April 14th, 2014

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Plush Sales Anyone? + GA Status Update

Hi collectors!

Still got all these plushies that I need gone. My storage room looks like a mountain of boxes now, lol.

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In regards to the Kalos Starters & Friends GA, miniokami has just informed me that it has just been paid for. Sorry that it took so long. There was a little mishap with the calculations but Allinia has helped me to sort that part out. Thanks for your patience with this.

That's it. If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask :)

Thanks for looking and happy collecting! :)

Note: I'm going to sleep for now so I'll reply when I'm up :)


Hi you guys! So as the title implies this post is about sakura-con.
It is located in Seattle WA and is happening this Friday the 18- Easter Sunday. I will be attending Friday and Saturday and I think it would be wonderful if some of our other members could maybe meet. I have a tumblr and my phone number if anyone wants to get in touch and meet at the con
Plusle and Minun

GigaPlush GA - Extras Claiming Post

Howdy! :)
The Gigaplush GA is ready to ship from Japan to me, but we're still waiting for some folks to pay for part 1, so here are some plushes that need homing to offset the surely mighty Payment 2.

How does this work? This is not a sales post.

  • IF you took part in the GA from the start: You may claim plushes at their base cost of $5. This will be added to your Payment 2, and the plush will ship with your items (Payment 3)

  • IF you have not taken part in the GA: After 24hrs you may claim any remaining plush marked on the pictures. You pay within 48hrs for the base cost of the plush. You pay two payments - one now, one for shipping when the plush arrive with me.

All plush highlighted on the pictures are available at $5 a pop before Paypal fees.
Failure to read the GA Rules, the two rules above, or understand the function of this post may result in your comment being passed over.
^ Meloetta, Meowth holding Pika Pokedoll, Snivy: $5 Each
^ Sparkly Ambipom, Lotto Zorua, Mystery Zorua: $5 Each
^ Shaymin 1, 2 &3, Pikachu 3 and Elekid: $5 Each

GA Participant Tags:
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Whilst we're here, I may as well tag this want at the end:

Re-Intro and Wants

Hello everyone! It has been so long! First of all, here is a quick get pic for those not wanting to read the rest. :P
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Finally, on to wants and the main reason I am on this community right now. Because I can't indulge too many hobbies at the same time, I won't be buying for myself again until Halloween (unless I fall off the wagon), but my girlfriend's birthday is coming up and she loves charms. If you have several charms on sale or know of someone who does, please let me know! I am not exactly sure which Pokemon I would get her this time, but she likes cute ones and ones we can switch out with the seasons (she mostly has Halloween, Christmas, and flowery Pokemon currently). Any leads you can provide would be great! Thank you!

Weekend Gets!

Just thought I would drop a quick message to show all of my gets from this weekend!

[Take a look....]

The Gen 1 badges and the Kanto Book were some unofficial merch that I snagged up at PAX. The badges were too nice to pass up and the book contained some unique art that I couldn't pass up on! However, I did snag up one piece of official Pokemon merch at PAX, my I <3 Pikachu Pichu Keychain Plush! I was so happy to find one :3 he is so soft and adorable!

My other gets were my sylveon and spewpa kids! Both were comm purchases. Thanks pachirisu! :)

Pretty good weekend!
Thanks for reading!
MetalSeadramon - above water

Extras! [69 Metals GA Payment 1] and Sweet PokePosters!

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Extra metals up for claims at their respective thread start prices to participants for 24 hours. After 24 hours, claims for metal figures are open to everyone! Non-participants may comment with their claims now, but participants have priority for 24 hours. After 24 hours, non-participants' claims will be applied.
*Countdown here*

Click the image or link to go to the original auction threads.

This post concerns:
12mermaid, champtastic90, gengareric, zommie, kittay752, kirsty, lone_enigma, mastershambler, mcmc11, nicolarbear, solishark, usagimakeup

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And Here I present you with posters!!

These are the inserts that feature the series for which two of my posters came from.

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So yea, not just a boring old payment post :)

Ooo flea markets!

So it's finally yard sale/flea market season and I got something awesome!

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And quick question. I heard on here that there is a Japanese goods store in LA, California that sells pokemon. I forgot the name, but I definitely plan to go this summer during my trip to LA. Anyone know the name? Thanks!

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Wanted: Goomy Pokecen Plush

Hey everyone! I just had a quick want ^^ I'm really looking for the Goomy Pokemon Center plush for my collection. If anyone has one they'd be willing to sell to me, that would be great! Please name your price, but I'm looking for under what I could get on ebay. (That is- under $25)  Here's an image:

(If this is yours and you'd like me to take it down, do tell!)

EDIT: I'm also looking for any of the (top-priority, mostly) wants on my Wants page! There's some common items in there, so if you have anything, let me know! click here to be transported to my gallery of wants

Thanks for all your help you beautiful people!

Big Sticker Blowout! (Also Magnets)

Not Pictured: Small round absol, Small round Latias, small round sandshrew, small round ho oh

I need to get rid of all these stickers and magnets! They are extremely limited stock and will probably not be printed again.
These sales will be first come, first served, and please WAIT until I confirm that I have the stock before you send any money!

General Info/Rules

* I ship from Victoria, Australia
* I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 11/12/12
* I require full payment upfront
* Postage will be standard airmail unless you want to pay for registered/other forms of mail


Sylveon Magnets: $3 each
Choice of 1 large and 1 small round sticker: $2

All orders will come with a free pokemon bookmark!

GONE: Small round fennekin, small round vaporeon

Quick want.

Mother's day is coming up and I actually found something I want to get for my mother! The psyduck poketime strap. Idealy I plan for her to use it on her keys. I figured it'd be a cute little sentimental present to give, that reminds her of something we both found hilarious. :3
Appreciate the help guys!

EDIT: Also interested in mawile merch! please show what you have! Interested in the megamawile badge from the newest set. I believe mawile is becoming another collection for me. xD

Little background story under the cut if you want to read it!

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Recent Gets! :3 + Show me your collections!

Hellu durr everyone! How's everyone doing? :3
I just wanted to share a few quick gets with my main faves, that I've  accumulated  over the past few weeks or so!
Mini grail included! ;D
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Also I am really curious, is anyone a collector of the following? If so I would LOVE to see your collections! :D
I've just never seen any of these guys collected! Also, if you collect an "outcast"/unusual Pokemon, I've LOVE to see it! ^_^


Oh also, thank you so much for all the lovely compliments about my jewelry in this last post I did: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/17021691.htmlhttp://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/17021691.html
I had a realization that I also had one of EVERY Eeveelu kid bead necklace in my store right now! :D
Click the pic to be transported to that section of my store!
Armoured, Armour, Mewtwo, Armor, Armored

Quick Get + High Wants

Thought I'd share my first get since being accepted into the comm... It's an Entei DX Tomy which accompanies my D-Arts Mewtwo perfectly, as their height is in scale(ish). It's my first purchase from AnimeRaro!


I've also updated my wants, which now includes images, hooray!


Armoured Mewtwo Figure [Bootleg?]
Dragonite DX Tomy Figure
Snorlax Pokedoll Plush [2009 USA Release]
Jakks Entei Figure

Armored Mewtwo Figure Front 1Dragonite DX Tomy 3
Snorlax Pokedoll 2Jakks Entei 1

Small Want:

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Codes

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PLEASE NOTE: These images are all from the internet and are not mine. If I used an image of yours and you'd like me to take it down, just let me know and I'll be happy to do so.


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what is this guy?

I know, I just posted recently, and I'm sorry about that but I'm really curious- what kind of plush is this?

EdIT: The photo's aren't actually accurate to his color, he's actually a little more of a neon "highlighter" type yellow!

image (1)
Here's this super creepy Pikachu(dubbed "Freakachu") a friend gave to me a while ago.

Side view...

Back view....

image (1)
And him compared to a Cobalion Pokedoll.

His tag just has "MADE IN CHINA" printed on it.
I'm thinking he's some kind of bootleg, anyone have any information?

Edit #2- He's a mirage plush, apparently! Very happy about this :D
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Auldey Figures + Question

I have heard some claims from another user that there is a strong chance that 50% of the Auldey figures (from 1996-1999) are bootlegs. I have purchased several Auldey figures in the past and the only one that looks somewhat bootleg-like is Squirtle, which I purchased on its original card. Does anyone know anything about this? I always thought that Auldeys were just the TOMY figures given a new name, packaging, and very slight styling changes and sold in China.

Also, I live in the great state of Florida. I'm not going to give out intimate details, fearing that Pedobear might find me, but I live somewhat close to the Georgia border on the east coast side. Does anyone know of any shops that sell the older TOMYs in Florida? I went to one shop that sold collectables around the ghetto part of Jacksonville and I acquired a TOMY Mewtwo figure that was in detestable condition for 50 cents. That's all I know of.

Until next time, America (a quote from my favorite TV show).

Wanted:GRAIL + Sales Reminder!

Hello! I come to all of you looking for my grails.
So everything from this campaign is my grail. It's my favourite campaign of all time! So if you have any items from this campaign please do let me know! I know orangegarchomp has a notebook from this campaign and I plan on bidding on it so I'm looking for the rest of the stuff! Any help is appreciated!

And If some of you missed it, I just recently made a permanent sales post! So please do check it out!
Click the link to be transported!
Sales post: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/17017517.html
Thanks for looking!

And don't worry! This is my last post until my big package comes which will be quite some time!:)
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Back from Japan Auction reminder

Hey boys and girls!
Please come check out this auction, a few things still has zero bids and it's ending in one day!

good luck to all bidders!


Collection site update! (because reminder post are boring)
I got some new figures in my collection, and I put up a new desktop wallpaper for download :3

if you are interested in figure photography please come take a look!

lovely arbok&lt;3 (by GeneralStar @ dA)

super rare mexican bottle cap sales & auctions [part 2] REMINDER !

Hey guys! This is just a quick reminder that my auctions for the attack pose Mirinda bottle caps ends in a little under 3 hours!!!

Click on the picture below to be transported!

If you have purchased from any of my sales posts, packages will start going out tomorrow :D

I hope to have a huge collection update up within the next couple weeks, so I can showcase a very rare and handsome get! <3


A lot of auctions!! Trozei, McD's, tins, plush and tons of others!

Hello there guys!
Today, I have finally received a very special package containing one of my all time grails and most wanted items, but that's not what I am here for today. Waiting for a few more things to arrive to me and then I can post another grail post :)

I come to you today with a bunch of auctions and therefore a lot of items I need to get rid of!!! Some contain rare and interesting items, like cute 9x9 puzzles from Johto, some Veelu items, Trozei pencil cases, unique fan and tons and tons more!!! Here is a tiny look of some items that are here:


Please read the rules first before you decide to bid!

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Until next time.......until you see my all time grail that I have been searching for years.

What could it be? Maybe you know! Just wait and see ;)

Thank you guys as always :D

Sales update, lowered prices! :3 + Eeveelution clips GB update!

Hey everyone! I added some ramen stickers into my sales and lowered everything, so please check it out! Everything needs to go. <3

Click the banner below to be taken to my sales~!

Also, those participating in my Eeveelution clips GB- I am still waiting on the package, but I think it may come tomorrow! I will let everyone know as soon as it arrives. Thank you all for being so patient!

ClassyPersian and friends bootleg plush guide!

Hi guys as promised I will upload my guide, enjoy ^_^ I'm a little nervous XD

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this is a link to bootie sellers

feel free to add legit and fake ebay ppl! And any information I may have got wrong or left out :) let's make this a group effort ^^ feelings won't be hurt, just be nice about it! I apologize if my grammar was not the best, I haven't written an essay in 3 years >< so my skills maybe off, I wrote this on my iPod touch and you all know how auto correct is -__-

Bought Fennekin and Froakie Pokedolls from Nintendo World today!

So today, I went to NYC with my dad(mainly to go to Chinatown), and I also dropped by Nintendo World and got 2 Fennekin Pokedolls and a Froakie Pokedoll! I kind of wanted the Xerneas Pokedoll too, but I didn't want to spend so much money. The 3 Pokedolls totaled to $42! A few years ago when Pokedolls were still $9.99, 3 Pokedolls would total around $30! I wish they would bring the prices back to what they once were, it's like they raise the price by $1 every year! I forgot to get pictures of the Pokemon merch at the store, but they had:

Black/White Kyurem

Life Sized Kalos starters
Elemental Monkeys

Hats: Pikachu, Scraggy, three Kalos starters

What I got! [Spoiler (click to open)]
Sorry about the non-Pokemon things in the pic; I had this picture already uploaded to my Google account.

Korean TCG Card Collectors? + More

Hi, Community!

I've been working on compiling a list of all the Korean cards I need. I was wondering if anyone else in the community collects Korean TCG? I'd be interested in trading or possibly purchasing cards.

I've been searching for the Series 7 Korean Houndour and Houndoom for awhile. I was wondering if anyone happens to have them? Houndour looks like this and Houndoom looks like this. Except in Korean instead of English.

I did find someone willing to sell me an unopened Korean Series 7 booster box, but I'm only interested in 18 out of the 40 cards in the set. If I was to buy the box, would there be any interest in some of the cards in the set? Set List Here

On an unrelated note, I'm also looking for:
- Topps cards (from any series). I would prefer to trade for them (possibly with TCG cards), but might consider purchasing.
- Lamincards (any language)
- Ultimate Stickers
- French McDonald's Eeveelution cards - Link
- English Emolga EX FA - would prefer to trade for it
- And these three Hound cards in English
Houndour - Expedition Base Set 113/165 - Common REVERSE HOLO
Houndour - EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 62/95 - Common REVERSE HOLO
Houndoom - Aquapolis 14/147 - Rare REVERSE HOLO

~ Risha

Exciting new get :D

I don't live in the US and have never been to the US, so I thought my chances of finding a PC NY opening pin would be quite low. However, I managed to find this one for just 35 AUD including shipping and snapped it up straight away :D


That said, I don't really have much of an idea as to the 'real value' of the pin and was wondering if any of you guys could maybe give me a better estimate. I tried looking around online, but it doesn't seem that any other unopened boxes are being sold at the moment. It also seemed as though the prices varied wildly from pin to pin :/ Whilst I wouldn't really ever consider selling it, not knowing its value has been bugging me a little :p

Did any of you get a chance to make it to PC NY? What was it like?
Also, hooray for glycolysis!
Sir Aaron Lucario

Updated my Sales Post with a bunch of new stuff and Unexpected Semi-Grail Get!

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 8.52.10 PMScreen Shot 2014-04-14 at 8.57.02 PM

Ive updated my Sales Post with a bunch of new stuff (You might have to dig through to find them xD). Preview above.

Also, I plan to change my username soon, any suggestions for a good transition since I don't want people to forget about me! Im a little less than halfway done with my collection website so hopefully I will be done in the next couple of weeks? (Cross my fingers) I started to look for and collect "Grabby Figures" so if anybody has some, I'd be interested in purchasing them! Thanks!

[Battle Gum Pickups]
For the battle gum pickups, I have gotten them and replied to your original post in my previous auction page. Need locations for totals.

slothyshroom - 1 Box XY Battle Gum
nmtr37 - 10 Packs BW Battle Gum
chaos_21 - 5 Packs XY Battle Gum
nasija - 4 Packs Fizzy Candy and 3 Packs XY Battle Gum

2014-04-14 14.33.462014-04-14 14.34.03
What could this giant Pokemon Center bag be!? Click the cut for more details~~~~
[Unexpected Semi-Grail Get!]
2014-04-14 14.22.57
Oh look its another giant bag! Wait there seems to be some kind of drawing on the bag? Lets take a closer look!

2014-04-14 14.23.09
Aw there are sleepy pokemon sleeping in little beds! I guess you know what this is from! The Pokemon Dream Collection~

2014-04-14 14.20.18
Omg this is just about the cutest thing ever!!!!!! I love how Tepig's ears come out instead of embroidered on. So I stumbled upon this cutie on Y!J randomly and decided I must have it. The bid war on this wasn't too intense but I didn't know it came with the tag and the pillow dust bag, even better! I don't want to use it for fear or ruining it. What do most collectors do in this dilemma?

2014-04-14 14.23.182014-04-14 14.23.25
Lovely tag and artwork!

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 1.21.46 AM
thank you

Small gets and first sales!

Hello comm!
I've been so busy lately with Cons, school, work, and family probs that I haven't really been on here much!

I received my Spring Secret Swap a few weeks ago from yellowmudkip!
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I also received a package I'd been waiting for!
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Also! I set up my very first sales post here!
Please come take a look! ^_^

edit: I'm going to go eat dinner, so I'll reply when I get back!

Thank you for reading! c:

Until next time~♥

(no subject)

Hello! I come with some pennies in my fingers, and a want in my heart! I want.....


Items! I'm mainly looking for -

Motion Gallery Fennekin
regular fennekin kid
MPC plush
Petit plush

Annnnnd more. I have very few Fennekin items really, just the pokedoll, a few cards, with you badge, tomy figure, and a few more bits.

Also looking for BRAIXEN!
But I don't think theres many items? I currently have the tomy figure, plush, and some cards. I don't want the clearfile. Is there anything else Braixen available out there?

Also, if you had anything Sylveon, just a kid or figure or something, at the same time.....

I want to purchase a couple items at a time, maybe.... but I'd prefer to buy from UK/Europe, or Japan (etc.) Shipping to me from the US, Canada, etc. is so expensive for tiny items now. :/

AND because I have a get.... heres a GET!

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cotton candy

Final Reminder For Pokemon Post Cards Offers Ending Tonite!


i was granted sales permission on 07/02/11 by dakajojo
1. offers are ending tonight at midnight eastern time USA.
alot are still at starting bids!

 PREVIEW for future offers!
and Last pokemon Mystery Glitter Eggs For Sale! Read more under Cut.
and link if your interested =)


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Shiny Charizard

New gets!

So I got a package from Japan just today! I'm so happy! I finally got the DArts Charizard (Still undecided if I should let him roam outside his box) and the Pikachu Pair Pillows are very cute! Not so much for putting my face into them because they feel a little bit hard....but they DO look cute tho!
In the Tomy Section, I finally got my Red Gyarados.

Click for larger pics:


Also, if you remember me, I posted about looking for these guys a few days ago, after loosing them in an auction:

Well, I WON THEM TODAY at the auction! I'll be having them soon enough too! :)