April 13th, 2014

Seeking: Taillow Plush

Edit: Both found! Thanks all c:
Hi guys, today i am seeking a Hasbro Taillow plush.

Hoping to get it at $5-$6 + shipping to Singapore, if possible!

Also looking for a roserade ufo plush since a roselia one is too pricey.
Willing to pay near to $15 + shipping for it.

(prices estimated from previous sold plush and also shipping costs tho)
Tags dont matter but they should be in decent condition.
Any help in finding these are much appreciated! Thanks all! c:

US middleman needed

i bid on an auction here and didn't see that the seller didn't ship internationally.

so if someone from the US would be able to get it (i've paid for the item already) and the ship it to me, i'd appreciate it.

i'm from Finland.

New gets + updated wants!

Hi guys just wanted to share with you my latest get!
Does anyone else owns this? I see on eBay they go for $200+ wondering if someone ever paid that much 0.O

Luckily for me I got a good deal!

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Updated want list:
Muk *****
Aerodactyl ****
Charmander + evolutions
Squirtle+ evolutions

Not rushing:
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Fake shadowless cards?

While sorting through my cards the other day I found a few shadowless cards, but they look a little wonky so I wanted a little help on identifying whether they're fakes or not!


Here's a "shadowless" raichu next to a normal raichu, and a "shadowless" ponyta next to a normal ponyta (shadowless on the left). With the raichu you can see that the colors a little darker on the shadowless card, its especially noticeable on the energy signs. The shadowless ponyta though has lighter colors, pay attention to the readability of the HP. I have several other shadowless cards of both this darker and lighter variety too, so they're not just one offs. I only found out about what shadowless cards are just a few days ago, so sorry if the legitimacy of these seems kind of obvious, any help is very appreciated :D

Sandslash auction reminder

Hi everybody

Just a quick reminder that the sandslash plushie auction ends tomorrow. The bids are low, so you have a great chance to win it for a low price!! ^__^

Click here or any of the pics to be taken =3

Also, my sale continue in full swing. Here's a preview of all the goods, which include a 1:1 eevee, a 13" pokecen virizion, a subby plushie and much more. Plz click the pic to be transported!! <3

I hate being OCD!! DX

Ok this is really stupid, the I love raichu plush I got from a friend awhile back, I have no idea where she ordered it from and I don't want to ask her bc I don't want to offend her ><  anyways can I just get your opinions here? Pics below ^^ have these even been bootlegged yet?
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Nintendo store in New York Question!

Okay, so I am going to new york in the summer in june.... I was hoping to get the mega absol plush there.
Question is do you think they will still have it in the store in june?

We are also going to see five broad way plays, see the wax musemum and the statue of liberty!! (MEGA EXCITEMENT)

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Brother Bird

Looking for Poke'mon Mate and dot sprite pins!

Long time no see, everyone! I hope everyone has been doing well!

I fell out of collecting for some time with some financial bumps in the road, but I'm slowly picking back up whatever I can. I certainly haven't forgotten all of you and the lovely people I've done business with here! I've decided to shift away from my Poke'dolls at the moment (my previous main collection). Instead, I'm working on finding cute pins!

For Poke'mon Mate, I have Hilda (or Girl Player) and N so far, which I bought back in the day where it first came out on this very comm. I have an Elesa pin on the way. I may be up for purchasing some seconds though, along with whatever else I can find. The only dot sprite pin I was able to get back in the day was the Munna pin, so I'm hunting those down too. I'd love to look at whatever anyone has available. (If anyone has any round and small button pins, I'd love to give those a look too.)

There's also one adorable want that I'm wondering if anyone can help me out with. It's listed on ebay as "Poke'mon Wakuwaku Get Kuji 2013 Mewtwo." (Hopefully that's the accurate name for it!)


I'd love to pick this little guy up if anyone might happen to have one, and be willing to part with it for $30-40 total (that's with shipping). Thanks, guys!

EDIT: Found one! Thank you, chromapika! *happy squeal* <3


final sales,

-all pkmncollectors rules apply.

-Received sales permission from entirelycliched on 10/03/2013.

-A link to my feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/sanderfowl/ (note that not every transaction I did turned into feedback, but yeah, it's more than 10)

-I ship from the netherlands and will ship internationally. due to PostNL price increases shipping outside of Europe may be high. Shipping is in this chart:

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these sales are clearout ones, haggling is totally fine!

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Intro + Are these booties?

Hello there (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚'✿,。・:*

I'm Amanda and I joined this community about three weeks ago, and thought that I should come here and introduce myself while finding some answers to my question!

I'm from Australia, and have been a casual fan of pokemon for awhile but only recently, about the start of 2013, have I become only mildly addicted. My pokemon favourites include Munchlax/Snorlax, Shaymin, and the Ampharos and Dragonite lines. while my favourite starter would be between Cyndaquil and Charmander. I've only just started collecting pokemon plush so there isn't really much to display right now, but hopefully one day I'll be able to have a reasonably sized collection without digging myself into a hole of debt in the process from all of the adorable purchases! xD

I'm also wondering if these 10th anniversary Kanto starter pokedolls are real. I contacted the seller and they've guaranteed me that they're all official, but the mouths look kinda odd to me (especially Bulbasaur) and it seems cheaper than what they'd usually go for, so if someone could let me know what they think that would be extremely helpful!

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Own a Limited Pikachu 3DS XL

Hello everyone! I have for you today two sealed Limited Pikachu 3DS XL systems. I prefer plushes and figures, so these systems aren’t being appreciated like they should be. They are both sealed and in near-mint condition. Both have nearly insignificant corner wear, and the second has a small scratch on the front of the box.

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Thrift Shop Finds! +sales and wants

Hello everyone! Went to a Goodwill Outlet and found some cool items! :D
Have a couple of lots and some other things for sale! Take a look! :3

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Please check out my wants lists over on my website! :3 I have separate pages for all my Milotic, Dusclops, and Bunnelby wants! ^ -^ (Website is still under construction so feel free to look around but forgive the sloppiness! XD)

And finally - OMG. WHAT IS THIS.
Banpresto DX!!!
It can't be can it?? A DX Bunnelby Plush??? Did I miss a post about this?? I can't even- ; w;
Any info on this big beautiful bun would be appreciated! It seems to be coming out with the rest of the Diance movie merch, and I think it says the release date is on the 2nd of August? I just can't even...my adorable bun is getting a DX plush! <3
Does anyone know if there will be pickups of these plush? How much they'll be if so? ; w;
Picture is from neutralemotions' collection site: neutralcollection.weebly.com :)
Thanks guys! :D

New Zukan Get!! New Package received from Thailand

Hi guys... i received a new zukan package two days ago, and i wanted to share it with you. I was really excited once i received them, because i was waiting for this lot for some time... I bought them from ongzaa55, and they were very well packaged and protected from damage. Thanks Ong, and HB xD!!

Here are some of them


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I hope you've enjoyed them... i'll be posting again soon

Pokemon - Jigglypuff&#39;s balloon


Hey guys, long time no post for me :)

I collect quite a few different lines of Pokemon, but the one I stay focused on even when I'm inactive is my Slowpoke collection! I recently saw the new Slowpoke UFO catcher plush and am dying to get my hands on my own one!

Please let me know if you've got one to hand to sell, or if you know where I can find one online? Thanks!

To make this post less boring, thought I'd share a pic of my Slowpoke collection. Not sure if all of it's there as I'm good at misplacing bits haha, but this is the majority :)

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Thanks for reading! :)
giratina, origin

Helix Fossil Tee shirt ^^

Hello PkmnCollectors community ^^

I create a month ago Helix Fossil tee-shirt for an event.
We buy 50 brand new shirt for our stock, but these one are only for online shop.

We ship them from France ! With tracking number (normally !!)

Here to buy one ^^ Click on Helix !

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Sales permission granted on 31 May 2012 by [info]entirelycliched
Please respect all Pkmn Collectors rules here. My feedback : http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/umbreonoctie/
I'm located in France, but will ship internationally. I'm not responsible of Lost Item. I didn't have problem yet, and since I send card with French community, I don't want one. Excuse-me for my poor english, please.
I have one cat who lost a lot of his hair. It's an European Cat.
If you have any questions, you can ask, I eat nobody.

On the hunt for Feraligatrs again!

Helloo! I come to you asking about feraligatr items again :> if you have anything, feel free to comment here! I am looking for unusual stuff more than anything as I have a lot in my collection already.

Some specific wants are listed uner the cut!

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In other news, I have a HUGE collection update coming soon!! Lots and lots of new items over the past few months.

And also sales too :> thanks for looking!

Quick sales... again... Customs and stuff this time.

Dirt cheap stuff in time for Easter! xD

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Fan Rotom Pokedoll MWMT - $10
Scolipede MPC no hang tag. Has ball hanger strap - $5
Togekiss TOMY plush no hang tag - $9

Wobbuffet Friends plush - $6

Bouffalant MPC with all tags and strap - $5
Shiny Deoxys custom plush made with velboa like fabric - $12
Custom Exeggcute plush with 6 eggs made with minky. Plush are separate so you can have fun with them putting them everywhere. xD That means each egg is a SEPARATE plush. - $19

THIS IS HUGE FOR ME! (first collection update!)

The past few years my collection has been growing but been stuck in boxes because i had no space for it. This weekend my boyfriend and i got a second room and i immediately bought some new shelves for it. He helped me build them this morning and i spent all day today deciding which ones get a shelf spot and which stayed in storage.(I still have a few boxes of plushes that would'nt fit. :c ) I'm so happy i'm crying! :,D Click the cut for more pictures!


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Thank you for looking! :D <3

My Plushie Collection! & Need help identifying some!

So I realised I was always posting about my new gets and Sylveons, but I never showed you guys all my plushies. I think I just forgot since the plushies I do have are all displayed in different parts of the room, I would prefer them all on a shelf together or something but we don't have any shelving until we move into our new house in a couple months time. :3 I can't wait to get everyone displayed all properly! Until then, my Sylveons are all displayed together on my desk along with the few figures I have of other Pokemon to make my desk look busier, while some of the larger plushies are sat on top of units on the other side of the room. Anyway, enough blabbering, here's a pic of all of them together on my bed. :3

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Hi! i hope everyone is having a great day!

I just wanted to remind you guys that the auction for the DVD "Pikachu and Eevee friends" will be over in about 2 hours

here is the link if interested:


 I also have some plushes to offer to the community!
i'm not a big fan of plushes so I will be offering them in this auction.
and also I have this rare magnet pieces from a japanese Pokemon book from like 4 years ago and will be also offer this in the auction. ( i will sell this by the whole page and not separate pieces)

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/haepbrosonearth/

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this auction will end on Thursday at 11 PM (pacific time)

and do not bid until " YOU CAN'T BID YET" is crossed off!


Something I'm searching for!

Hello lovely folks! I just wanted to share a piece of classic merch that I'm searching for. It's a BIG want ony my list:

storage case want!

storage case want!

It's a red storage case - based on the photo showing the '99 BK toys on the packaging, circa 1999 or 2000. I believe, though I have no proof, that this was sold by Walmart - as was a lot of classic Pokemerch - but seems hard to find on the internets.

So I'm tossing this out there to see if anyone's seen one around! In as good shape as possible, but I'll look at anything. This case was the center of my collection as a kid, it's how I carried all my toys and cards around with me everywhere I went! I'd love to have it back! I know it seems a bit silly compared to things like pokedolls and pokecen plush, but I'm hoping that a bit of crowdsourcing might help out a bit ^w^ It's one of the closest things to a grail that I currently have just because it's been so hard for me to find!

Thanks in advance for any information that anyone might have!

Everyone's items are finally shipped! :D

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I wanted to inform all who has bought from me... Your items are shipped or will be shipped in the morning! :D

Also, I've lowered some prices on my sales post and if you'd like to make an offer, I will ship your items out in the morning as long as I receive payment tonight! Just click the image and you'll be transported to the post. EDIT!!: I'm going to bed! I'll ship within the next couple of days!

Or click here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/16922623.html

There is a lot of Chimecho/Chingling, Whimsicott, Darumaka, Persian/Mewoth, Glaceon, Eeveelution, and more still for sale!

Again, if something seems too expensive, offer! I'd like to sell everything off. I'm moving into my house within the week and I'd like to not take these items with me!

Thanks everyone!
Casual Shoto


I found this set of really cool figures while browsing on eBay and I would like to know what they are and if there is a place where I can buy them at a cheaper price? :)
They are around $25 to $30 on eBay

I am from Canada ^-^

$_3 (1)

Thanks for the help :D