March 29th, 2014

Absol EX

Did I buy a bootleg?

I just won an auction for what I thought was a legit Absol Tomy MC. I'm normally really good at spotting bootlegs; I've been avoiding them on ebay for years. But I just noticed that this one doesn't have any paint on the normally blue spikes on it's legs. Everything else on the figure looks great, which is why I decided to bid on it. The mold is perfect, the watermark looks good, it's obviously put together well - is this maybe just a case of the paint rubbing off from being played with? I just find it odd that not a single one of the spikes has any paint left on it. What do you guys think?


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C&H Autumn
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Pokemon Store Outlet

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anybody in Japan knows any more details about this store outlet that's re-opening on April 11th, 2014. The location will be at the Mitsui Outlet Park in Sapporo and it's only opened temporarily until July 21st, 2014.


I'd like to know how different their prices are to normal Pokemon Center prices? Could there be any Pokemon Center location-exclusive merchandise found there for a cheaper price?

I've cut back very heavily on collecting - getting maybe one plush every 1-2 months now. But I'd still like to know if there's anything interesting in this outlet store as it's the first time I'm hearing about it.

Thanks guys!

EDIT: It seems that someone in Japan made a blog article about last year's outlet store opening. Although it doesn't give a full picture, we now know that discounts can go up to about 50% off on selected items! There may even be another 10% off coupon that could be used. Thanks to chiisai_hime for the blog link, and to the author of the article.

PS: Now my 1 year anniversary update is 1 month overdue :( I wish uni holidays was here already so I have time to take photos.
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A little game want...

Hello collectors! I hope everyone is/did enjoy(ing) their spring break! I'm coming to you guys with a small want.

I'm looking for a copy of Pokemon Emerald. I'd like it to have its battery, yanno be able to save and whatnot. Box or case isn't necessary, just the game cartridge. If anyone has one to sell or can point me in the direction of one it would be much appreciated!


Right Guys, Its Me Again...

Seriously Need Some Help :(

I Know I Said I Wanna Collect Starmie And  Jolteon Merch But With Some Help Of The Lovely Members Of This  Community I've Finally Decided On Collecting Klefki Merch!

So If Anyone's Selling Any, Please Leave Me A Comment :D

Thanks In Advance For Your Help Guys! :D


Seeking these books!

I'm looking for these specific books by Viz that was released a long time ago not sure when it was released but I'm missing a few volumes. I'm missing 4, and probably 7 and 8. I'm not sure how far these graphic novels go on the volumes but if anyone has any of these volumes to see let me know. Here's one I found on ebay as an example:


This is the volume I'm missing. Anyone have any to sell let me know and the price. I don't care if it's used just as long there's no tear on the cover or pages. I'm not interested in the 2nd editions that were re-released by Viz! Only the ones made way back.

GRAIL GET x 2 (trumpet intensifies!!) along with other gets, and auctioning off rare shiny kids!

The other item had competition, but nothing like this.
What's this...?
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Long Shot Grail NEED!

Okay, I have been building up the courage and audacity to even request this...but here it goes...
Ever since I was in 2nd grade and the Johto generation was released, my favorite Pokemon has been Larvitar; since I am exclusively a Pokedoll collector it seems only fitting that I own a PlushPlush, the coveted and desired, GRAIL Larvitar PlushPlush. UGH, here comes the rocky (no pun intended) part. Being a full-time student with a part-time job I'm a little on the poor side, so, I was wondering...
Please, I mean no offense...
Does anyone have a beat-up Larvitar PlushPlush (Pokedoll) that they'd be willing to sell for around $120-$160 plus shipping?
I know it's a long-shot, but I thought I'd try.
PLEASE NO MINT CONDITION (I can't afford it...)
I'm talkin' scuffed eyes, little stains, no tags, small tears, etc.
However, I do not want the plush to be in terrible condition: please no burn marks, large tears, extreme pen stains, etc.

Here's an example:
Larvitar Pokedoll
If this is your picture and you do not want it displayed here, I will gladly take it down. :)

Thank you all!
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pokemon sales

i was granted sales permission on 07/02/11 by dakajojo

Offers and straight Sales Lots of GEN1 Pokemon

Mini Model Straight Sales and Offers
Offers - Large and Smaller Mews, Ninetales,Evee, Ponyta/Rapidash.

Large Sparkle Stickers, Standees etc.


A short question

Hello everyone,

I've been wondering for a long time if there is a Bulbasaur plush that matches these two. I have a canvas Bulbasaur (as well as one of those old Toys R' Us plushes) so it's not like he's missing in my collection... it's just curiosity.
They are both Banpresto plushes (Charmander is 2004 and Squirtle is 2005) and their fabric is shiny and similar to the non hooky side of a Velcro strip (it's the best way to describe it XD; ). Only Squirtle has the hangtag and has Mew, Pikachu, Combusken and Phanpy in the same collection

Thanks everyone! I hope you can help me with this question that has been haunting me for years!
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Small Gets Post

So, I'm here today with a little gets-post!
I just have to show it to you because getting these was like one of the happiest moments in my collection life! :D

Here's a little preview :D


*wiggle wiggle*

I am sure you know to whom these tails belong! ;)

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Thanks for looking/reading :)

Still Grail searching.. D:

Still looking for a Dragonite Pokedoll :( I will love him (very gently and carefully!) forever and I have a bucketload of cash to throw at you for him!

Only interested in mint with hang tag attached :)

Also interested in Pancham plushies ^.^ I have the pokedoll but otherwise, show me what you have!

Pokemon Ties?

Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a relaxing weekend! I still need to make a big collection update, however school has taken a ton of my time. Anyway, I received a noppin package today with a pair of mysterious items:image
Pokemon ties!

Some more photos below:

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If anyone has any information on these, I would love to hear it! :D Also, I'm still after all types of oddish items, though I need to update my wishlist.

Ebay Auction's reminder, bootleg checks + what are these bootlegs of?

Hey everyone~

My sales permission was granted on the 8th of June 2013 by entirelycliched

My feedback:

My ebay auctions end in 22 hours ish

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So with everyone's help, i've figures out that all tomy's besides larvitar are genuine u v u
Someone also gave me the list of what those pikachu booties are based off
now I just need to know phone pickachu and sitting poochyena's orgin's :>

thank you to everyone who has commented so far!

thank you for reading~

Reminder: Offer a Lot of Random Stuffs Plus Wants

Hi, comrades. This is just a sole reminder and wants post. I am doing a spring cleaning and these are the only ones I need to let them go to a new home before packing up the rest of my collection. There are good stuffs like Flareon Ippai Figure, Jolteon 2011 Tomy MonColle, and a Black & White 2-Player Trainer Kit (Played) which do not have an offer on them yet. Besides, the minimum offer is ONLY 25 CENTS. Yes! 25 cents plus shipping to pick up these cool guys. I am taking offers for less than another day and they are all ready to YOUR HOME!

Click the image below to transfer to the original post to offer.

(Right now both Lucario & Infernape stamps are gone)

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I am also searching for a 2006 Pokemon Center Diamond & Pearl Empoleon Deck Box. There is no luck for me during the past month, so I bet it is time to post it again if someone who missed my last post owns it. I really, really want to get it from your hands.

Till next time, I will make a collection post for my upcoming Japanese Altaria & Espeon cards. Stay tuned and keep an eye on for these shinies!

Pokemon Poster Sale

Hi guys! I drew this poster and am offering 11"x 17" signed prints for sale! I will take orders until the end of the week, when I will go get them printed (minus the watermark, of course)

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This was originally drawn with PITT pens and Copic markers. I am open to selling the original, but please know that I won't take less than $100 for it. If you can't afford that at least there are prints for $15!

Actively seeking Sylveon Movie Plush Pen

Instead of a huge wants (as I've amazingly crossed quite a few things and more off my mental list...need to update the online one XD) I come to you asking only for the Sylveon Movie Plush Pen. I need this baby in my life. It's so frustrating that she still hasn't popped up.

I'm willing to do about 15-30$ before shipping. Please let me know if you can help, thank you!
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Reminder! + Discussion!

Hello there guys!
First, I wanted to remind you of my auctions ending tomorrow in less than 24 hours! I have put up some rare items up for offers, like Pokedoll straps, keychains, TCG cards and some others!

I also have a bunch of items still for sale as well!

Please CLICK HERE or the pictures to go to the auctions and sales page :)

I did not want to make this post boring, so I wanted to ask some questions to know you guys more!

So here it goes!
1. Tell me the one item in your collection that you are most attached to and why!
2. What is your current most wanted item?
3. Do you have enough space for your collections? Is it going to change in the future?
4. Do you have any pets that get in your way of collections? (like cats climbing on shelves and throwing figures and other things off, dogs chewing up plush etc)
5. How about your family? Are your parents, siblings or somebody else supportive of your collecting? Why or why not?
6. Lastly, do you have a hard time to choose your favorite Pokemon when a new generation comes out (this can still occur with XY), or do you see some Pokemon, decide immediately you want to collect it? Do you suddenly start to collect a certain Pokemon because of an event? (like a scene in the anime, or movie, or merchandise) Does it happen that you thought you would love this certain Pokemon in a new generation, even got a lot of merchandise, but got tired of it?
7. Is there a certain Pokemon you love, but you are happy about getting just one or two things (not a collection) and keep it at that?

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Thank you guys so much for everything <3
Dragonite and Amphy

Ebay reminder! :3

Heyyo everyone! Just a reminder here.
My 2 Ebay lots: Random pokemon plush lot and Eevee plush lot are ending in less than 19 hours! :)
Just click the image to be transported to me Ebay sales.

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New Member!

Like many, I'm a long-time lurker and have only had reason to post recently. See, I'm a collector, but admittedly I never really dabbled in Pokemon collecting (so overwhelming! How do you guys do it?!). I have an extensive HTTYD collection and have a few side ones.

Anyway, to the point! I'm starting a new side collection of one of my most favourite pokemon ever, Sharpedo!

Thankfully, my lovely dark shark is not very popular and doesn't get a lot of spotlight attention, so I'm hoping this won't be jumping in the deep end. I just wanted to ask, what is out there? Fellow Sharpedo collectors?

I've seen some TCG, a handful of figures and some stickers but I don't think there's any plushies. Anyone know of any metallic figures, etc? I'm interested in buying! Currently I have absolutely nothing. I've purchased a normal kid off Y!Auctions but that is literally it.

I look forward to being more active here :)

Final payment for chibi figurines GA

Hello community!

Like I said, we had to pay for spanish customs so in this payment you can see the customs and the price of shipping.
First of all, if anyone of you want to add tracking just let me know and I'll change the total, it would be 3.5$ more.
If someone needs feedback, just let me know! Thanks ^^

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I reorganized my sales post so if someone want to add something to the package, just let me know! I have added a Red Genesect UFO plush, Psyduck friends plush and a few more figures.

And now, I took photos of all the items and you can see them under the cuts!

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Thanks for everything! ^^