March 31st, 2014


Hi everybody; I'm new to livejournal and the community and I just wanted to introduce myself! I was also hoping to get into pokeplush collecting.

I recently read a guide by a member here about how to avoid bootlegs, and in a short list comprised of legit sellers, I came across "jpntoys" and looked them up on ebay.

I've messaged jpntoys to ask if they would send me a picture of their plush before I bought it since they only use stock photos, but I never receive replies from them so I'm not entirely sure what's up...

My questions are: should I buy anyway and not worry? Are all of their items legitimate? Any not-so-good experiences with them before?

Thanks in advance for the help! I hope to become more active and get to know the community better. And also, thanks for reading this and thanks for your time!

Quick preview of my gets...

Well, one of my plushies arrived in the mail today and I *adore* her. I was going to wait until my ones from hobby_japan had all arrived (due anytime this week, so excited!!) but I loved this one so much I had to take a quick preview picture as to what's to come shortly! In a few days time (possibly tomorrow!) I'll be making a bigger post, detailed my gets as well as showing you guys the big, important differences between bootleg and legit Takara Tomy Sylveons! (Seriously, it's horribly obvious when you have both of them in person.)

Oh, and maybe a big picture of my entire Pokemon collection? Outside of Sylveon I don't have much, but I do have a few plushies and figures worth mentioning I guess.

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Need Japanese Middleman for Prize Claim?

Hey guys, I have a bit of an odd request. I purchased a box of the XY Bromides and inside my first pack was this little sticker


I used googles picture translate service and it says something along the lines of mailing this seal to them before August 2014 to claim what I believe is a bromide album? I would LOVE to be able to get this, so I'm hoping a nice member of the community living in Japan might be willing to help me out :3

Thank you!
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TCG sale

Greetings I have packs of XY TCG for sell so if you're interested let me know

1.Paypal only
2.I ship from the US
3.I can hold up to 48 hours
4.Haggling is OK but no hurt feeling if refused
Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 09

Blastoise EX $10

7 unopened packs $20 for all

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Looking for people/ Collection update

Hello, has anyone heard from pokabubu?
I finished her plush weeks ago and I haven't heard from her.  I sent her quite a few messages via LJ PM while I was working on the plush and a final one about 3 weeks ago.  I would really like to hear from her so I know she is happy with her plush and I can get payment for shipping and get it out to her!
Is there a better way I can get in contact with her?  I don't mind holding onto the plush but it does take up a bit of space in my room...

Sorry for the boring post!

Here is a tiny collection update and some pics to (hopefully) make up for it.

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Armoured, Armour, Mewtwo, Armor, Armored

New Member Intro! & First Wants List

Hello fellow PKMNCollectors! I'm a newbie here and thought I should start with the all important introductory post on my journey of Pokemon collecting.

My name is Pritpal, I'm 18 and live in the UK.
My favourite Pokemon is #150 - Mewtwo!

Mewtwo Sprite

I collect Mewtwo TCG and a few figures, which is still in the early stages of growing and I'm sure this community will help it to grow further.
I'm also quite fond of Entei and have a couple of his figures too.

Currently, most of my collection is from my childhood, however I'm sure this will soon change as I've joined here to earn the Pokemon merchandise I didn't have the chance to when I was a young Pokemon fanatic.

To start my journey, I've compiled my first 'Wants' list, so that I can buy from the community and increase my feedback so I can hopefully eventually sell and be able to give back something to the PKMNCollectors community:

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Thank you for taking the time to read this post :)

April Fools Day Sales!

I'm having a special sale going on right now for perler sprites, I will make you your whole team (6 Pokemon) for only 5 shipped anywhere.
And big ones start at 10 each (rather than 15-20)~

I came up with it a second ago because I'm two dollars short of getting something, so I figured I might as well make it into my April Perler Post xD Success, six pokedolls have been bought. Thanks again pandaeatworld for showing me the eBay seller, I haven't been so happy to buy something for a while now XDD

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Rules are found on this post:
And TCG trades are still going on here:

Also once again, if you bought anything from me (not including commissions) it shipped a few days ago.

Edit: this is important- please put what you bought in the memo. Unless you want me tracking you down for your address later XD
And please note this will take some time, but I'll keep you updated as I make them :)
It can take up anywhere from a week to a few months depending on where your comment is, so be aware of that!!

21 commission's are done!
(it's now exactly one week after I posted, and I made 40 sprites so far. I'd say that's pretty decent progress 0w0)

Here they are myntii :D

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And these are yours noibatcutie :3

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These are yours ivyaggron~

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vulpeslagopus - the mega Absol didn't work out to well so I did the Shiny Buizel instead :3

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sophiesplush yours have been completed~

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mastershambler you got a freebie cause I accidentally made the whole Bulba line xD

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The ones for your brother are done kasumisukimix!

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Here are yours creampuffoholic :3

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Yours are ready hanteninuyasha! So many eeveelu's~ 0w0

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onathursday here are yours!

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opossumpanda these are yours :3

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dsl_weegee here are your two sprites

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kingfeebas here are yours-

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selwylde here are yours :D

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mitchichen here are yours-

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prawnographer here are yours-

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kayeechu1993 here are yours-

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avew14 here are yours-

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okgod here are your three teams :D

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mcmc11 here's the Raichu :D

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j_ule here are yours~ I wasn't able to make Natu walky and I didn't have a template for side views, but I hope you like them!

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Still need to finish:


Also- please please PLEASE leave me feedback!! I want to get to 100 0w0
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Hello! I'm new to the community. :3

My name is Dani, I'm 27, and I live in Canada. Right now, almost all of my Pokemon-related stuff is leftovers from when I was muuuuch younger - I still have a binder of old TCG and those cards that were released to promote the first movie and a handful of figures that I've held on to. In two weeks I'm treating myself to a 3DS and Pokemon X as a reward for surviving undergrad. :p

I haven't kept in touch with some of the more recent generations of Pokemon so my favs are still old ones like Gen I/II Eeveelutions, Vulpix, and Charmeleon. I joined up because I have been easing back into accumulating cute little figures... blind box toys are my kryptonite. (I have a bigggg collection of Fullmetal Alchemist ones, and I recently discovered there are like 20 million lines of Madoka blind box toys... v_v) So figures are my main interest; I have nowhere to store some of the gigantic collections people have on here @_@ but I would like to incorporate some cute Pokemon into my collection! Also, my girlfriend actively collects Pokemon plush toys and other cute paraphernalia so I'm always on the lookout for presents for her.

My Pokemon aren't on display right now (limited shelf spaceeee) so I don't have any nice pics to share, unfortunately. :c

Mostly I'll probably lurk and just stare in awe at what some of you have managed to acquire... it's really impressive!