March 30th, 2014

Finding this made my day! (Plus side question)

I went through my shelf and found this baby!!!


This is so adorable!! The Bandages were made by Curad. Apparently I still had one from when I was younger. Although I kinda did waste the pikachu ones on unnecessary "boo-boos"

Now for my question: Does anyone know how many different sizes of the Banpresto Dedenne plushes? What's the biggest? I seen one on the journal awhile ago, but I didn't pay attention much.

Purple Shard

Third time is the charm! Piecing out my entire collection!

Hello everything! I'm back… and I'm ready to piece out everything. Since two auctions didn't go over so well, it's time to just sit down and sell it off piece by piece with some lots mixed in. This will be a VERY long process for me so I'll need everyone's patiences as well. It will take a while to ship everything out of course. There is also a lot of misc. items as well! I'm moving and working on my house so I'll be in and out! I'm up for a while tonight if anyone has questions. None of these items are on Ebay anymore so no ebay fees to worry about!

I am going to make a couple of rules…

- Sales permission granted sometime before April 9th, 2010 by denkimouse.
- $10 minimum unless otherwise stated! Pleas purchase at least $10 for now!
- If you ask for a quote, that's fine but if someone else commits after you then they will get the item.
- Shipping quotes will be more for larger items!
- Shipping costs much more outside of USA. No insurance or tracking outside the USA.
- Required insurance and tracking for anything over $100 that's in the USA.
- No holds!
- Paypal fees will be added on final price. PLEASE don't act surprised!
- Haggling IS welcomed!
- Shipping to the USA is $1.50 for a regular envelope and $3.50 for a small parcel (bubble mailer). $4.50 is my usual price for plushes and multiple items! International starts at a minimum of $3 for envelope and $7 for parcel but inquire further (places like Australia are more).
- Don't forget to add your LJ name and what you bought in when you send payment.
- Shipping and Paypal fees is not included in the prices. If you want a quote, add your zipcode and country. I am not responsible for lost, stolen, or any shipping damaged packages.

EDIT: PLEASE post the item and the price when you comment! It will help me with all the craziness and keep me from searching for prices. PLEASE total up what you'd like as well and I will give you the paypal + shipped price.

If you are committing to something, say so! Otherwise the next person in line who says they are committed will receive the item instead.

If you commit to something and then back out, I will have to leave a negative so be sure!

Now… Onto the sales! Good luck!!

UPDATES: I've lowered all the lot prices! Some are $50 less and others are $100 less! :D Always open to haggling!

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Any questions, ask away! Now that I've broken up all the collections, I do have some lots left.

Thanks guys!

The One Shot that Best Captures your collection!

Hello everyone! The mod team is in the works on planning some fun events coming up for our anniversary and I would like to kick off with a fun event that everyone can get in on! Most members usually post parts of their collection or their gets or both at the same time but what if you had to take only one pic that best shows off your entire collection!?
Now this will vary in a huge way from member to member.

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New Member

Hello everybody I am new to pkmncollectors and to livejournal. I learned about Pokemon during the gold and silver series after watching one episode I knew I was hooked

I am new to collecting and the things I really want to collect are pokedolls and maybe some plushies along the way. The only pokedolls I have are Charizard,giratina,gogoat and raichu.

I hope with the help of the community I can expand my collection and I look forward to being more active.

The pokedoll I want right now is the Japanese suicune pokedoll so if anybody has one or knows where I can get one please tell me :)

tomy shiny garchomp question

Hi comm.,

I'm not very savvy on shiny Pokemon Tomy figures as I know there are variant re-paints so I have a question for you. Is this the real shiny Garchomp or is it just the re-paint compared to the old pose? I won it this morning and would like to know. I won't be upset either way as the darker one looks nicer to me anyways. :D




Hey Guys!

Thanks To Your Help Yesterday I've 100% Decided I'm Collecting.....


So Yeah, Let Me Know If Your Selling Any ^_^

Also Are There Any European/UK Collectors That Have Good Websites For Ordering Pokemon Collectibles? I'm Sick Of Looking At Japanese Sites, The Postage Is Ridiculous D:

Once I Get Sales Permission I May Have A Few Items You Guys May Be Interested In Too

I Know I Have A Talking Wobbuffet Plush, A Joltik Plush, Some Southern Island Cards And Probably A Few More Bits ^_^

Cheers For Reading :)

munchy auction

so I was sorting through my plush, and there were a few who I had put in a box for donation before I had sales permission. I decided to go through them again, and one stuck out in particular. my first group auction win, a munchlax plush. might not seem so spectacular, but he has his tag, so I did an ebay search. (I'm a little brainless with y!japan, but even my attempts there didn't pull one of him up...)

apparently, his being a "tomy ag munchlax".... well, here's an auction for him under the cut.

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Help identifying if bootleg

I've been looking for a Darkrai DX Pokedoll for a while and I found one for a reasonable price.
I just want to make sure if this is in fact legit.
I can't really find anyone else with a Darkrai DX Pokedoll to compare so please help me out before I purchase!
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Question about tomy figures gen 1

Hello so I recently won a lot that has all this figures:

But I am having a hard time identifying: #68, 72, 73, 75, 80, 81

There's no pics or names for them. Anyone has any idea which figures would they be? Any help would be appreciated!! Please do let me know :]]

And I just wanted to take this sec to say thank you to all those that helped me with my collection! Im so catching them all ! :D <3 <3

Quick question

Hi all! I could really use a distraction bc one of my chickens might be dying ;_; I already cried it off and accepted the possibility, but the barred rock chicken I post pics on here from time to time is fine :) anyway I applied for sales permission and still waiting to hear! If I do get accepted I have a couple of banpresto plushies I might sell: a meowth mpc and a I love raichu plush! I don't want to sell bootlegs by mistake so what are the signs? Or have they even been bootlegged at all? From personal experience bootlegs I own don't have a headstring/chain and that blue shopro sticker. I hope this post is okay, I don't want debates going on just an answer, debates will be screened! 
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The Obligatory Intro Post!

Hello, everyone!
I've been following this community for quite a long time and I finally figured it was time that I got in on the action!

My name is Aloplex, I'm 22, and I'm a bona fide Pokemon fanatic!
I specifically collect the beautiful aurora Pokemon, Suicune.

I run a small business full time and I also go to school for computer networking. So what do I do with my spare time, you ask? What spare time? Well, I've managed to amass this ever-growing collection! This is what I've obtained over a period of about.... 6 months, I'd say. I'll stop rambling, though, and show you what you really want to see. ^.^

Please excuse my awful phone camera... I should really invest in a real camera. =X

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Anyway, It's great to be a part of such an active, friendly community! I'm looking forward to making plenty of friends... and spending plenty of money.

I'm looking for Suicune items (plush dolls, figures, cards... I must have every item). So if you're selling, let me know!
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pokemon XY can badge group buy! & collection update~

edit 4/9/14: unfortunately, we were unable to get enough claims and this group buy has been canceled. :c sorry!

ok! today's group buy is for the XY can badges coming out next month! according to the seller, these badges will ship on april 4th. there are 10 badges available and i will be claiming sylveon! each badge is $4.12 domestic/$4.16 international! this includes the badge and shipping to me and paypal fees. charge two will be shipping from me to you. if there is enough demand, i will host a second set! each claim is a commitment to buy. if we get enough claims, i will contact you for payment!

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also, I have some new collection photos! *u* come check them out under the cut~
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lastly, have a sales plug!! as mentioned before, I reaally need more room! please come check out my sales post and feel free to make offers!


i also have one more sylveon tote bag for sale! she is $26 shipped within the US, $36 shipped internationally.

New Zukan Gets!!

Hi guys, i wanted to show you the new zukan i got. This time i got most of them, here in my country, thanks to white_chocobo. I got the others from ebay and another local seller. Some of them i've showed you before, but i coudn't introduce them properly, so i've included them too.

I got Sylveon piece, so i can say now that i've finally completed all eeveelution :D


More pictures under the cut

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I hope you've enjoyed them xD!! I'll bring you new updates soon

a small collection update (zukans, zukans, zukans!)

hey all!

Ashleigh here, with just a quick collection update! I recently received a package of zukans from white_chocobo, so I decided to feature my small collection of zukans (except for the eeveelution set, cause I'm lazy).

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Just a couple quick reminders, the Fantastic Ms. Fox GA ( will be ending tomorrow Tuesday, I forgot March had 31 days, as will my Fluffy Fairies ( Sylveon MPC and Togekiss pokedoll!) auction!
Pokemon - mini typhlosion
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Sales and Spring Swap Box!

Hi! I have some preliminary collection weeding auctions going on over on my LJ, starting with some parts of my human character collections. I don't know how to price them, so I'll let interested bidders decide! Included are misc Cheren goods, Pokemon Mate, and Falkner doujinshi (for instant sale). Click the image to proceed!

Sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning!


I got my Secret Spring Swap package last week, but I was so busy working on my end of the exchange that I haven't had time to post about it until now. I did keep in mind to take pictures of the unboxing and goodies and saved them for now!

Check out this PERFECTLY DRAWN Pelipper that was on the front; I totally thought it was a rubber stamp until I was told otherwise!

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Pokemon spin pop question.

Ok so I bought these spin pop pokemon lollypop holders off eBay the other day I think they are super cute. But I'm just wondering if there's any other characters to collect.

Both of these have the safety seal and pikachus battery still works.

Thanks for reading.

Looking for a UK Ebay middleman asap!

Holy Tropius bananas, what an exhausting weekend it has been for me! So many shinies appeared in just this one weekend. But something completely unexpected and INDEFINITELY IMPORTANT popped up on the UK Ebay site to top them all!
As my rotten luck would have it, this person doesn't post to the U.S.A! Agh. I knew this would happen when I finally managed to find this!
This where I need an extremely reliable Ebay user in the UK from this community to help a brother out! This is so unreal, I'm spazzing. Are YOU up to the challenge to carry this critical mission?!
While I would appreciate help from anyone, I am looking for someone that I know I can trust with my soul and that has experience as a middleman; this opportunity happens rarely. Any feedback you have to show me will surely help and don't feel offended if I don't choose you. It's the intention that counts in the end.

A brave warrior has been found! Thank so much for the support of those who inquired. It means the world to know there's always a helping hand when you need it the most. I sure hope I win it!
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Hi! Im Little Copic

Yes thats the name I use online.^^

You can call me Little or you can call me Copic. I dont care^^

Anyway I just thought I would introduce myself since I am new here. Ill show my collection soon, but right now Im trying to get everything organized. In my binder.

But there is one thing I am looking for and hoping maybe one of you guys have it. Its not much and its mostly just the binder.

Since I collect Eeveelutions Im after this Binder to put them in:


Hopefully thats not too big for the post...

But yeah thats just it at the moment until I can get everything organized.

Hope to make new friends as well.

run jolt

Spring photoshoot

Hello everyone!

It has been long that a figure photoshoot appeared to the community, so lets have a small spring garden exloration with Weavile, Flareon and Pikachu. Not so long time ago I got a new camera and had some great figures to capture in an outdoor adventure. But now let pictures take over than text :)))

Image heavy under the cut ^^

I hope you will enjoy these photos ^^

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logo, mit-mat

Hello all! New to PKMNcollectors! Hope to make some collector buddies!!

I have been a Pokemon fan/collector ever since Pokemon was first released in the United States. My favorite Pokemon is Snorlax!

I specifically collect loose and sealed Hasbro/TOMY/Auldey figures, cards, and games. I just completed my generation 1 collection as of yesterday officially.
Here's a picture! :D


I have started gen 2, and am getting pretty close, or at least a lot closer than I was.

I have individual images of each figure I have posted on (I also have all of the sealed hasbros I have on there too)

Loose TOMY Figures:

Sealed Hasbro Figures:

Sealed Auldey/TOMY Figures:

My current goal is to complete gen 2.

I also wrote a guide on ebay about buying and collecting TOMY figures. Feel free to read it if you want; I would love to hear your feedback, and any ways I could improve it. Most of the guide is written based upon my personal experience, and it was specifically geared towards buying on ebay. It is still a bit of a work in progress.

One thing I would really like to accomplish is to create a place where a TOMY pokemon figure collector could go to find an all-inclusive guide to the figures (showcasing high-quality images of each figure, its versions, packaging, so on and so forth). There are so many counterfeit figures out there these days, and some of them are pretty convincing knock-offs. But with something like this a collector would be able to determine if the figure is a bootleg or authentic. It is a pretty big undertaking, but I would love to make it a collaborative effort.

Ebay Guide:

Thanks for your time! I am looking forward to getting to know you all! Feel free to ask any questions! :D

Tomy Kanto Starter Plushies

EDIT: Does anyone have these three for sale? I'm looking to pay up to $50 shipped for the set, otherwise I'll just get them off eBay. :)

Hey all! Does anyone have the new Tomy XY plushies of Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle? If so, would you mind taking a few photos? I want to see how they look in person vs this stock photo. :)

Also! Am I allowed to post a link to my ebay auctions even if I don't have sales permission? I have 100% positive feedback there and over 300 ratings. Thanks! :)