April 9th, 2014


Spring Swap Gets!

I got a lovely package from revarrie today! I remember them posting about their eevee plush that had no nose! <3 Anyway, let me show you the awesome, adorableness I received!! I love it <3 <3

First thing I noticed was this member did their research. My favorites are all here!
A precious eevee!? It must be my Spring Swap!

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Shop update: Plushes now available!

I was granted Sales Permission on 10/27/2012 byallinia
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/mitchichen/

I have a pretty big update to my shop, now with plushes! I've been taking far too long to take pics and get everything in my shop back in order, but the upcoming Pokemon Town event has motivated me to get my butt in gear. I've got new things in stock, including Korean Sonokong Eevee and Charizard plushes! I've also got some of my Kids figures up, but not all of them, I'm still trying to sort through the okay quality ones to see if any of them are salvagable (most of the ones I got had crayon markings or random dirt on them).


I've also got MWT Canvas and Pokedolls available!


Main shop page

Plushes and Figures here!

Adorable stickers, now with sylveon movie stickers restocked!

Misc. individual stickers, glow in the dark stickers and the like

And don't forget about my marbles and marble bags!

Thanks a bunch for looking!
Venu Pokedoll

Gen 1 Starter MPC's!

I didn't see anyone else post this yet sO

MPC's of the gen 1 starters and their final evolutions! I don't know about you guys but seeing that cute little Venusaur was an excellent birthday present for me~

Coming out in August! All credit to pokemon-global-academy on tumblr for this information!
(also hi I'll have a collection update to post soon WON'T THAT BE NEATO)

Spring Cleaning Finds

Spring is finally here, though for how long is unsure as it snowed today. In other news I have started my spring cleaning, and in doing so have found some things I had forgotten about. I also got a few boxes! Mostly full of cute Eevees of course. I'm also getting a new setup for my collection which I can't wait for! It'll be so nice to have them properly displayed.

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Just a quick couple wants, I'm still looking for MWT (red tag) minky Flareon and Espeon pokedolls, any help is apreciated, thank you<3

Tomy, Auldey and Hasbro differences

This is a post for all the Tomy collectors. =) Yesterday I received a package full of MIP Auldey Tomy figures. I got them to replace some of my scuffed figures. However, opening them and comparing them, I noticed a lot of differences! I know some of you want to collect all the different releases and I thought this information might be helpful!

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In general I have to say I like the Hasbro releases a lot more. They seem to have a more precise paintjob and did a better job with the expression of the faces.
Now I'm not sure which ones I should keep XD.
If you know any notable differences between releases, please share!
Anyway, I have a collecting update and a sales post coming up (containing the double Tomy figures and more).
Thank you for reading.


So, this morning I awake to the mailman beating on my door! Grumpily, I get out of bed and trudge to the door. She hands me a package... and I IMMEDIATELY get excited!

Keep in mind this all has just happened about 15 minutes ago, and now here I am posting this hehehehe<3

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! <33333

Kans and comm Kids gets!

So thanks to the comm... now I'm addicted to collecting Kids and Zukan. And here I thought my collection focus would only be plushes forever and more XD;

[Kans]Last week I got many cool Zukan, and yesterday I got the two I needed to complete the DP11 Zukan collection! 8D (I also emptied the coin machine, I'm hoping for them to refill it soon XD)

I had a hard time arranging the Slow family... they wouldn't fit on their stand! And Slowking liked to keep beheading himself whenever I touched him |D;

[Comm Kids]And today the mail lady ran my door with my very awaited second comm package!
Zoroark was my first comm get from chromapika and all the other Kids behind (the ones that arrived today) come from helloskitty! I had to fight the tape around the bubblewrap to free them!
I'm sure you can see a pattern there (except from Pachirisu)... I'm collecting Dark and Ghost types! x3 I got especially excited for the Drifloon, I saw someone from the comm get one and then I knew I needed one for myself (I'm pretty fond of the Ghost balloon, I have friends who call me "Floons" after it XD).

I need to let my wallet rest... and after it's rested I'll keep on hunting for lovely merch here in the comm! <3
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spring swap gets and other gets!

I actually got these on monday but haven't been able to make a post since i was so busy BUT HERE I AM NOW <3

Turns out my gifter was the lovely devi_white! Let's see what she got me!

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thank you so much again Devi, i love everything! :D

AND unrelated to spring swap, i got these guys a few weeks ago.

Regi trio pokedoll figures! I actually have 2 regice now, as i got a MIB one from omgitslph a while ago. I wish these guys were MIB too, but i suppose i can't complain.
I am also looking for other pokedoll figures from this set If anyone could help me out, it would be most appreciated!

I am also looking to commission people for Klefki items! Please let me know if you'd be willing to do something (anything!)
Fang Love

Shiny Sticker and a Heaping Helping of Eevee'lus Sales Post

I'm moving =3 Finally! Lol. I've been packing for what feels like months now, but I finally gave notice to my landlord for a moveout date next month. I got a lot of new things that need to be homed I don't want to take with me, and stuff keeps coming in the mail D: I have to let my post office know I'm movng, lol.


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*I'll be on 4.12 in the morning JST time to respond to comments/update those who's packages have shipped, and if not shipped yet, when they will ship.

collection update

Hey guys! Just thought I'd post a collection update and show you all the new additions to my collection so far and to thank those that i bought from and that help me get some of these figures.

[lots of images]

collection33i finally found electronic Feraligatr hasbro figure
collection36and a pokemon dp battle dimensions jakks real attack Magmar! XD
collection37and electabuzz!
collection39got this awesome Pinsir remote battle figure by tomy
collection43i got tons of stuff in these last two months.

Pokemon - Scribbles - Taco

A stranger appears with Spring Swap gets...:D

I can't believe it has been over a year since I last posted here!! I guess I should start with a small introduction of sorts? I'm pheonixxfoxx, which is a tad obvious and I have been a member of this community since 2007. Truth be told, I am a rather shy individual and I lurk more then anything. At one point my main collecting focus was items of Suicune. Money got tight and I had to give up most of my butt ribbons. I still have a nice collection of Team Rocket (Giovanni & Persian included), Giratina Origin, Purugly and Purrloin items.

My SSS person was ushigofasweet, whose package reached my door on Saturday. I was awoken from a deep sleep (I was battling a migraine) by a knock at the door. By the time I answered, the mail carrier was gone...but there was a package sitting there for me. I didn't recognize who it was from, so that only meant one of two things, I had a stalker (yeah right)  or it was my SSS gift.

Upon opening the package, which I wasted no time doing, I was greeted by...

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Thanks again ushigofasweet for the lovely SSS gifts!

A PokemonSP get!

A few months ago I pre-ordered a copy of the Pokemon Special comics thinking it was something else entirely. But I got it today and I do not regret my decision at all because it came with this:


The adventures of Electrode, Deoxys, and Swalot? Well ok then. Let us explore their antics together!

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I'll have an actual update soon...ish, maybe? As soon as my awesome custom of epicness arrives (which places the update between the end of April and the end of time. yup).

Zukan pre-orders!!

Hello community just looking out there helping fellow zukan hunters out there animeraro has opened up pre-orders for the 3rd installment of the X&Y 1/40 scale zukan thats usually where i get my zukan fix... ADDICTED?... well they say the first step of the twelve is to admit your an addict... but as a wise prophet once said... ain't nobody got time for that anyways got way off topic so yea the zukan sets XY1,2,3 are being offered there just wanted to help out my fellow collectors :D if i broke any rules let me know ill derezz this post if u want :o

Pearler friends

Hey everyone! Just a small update to my collection, I took a few minutes and made myself a pearler mareep sprite today! I had been looking for a large peg board since I had bought the beads months ago, and when I went to Michaels today for some felt they had one pack left of the big boards. Well, there was a couple gigantic boards as well, but I didn't really think I needed one that big.

It was my first pearler guy I made, I need to practice my ironing a bit more but I like how he came out.

That's about it, I'd like to make more of other pokemon to maybe do some fun custom trades, would anyone be interested in that? I have a bunch of templates saved and I really want to make more haha.

69 Metals GA Ends in One Day! ^^

A quick reminder that the 69 Metal Figures GA is ending tomorrow, Thursday 9PM (PDT).

Most metal figures still have no bids or are still at their starting bids! To garner a victory net, we'll need more bids! Or else... Wish us luck! :D

Click the image or link to go.

AND, to make this post a little more interesting, I'd like to you introduce you to my Silver Metal Figures featuring the Hoenn Water-types, Kyogre, Feebas, Relicanth, Whiscash, and Sharpedo!!

Relicanth is my most cherished! But I love 'em all <3

And not a sales post, but if participants want some kids figures, finger puppets, or screen cleaners, I'm thinking of letting some of these go, and I'll think about how I will price-tag them if we win the GA. Pics here. (Pics aren't updated though)

Sales! and a question!

Hey Guys! I updated my sales with Tomy figures and Jakks figures as well as lowering prices!

I might not answer right away... I will get back to you in the order from the comments!

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I shipped a package to a member here back on Feb 25th so that was like 30ish business days ago.
They still have not received it. It was shipped from Canada and is going to Thailand.
The post office lady said it can be 4 or more weeks because it was airmail.
I was wondering if anyone has had a package take that long to arrive before?!
Other items they ordered AFTER mine came and they are from the US. So that doesn't make sense to me.
I am hoping it comes back to me (If it doesn't get delivered of course!!)

I know I have had packages take 2 months to arrive! But I want peoples opinions on what to do! :)

And last but not least...I am ALWAYS looking for these items:
Banpresto Arcanine Figure32816_60033301_600IMG_0450
thanks for reading! :D

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Looking for substitute plush

hey guys!
haven't posted on here in a long time but i lurk every now and again.


i'm looking for this 12in beauty
Whimsicott's Substitute 12 inch Plush Mascot PokeCenJP
are these post even allowed anymore?

did some research and i'm looking for a price range between $70-$90.
if i am way off please let me know! :)

omg amazinggggg secret swap gets!

So my secret swap partner was salamence646...and omg they're amazing! Look at what they found for me!

I have never ever everrrrrr seen one for sale! salamence646, you are my hero :D I also got an adorable card and the Dragonite line model kit!

I had to put the models together before I posted! Dragonite's mouth opens when you raise his arms, so cute :D Thank you so much SS partner! <3

Some lovely gets! (plus collection homepage)

I haven't posted in forever! :D And today I felt like it was time for a small update with a few of the lovely items I have received lately.

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Okay, those were some of my recent gets! c:
I am currently working on creating a homepage for my collection. You can find it here: www.welcometoalabastia.weebly.com
It's still pretty unfinished but take a look if you're interested in lots of Lugias! XD


My first community gets + other gets :)

Hello guys! :)

Today, the last plushie of my first orders from the community arrived! That means I can finally make a gets post! :D
I always look through all sales posts and must hold myself back from buying what I'd like to have. Could be that I just have no real direction of what Pokemon plushies I want to collect. It's more like: This is so cool/cute/fluffy I need to have it in my life. :D

Anyway, since this is common, here's a little preview:
SNIVY! Please, not again! :D I know you're crazy about cameras, but please... I'm trying to do a photo shoot. :O

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Thank you for reading and feel free to comment! :)
Have a nice day/evening/morning/whatever! <333

Question+Sleeping pichu:wanted

Hi guys! I know this is quite a close together post but I really need to ask this question. I wanted to change my username but I just found out that you you to purchase a rename token and it costs $15! Is there any other way to change my username without spending so much money? Do all the other people who change their names pay the $15? Please let me know if you have any info. Thanks.

Also, I decided to mainly focus on collecting sleeping pichu for now. So if you have any sleeping pichu items like the sleeping gizamimi pichu files, let me know and hopefully we can work something out! Thanks!

And not forgetting sales plug: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/16483474.html
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Pokemon Conquest Merch + WANTS

Hey everyone! as you all may know, I have been collecting merch from the mystery dungeon series.

I am looking in to possibly collecting some merch from Pokemon Conquest.

My question to you all is this, What merch is even out there? I have seen a bunch of flats, but I collect figures over flats if I can find them. If someone out there collects them, or knows of conquest merchandise, please enlighten me.

In other news, I want to get my wife a little something.

I am looking for the I <3 Pikachu - Raichu Ball Chain plush. I am looking for around $10-$25 ($20-$25 shipped) for this item. It is important to me. I saw one on ebay, but I prefer to buy on here if I can.

Let me know if you have one you would like to sell, or if you have any raichu plushes at all you are willing to sell. I want to make my wife happy.

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Thanks for looking, I will have a collection update when all of our PMD merch comes in!

Purchasing cards...

Hello community~
I'm wondering if bootleg Pokemon cards exist? I've seen so many Absol cards going for great prices online, but I'm worried that they might not be authentic...? I wanted to ask you amazing people before I take the risk... I'm trying to expand my teensy, tiny, Absol collection, ha ha. ^-^


I'm going to have to give my Absol TOMY a new horn and tail...

It's time I pushed a little to make progress.

On another note, I've made a Shiny Suicune clay model for my own collection, for modeling and painting practice. I'm planning on making Shiny Entei and Shiny Raikou too, so she won't be alone, since I have another block of clay to use. I don't know which one of the two to make first.

Here's some photos of her~!

DSCN8253 DSCN8256 DSCN8259

Made with DAS air dry clay. There is copper wire inside the head's crest. Painted with Acrylics.
I still haven't painted her eyes on yet, since I'm too scared I may ruin it even more. I'm planning on repainting her diamonds and body...

Thanks for reading, and, have a nice day!

super rare mexican bottle cap sales & auctions! [part 2]

Hello again!  Today I bring PART TWO of my 1st gen Pokemon Mirinda bottle cap sales/auctions!   Unlike the bottle caps from my previous post that feature normal poses of the Pokemon, these bottle caps feature ATTACK POSES!! :D

I initially was going to wait until later next week to post the sales/auctions, but after a large number of you expressed interest in both styles of caps [and to save money in shipping costs], I figured I could post them now so I could ship out everything all at once!

***** If you are currently buying/bidding on items in my previous post, and are interested in buying/bidding on items from this post, I will gladly combine shipping!!!! ******

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Also, a quick reminder that the auctions for my NORMAL POSE Mirinida bottle caps end TOMORROW at 8pm EST!  Click on the photo below to be transported!!!!