April 7th, 2014

  • okgod

How mint is Near Mint?

Lately I've been selling duplicates of my cards on ebay, but I've gotten pretty worried about what and what not to label as near mint! Especially with holos, there will be tiny imperfections like scratches that can only be seen under a light. Are scratches like these too much to label a card as NM?

Like here near the light shown on the card you can see some tiny scratches, and a tiny bit of wear on the edge (its pretty hard to spot in the picture)

Thank you for any input, I just want to make sure I don't mislead anyone when selling ^^;
  • prnzs

card file and Elesa's Bw2 ver. merch question

Thinking of purchasing this card file but I'm curious about the dimensions, the material of the cover, and how many cards fit per page. I was wondering if anyone had this one or a similar card file?
The picture I found was really distorted so I can't really tell, but I'm guessing it's size B3...? (a clear file is size A4)
I'm guessing these Pokemon card files are made by the same company or with the same model so even if the image printed is different the actual file is probably similar to those others might own? Sort of like deck boxes/clear files, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! m(_ _)m
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Also curious if there's any other merch for Elesa's Bw2 version other than this, the deck box/card protectors and the clear file?
I know there's lots for her blondie version but I'm a fan of her BW2 outfit ^^;.

And to make this post less boring (?) here are some avatars I've recently drawn ^^;
They're free to use~ please just put credit to prnzs in the userpic info if you do.

Thanks for looking~ m(_ _)m

EMS Oversea shipping? (Fromjapan)

Hey this is my first time using from japan and i just the charge 2 form. I was told that If i chose "unidentified" as my carrier option they will sent me all the different options that i had to ship my package along with their shipping proce.

however they only gave me this option. I need my package to be delivered the fastest way and I need it to have a tracking number. It is expensive stuff and I don't want to risk it so insurance is needed as well.

On the charge 2 form it says: "Oversea shipping"

And it doesn't mention anything about tracking. It just says that and EMS. Will this have a tracking number? How long will it take to get to me? I am in Miami FL United States. how much will it cover if I choose insurance?

Ugh I feel so lost and worries /:
I sent an email to FJ but they take forever to answer...

EDIT: When I go to my charge 2 form it says:
EMS PRICE >> insured ( ¥150 Coverage for damage ¥ANOTHER PRICE )

I'm not understanding what 150 coverage for damage means ( I am guessing that's how much it will cover? Or that's how much insurance is?

Also I see it says that I can change the price that appears on the customs, do you guys change this? I bought expensive stuff I'm worried that if I leave it as default it gets "lost" or stolen. And It says that if its too little it can get stopped by customs... I am a paranoid person when it comes to packages :(

Clearfile GA reminder!!

Hey everyone! Just putting out a reminder that the Shopper Clearfile GA has less than 11 hours left! And a lot of them are still at their starting bid!
Don't miss your chance on some really pretty clearfiles! :)


Also can anyone help me with this tin? I adore the cute design and it has Milotic on it so I must have it XD hardcorecollectingissofunbutsotrrssful
I'm hoping to get it for around 15-20 c:
I'd be up for trades/partial trades for it as well @ -@
Or any info on where I can get one would be appreciated! Thanks so much! ^ -^
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Plush Commissions/Trades and New Collection Website

Hey everyone! I am up for doing some plushie commissions super soon, as I am just finishing up my to-do list! So, click the cut below to see my plushie commissions for april! (Also below: My new collection website! That's right; Fountain of Darkness is no longer being updated, and has been replaced! Read more below.)

Sales Permission granted by allinia on August 8th, 2012.

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cheren worried :(



PKMNCollectors, in light of how many of you use this shop and that it is run by some members of this community, I felt it important enough to post here that you should NEVER buy from this shop and immediately open a dispute with paypal if you have any pending orders.

PokedollUSA has been stealing from and ripping off customers since February, and the owner, pokabubu, has opted to keep customers' money, not reply to their inquiries, and was also caught deleting negative comments left about the situation. You can see examples of some of the complaints on the link above. Currently, the site is STILL OPEN and is STILL TAKING MONEY FOR GOODS and unknowing customers are buying from them without seeing the complaints on Facebook. Thanks to a responsible person with admin access the site luckily HAS been closed for orders.

In the future, instead of a shop with a shady offer of having items shipped from Japan to themselves and then to the customer, I recommend using services that send customers their items directly from Japan without this middle step. Long-standing, reputable shops like Pokevault offer professional, fast service and a huge variety of stock, and using deputy services you can buy items yourself right off Yahoo!Japan, Amazon Japan and Rakuten, to name a few. Please avoid shops like PokedollUSA that add in a pointless extra shipping step and extra weeks of waiting for your items, when there are much easier and more trustworthy ways.

Until next time, and good luck to all involved.

(Note: Please only comment if you have information, a testimonial or something else helpful, comments made simply to slander the user/shop or gossip about this topic are not necessary. Thank you.)

*strums fingers on the desk*

Hrm. I bought a few plushies from hobby_japan almost three weeks ago now and they've still not arrived. >.< I contacted the seller last week and they told me not to worry just yet, it sometimes takes this long, but I've never had to wait this long for something from Japan before. I know they're trustworthy sellers though. Has anyone else ever used them? If so, how long did it take your packages to arrive? I'm starting to get worried that they'll never show up now. D:

Also I'm dyinggg to pre-order the Charizard Y plushie from Sunyshore but I don't get paid until the 22nd nooooo. I'll just have to wait. D:

Edit: Psh, obviously a day after I post this is when they decide to turn up! xD They've arrived in the UK... but I've been attacked by customs. ): I get to pay them online and then they'll arrive within the next two days, woo! Expect pics! xD

Taking offers on Dittochu + Wapz & Cardass Sales!

Hello lovely people! I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of spring. Spring has brought weeeeird weather to Hawaii, it's so windy it knocked my TCG binder off my desk when I opened the front door! o_o
We've also been getting THUNDER and LIGHTNING which is very VERY unusual for Hawaii! D:

Anywaaay, on to the Pokeymanz! :D

I'm accepting offers on my Dittochu, who's basically in perfect condition. (he's got the tiniest little black mark on the back of his tail- pics under the cut!)
More info under the cut!

Current bid on Dittochu: $16
I'll be keeping offers open until April 10th. :)

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I also have some Wapz and Cardass for sale. These are so fun and weird! (More pics under the cut!)

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I still have TONS of stickers leftover from the other day too!
Click to be transported!
I'm really trying to get some sales in, so please feel free to haggle! <3
Kachiki Sabi

Secret Swap Gets!

After a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong day of NCLEX review I got home to a package of a in box figure who was missing half of it's front sticker >:{ only to be cheered up by a wonderful person from this community who decided to remain anonymous! Inside my awesome bag of goodies

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In case you were wondering...I LOVE MY GIFTS! Thank you so much SS!

First Sales Post- Custom badge/art commissions + art card sales!

Hello all! Hope you're all doing well :)

I have a few custom items to sell, as well as commissions~

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Thanks for looking! I also have a Storenvy where I have some Pokemon badges and stickers and so on, please take a look if you're interested in what I've already made :)

A Couple Of Plush Questions

First question! I got these 2 Pokedolls in a lot with a canvas chikorita for only 20 dollars on ebay, and i was wondering if they are legit or not! They are in very loved condition and appear pretty old. I don't see pichu pokedolls for sale very often and i really wanted one so i thought i'd buy it before asking questions since it was such a good deal. c:


And then the jirachi one:


And the last question: Does anyone have any info on this pikachu? It's missing a red cheek and has no stripes, but i absolutely fell in love with his little face! He was only 99 cents and i scooped him up immediately. Is he an old bootleg or something? Either way he is a treasure in my collection. He is so cute and derpy and just... eeeep!


Golden Pokeball?

A friend of mine told me that they have a Golden Pokeball, but do not know where it is. We have searched everywhere on the internet about a golden pokeball and all we find are the golden cards. Does anyone have any info about a Golden Pokeball?  
Vulpix PD

Rainy Day Sales, Offers and Vulpixs!

I completely updated my sales and made an offers post to include nearly all the items that were in my huge ebay lot that didn't sell. So check it out if you want! Here's a preview:

Sales are here! and... Offers post is here!

Or if you're not looking to buy anything you can look at my cutest new Vulpix plushes by the window.


One of them is the Banpresto Vulpix from Y!J and the other with blue eyes is a custom by d215lab on DA.

Pokemon Zukan wanted!

Here's the list of Zukans I'm looking for, let me know if you have any of them for sale (preferably sealed, but I can do with used ones as long as it's complete with the stand and base), thanks!

-Charmander, Chameleon, Charizard line
-Ratata, Raticate line
-Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu line
-Nidoran (male), Nidorino, Nidoking line
-Mankey, Primeape line,
-Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam line
-Machop, Machoke, Machamp line
-Tentacool, Tentacruel line
-Doduo, Dodrio line
-Grimer, Muk line
-Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan line
-Koffing, Weezing line
-Goldeen, Seaking line
-Scyther, Scisor line


Hey everyone! Thought I would share my first comm gets!


I Love Marine Shellos (Pink) and a Glaceon Banpresto Keychain Plush!
They are so soft and I love them! :) I am so happy to have my first Glaceon item (since she is my favorite eeveelution!). Hope to get more Glaceon items and I Love Marine plushes in the near future!!

Thanks for reading! <3

Gets! (Again)

So I Went Into Town Today!

Decided To Get Some More Zukans :)

Pics Under The Cut ^_^
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Pretty Cute Eh?

As Always I'm Looking For Plushies Of Any Of My Fave Pokemon :D

Top Of My List Right Now Is A Druddigon Plush :D
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Thanks Again :D



It's The Best Day Everrrrrrr

Hello Everyone!
It feels like it's been forever since I posted here haha. Grad school's been intense. ANYWAY I have returned because today is THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!! Not only did I get a custom I've been waiting for for a while, but i got my spring swap gift too!!! Pictures are behind cuts, but here's a preview =]

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What an AMAZING start to the week! Not to that PAX East is this weekend! This is like the best week of my life nefjkbfjksbfdhjkbsjkbf

SSS gets!! ^.^

Hi comm

So after a long day of work, I went to check my mail to find a mailer stuffed in it. Knowing that my new cell phone case and accessories Wont arrive until later this week, I figured it had to be my SSS gifty, and man was I right!! =D

Also, Bravey, my dear and favorite travel buddy wanted to show up on my pics bc... just bc xD
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Thanks so much!! I really LOVE everything!! you were a fantastic gifter!!!

Sylveon Gets (LOTS of them!)

I finally took a photo of all my gets :3 They'd been piling up and I kept waiting for the "next package" and the next before finally realizing the packages are never going to stop XD NEVER. So I bring to you today what my collection looks like as of tonight, I'm already expecting more things so I'm sure it will be different tomorrow. ALOT of full sized photos and ranting under the cut, if you'd like to see larger images just click the photos! :3

2014-04-07 22.27.15
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