March 28th, 2014

Eevee & Vulpix

Looking for La maison de Eevee necklace

Today I'm looking for La maison de Eivui necklace. I had one, definitely one of my favorite necklaces, but it got lost in a con and looks like it has gotten lost for good.. =''(
So anyone having one? Mint shape would be nicest but I'll consider any piece you'll have to offer. Doesn't have to be in the original package, though, great condition is my only wish. A reasonable price would be nice too. And BTW, I'm in Finland (In case someone does not ship here..)
Let me know if you got a spare one, cuz I'm really missing my necklace!

Notice for buyers from my sales post! +wants

Hey everyone! My mom just told me that we are going camping from today to Sunday evening. It's meant to be a surprise family trip so I didn't know about it before :( so to everyone that bought from me - I won't be able to ship things out until Monday or Tuesday. I also won't have Internet access so I won't be able to respond to comments/messages :( I'm really sorry if this is an inconvenience to anyone!

To make this post less boring Ill post a couple wants :)
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And there are still plenty of items left in my sales!! Just know I won't be able to respond to quotes until Monday after we leave this afternoon!


Okay, last time I made this reminder, my trip got pushed back a week... fingers crossed this time. XD

Quick reminder that I am going to Nintendo World tomorrow and hosting pickups! We got hats, gen 6 starter pokedolls, 1:1 plush and more! Click the image below to go to the pickup post:

I was originally going to save my Spring Swap gets for my next post which would be a collection update, but since I'm here making a reminder post anyway, let's have a little fun and post it now!

My Spring Swap gifter was banaa1212. At first I was SO confused, because i recognized their address from buying plush from them before. I was way too excited and opened my package in the living room when I usually wait until I get upstairs. XD

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My next post will be a big 'ol collection update/re-organization! I'm just waiting on my new cabinet set which should be in on Tuesday! SO EXCITED!!!!

Thanks everyone! <33

trades trades trades? main wants that I'm currently looking for! :*

Hello everyone!

So, I JUST missed out on a Natu Pokedoll on eBay! WAH! I was raising the money for it, finally got the amount up, and totally lost out! ;~; So, I'm hoping I can find another here on the community, as well as a few other things! c':

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And, if you'd please take a look, here are the rest of my wants! :D



I can pay, or do trades, or even partial trades. C: I have 2 main things that are up for trades right now. :D Click the cut to see!

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If these don't peak your interest, there are a few things I'm willing to trade off from my collection, which is located here:
(I'm not willing to trade any of my dark puppies, Vulpix items I have, or Mareepy things. ^__^;)

Please let me know if you have ANY of my wants, big or small! All help is super greatly appreciated. <3

Thank you all for looking, and have a safe and happy weekend! <33

Massive sales!

Hello everyone!

Today I have over 80 plush and figures to sell (and would rather sell them here than eBay!)
Everything are in good condition and most are MWT!

I cannot trade at this time because I need these things gone!



I received sales permission on March 15, 2013 from Allinia
My feedback is here.
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I hope everyone has a good rest of their night!

Jolteon + Starmie

Hey Guys,

Me Again, I've Decided I Now Want To Collect Merch Of These Two Cuties:

Starmie+Jolteon Gif
(Anyone Selling Merch Of These Two In The UK Please Leave A Comment)

However I Also Wanted To Complete This Cute Collection Of Tomy Eevelutions


Only 3 To Go!

I'd Also Like To Say A Massive Thank You To Anyone Who Welcomed Me And Gave Me Advise Yesterday



Spring Swap Gets! <3

Hello everyone! I'm here to share the lovely surprise that I just retrieved from my mailbox: my Spring Swap gift!! (More like I was stalking the mailman from my window because I had a good feeling about the mail today) :D This was my very first time participating in a PKMNCollectors gift exchange, so I was ecstatic to finally join in the fun! ^^
What have you found there, Lotus? :0
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I can't even begin to thank you for this amazing present, ktmonkeyj. I really appreciate all the thought that went into making it so special. <3 You made my day so much brighter!
I can't wait for the next gift swap- they really are a ton of fun! Until next time, have a great weekend everyone!

Final sales

Hey guys! Last sale before I move or have more items to sell. For now what doesn't will go to ebay. *yuck* Prices have been lowered and some new items added.
Let me know if you need any payment plans. Happy Friday!
Also, if you received your items please leave me feedback. I will do the same. Link is under the cut!

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International fees went up. Base shipping for anything (except flats) is $6.55. Do not inquire if this bothers you. There is nothing I can do about it.

UPDATED 3/28/2013
Click the images for bigger photos

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  • zommie

Well, that was ONIXpected! I got trolled hard + new shenanigans, grails, and spaghetti

Hello community. I hope you are all finding this week spooktacular.

I got a new package from Japan yesterday and I was so hyped to get it, I saw the mailman coming and I didn't even give him a chance to ring the doorbell!
See, this package was suppose to contain something I had never seen anyone have before as far as I knew. I thought it was some sort of special lotto thing from the I Love Gothic promotion from last year. SO I THOUGHT. Appearances can be deceiving and it's funny what a little plastic wrap can achieve.
And I also got out of my bat caveroom to take pictures of a few important pieces I have obtained since I was already in my dining room taking pictures of the maximum trollage that had happened. My big lamp broke and I can't upload pictures to my Flickr album because it is wayyyy too dark in my room for my potato camera to take decent pictures.

This trolled me so hard, I couldn't even get mad and just thought I would share the hilarity.

What I thought I was getting...

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Hopefully somebody got a kick out of that one! Here's some gets straight out of my bat cave. I have gotten other things but they're back in this awesome shelf thingy my mom got for me. Now if she would only get me a new lamp...
Warning: somewhat picture heavy from now on.

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During the past three months, I was also able to achieve something which I thought would take me AGES. I got three of my top grails and they look so epic together! I always could only dream of actually having these three figures in my hands.

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Back in my intro about two months ago, I was disappointed I didn't have anything of my third favorite Pokemon, Metagross. This has changed! I kicked off my Metagross collection with a BANG! and the majestic steel titan now shares a shelf with Giratina and will soon get his own shelf as I get more stuff.

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You've stuck around this long, here's another spooky get I obtained recently. It's not Pokemon related but it's definitely one of my most prized possessions now!

I lurk in the shadows and only come out every once in a while.
But it is always awesome to be part of this community and I wish everyone the best of luck with their collections and goals!

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by viper_fox

Some gets + Shiny transferred in Y

I only have one new Shiny to show you this time, Maractus.

I love his colors (even if this picture doesn't bring them out very well) and although I wasn't a big fan of Digimon, when I saw him I immediately thought of this :
That's why I nicknamed him Palmon :3

If I didn't get more Shiny, this may be because I transferred my old Shiny into Y and spent a lot of time in Pokémon-Amie and Super Training to get the Best Friends and Training Ribbons for each one ^^
Here they are !
Sans titre-1
I love them, they seem so alive in these games lol And I'm really impressed by Groudon *O*

So now let's see my little gets o/

¤ from Animeraro
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¤ from HobbyLink
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¤ from Noppin
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Thank you for reading :3

You can find more pictures on my website

And take a look at my updated sales o/
(bottle caps + MPC + Discounts)
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Pokemon grocery shopping and nurse Joy questions~

With all the snacks post floating around I figured I'd hit up the grocery store and see if I could find something!
The white chocolate pretzel sticks have a guess that Pokemon quiz on the back ft. Pumpkaboo. I thought maybe they included pan stickers, but when I opened one up they didn't >< the box is still cute though and the pretzels look yummy~
The seaweed packs are actually really adorable. They're cut outs of different Pokemon and you use them to make cute Japanese lunch boxes! The one I have features Chespin, Litleo, Pikachu's head, and Ampharos but there's in total about 40 diff Pokemon and I want another one that features Lucario.
The box with Sylveon, Eevee, and Fletchling is instant curry. Dunno if it's yummy but the box is cute ^w^
The mini gummies are my favorites, the art featuring eeveelutions is super cute with Espeon, Leafeon, and Sylveon all winking! Here's a close up since you can't really see the art.

Photo 2014-03-28 17 30 17
Also these stamps little rectangle stamps. They're simple, but I really like Meloetta and Dragonite <3
Photo 2014-03-27 11 29 18
I also found this awesome children's book that has a page featuring all the Eeveelutions and some others having a party with Sylveon xD
The book included a page of stickers that I couldn't resist so I grabbed this right away.
Photo 2014-03-28 15 38 52Photo 2014-03-28 15 38 10

Lastly, I have a question regarding this card if anyone has any info? Pretty clueless about cards, but I've been sort of wanting some nurse Joy stuff and this card is super cute, but expensive! ;-; I was wondering if it was just super rare/limited, or it was just because of nurse Joy's cuteness. ♡ ( `▽´ )Ψ
Seen a few trainer collectors and Team Rocket collections, but also wondering if there are any nurse Joy collectors?  ('o')

  • j_ule

Discussion: What is actually mint? Also: sales plug

Hey guys,

I want a little discussion with you!

Now being on the community for quite some months, I wonder what MINT actually means for plushies?

I have noticed that collectors store their plush very differently. Some keep them behind glass, some put them on shelves, and some cuddle with them occasionally.

So I just wanted to ask, is there actually some kind of straight rule for when a plush is MINT?
I have the impression that what is actually mint differs from person to person.
For example, if you sell your plush that's sat in your shelves as MWT (mint with tags), doesn't that actually mean that some dust has settled on them for sure? And isn't it actually not really mint then anymore?

Maybe I am a bit too influenced by the TCG mint register though where some cards aren't even properly mint when they come out of package, so they're really strict. I have the impression that the mint category is not as strict with plush. What do you think?

Also: What do you expect from a mint plush? Is it okay for you if it is a bit dusty? How do you get rid of the dust? Do you dust your plush regularly, and does this affect their condition?
Or do you just touch your plush with gloves or something? :D

I keep my plushies on shelves and I am kinda paranoid about dust. I notice that the fur of some plush, especially when they have a light color, gets slightly "darker" over time meaning that dust settles on them. What can one do to prevent that?

I am really interested in this, so let me know!

Also: a shameless sales plug! :o
My custom art sales are still up to date and actually, nothing didn't sell from my straight sales so far (only commissions). So please have a look :)
Click on either picture to be transported :)