April 8th, 2014

Sales Post Update and a question

Updated my sales post with a couple of new items :)

sales banner pokemon

Seeing the holidays start next week, I should have the time to make a new banner~

my next shipping day will hopefully be Friday, so If anyone purchases items before Thursday night it can be shipped then.

Now onto the question:
What happened to pokemon of the week? I understand if it ended but I looked around and couldn't find any info :C It was really fun seeing others collections, and I hoped to have a pokemon I collect featured one day :)
any info would be awesome

that's all for now, thanks for reading~
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Introduction post: Hello everyone

Good Day everyone,

I have been a Pokemon fan since my sister borrowed their copy of Blue from the kids we were babysitting eons ago and since then have been playing every game. My favorite game was Crystal and it still keeps a special place in my heart. I am from Quebec, Canada and am bilingual English and French (French being my native language).

I have never really collected Pokemon goodies before (though I have had a Vaporeon figure my sister bought me over 10 years ago. I have a soft spot for Vaporeon) but not long ago my obsession with stuffed animals (I have a collection of over 600) suddenly collided with my renewed passion for Pokemon and here I am. I have been looking through the posts of this community for a while, admiring the collections and just plain absorbing the knowledge. I thought it was about time I joined.

I alas do not have pictures or much of a collection yet. But I have been hunting the old larger Play by Play Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur as well as bought a Meowth, Pikachu and Litleo from carefully screened legit sellers on eBay. When those treasures reach me, I will be sure to post pictures. While I have now secured a Play by Play Squirtle and Charmander, I am still hoping to get my hand on the large 1:1 Bulbasaur.

I was not aware of how diverse the legit pokemon collectables were, it's fascinating to discover more and more.

You guys seem like a fun group, keep it up.

collection update! c: + extra metal figures for trade!?!

Hellooooo everyone! I have a somewhat small collection update today - this morning I got my first ever box from Treasure-Japan!!! I was super super excited, so I didn't take pictures of it while I was opening the box. ^____^;

Under the cut is a overlook of my Pokemon collection! I will describe what I got from Y!J under each picture. WARNING! Very image heavy!

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And that's all for now! I hope you enjoyed as much as I have. <3 I'm so happy with all my gets!!!


I have these extra metal figures I don't know what to do with.. so I was wondering if someone might be interested in trades! I think I have some rare ones? If not rare, they're pretty cool to have! :D

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I'd be really interested in any mercy of the Pokemon I collect, as well as anything on my wants list! Click the banner to see! Let's work something out! :D

Click the banner or here to go!

Until next time!!!
Have a great week!

Kura Icon by Pichu90.

Spring Secret Swap Gets! :3

I actually got my package on Saturday, but I didn't get around until posting about it until now. I know I haven't been all that active on the community in awhile but I have been getting new things here and there, just never got around to posting about them.

Anyways, my exchange was from dezi_kitsune !

Here is an overview of what I got:

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Back from Japan Auction & Sale part 2!

Looks like I have more stuff that I need to get rid off, please give these guys a new home~ thank you!

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Please do not comment until the auction threads are up. Ok let's bid!
Sir Aaron Lucario

Updated Sales Post

 So, I caved in and decided to open the rest of the fizzy candy packs because nobody was interested in them and saved the ones on hold of course xD. To my luck, no Lucario.... 1/40 chance is pretty slim anyways lol. If anyone finds one, I would love to buy it from them~ So the cards are up for sale on my sales post now.

On the other hand, I also bought a box of Pokemon XY Bath Salts hoping to get a sylveon and an eevee. On my first draw, I got sylveon! YAY! I haven't drawn my second one yet, I'm afraid to xD. I am also selling the blind package bath salts in my sales post as well. Feel free to browse around!

2014-04-01 17.05.25

Update for pack pickups: The VS Card packs should arrive sometime next week so be prepared! =)

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 1.21.46 AM
Dragonite and Amphy

Looking to buy some tote bags + Pouch!

So I am looking for a few tote bags <3
if you are selling any of them please let me know; I live in: KY US.

Here are the few tote bags I am seeking:
Pikachu knit pouch
-Pokemon Center Pikachu knit tote bag (Hoping around 40 shipped)
- Knitted Flat Pouch Case (Hoping around ~20-25? shipped)
-Little Tales Pikachu Tote bag (Hoping around $60 shipped)
-pokemon & flowers Tote Bag (Hoping around ~$40 shipped)

Please let me know of a good price if I'm under-offering; I am just guessing of a good price.
They do not have to be new or with tags; I just need a new casual bag for myself. ^-^

New sales
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wtf yama

Secret swap- OMGS

Today has been for me a parcel pick up day. First  went and picked up my Grail from parcelforce. Then I got a card through the door saying i had to pick up a parcel from my local post office. I think it was a Fluttershy plush i bought last week... Nope I couldnt be more wrong. When I saw my package it had a Slyveon stamp on it,, My jaw dropped. I guessed who it was from only I hadn't bought anything from them...

It was my secret swap item I am just amazed. Last year i didnt get anything from my swap buddy as it got lost in the mail. So I was feeling pretty left out. THIS YEAR WAS DIFFERENT! OMG I AM SO AMAZED I ACTUALLY MADE A VIDEO OF ME OPENING THE BOX.


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sneak peak for next time....

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birthday wishes~~

whew, i was going to post this a while ago, but I kept on forgetting until right before bedtime;;; my birthday is actually tomorrow (ahhhh 22!!) and my mom is letting me buy myself a few things! *u* of course, I'm not expecting to get any packages by tomorrow since that would be pretty impressive, haha.

anyways, I thought i would take the opportunity to ask for some items I've wanted for a long time! all these plushes are very high priority!! I would really appreciate any help~ Pictures were snagged off google. Please let me know if you'd like them taken down!!


-Entei Tomy plush!! The last few have gone for $20-35 before shipping and that's how much I'm looking to purchase one MWT for! *u*
-Musical Emolga plush! I've also seen these go for the $20-30 range and I would like one MWT~
-Banpresto Luxray! He last went in a GA for $25 and after some digging, found a few that sold for under $40! He does not need to have his hang tag as long as the plush itself is in very good condition! I was hoping to spend probably $35 before shipping?
-Shimmery Luxray! I'm unsure how much this one's going for, but I've seen him go for $30-ish in the past. Again, he doesn't need his hang tag as long as he's in fairly good condition!

I am also looking for the Sylveon Tomy Friends figure! Looking to pay about $5 for this one~ a few more wants are the fairy type focus memo pad (not the notebook!), Emolga with you badge, sylveon face binder clip and eeveelution movie cookie tin! also, please feel free to offer Entei, Emolga, Luxray and Sylveon things in general! *u*

the xy can badge group buy has been cancelled due to lack of claims. :c

finally, thanks for everybody's help with my sales! *u* I still have a bunch of items looking for new homes, so please check it out~ I have lowered prices on some items further, and again, all offers will be considered.

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Want: Goldeen Play-by-play Plush

Hey everyone!

I was wondering, does anyone have a play-by-play goldeen? I have no idea how much they go for, and I couldn't find any in the master sales list, and any I've found on the internet, I can't afford. (As well as not being sure of their legitimacy)

If anyone has any information or has seen one, that would be great! Here's an image:


Thanks guys!

Quick collection site plug:

small get!

I've always wanted to make one of these photo sets, they look like so much fun. xD SO HERE WE GO. Pretty tiny get, I've received more stuff at once but it seemed like a fun opportunity for a photo set.

Pancham here will help me open up the small package, and let's see what's inside!

New Canvas

*sniff sniff* smells like another panda to me!

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Thanks for looking!!~ :D My panda army family is steadily growing.. man it's exciting. I love these pandas. ;w;

Quick Sales +attention participants of shopper clearfile GA

Found out I have a dental surgery to prepare for so I'm in need of some quick cash to cover some of it!
Sales include a large lot of Johto era TCG - including a holo Crobat, a couple of figures, a lot of coins, Charizard deck box, Wobbuffet lot, and last but not least a rare mold tray!

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There are also PLENTY of things back in my flat sales!

And I'm looking for money right now to pay for the dental bill - but if you happen to have one of my bigger wants I may be willing to trade...

And participants of the shopper clearfile GA I'm very sad to announce that the GA couldn't be completed because the seller doesn't sell through middleman services - or at least FJ :( Really bummed, but maybe next time!
Thanks for looking! ^ -^

Spring Secret Swap Gets!

Hey guys! so like almost everyone else, I received my Spring Secret Swap Gets today!
i kinda missed out on last year's valentine's day swap so i'm super excited cause this was the first year i participated in the festivities.
So without further ado!
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And i'm heading to the post office by the end of the week so if anyone wants anything from my sales,
i'll have them shipped out pretty quickly :)
Come have a look see!

WANTS: Battle Figures (Chess Pieces) and Bottlecap Figures

So After I saw the Kaiyodo Figurines for the first time today, I have become obsessed and I need them!

Is anyone selling them or know of a good place I can look for them?

Chess pieces I am looking for specifically:

Bottlecap Figures I am looking for specifically:

I am happy to consider any and all of them though :) Thank you!!