April 5th, 2014

Plusle and Minun

A Want and Lucario's Clearance Sale (Part 2)!

I am in the UK and I would like a Riolu PMD plushie, if you have one to sell. Must be clean, but tush and paper tags are not a priority.
I do not want other Riolu plushies (though thanks for thinking of me).

Please comment even if you've seen someone else comment, I know other community members are also looking for this cutie. :)

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Click for My Plush sales Part1:

Click for Offers Part1:

All items can be combined, just comment on either post!

I also have a lot on eBay at the moment! Click the picture! (check out my other listings for more Pokemon and plush)
Screen shot 2014-04-04 at 11.40.12PM

Today's Sales:
Screen shot 2014-04-05 at 12.27.38AM
And more!
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Today's Offers:
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- My Mum and I ship from the UK, from a pet and smoke free home. Some items are second hand, but we do our best to clean everything.
- Please reply to your own comment to add or remove items. Please don't edit. :)
- Quotes asking for a lower postage combo are fine.
- Sales permission granted in June 2011 by Dakajojo
- My feedback is here and here

Holds / Quotes:
- Quotes do not count as "holds". If you 100% want to buy something regardless of the postage cost, pleasesay so in your comment!

Dedenne plush confusion!

(Sorry I'll be lazy and just making links instead of using pics, I'm just curious but pretty tired >_>)
Anyhow, I was checking out Toywiz when I came across this Dedenne plush that I guess Tomy put out (somewhere? Not that I saw any place outside of Canada receive any Mew/Emolga/Eevee plush...)
So that's the one Toywiz showed as a stock photo. Looks more fuzzy, like the older style of Tomy plush (similar to say, Cinccino). But is it a true Tomy plush or just some stolen stock? I know Toywiz has been guilty of stealing fanart before for placement pics... >_>

So, I looked on Amazon real quick, knowing that there IS a Tom plush, as well as a PokeCen and PokeDoll. My guess is that the image was a PokeCen from a different photo angle. But then Amazon lists a few:
as the 7 and 8" ones. I'm guessing the same at other angles.
There's also a Toy Factory one I see... But then, what is this:
I looked it up and looks like this indeed IS the PokeCen one. But if that one is... what's the fuzzy one holding its tail? 0_o

I'm pretty confused... I definitely want to get a Dedenne plush, but trying to see what there is. That mystery one did spark some interest...
Chillarmy - Shiny

[Spring Swap] Adventure Time with Poogie and Purr (and Vee)

A package was waiting for me in my mailbox when I woke up this morning afternoon. Who was it from? My Secret Swap partner!

I had a little help in opening it up...

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Thank you to my swap partner (tamago226) for the cute Vee related stuff and the chocolates! Such fancy, so delicious :9

Also since I am updating...my husband was able to find some of the brand new Kids figures while he was at work today and brought home two for me.

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My favorite part of Kids figures is the candy. I love candy.

Counting down the days until the Espurr/Meowstic promo! I can't wait!

Updated want list + spring swap?

Hey I am sort of new here and I was wondering what's a spring swap? Well I know you exchange stuff but like how can I participate I mean :)

Also here is my updated list

Top needs:
Vaporeon, jolteon, flareon

I have the new versions of this so I need the old:
Charmander + evolutions
Squirtle+ evolutions
Possibly poliwag +evolutions

Not rushing:

I am getting close to finishing my collection but since I am getting MIB in package figures I figured I will buy the ones I still need so I don't have to open my mint collection...
Alola Vulpix

Free For All Friday

★☆ It's PKMNCollectors Free for All Friday time!! ☆★

As always, you may use this post to talk just about anything you'd like with other members, but please still respect the community rules.

Remember that collectors of all ages participate here so please use your best judgement and do not comment with inappropriate images/topics, troll or harass, or otherwise use this post to get around our community guidelines. Also, due to the nature of the community, please avoid advertisements and discussing financial issues. Otherwise, have a ball!
Shiny Charizard

The most that you have paid for a plushie?

So, I don't collect plushies. But while browsing around in the internet I found this plushie.
To my suprise, they were asking 29,000 YEN = $280 dlls (Someone had already bid on it!!)
Seriously? I never thought a plushie could go so high. I'm a tomy collector, so the most i've paid was an Electrode going for $90.

What's the most you've paid for a plushie and which one? Just curious! :)


Uk Sellers...

Hey There

I'm Looking For Good Merch Sellers From The Uk And Websites That Also Sell In The UK, International Postage Is A Pain And Very Expensive =/

If Any Of You UK Sellers Are Selling Stuff Please Leave A Comment And A Link TO Your Sales :)

Also Is There A Website Out There That Lists Merchandise For EVERY Pokemon? I'm Struggling To Find A Decent Merch List Site =/

Thanks As Always

Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Auction Reminder!

Just a reminder that I have Pokemon Mate goods and other trainer-centric merchandise up for auction and bidding ends tomorrow (Sunday) at 8:00 PM CST. Click the image below to check them out!

Sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning.

Secret Swap Gets!

Hi All!

I haven't made an actual post in months (I plan to do a big update soon), but I received my secret swap gift last week and I didn't have time to post until now.  My swap partner (latias_latios_7) gave me some really great gifts!
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Thanks for reading everyone.  I have a couple of days off at the end of the week and I hope to do a big collection update then.
Happy spring everyone!
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Wanted Chikorita!

Hey everyone! Hope all is well. I'm here looking for a little want of my baby sister today: the toys r us 8 inch chikorita. My store doesn't have it and it's sold out online right now, so I was wondering if anyone knew if their store did, they're going back in stock, or anything of that sort. It's a TOMY with embroidered eyes. The website calls it "Pokemon Trainer's Choice - Exclusive Pokemon 8-inch Plush - Chikorita" and it looks like this
Thanks for any info, happy collecting!

re-introduction, and looking for I LOVE PIKACHU + attach to a bag raichu!!

before i write anything else, i'd first like to mention that i'm not entirely new to the community! i was once a member here on a lj account called guppydoo, but i haven't been online in FOREVER and the email i used for that account must have been very old because i can't access it anymore, and i don't remember the password for guppydoo... i wasn't all that active here though because of jumping between small jobs that only lasted some months each, so i didn't really have the funds to collect all that much at the time... anyway! it feels good to be back and actually be able to maybe pursue a thing or two!
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new eeveelutions

Quick Wants! Glameow Fever!!

Hey guys! I have had a long couple of weeks working two jobs and such- now I am finally settled in to my new job and a lot happier and have more time to collect and post a collection update as soon as I get a few items in the mail! ^_^ So anyway- today I was looking through some merch on ebay and other sites and found some super cute things of Glameow that I would like to own! ^_^ If anyone is selling any plush and/or figures of her, please let me know! ^_^ Also, I am trying to focus on some side collections right now since I have collected a lot of items from my 3 main collections- Sylveon, Espeon, and Leafeon. However, I am always looking for things I do not have in my collection! ^_^

Current Wants: 4/5/14

Figures/plush/keychains/charms of the following Pokemon:

-Always looking for figures, plush, keychains, charms, etc of Sylveon, Espeon, and Leafeon

Spring Secret Swap gets!

Hello everyone, happy Saturday! (or Sunday) Today I received a very special package from my secret swapper, kroh2011! I'm super stoked because it is the first time I've ever participated in something like this and I must say, it's a whole lot of fun! Thanks to the moderators and SSS hosts for all your hard work! Now, let's see what I got shall we :)

gets banner

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That's all for now, thanks for reading everyone! I hope that those who participated in the Spring Secret Swap enjoyed their gifts, I know I did! Have a great weekend! :D
Froakie happy

21 big lots for cheap! Please take these away from me!

Hello there guys!
Today, I have done a huge unboxing of old items I had that I thought might offer to the community, because I admit that I do not prefer to use eBay or some other site. These take up so so much space, and it would be nice, if they would just go to people that I know <3

However, before you decide to buy any of these, I please ask you to read rules that I will set up. If you do not read them, I will notice it easily and you may not buy from me until you fully read them!

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Thank you so very much guys <3

Grail Get! And Buying All Sleeping Gizamimi Pichu Clear Files!

Hey y'all! I'm extremely happy that I just received my grail in the mail today! More pictures and details under the cut!
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Also, I'm looking for the sleeping gizamimi pichu clear files. The ones where the pichu is sleeping on/with another pokemon. I would prefer them to be MIP but as long as they are in good condition thats fine. Shipping is too Singapore! Some examples of the files under the cut! Thanks for looking!
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Epcot get and possible trade

Holy miltanks, I don't know if any one's been to the Mitsukoshi store at EPCOT recently, but they seem to have updated their figures a lot! While there I got a cute plush though. See images under cut. I'm also looking for a certain fossil plush that I'd like to buy or even trade, I was hoping the group could help me out.

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Hello comm ^^ I was just curious, does anyone know if they have released the jumbo sized plushes of Yveltal and Xerneas, or if there are any plans for them being made yet? I've seen the pokemon center plushes that are around 20 cm. If they have released them I would love to get my hands on a Xerneas.

Sheepy get and first sales post!

So a lot of really great things happened in the last few days, I got sales permission and got another thing to add to my Mareep collection! I got it at a one day retro gaming convention today, and even though I didn't sell as much as I wanted I still had a really great time. It was also my one year anniversary with the community on the 1st c:

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