April 2nd, 2014

Casual Shoto

Tiny get post, offers and sale!

Hi everyone! :D long time no post ^^

I've been gathering funds for a super grail item of mine (not pokemon related ^^' ) so I couldn't get as much cute pokemon plush, but I did get some Pokedolls!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
I've been waiting for them since forever!!!!

photo 1

They are so cute!!! <3

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Thanks for looking :)


my munchy auction for the 12 inch AG Tomy Munchlax plush is ending in a little less than a day from now!

this is a good opportunity for any munchlax lovers to get a good sized plush for a low price!

munch along over this way!


kay. so. I go out to check my mail today, and my poor mailman is already stuffing in four copies of behind the chair for some reason, along with a white bubble mailer. he sees me and stops mid stuff, and just hands it all to me. I look at the bubbly, and its not a name I recognize- AWWWWWWWWWWWWW YISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

I run inside, and start opening it!

my swap partner was shiny_vulpix and omg did they ever do an amazing job.

(my picture is blurry coz my hands were shaking in excitement.)

she sent me:

a jakks lillipup, complete with a ribbon around its neck!
a I <3 Eevee: keychain Jolteon plush
three sheets of puffy stickers
two packs of action flips
a bag of chocolate candies
and commished the second picture, of my trainer oc and Binxy, the flop eared jolteon! (by opossumpanda)


Quick TCG code sale

Working on a post of my Spritzee stuff! Just waiting for a few more things in the mail haha..
But for now a quick sale!

I have 87 TCG Codes from various sets, .20c each. I am willing to sell all of them for 15$, though!
I will type them up for you to use :) I think in them are a few promo card codes as well.


My feedback is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/lady_lau/,
Sales permission granted on march 10/2013 by entirelycliched :)
Houndoom so cute

1 YEAR! +Re-into

Ahh, I almost forgot to post my 1year for being on this amazing community. Time sure flies~
The start
The start cards
Last year from this day (well April 1st if I had to be correct) was my 1st step into getting into this amazing community and blossoming my collection pretty quickly, hahahaha, Oh my poor wallet.
The pictures above was the start of my small collection of pokemon merch.

As I slowly figured out what I really loved, my collection grew.
And as of today this is what my collection looks like! :D
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So that is mostly it. Yay! One year of pokemon collecting. I'm so happy with my collection and again, thanks for letting me be apart of this community. Thank you to everyone I've bought from and hello to the new nice people I have met and well meet in the future. (:

I feel like showing you my shelves.

Hello everyone. ^^

You know, when I first posted to the community, I gathered all my collection on my bed to show you. But my figures are usually disposed in another way.

My room is very tiny, and I only have two big shelves, so there isn't much to see, but I did my best to decorate them ! Most of them aren't finished, so I'll only show you the Eeveelution ones.

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Shameless want post!

Would anyone in the US  be willing to sell me one of these notebooks for $7? I want to make a little sticker album with one ^_^ payment may take a little while but no more than 2 weeks!
image image
Edit: added another notebook and sitting sylveon figure! After this I will go ok a collection hiatus bc I found out I'm expecting..... Expecting to get 3 new chicks Saturday!! <3 so I may need to use the rest of my money for a light etc! I'll still be here though!! Just in the night time until I have them tamed and comfortable which can be a little while  
Canvas, Egg

Sales Updated!

First, I finally can say that every last package from the Back From Japan, and Rare Plushies GA's are shipped! Yay for having space in my room again! xD

Next, I updated my sales! really hoping to get rid of this stuff! TONS of figures and other stuff!
Click the preview to be transported:

Sorry for such a boring post. I will be making a gets post or collection update soon! It's going to be so fun and full of cute!
Sir Aaron Lucario

Updated Sales with more plush, tretta, metal coins, etc! + A Pickups section

An update from my auctions. For all the paid items except for the clear file purchases will be shipped tomorrow, while clear files will be shipped on monday. Sorry for the delay, awaiting a few more payments. I have already left feedback for those who participated, please leave me back some too. Thanks! =)

Ive added a bunch more stuff into my sales and any auction items that didn't sell went into my sales too. New pickup food section.

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 1.21.46 AM

Auctions! Rare Raichus!

I'm moving to Washington state very soon but before I do, I need to clear up some space and make some money, so that calls for AUCTIONS!

Today I present you with two ebay auctions I have going and some extra rare Raichu items I have also up for action.
These ebay lots would be great to start your own pkmncollectors store or make a great group auction! ;D
Please check them out!

Plush, figures, and misc.

Kids figures!

And the auctions I will be holding on the comm will be of my Raichus!

Follow the cut for Raichu Auctions!

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Coin machine indulge gets uwu

Today after running some errands in Barcelona (namely handing some photocopies at a school just to learn they screwed up and now I gotta wait for a confirmationblahblah) I walked my way to a small shop called "Chunichi Comics".

This shop works with legit Japanese imports and has a good share of Pokémon merchandising (they have really old Tomy stuff I didn't realise they had until today), and it's the only shop in which I can find Banpresto plushes to buy right of the bat ;w; (I wish I had more cash on my name, they had Litwick and Banette from the I <3 Gothic collection ;___; )

Well, the thing is that I went there to indulge myself and I saw they had these coin machines outside with new figures... they got Zukans! And what surprised me the most is that in theory there should be a Giratina Zukan and I wanted that so bad!

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Lookie what came in the mail:D

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Person said there was a scratch on it but my sister and I checked it and we think it is flawless!! :D I See this sell on ebay for 70-80 dollars.... I got mine for 11 :D!!!!

Drum roll!!!!

I am only looking for vaporeon mini cot and the eeveelution flower card ! Or rare vaporeon items that i may not know of!


Quick Question on Pokedolls in the UK and some gets.

I have been buying some random bits of pieces I can find for bargains on ebay and such and came along this little Zorua:

(He is sitting next to Zoroak as he struggles to sit up by himself and they go together ;O.)

It looked like one of the American versions of the Pokedolls so I gave it a go since it was a good price and that is what I got.

It looks really nice and seems legit to me, but I am no expert. My question however regards the tag, I thought the only pokedolls the UK got were the 3rd gen starters that were sold in Woolworths(RIP :() several years back, since we never had a pokemon center. But the tag has a UK address which I googled and is a UK Pokemon Company address. So I was just wondering if this was made / sold in the UK? Or do these get distributed from the UK to the US for some reason? I bought it on UK ebay, but I didn't think the UK had anything to do with Pokedolls.

Here is the tag:

Probably a simple explanation but just curious :P

And just because I can I will add some of my gets below :P

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WANTED: Sweets Christmas Donut Pichu!!

First off, I should say hello! I am new to the community and I am looking forward to sharing my Pokemon collecting experiences with you! I will post my collections on here soon! :D

I am currently searching for the Sweets Christmas Donut Pichu! There is nothing I love more than when a Pokemon is paired with a sweet treat and Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday. EVER. Everything about this plush is perfect and I need it in my life.


If anyone is selling one or knows where I can find one, please let me know!
Thank you sooooo much!

Introductions are in Order! + Bonus Want

Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce myself as pbjpokemon and tell you a little about myself.
Back when i was about 5 or so Pokemon Blue somehow came into my possession. After playing it for about 5 hours I instantly knew that it was special, and that i would be playing for a very long time!

Anyway I'm now in high school and my pokemon addiction has now swung into high gear. I love everything about it! My two main obseesions, however, are competitive battles and.....POKEDOLLS! I really can't resist them..

My collection includes most of my favorites in plush and a few figures. Most I've found on some well known websites and a few on LJ. But no matter where I get a new addition it always gives me a rush of excitement when I get a package in the mail!

Well I'd love to get to know everyone else and am happy to answer questions if you have any! Being new to the site I don't really know how much of it works so pardon me if this post ends up breaking the community x)

Bonus Want!

Mew Pokedoll!

If any one has one of these I'd be happy to work out a deal in the comments!
Shiny Charizard


I just lost a bid war...I was sadly, sniped.
So, I'm looking for this guys here as my second option. Willing to pay up for $70 dlls. both (Just saw they went for $60 some time ago in this community) including shipping, if possible, to Mexico.
If anyone has them, please let me know so we can work things out.


Selling my Collection

So, I've decided that I need to sell my collection... Pokemon collecting just doesn't have the same appeal to me any more. I am going to sell my collection on the comm to give fellow collectors a fair chance at getting some great items. Click the cut for more details.

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Happy Wednesday

Today I received a grand surprise in the mail.

It is the mystery dungeon manga!!
I wish I had a picture of it however right now im on my phone.

I also managed to collext a croagunk tomy. Im very happy about that.

And my best friend went to party city and they had some pikachu wristbands and he surprised my wife and I with one.

In other news. I would like some information about zukans.

I may be interested in getting a couple zukans. I keep seeing them come up and I am wondering what price ranges they usually go for and what makes them more valuable over another. And does anyone know or have some zukans for sale that I can look at for possible purchasing?
I do not get paid for another week though, so I am just looking for information now.

I apologize for the less than stellar grammar. My phone and I aren't the best of friends. Haha

And lastly. I may have slipped a disc in my back at work and I am in some pretty bad pain. So please keep me in your thoughts and hope I recover quickly

Help :(

Hey Guys...

I'm Afraid I'm A Little Confused Again...

Right, So I Want To Order Stuff (Nothing Specific As Of Yet) From Amazon.jp...
However Im From The UK, And Have NEVER Done Anything Like This Before, I've No Idea What Im Doing And Really Need Some Help. And UK Collectors Out There Willing To Give A Guy Some Advice?

Also While Im Here I Might As Well Show You This I Made From A Dedenne Charm...
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So Yeah, Thank You For Anything In Advance.

And As Always, Looking To Buy Klefki/Starmie Related Items For Reasonable Prices ^_^



Reminder: handmade porcelaine objects sell-out

Just a reminder for those who might have missed it, I'm having a little sell-out of all my Pokemon related handmades. It's all ceramics and prices are negotiable. I'd rather sell for less than having to put in back in a box for several years ;)

Curious? Check out the link below to the original post. The picture shows you some of the goods.
(Pokemon: Eevee, Flareon, Vulpix, Nidoran & Bulbasaur)

HERE: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/16894991.html