April 16th, 2014

Gets and Sableye wants!

Hello everyone!

Today I bring you some pictures (horrible pictures) of some gets.

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Anyways, I hope you enjoyed that amazing find.

I have a couple sableye related wants right here.

Sableye Mascot Plush Keychain
Sableye, mawile, nosepass, chimecho zukan*****
Clear sableye kid
Sableye TOMY. Idk if this exists.
Anything else related to sableye that might exist outside of my knowledge. I must have sableye stuff.

Thanks for reading

MC First Generation Updated :)

Hey guys so I wont a lot of all the first 95 figures from this page:


*did not get #22 charmander and #68 charmeleon and wartortle though so if you have it and want to help me complete this let me know :)

I just added the names to the list since it was missing around 10 that werent unknown! how awesome is that? :) I also have the pictures but IDK how to add them there. ^_^

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Need some advice?

Hey everyone! I'm not exactly sure if this sort of post is allowed, I'll delete it if it isn't, but I need some advice/opinions.

So here's the deal:
I've found this super rare plush up for auction(since it's still an active one, I won't even hint at what it is right now, but it is Pokemon related.)

So I've seen this plush go up to $300. Its starting price is under $10 AND the seller has no feedback. Along with that, I have seen the picture they're using before a few months ago. I never watched to see if the plush sold, so I have no clue if they're just the same seller or if they're using someone else's picture?
And I don't find this next part that suspicious, just unusual for Y!J auctions: For once, they have automatic extension turned off.

I don't know how to check Yahoo! Japan's sold listings. Is there a way to do that?

If not, how risky does this sound to you guys to bid on this? And if I do and win, do deputy services protect you from this sort of thing? I'd be using FromJapan. Would they give me my money back if it turned out to be a scam or would they just tell me "Hey, we got scammed too. Too bad for all of us?"

Any advice would be great. Thanks everyone!

Pokemon Tales books?

Hi community, it's nice to see you again :) Is anyone currently selling (or about to sell) Pokemon Tales board books?

I'm looking for all of them!
-->except Lapras Makes a Friend, Dragonite's Christmas, Psyduck's Tongue Twisters, and Pikachu's Day<-- Condition doesn't matter as long as it's not gross.

I assume that the prices on Amazon for some of the less common ones(?) are basically randomly selected or algorithmically generated, because the prices are crazy, but if you have any info on pricing of any of the titles, please let me know! Or rarity, sought-after-ness, et cetera. Just any info you have would be great!

Links to scans would also be really appreciated (if there are no scans, I would be happy to scan the ones I have if anyone is interested).

♥ I want to have a solid collection of these to read to my future kids ♥
Thank you!

Edited to add a link to what book collectors deal with ;n; http://www.amazon.com/Pokemon-Gold-Silver-Tales-Mysterious/dp/1569316589

Looking for a 2014 planner

Hi guys I'm coming to you with a random want today. I'm on the search for a planner for this year (it's almost half way over tho haha). The only one I've seen is this pokemon time one. So if anyone has this planner unused I'll be willing to take it off your hands! And if there are any other cute planners I might be interested too :) Thanks! Got one thanks!
2014-04-16 15.13.43

Final Lot, selling entire collection

Hey guys, sorry the only posts I'm making are advertising lots but I have decided to give up Pokemon collecting entirely. I hardcore collected Growlithe, Arcanine, and Wailord and ally collection items (well most all) are in this lot. I'm only keeping a few practical use items like mugs and charms. It was great being a part of this community, thanks to everyone who had helped my collection grow, now I hope to return the favour! Here's the link, let me know if you have any questions (please contact me on eBay) shipping in America only


Eeveelution Face Clip GB is in! Final payment!

Hey guys, the clips are in! Please leave your location so I can calculate your shipping. ^^
All the clips are in perfect condition, but Vaporeon has a teeny-tiny blue line on her face.
2014-04-15 11.58.102014-04-15 11.58.19

Also, I'm seeking some Sylveon items!
ALL Sylveon stampers, and the cookie tin! I'd really love to get it with the Sylveon cookie.

Also, sales plug! Bath salt figures, ramen stickers- all at discounted prices!

SSS Arrived! :D

Hello everyone!

After seeing everyone get their SSS gifts in, I was more than ready for mine to come in!
This was my first year to participate and I'm super happy with what I got!

My SSS member was pandaeatworld

Here is what they sent me!


I got got three very cute custom plush, some candy (which my bf ate... Lol), and a lovely note and sticker!
Thank you so much panda for sending me these!
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Thank you you for liking and have a great night/morning!

Quick Introduction and Current Wants!!!

Hi! I'm Aki and I recently joined the community and I am loving this place a lot! ^^ I started to really like pokemon after I played Pokemon Y and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity (this game made me TT^TT). I always like pikachu, and mostly grass pokemon, like Bulbasaur and Chikorita. I am trying to find bigger plush of Bulbasaur and Chikorita, and a Large or Medium Pokemon Centre Pikachu Tail Strap! Please let me know if you have these and are willing to sell:

Chikorita 1:1 plush (the one on the right)

Pikachu tail in medium or large (the one on the right)

Thanks for viewing :)

Guess who got candy??

Meeee!! i ordered candy from caddieneko and it was ramune flavor ^^ I would totally recommend buying from her guys!! :) pics under the cut btw if anyone is selling candy lemme know! I am on the hunt for a pokeball I can open and close about the size of a tennis ball... I only have 7.25 on my paypal so I hope we can work something out! US sellers please :)
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Shining Gyarados Offers

I was thinking of putting this up on eBay, as I rarely seem to have the time to manage sales these days... However, I'd really like the community to have a shot at this one first :) It was a really hard decision to sell him (anyone who knows my emotional attachment to G/S versions will understand!) but I know he will go to a loving home here.

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