April 18th, 2014

Plenty O' Pokedolls GA!!!

Hi guys, this is my first time helping host a GA; baconscreation is our main host! :D

There are a bunch of great Pokedolls in this lot as well as others, so take a look!

Here we go! Cut for more pictures!:

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- I will be doing the spreadsheets/threads.
My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/haybuddyy/
- baconscreation will be doing the shipping/bidding! She ships from Washington, USA.
Her feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/baconscreation/

- I will be claiming the Dragonite Pokedoll for $60, and am willing to go higher.
- baconscreation will be claiming the Pika on a Cloud plush for $25.

This is a Y!J lot so there will be 3 payments:

1.) From Y!J to the middleman.
2.) From middleman to baconscreation.
3.) From baconscreation to you :)

There is a chance of custom fees, and would be part of payment 3 if there is one.

- All standard pkmncollectors rules apply!
- NO SNIPING! Please bid in good time of the auction ending. Any bids placed within the last 5 minutes of the auction, will extend the auction a further 5 minutes until bidding stops.
- NO banned members!
- Payments are accepted through Paypal only and should be paid within 48 hours of the payment posts.
- All plush will start at $5!!
- NO deleting bids or editing!!!

GA ends Friday. Here is a timer!!

That's it! Let's make this GA a success!

Bid awayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
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Psychic gets & Chimeco/Pikachu wind chimes question

Hey guys!
Psychic is my favorite type so this month in the cranes has been really exciting for me!
I also have some cool new flats including a few from the comm so I thought I'd make a tiny gets post~
I also have a quick question at the bottom! Click the cut for gets :D

Banner by me!
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I also had a question about these wind chimes that were released on the 15th of this month.
I'm wondering if anyone living in Japan has seen them yet? My local spots don't carry them and I don't want to miss out on these guys like I have with other releases lately D:
I also haven't seen I love Pikchu/I love Eevee in my room at all so it looks like I completely missed out on those as well. I'm wondering again if anyone saw those in the machines?
Thanks for looking and any help regarding the UFOs would be appreciated!358

Intro Post + a Unique Get

Hey comm!! I am so super excited that I have been accepted into the community. I have been a pokemon fan since 1998 but didn't really start actively collecting until 5 years ago after I played leaf green. I started off with a single charmander keychain figure from my childhood and before too long I fell in love with cards and figures and then everything to do with pokemon. So then I started constantly to hunt down any and every pokemon merch I could get my hands on at garage sales, markets, secondhand shops and sometimes ebay. Before, price was always the biggest obstacle with being a student and all, but now I would say space is my one true foe.

Five years on and a move out of home has left me with hardly any room to display all my things that make me happy. I now only have less then a 1/4 out on display and the rest is in storage. One day I hope to have a room for the single purpose of displaying my pokemon collection. I mainly collect tomy figures these days because I don't have room for plushies. However, that doesn't stop me sometimes when you just cannot resist. I have a lot of pokemon merch but I still wouldn't call me a hardcore collector. I'm more of a pokemon hoarder because condition doesn't always mean everything to me.

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raichu is happiest happy chu

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pokemon petit news...EDIT: and the first DX doll since DP + pokedolls!!





we will get these onto sunyshore RIGHT NOW and yes, youll be able to combine as long as you include a note :D
--->click to order for pickup!

EDIT: um.......................4/26 is truely another day to live in infamy. adding to this news...

yep...........and thats a DX dedenne pokedoll. they havent made a DX pokedoll since diamond and pearl. i think, if i am not remembering wrong.

holy mother of what

--->got those up too! :D

HUGE Gets Post!!!

Hey all!

I have had a lot come in the mail lately and like Pikachu have been waiting at the mailbox everyday.

My gets are all Tomy figures for my tomy collection :)

First up are some items I purchased with From Japan: WARNING LOTS OF IMAGES

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I'm sure you all don't need me to name the Pokemon (but if you do tell me and I will):)
I am in a pickle with the mint in package figures as they are so old I don't want to open them,
    but at the same time I want to open them and display them on my shelf with my other figures >.<

Any advice? I think in the end I will just open them :) lol

I also got a HUGE bunch of figures from members on the comm (you know who you are, I don't know how to tag people but thank you!!!)

These are them (there is more but memory card filled on camera) :

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Hope you enjoyed them :)

I am so happy to see my tomy collection growing!

Thanks for viewing :D

Pokemon Bank Auctions Reminder + updated wants post

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that my Pokemon bank auctions are going to be ending in 2 days, 4/20 at 11:00 PM CST! Get your bids in now before it's too late! Follow the link here --> http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/17035215.html to bid! The glow in the dark Pikachu has no bids, and a few of the others are at their starting!

Also, I've finally put together a comprehensive wants list here --> http://vulpeslagopus.livejournal.com/2046.html
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(no subject)

Hey guys. I've been searching for a cubone TOMY figure with club for awhile now, and every single auction, I get sniped. Looking to pay around $15 - $20 shipped. Also looking for the cubone zukan. Thanks for any help. :(
pokedoll, heracross, pokemon

A brief introduction

Hello! I'm new to the community, and I'd like to introduce myself.

I'm Manta, and have been a fan of Pokemon for most of my life (started with a Squirtle in Blue Version), but only recently became interested in collecting merchandise. I don't yet have any sort of theme, but most of the items I'd like obtain are Banpresto or Pokedoll plushes of my favorites.

Below the cut is a picture of everything I currently have, and I have more detailed pictures here

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I'm trying not to go overboard and buy all my wants at once, so to start my time here, I'm looking for a Whimsicott Substitute 5" plush with tags.

I paid $26 for one a few months ago, and it seems that prices have jumped since then. If anyone is selling one, I would love to get a quote on price + shipping.

Thanks so much for allowing me to join this community! :)

EDIT: Updated post with my Banpresto Togekiss (possible bootleg). Opinions on authenticity are appreciated
S Greninja Pokedoll

Updated sales!

I recently updated my sales (both Pokemon and non-Pokemon) over at my journal. Took some new pictures, lowered some prices and added some new figures and plush so go take a look! :) Please don't be afraid to negotiate prices as I really need to downsize and would usually rather sell for less than not at all!

- Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 03/02/11
- My PKMNCollectors feedback page can be found here!

I also updated my wants with the new focus I'm taking on my collecting! I'm intending to mostly collect Greninja/Shiny Greninja things, but have also found myself wanting more Dedenne in my life! XD I would also like to collect Mega Medicham and Alakazam, though given their designs I'm not sure exactly what will be made of them. I'd honestly love a custom Mega Medicham with poseable ribbony arms!

The others on my list have been downgraded to very minor collections and I'm not collecting any more Reshirams other than the one Lotto figure if I ever get my hands on it. So I'll be keeping what I have of those for now. :) Still looking for all the other wants on my page however.

Oh! And if anyone has a Greninja zukan for sale, I'd be interested! I'm sad I missed out on a good deal. TwT

Have a good Easter everyone! <3

Quick Auction!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a great friday!
I have some cute keychain and miscellaneous things to auction off!

This auction will end on
WEDNESDAY 04/23/14 at 11:00 PM

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/haepbrosonearth/

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Please do not Bid before this poem is crossed off!

"Charmanders are red
squirtles are blue
IF you were a Pokemon
I'd choose you

Your smile is stronger
Then Hyper beam
Like Jesse and James
We'd make the perfect team

thank you!


Wants and Sales~

Though I haven't posted in quite a while, my top grails remain the same:

If anyone could help me purchase Mime Jr's Christmas Pokedoll or Face Mascot, I'd love you forever~! ; w ;

Those aside, I've finally found some time over the week to sort out my sales stock.
Some prices are lower, some new items are added, and a lot of photos have been retaken. Please check it out here or by clicking the banner below~!

Please note that I ship from Canada, and be sure to read over the rules page before posting. I will know if you haven't.
That said, I really need to get this stuff gone to reclaim space, so I'm super open to haggling on larger orders.
Aggron y Bergmite bbs

Easter weekend sales? Come and get 'em over easy!

Hey all you goons! How's it hanging in the collecting life? (I kinda fell off a canyon)

Basically I've decided that I want to shift towards my other video game interests (but I'm still super hardcore on my fellow pokes and a few trinkets) So spring cleaning was behind curtain number one! I've got my whole Arceus, Black Kyurem, and Taillow side collections, some charms, and much more! Come on down~ (A ton of these things will be going to our garage sale and eBay a little before summer)

Homerun Sales New baseballs colored

Also, on another note, I ended up trying out sculpting!

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Hope everyone's weekends are filled with yummy stuff! (Easter chocolate is the bomb >w< )

A Few gets + Updated Wants List!

Hello community! It's been a while since my last post, so I thought I might get you guys updated on what's been going on in my collecting life!
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So, those were some of my recent gets, and now for my wants:

High Priority:
Mega Venusaur Plush HOLY JKFDGNLRIEVJKGBSHD!!!!!!! THANK YOU POKEMON CENTER JAPAN FOR MAKING ONE AT LONG LAST!!!!!!!! :D :D :D I have this boss preordered from our very own Gin, so thank you too! You are also boss!

Noivern plush- If you can make a freaking awesome plush Pokecen Japan, then anyone can. Just... someone make an official Noivern plush. You've already made a fantastic MC figure, so now make the plush.

Heliolisk Plush- Same as Noivern.

Mega Ring I had no idea when these were coming out, but Pokevault had them today, and I bought it!

Mega Venusaur 4-pack MC figure set with Venusaurite- This is why I got the Mega Ring. I understand there's a Mega Venusaur MC figure out now, but why get that instead of wait a little bit for the entire family AND a mega stone? Oh, and when is this coming out? OH THANK THE HEAVENS I WAS ABLE TO GET ONE OFF OF POKEVAULT!!! Apparently, 60+ mega evolution items came out on the 19th, and he just didn't show them on his website at the time. At least I ordered one! :)

Medium Priority:
Venusaur MPC plush- Just waiting for the release, and it's mine!

Low Priority:
Venusaur 1997 Banpresto plush:
I would love to get one someday, but that can wait.

Extremely Low Priority:
Shiny Entei Pokedoll- When I get the money for one and get the deal of a lifetime on it, I'll think about it.

Venusaur GBA SP- Same as Shiny Entei Pokedoll

BONUS!!! Coming Soon:

Mega Venusaur plush!
Mega Ring!
Custom Venusaur and Mega Venusaur 3DS charms!
Azelf Banpresto plush! (This is actually a gift for my brother, so this isn't going into my collection.)
Mega Venusaur 4-pack MC figure set with Venusaurite!

I hope everyone's been doing well and this has been DSL_WEEGEE!

need tcg help!

Hi everyone!
Ended up that the cards are fake :( Thanks for the help!
I need help identifying these two tcg cards. They have a really weird rough surface so I think they are fake but just want to make sure :)


!Auction Reminder!

Just wanted to let you all know that my auctions are ending soon, (roughly 2 hours). Some plush have no bids yet. Some come and take a look and see if you would like to give any these cuties a home! Since the Deadline is so close to ending, I have included a timer link:


To go to the Auctions, Click the images or the link below them.

Click Here for Auctions
Auctions Ended!
thank you

Recent gets!

Hello comm!

Yesterday I found some interesting figures!
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And I received my recent custom! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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I also I rearranged my collection! I'm not finished, but at least everything is out of bags and on display!
Collapse )

I still need to unpack my Pitapokes, but I think I'll wait until the new ones come out! :DD

Oh, and Happy Easter weekend! c: I hope everyone has fun, no matter what you celebrate! :]

Until next time~♥

Hello! *an introduction*

Hi! I'm Meg/Sylvie.
I've been playing Pokemon since January 2013, and I started my collection in May 2013, but I already love it all so so much! When I found PKMNCollectors, it just made me love Pokemon more. Who knew there were so many cool Pokemon things? I'm pretty shy, so I just lurked around, but I finally decided to join today. >w< My fave Pokemon are: Zorua/Zoroark, Sylveon, Suicune, Fennekin. . . And Helioptile and Inkay, and. . . Samurott. . . Okay, There's too many cute Pokemon! This whole collecting thing is gonna be interesting!
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I'm looking forwards to expanding my collection and seeing everyone else's grow, too. (:
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Pokedoll poll 2014!

Pokedoll poll!

Hello Pokedoll collectors! I did this poll last year, but I know we get so many new collectors every year and our collections get bigger, so I figured I would post it again and add quite a few more questions to it. Have fun! -mewisme700

Total Pokedolls:
Favorite Pokedoll:
Least favorite Pokedoll:
Picky about tags?:
Rarest in your collection:
Best deal you got on a Pokedoll:
Most you payed for a Pokedoll:
Ever sold a Pokedoll you regret selling?:
Any loved condition Pokedolls?
Any mini or DX Pokedolls?
Most wanted Pokedoll that'd you'd trade your soul for:
Have more than one of the same Pokedoll?
First Pokedoll:
Any Pokedoll merch?:
Japanese or American Pokedolls?:
Ever bought one yourself at Pokemon Center/Nintendo World/Epcot/kiosk?:
Ever found one at a yard sale or flea market?
Own a PlushPlush?
Which Pokemon isn't a Pokedoll you wish was?
Any custom Pokedolls? By who?
How do you display your Pokedolls?
How do you organize your Pokedolls? (by color, gen, type, etc.)
Are your Pokedolls display only, or will you cuddle them?
Ever brought a Pokedoll with you on your travels? Where?
Ever lost a Pokedoll some how?
Ever gotten a Pokedoll as a gift?
Ever bought a Pokedoll for Yahoo! Japan Auctions?
Have a website for your Pokedolls?
Post a picture!