April 6th, 2014

My first Sales/ auction post!!

ok so I'll make this short and sweet
Hi everyone! I have great news! I finally got my sales permission :)
I always wanted everyone in this community to be able to own special and rare things that I have :)
I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/haepbrosonearth/ Collapse )
Please note that I am a high school student and because of school, I will be sending the bought/ auctioned items to the buyers during the my spring break ( April 18- 27).
And please do not delete your comment and bid! AND MUST increment at least by $1

bidding time:
From the time "you can't start bidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" is crossed off   ~    04/11/14 11:00 PM ( Pacific Time)


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Hey Guys

Firstly, I Thought I'd Post A Few Gets/Finds

I Found A Few Items In My Room I Forgot About

So Here's Everything I Got Today!
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Aaaaanyway, I Also Wanted To Know What Sableye And Banette Merch There Was Out There? Anyone With Some Pics Of What I Can Get? They're Bothe Mega Creepy/Cool :D

As Always Still Looking For UK Collectors/Sellers That Know Any Good Places To Shop In The UK :D

Cheers Again



New gets and a growing collection

After so many raving reviews, I finally bought my first set of items from Sunyshore. Admittedly, I was really happy to finally get my hands on a Substitute and Magikarp but I was really unhappy with the way they were packaged and shipped :( I purchased quite a few of each to give to my friends as gifts but unfortunately, most of them arrived with unprotected bent and warped tags and not even in a proper postbox. So, whilst they make a nice addition to my collection, my heart sunk when I opened the package :( Are there any other places that you guys buy from and would recommend? I think I would be hesitant to buy from sunyshore again.

But on a more uplifting note, photographs!
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snivy, heart, cute

Subway Wants

Well hello fellow Collectors, it has been a while since I've last made a post here!

Today I come with some small wants--I've seen some people selling Pokemon Mate stuff lately and it's gotten me to thinking, I want Subway stuff!

So if anyone has the Pokemon Mate Emmet and Ingo figure charms for sale, please let me know!
Also, any flat items, such as stickers (I love stickers), notebooks, and maybe even some fan-made stuff! Just let me know!

And as for not-so-Subway wants, if anyone has the two N postcards from the recent Sugimori promotion (and the Dot Sprite N badge/pin wow I can't believe I still haven't looked for mine) they're willing to sell, I'm looking for those, too!

Thanks for reading, everyone! I hope you all have a nice rest of the weekend c:

Munchy Gets & New Sales Items! :3

Hey guys! So today I thought I would show off my Munchlax gets from the past month or so. ^_^
I also have a few more sales items for the comm as well. Please feel free to haggle on my "older" sales post as well! <3

As I was telling riolu who was the one who sold me most of these items, I never really planned on collecting Munch items. But I already have an extensive Snorlax collection (almost exclusively TCG), and Munchlax has sooo many awesome items, that I just couldn't help myself! :D
Most details under the cut!
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Here is a sneak peek at the new sales items I have as well. Featuring a sealed Japanese Erika deck, plenty of fan fave ultimate stickers, and Pikachu charm!
Feel free to combine with anything from my older sales post! :D
and my old trade post, which is now a sales post as well: http://pkmnexcavation.livejournal.com/2160.html

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Massive Plush Sale

Hello everyone, I received sales permission a day ago and can now offer you my goodies! I've decided to cull ALL my pokemon plushies so that I can begin to focus on my new main collection: Fairies. I've tried to price things out around what I paid but I very much understand if things aren't at that same rate, please feel free to haggle, I will cut deals the more you purchase. There's about 30 or so plush under the cut. Please ask if you need more info on a certain plush or more photos, I'll be more than happy to help. Note that most of these plush do have their hang tags! Larger Photo under the cut as well as general sales rule.

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holy pandasnacks batman, it's a spring swap gets post!

Hi guyyys!

My Spring Swap gift arrived yesterday and holy pandasnacks, it's so beautiful ;-;

I was really lucky to get someone in the community who already kinda knew me and was a friend, which is awesome! I instantly recognized her return address too and it made me even more excited! Gotta say pocketmonstrmeg you did such a ridiculously good job, and I'm now a little bit in love with you!

I got in to work yesterday to an email telling me I'd had post delivered for me on Thursday, weeee! It was either going to be this or my new waffle maker so I couldn't really lose :3 hahaha. Pandas love waffles.. fact.

So I shuffle out to reception and dig around and find it and OHMYPANDAS LOOKIT ALL THE DRAWINGS OH MY. I fully intended to wait until this morning to open it, knowing I was working until 2am.. But it was only 3pm when I picked it up and it was sat on the desk next to me... &&& colleagues & peer pressure! So I caved and opened it last night, but here I bring you: My Spring Swap Gets Post!

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So this is my first time ever successfully doing a gift swap.. I tried one of those candy swaps imgur had going last year and I got stung -.- So I was a bit nervous going in to this, but you guys are all soooo lovely that I just knew you wouldn't let me down, and now I'm so glad I went with it! I'll absolutely be joining in next year as I've had so so so much fun!

And another massive thank you to pocketmonstrmeg, you really made my day in an insanely stressful week ^.^
Purple Shard

Sell off reminder! New items and new prices!

Hey everyone!! I hope you all are doing great but this is a sell off reminder!

Feel free to haggle! I

There is still a LOT of Sudowoodo, Bonsly, Eeveelution, Meowth, and more still for sale.

Thanks guys. Here is a link to the previous sales post!

http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/17801553.html <---- CLICK HERE!

Happy buying! I'll be home to answer any questions today. Yay, no house work! XDD


Looking for custom plushes!

I'm looking for custom plushes of Entei, Garchomp or Litleo. They don't have to be really big, as I'm not a millionaire xD

I'm fine with pokedoll-like plushes :3

Please post some examples and your prices. I'm from the Netherlands, so I might prefer someone from Europe (though I'll immediately ditch that sentence if I find the perfect person!)

Gets Post!!

I dont have as many new Sylveon things but i did decide the start a Swirlix collection too so most of my gets will be related to that. pictures under the break :))

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Im also looking for more things to add to my Swirlix collection, im still waiting on a few things from ebay but right now im really interested in finding the pokemon with you badge and the pokecenter plush(not the pokedoll). and any stickers. im also looking for any tcg cards of sylveon or swirlix so if you have any direct me to your sales post.
Thank you for looking and any help!!

Clearfile and plush wants~

Hey everyone~

I come to you with a wants post today ^^

I'm looking for merch of May, specifically clearfiles. I love her, but only have a little merch of her (a custom clay figure, Lego figure, and some flats)
I'd be open to other Hoenn clearfiles too.

Also I don't know if they exist, but if they do then Team Aqua/Magma clearfiles would be great.

Also last but not least, I'm looking for a male and female Meowstic plush for my sister and I. She wants the female, and I want the male xD Would anyone sell the two for 30 shipped to us? Or just one for around 15 shipped? The cheapest I saw on eBay was about 11 plus shipping, but I'd rather buy two at the same time from the same seller ^^ (and if anyone has an Amaura plush for about that much feel free to offer it too xD)

I'd be happy to do trades or partial trades, for either perler commissions, a Houndoom pokebox bookmark, or a ghost type focus bag (the purple one xD). I have pics if anyone wants to see, just let me know ;)

Edit: just bought one clearfile from a member, still looking for a few more :D

TPP Emerald Zukan Tribute

Hi people, Do you remeber the last tribute i made to TPP? (That was really cool xD!!) Now i want to share with you the new one i made about the current TPP Emerald, and the former stream of TPP Crystal. I hope you enjoy them

Here is Lazorgator and Co. after defeating the Helix team and the other gods xD!! They achieved a cool victory in Pokemon Crystal in only 2 weeks (with help of democracy in several times).


In the picture: Lazorgator, Burrito and Katie after defeating Red's Team

And here's the current A's team in Emerald. They're fighting with Elite Four at the moment, but they're not having a good time (Even struggling with Sidney in the first Battle). Do you think they can succeed before the deadline? (They have 2 days before they start Fire Red). Unfortunately they have to depend only in M4, because the others are underleveled and needed of EVs (It would be really cool if M4 would have Huge power ability)


In the picture: Tentacruel, MightyDoge, M4, A-chan, 5´7, Annie and Vileplume

cotton candy





.i was granted sales permission on 07/02/11 by dakajojo044

I accept Instant Paypal Only,
There is a $5 spending limit before shipping No Exceptions.
prices do not include shipping cost. i Shipworldwide except signapore & Italy
do to past problems with customs.

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additional pixs under the cut or go directly to sales link above
Megane Glaceon

Quick rare Eeveelutions GA

Hey all today creampuffoholic and I bring you this is a quick GA for a small lot that has a few rare plushes and other stuff in it! This is my and their first time doing this and it ends in less than 14 hours so let's see if we can make it a success! Please click the cut for more details.


I was granted sales permission on July 27th 2013 by entirelycliched and creampuffoholic by allinia on 3/24/14
My feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/tdotakichan/
and creampuffoholic on here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/creampuffoholic/

Creampuffoholic will be doing the bidding and I'll be doing the spreadsheets. Since this is the first time doing this I'll be in the process of learning the procecures so please be patient with us and know that mistakes can happen. I will be doing my best to make sure I don't and if it does happen please let me know immediately.

auctions will end at april 7th 10:30PM Japan time
timere here: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20140407T223035&p0=248&msg=Quick+Eeveelu+GA&csz=1

There will be 3 payments, item+shipping to them, then shipping to creampuffoholic, then shipping it to you. I will be claiming the laying Espeon for $30 and will go higher and creampufoholic will be claiming both the Walky Eevee plush and the Flareon kyun chara figure for $25.

All items listed by the user is said to be in great condition and that all kyun chara figures are unopened. Creampuffoholic can ship internationally and will be shipping from Virginia. Please ask for a quote on shipping before bidding if your worried on shipping costs. If you have any other questions please let us know!

Please wait until all threads are up and this is crossed. YOU CAN NOW BID
~my pokemonz~

Bargain Birthday Sales

Hey everyone! I haven't been very active in the comm for the past few months, but I am still lurking every so often... :) As my birthday is coming up this month, I'm doing some small sales to raise a bit of money.

By the way, I collect Umbreon, Flygon, and Blastoise merch! I'm open to trades. I'm still missing the Umbreon rubber strap, and a few other things too. If you'd like to point me to your sales, that would be great - I collect a lot of random things! :) If you have an Etsy account or sell custom art elsewhere, please don't be shy about showing it off, either. I do art myself and love seeing other peoples' stuff! I've been a part of this community for... wow... almost 6 years now! So I've been collecting official merch for a while.... but I actually don't have much custom art! I've been thinking about making an ATC collection, so if you sell ATCs that would be awesome.

Here is a picture of my small collection shelf! Last year, I ended up boxing my collection as I don't have the space for it anymore. I would need an entire wall (or more) to display it all. :( So for now, this is what I have on my desk! I kept mostly just my Umbreon collection and a few others. Pardon the dust! I dusted after taking the photo (and then took another photo but that one came out blurry augh XD). I would love some new ideas for displaying things in small spaces.
 photo IMG_collectionshelf_zps52c8b9c0.jpg
Not pictured - I also have some Umbreon plush, a card collection, and charms. (For those who remember the rest of my huge collection, yes I still have it! it's just in boxes now @.@)

Onto the sales:
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There's more Pokemon stuff for sale at my ebay account HERE!

Doing some cleaning and wanted to take clearer photos of part of my collection so far.

Hey guys, as the title says. :)  It's a lot of space. xD  IMG_0556



Okay so I took moarrrr photos of my main collection (horrible ones-- ill have to re-take them tomorrow when it's sunny out. )


Sorry for the mess and the non-pokemon plushies in there. xD  There's the pikachu a small  poliwhirl, a piplup STILL in it's box <3 unff. Togepiiiiii <3 unffffff.  The next one to the togepi is 3 meowths (1 hasbro one and 2 small ones) not the ones in the pics above mind you. lol

For the pikachu I have two legit 1/1 scale pikachus. One from hasbro and the other one i forgot whose it was but i know its rare. The large pikachus are actually an italy-chu(possibly a bootleg or not-- not sure), and a giant re-stuffed play-by-play pikachu. I have 3 play by play pikachus in total (the one on top of the italy-chu is actually a playby play and so is the one underneath(behind the pikachu backpack). Then there's a 1/1 pichu with its tags and everything. I was looking for 5pikachu beanies (the small ones like the one behind the poliwhirl)  but i don't really feel like ordering from seperate places to get more of the same stuff i have. xD it was just to decorate things better. I have a few new pikachus that aren't shown in the pics i posted long ago. the one with the open mouth(well there's two with open mouths-- but i am not talking about the 1/1 scale one lol).

Online Booster Packs sales!

first sales post! I've been waiting to get rid of these, haha.

I've got 2 special ones from tins and a few others.

pokeballGiven sales permission by allinia, 3/24/14.
pokeballPrices in USD


1 (x1), 2 (x1), 4 (x3), 5 (x1), 7 (x2), 8 (x3), 9 (x6), 10 (x2) - $0.45 each

3 (x1), 6 (x1) - $1.00 each

Feel free to send offers. I'll PM the codes to you. :)



These official markers aren’t in working condition anymore due to their age (they’re from 1999!), but they’re a great addition to any collection. :)

- Sales permission granted by denkimouse years, years ago ^^
- I ship from Finland (shipping & PP fees will be added to the price)
- I ship worldwide
My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/raichu_saana/
lovely arbok&lt;3 (by GeneralStar @ dA)

super rare mexican bottle cap gets, sales & auctions ! ! ! [part 1]

HELLO!!! Recently I won a couple auctions featuring some rare Mirinda bottle caps!  They apparently came from Pepsi and/or Fanta soda bottles in Mexico, and they feature 1st gen Pokemon!  I've only seen them here and there over the years on the community, but this is the first time I've seen a massive abundance of them!  I figured I'd share this awesome bottle cap goodness with the community!! :]

Since I'm always on the lookout for awesome, quirky merchandise of my beloved Ekans, Arbok, and Weepinbell, I had to snag up these bottle caps when I had the chance.  Check out the cool guys below!!

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Here's a gander at the rest of the cool bottle caps!  There's almost the complete 151!  There were a lot of doubles of some of the caps, but I think collectively there are only a few Pokemon missing, like Wartortle, Butterfree, Paras, etc.  Still though, that's A LOT of soda, holy potatoes.

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ALL THREADS ARE UP, feel free to bid away!!! Thanks so much for looking :]

Question and need some opinions

Hello everyone, I want to ask for your opinion about pokemon zukans.
Beside feebas lines, 1st gen starter lines and lottery figures (lugia,oh-ho and wailord), what are the most expensive and the rarest zukan for 5 lines.

My opinion are
1. eevee line gsc1
2. ninetales line
3. garchomp line
4. pidgey line
5. flygon line

Thanks for your opinion!!
Kenya Lion

Auction Reminders!

Reminder that my lots on ebay will end Wednesday and my Raichu auctions will end Tuesday! If you're interested please check them out!

Plush, figures, and misc.

Kids figures!

Raichu item auctions!

Favorite Custom Piece?

Hi everyone!

I haven't made a post in a while and since I recently decided to hunt through my pokemon collection I came across some of my favorite pieces in my collection:


My amazing custom drawings by CaptainAngel!! <3 I absolutely love these sketches, she really is a fantastic artist!! (Sorry about the bad photo)

So my question to the community is:

What is your favorite custom piece in your collection?

Pictures, descriptions are all great, I would love to hear about your collections! Whether a sketch, painting, plushie or sculpture!

Thanks everyone!

Pupstergirl :D

New collection setup/update!


I got a new room recently, so all my pokemon moved out of my sisters room and into mine :D

Here's how it looks now ^^


Most of the pokemon aren't new, and they were in my last post, but the big Piplup is my newest addition :D I got her at Toys R Us with my own money, so now she's my most expensive and biggest pokemon XD

My dad also just got back from NYC and he visited Nintendo, so my sister and I got new pokedolls!! I got a Chespin and she got a Fennekin, they're really really adorable <33
Chespin is now sitting on top of Lillipup lol

And I went to the local anime store and got myself a Fennekin keychain, while my sister got a Squirtle. But that was after I took the pics so she's not included :(


Here's some more pics and close-ups of my closet, where I keep my pokemon and anime stuff. Stuffed animals are in other places scattered around my room XD

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Pokedoll wants.

Hi guys, im here with another boring wants post, im able to pay, or trade Umbreon items. Here is a link: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/16857419.html

My top wants right now are: (In no particular order.)
Mewtwo (20 shipped?)
Slowpoke (25 shipped?) I saw one of these on ebay for 80+ wait what.
Audino (20 shipped?)
Bulbasaur (NEW version)

I ovbiously wont be able to buy all of these at once, but I have enough for atleast 1 or 2 :)
Eevee &amp; Vulpix

Still restlessly looking for..

As it says, Still looking for this necklace. Reposting this. I had one but it got lost in a convention and I have to admit that I'm really desperate to have it again.. So help me out, please? Preferring one in mint (don't have to be mip) condition, but offer me anything, really! I'm gonna wear it almost everyday anyway and mine wasn't in the mintiest shape when it vanished. =''(