found here:
- All pkmncollectors rules apply.
- The first one who commits to an item will get it.
- I can hold items for 48 hours if I get no word afterwards I will give the item to the next person

- All prices are in USD.
- I only accept Paypal.
- You have to pay within 24 hours of having committed to an item unless there is a special case that prevents you from it.
- I do not mind haggling as long as you are polite
- I accept trades

- I ship from the USA
- I will ship around the world, but please be aware that international shipping is very pricey especially if its a big package
- All items will be shipped in boxes or bubble mailers.
- I’m not responsible for lost packages in the mail, damaged packages, or import taxes as soon as the packages have left my house. If the package hasn't arrived, let me know so we can work things out.
- I usually ship the second or third day because of classes and work so if I take longer I'll PM you to let you know
- If you want tracking let me know as well

Need the money right now and I'm selling my Charmander Niue coin

$_12 (3)

check it out on the link below

Is my substitute plush a bootleg?

Today I come to you with a serious question that I couldn't answer myself, so I hope I can get some help by you guys. :)

Edit: Whew, I really didn't expect THAT much feedback on this post. Thank you all sooo much for helping me out!! :) With this positive community power, I can't be too sad about my subby having been identified as a bootleg. :) You are the best! <333

Is the following plush legit or not?

I bought this substitute (small version, around 15cm) from a private seller on eBay. Was quite expensive, too. ^^ Transaction worked great and everything, but with a closer look on the subby I noticed a few strange things.

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Robin and Batgirl

Many Metal keychains Still Available

Many Metal Keychains Still Available, as well as plenty of Pichu Items. Items that have been purchased already will go out at the end of the week.


And to make this post less boring, don't you hate it when you are searching and searching for elusive items for your collection and you find them ... in an auction that already ended? :( I managed to find an image of a purple Vulpix metal figure (I don't think we've seen one before!) but the auction this picture is from ended earlier this month. But it's still nice to get photos so you can keep searching. >) Ever miss out on something by just this much?

handmade porcelaine objects final offers

Hi folks! I'm preparing to move and as I was digging through my boxes of (art)work I came accross some special pendants...I remembered the coasters but I totally forgot about making these. As I have no use for them, nor can sell them locally I figured I might make some of you happy with them :)

Curious? Check out the cut below...picture shows you some of the goods inside!
(Pokemon: Eevee, Flareon, Vulpix, Nidoran & Bulbasaur)

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pika cap2

tiny sale and want

Greetings I have two holo ex cards for sell so if you're interested let me know

1.Paypal only
2.I ship from the US
3.I can hold up to 48 hours
4.Haggling is OK but no hurt feeling if refused
Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 09

Emolga EX $7
Xerneas EX $12

I looking for the Little tales Pika pair for a friend who really wants them so if anyone has them for sell please let me
I'm willing to pay $25-30 shipped for them

Found them thanks ktmonkeyj

They would also like a Braixen plush if I can't find the pika pair

Thanks for viewing

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super wants! :(

So, my panda collecting is coming along very nicely.
But there's one thing that has only popped up once here, which I wasn't quick enough to buy, and I've never seen them on any other site since.

I'm talking about the can badges for Pancham & Pangoro. I asked a while ago about these with no reply. If anyone can help me out I'd be superhappygrateful and I'd gladly draw you something in thanks (my dA: here) take my money and art!

A few other things that I don't have yet is both the Pancham iron-on patches! I was going to get them from FJ but the commission fees stacked up too much for me. I'll also offer art for these.

I'm also processing the last of my pictures of my collection, so my site will be fully ready for viewing shortly! ;3

Have a great day!
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Questions regarding US Imports and duties related to it

Hey guys I have a few questions...

Ok so say I found something I really wanna buy and this something sadly is out of states and it's pretty pricey. Like 150 dollars + a shipping cost of 50 dollars. I know I know it's over priced for a plushie(although it's pretty darn big) and it'd be comming from japan.
Now before I even try looking to buy any of that... I'd rather first ask, will I get any charges for a toy? D: Is there anything I should be aware of when importing stuff from japan? :c

I know I shouldn't but I tried asking if they could lower the price or put most of the price into the shipping to circumvent that.... But apparently that's illegal and idk what to do. :c

Legendary Treasures Cards Up For Sale/Trade!

Hi guys! Sorry for this close together post but this will be my last post for quite some time so don't worry! I have a bunch of legendary treasures cards up for sale/trade. Just let me know which legendary treasures cards you need and I will see if I have them. If you would like to buy them, I will let you know the price depending on which card. If you would like to trade, I am accepting holo/reverse holo/shiny like Pichu cards. Here are some Pichu cards I want:Collapse )
Not forgetting rules:Collapse )
And also, if you have any awesome Pichu merchandise you would like to sell to me, let me know over here:
Thanks for looking!

Tracey Want

Hello, everyone. Tomorrow is payday for me, and after scanning ebay and being very disappointed, I decided to try asking here.

I was wondering if anybody has a Tracey dome figure they'd be willing to part with. I've considered this to be a Grail of mine. The story being I always saw it on ebay but it never sold outside of the US. I saw someone had the dome figures listed as international...but no Tracey.
If not willing to part with him, could you please direct me to where I can find him?

Please note I am in Australia.

Thanks to anybody who can help!

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Play by Play Squirtle

Hey all! Sorry I have't been very active around here lately, I don't think this Comm is coming up in my Friend's Page anymore and I forgot all about it!


I'm the assistant manager at a thrift store, and today this Play by Play Squirtle came in. I snagged him since he was in great condition with his tags still, and kind of wanted to see what the community thought about him.

I poked around Google a little for comparison shots, and if I'm understanding PbP made two of these with different heights? Either way, this one's eyes seem... really close together. I mean REALLY close compared to the other photos of the plushies I've seen on Google Images.

Does this guy have a factory flaw or is this how some of them just were? And can anyone give me an approximate value?