April 12th, 2014

A Month's Worth of Gets!

Hello.  Long time no post lol.  I have been super busy the last month and had no time to post all of my wonderful gets.  I have gotten stuff from the community, found things from cleaning, and went to a convention!  Now before you say "Hory Shi*;" know that this is seriously at least a months worth of stuff.  I did spend a pretty penny, but not all at once lol.  Now onto the pretties!
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Custom Jewelry sales! ^_^

Hey comm! I hope you guys are having a lovely weekend! The sun is shining here, as I sit indoors with a sprained ankle! :'D
The irony.
Anyhoo, I gave my SSS a custom Bulbasaur necklace from my Etsy store, and there seemed to be a bit of interest. Therefore I figured why not share my jewelry with the comm? ^_^ There are always so many AMAZING customs here, it's unreal! I would be glad to do a trade as well if you make custom plush, or other art. Partial trades are also welcome!
This way I can lower prices (also due to the fact that I won't need to add Etsy fees), and give the comm an opportunity to get some customs that can be worn. <3  Also, I do custom orders. I've done literally more of less the entire Pokedex, so if you don't see a Pokemon you love, it can be made! :D I made jewelry from upcycled kids and other figures, trading cards, Pokedex pictures, anime episode clips and more!

Link to my Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GlitzCouture?ref=listing-shop-header-item-count You'll find I also have a lot of non-pokemon items. Please feel free to combine with any of my sales items here!

An older promotional vid I did. ^_^

More info under the cut!
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uruha passion

DS: Moving day getting closer so more things added to the sale pile :3

DS: Moving day getting closer so more things added to the sale pile :3

I will post internationally, but it can be expensive so keep in mind before asking :)
Shipping can be estimated here: http://www.postoffice.co.uk/price-finder
Buyer to pay paypal fees
Sales permission was granted by entirelycliched on December 12th, 2012

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I also have some Japanese kids magazines for sale, some of them include pokemon articles or comics but they are not exclusivity pokemon orientated so please can a mod let me know if I am allowed to post those?

Thanks everyone <3

ponyta iphone cases?

Hello everyone! I come to you today in search of a ponyta iphone For the 4s.I know pokemon time has a ponyta tin but do they have that design as a case? If any of you have a ponyyta iphone 4s case and are willing to sell or trade please let me know! Thanks everyone.

Introduction to community + is this a legit plush?

Hello, community!
I'm Katie! I have lurked on here for quite a while, but never joined until now. I've been into Pokemon since the Diamond-Pearl era, yet only started collecting around the end of last year, so my collection is very small as of now. I'm not sure how active I'll be, but I'll try to be somewhat active!

My first question is- is this pokedoll legitimate? - http://www.ebay.com/itm/2013-Pokemon-Center-Original-Mewtwo-Pokedoll-Plush-Doll-from-Japan-/181279926013?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a352026fd

Thank you and I look foward to participating in the community in the future!
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Looking for kids!

I'm specifically looking for a Dunsparce kid and Butterfree kid figures!

If anyone could help me, you can post a link to a sales post you have with one/both of these kids or if you just have one you're willing to sell to me, that'd be great!
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Sylveon auctions reminder & massive sales update!!

Hey guys! Just a reminder that my Sylveon auctions end in a little over 24 hours! Auctions end TOMORROW at 5PM PST! Up for auction are a really cute Sylveon and friends drawstring bag as well as a large hand towel! You can click this link or the pictures to be transported to the auction!

next, I received a giaaaant box from FJ today!! i purchased the lot for a few specific items, so all the extras are up for sale! There are a LOOOT of figures/keychains added as well as a number of plush!! please come check out my sale! I reaally need to get a bunch of these out of my room, so please feel free to make any offers, especially on the figures!

you can click this link or the banner below to be transported to my sales!


lastly, i got some reaally exciting things today!! *u* please come check them out~

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Ebay seller review

Hi I have read a few people were concerned with seller hobby_japan on ebay I just wanted to help a few people who were worried by showing off the items I received. I brought these off ebay, Hobby_japan on the 19/03/14 they arrived today 12/04/14 in the Uk. On ebay the expected delivery was 6-16th econometric international shipping. Everything is perfect except the fact I had to pay customs. When items are valued over £15 you have to pay customs. Next time some one just suggested I buy the items individually postage cost more but should be less then customs fee.  Hobby_japan were friendly and replyed quickly to querys I had. I origanally brought two fennikin pokedolls, my ebay app automatically paid for them without waiting for invoice of combined shipping. I explained to Hobby_japan the problem and it was also going to buy more items. They held my fenikins until I purchased second lot of plush and deducted extra postage I paid off new invoice. Which I thought was nice because it was my fault for setting p ipad app that way. All the plush came in pkmn enter bag and the small key ring came in mini bag so all real. Tags great condition and I even got some free stickes for new movie which had jirachi on bonus!!!!!!!! (I collect jirachi XD) anyway hope this helps some of you who were worried (I was starting to)

Houndoom so cute

Some rare for sales :3

I need some money to saved for a big future want. So without further ado here are all the cuties that are for sell. <3

I ship only in the states; BUT if you are out of state then let me know.
I am going to say the last time I shipped out of the country it cost around ~$7. So it could cost ~$7: less or more.

I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
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Introduction + Recent Gets

Hi everyone!
I joined this community a few months ago, but I decided to finally make my first post! =) I've been a fan of Pokemon ever since it came out. I used to collect Tomy figures when I was a kid, but I stopped after first gen. When I went to Japan for the first time in 2007, I discovered Pokedoll plushes and fell in love. I bought a few there and then stopped, haha. It was only recently that I started to collect again -- mainly Pokedolls and Kid figures. I do plan on keeping my collection relatively small, only focusing on dark types and other pokemon/products that catch my eye :P.

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That's all for now. Hope to participate more in the community in the future!
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Fun Get

Hello Everyone! Thought I'd share this since I haven't posted in a while (been busy with work). I was hoping someone on here who has been collecting Pokemon figures could shed some light on this Charmeleon figure I grabbed at a Yard Sale  ^_^

I really can't make too much out of the writing as it is faded. ^_^; I can tell there is a number 8 on it's tail though...Just wanting to know what exactly it is (What company owns the rights? Is it part of a set?)

Update: Thanks everyone who posted! Apparently it is a Pokemon Candy Figure :)

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Hope everyone else is doing well!
DENTO! is beautiful

Takara Tomy News!!

Some new Tomy toys have been announced!!! This is a super exciting batch! I think so anyway......

Tomy MC Super Size Figures
-MEGA MANECTRIC!!!!!!!!! (7/19)
-MEGA AMPHAROS!!!!!!!!!! (9/20)
-Mega Gengar!!!! (9/20)
-Mega Scizor!!! (8/9)

Tomy MC Hyper Size Figures
-Zygarde (9/20)

Tomy MC Figures w/ Pokeballs
-Pumpkaboo w/ Dark Ball (8/9)
-Lapras w/ Dive Ball (8/9)

Takara Tomy XY Plush
-Tyrunt (7/12)
-Hawlucha (7/12)

Takara Tomy "Reply!" Plush
-Chatting Diancie (7/19)
-Cheek Rub Dedenne (7/19)

...ANYWAY I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!! I NEVER thought Mega Manectric would get merch, now he has a figure, charm and button badge!!

Until next time, comrades!


Hey guys just a quick want would anyone be happening to sell this pikachu with both tags?  I'm hoping to spend maybe 25 not including shipping I can maybe go a few dollars higher... remember I can only buy from the states :) torchic plushies would be nice to :) it just hit me XD
There we go more realistic want ^^
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Yama icon 2


Hey guys.. Sorry for my second post in one week but this week has been exciting for me.  First I got my SSS gets and at the same time i have got a grail. Now i sometimes think the word " Grail" Is kinda overused. It should mean for something super rare and hard to find like the pokemon centre giants, or certain pokedolls or whatever. This one counts. Oh boy...

Last time i posted a pic of this...

You probably guessed who it is.

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Finally meet my new baby


My very first shiny Dragon. He has no name yet but he is my baby. It took me 3 eggs to hatch the guy. He isnt a dragonite yet but soon.... soon..... I got super lucky btw. I bet it will take a lot more eggs to duplicate that and get a shiny Salamence or something!!

Art commissions!

Hello community!

Since I have holidays these weeks and some free time I thought I could do some art commissions! I'm open to do everything I'm able to do :3 If you don't see a size or a style you like it, you can ask me and I'll try my best! All the info under the cut!

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Of course you can combine anything with my sales post or I could be open for trade for anything of my wants post or customs Poochyena, Politoed or Ninetales items :3


EDIT: As usual, my main wants! I lost a few days ago a lot with a Poochyena clear kid and I don't find them anywhere ;_; If someone has any Poochyena clear kid, just let me know please! And as usual, I'm also searching for the Politoed Pokemon Time strap and Pokemon Time bookmarks! I have all my wants post HERE

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Bootleg Or Official?

I need some extra funds for medical bills, so after a month of deliberation, I'm going to part with my Halloween Umbreon and my Vaporeon Canvas Plushes.
I bought them here on Pokemon Collectors, so they should be official, but I want to be 100% certain before I list them on eBay. I'm not sure what these guys go for anymore, is there a baseline anyone knows of that I should list them at?
Vaporleon CanvasHalloween Umbreon
Here are the photos of the plushes in question (click).

Thanks guys!!

Is my dragonite real?

I bought the dragonite pokemon center plush from someone and got it in the other day. I'm mostly concerned about the fabric because most of the newer pokemon center plushes i have are all a minky fabric, and this one is not. I keep looking at all the bootlegs on eBay to try and find a difference, but they are so close i can't tell. I was hoping i could get a general idea from others who also have this plush. Could anyone tell me about it? Here are some pictures:

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He is real! Thank you all bunches! C:

Question ?

Has anyone order anything from amazon.JP online? I want to order something but I don't know if they do international shipping to canada? Plus I think I have to make a amazon.JP account I have canada and us account is kinda stupid that I have to make a japan account there...
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XY Collection Update

It's been a while since my last major collection update so I guess it's about time for another one! While this update may not be as massive as the earlier ones, it makes up for it with awesomeness! You guys may have seen them already from the other members' collection but I'm still excited to show them off. Introducing the XY gang!

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