April 19th, 2014

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Espeon Pokedoll?

Hi all!  I recently missed the chance to get my hands on an Espeon pokedoll and I've been pretty put out about it.  Along with Vaporeon, it's pretty much the grail for me because Espeon's my favorite pokemon.  So I was wondering, about how much do they usually go for with their tags? (I'm a pretty big stickler when it comes to hang tags.)  This is one of the first instance I've seen on the community in a while so I don't really have anything to compare it to.

Anyone willing to sell theirs?  Or maybe a Vaporeon pokedoll?

Thanks in advance!

Edit:  I got my hands on a Vaporeon, and I just purchased Espeon!  This community is seriously the best :D

Sales everything must go!

Everything must go! I lost my job and am trying to make my ends meet while clearing out this apartment. Everything here is OBO and I ship from Florida. Prices do not include tracking unless asked. Everything that was bought before has been shipped out. Please feel free to make an offer especially on the plush! Everything must go!

Also for sale is a My Little Ponyta shirt and various pony stuff in my journal

I was given sales permission by Gin in January 2011

Here is my Feedback:


 photo sales422014copy.jpg

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Shipping Info: USPS Choose a Shipping Date Problem is Fixed

Hello, comrades. I wish you are not tired of the down of the USPS site to print your postage online to ship your Priority packages and/or international packages. Good news is that they have finally fixed this problem when I check their sites today. That is more than one month but I guess it is worth the waiting. So, now, you can save time and cost from standing in a line in the post office, and get free tracking on sending your packages at the same time. I apologize if this post is out of your interest.
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HUGE WANT: Torterra mini gacha machine

I've been desperately looking for this for over a year.

Everybody I've found that has owned it has sold it. Does anybody happen to have one they're willing to sell?!

Edit: I am also still looking for the Turtwig line Zukan. The person who was going to sell it to me fell through. :[

Question about I Love Eevee HQ Laying Down Plush

I was doing some research lately on good prices for the Eeevee HQ laying down plush.
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I noticed that some sellers say it's around 10" (26cm) long, others say it's 17" (44cm). This is a HUGE difference. Are there two versions of this plush released? Like a "normal" HQ and a DX HQ? Or is 10" just the length without the tail? The poster tells something like that, but I can't really tell.
Could also be I just misunderstood something. :D Will somebody please enlighten me? :)

Aaand to make this post a little less boring for you, I give you this lovely Oreon I found in the internet. :DD

Happy Easter, guys!! <3 Have a great weekend!
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Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

April Sales! XY02 Zukan (Starter Lines and Pancham Line!~) and XY Wild Blaze Boosters/Decks!

Hi everyone! I'm back today after about a month and a half with some new Zukan and card sales! If you ordered some XY kids from me back in March, you probably have long received your figures! If so, I'd appreciate some feedback here! I'll gladly return the favor! :)

Sales Rules:

1. PayPal only, but no eChecks accepted.
2. I ship from California, USA, via First Class/First Class International USPS. My shipping day is Saturday.
3. My feedback can be found at the hyperlink in the first paragraph. My sales permission was granted by denkimouse in 2009.
4. I ship Zukan in the plastic wrap with the paper insert inside of a bubble mailer, just FYI!
5. Happy seeking!

So firstly, I have the newest set of Zukan up for sale! Please take a look (sorry for the glare, under the cut is a largerimage):

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I have all of the zukan above listed (I have a lot of each, and I will post when each is sold out. But as now, I have plenty of Zukan to go around!). The price is $5.80, plus shipping!


Chespin/Quilladin/Chesnaught Line
Fennekin/Braxien/Delphox Line ALL GONE FOR NOW!!
Froakie/Frogadier/Greninja Line ALL GONE FOR NOW!!
Pancham/Pangoro Line

Additionally, I have some merchandise from Wild Blaze (XY2) set of Japanese trading cards! There are some popular Pokemon in this set, namely Charizard, so enjoy!

Mega CharizardEX (Y) Power Deck (x2 available) - $24.80 ea.

Wild Blaze Booster Box (1st Edition, FYI) - $31.80 - SOLD!

Thanks for taking a look at my sales, as always! Please comment below with your ZIP code or country so I can give you a quote for shipping and such! Thanks folks, and have a good remainder of the weekend!
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Collection update and question

Hi everyone! I posted yesterday introducing myself, and my collection. Today, my collection got an update, but I'm not sure if it's a legitimate one.

Pictures below the cut of my new Banpresto Togekiss. The left (red) horn looks off to me, and the plush looks slightly wider than others I've seen. The tag also seems to be missing certain elements.

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If it is in fact a bootleg, I'd like to try and return it.

Thanks for any help!

EDIT: It's legit. The red horn still looks a little wonky to me, but I guess it's fine! If anyone else is looking to purchase through videogamefigures.com, I ordered my plush five days ago, and it just arrived in perfect condition.

My biggest sales post to date

As the title says, my biggest sales post. =) Please read the rules and the shipping part!
Collection update coming next. =)

~ I got sales permission from Lineaalba January 8th 2010

~ I only accept paypal
~ I ship anywhere in the world from the Netherlands
~ All prices are in US Dollars
~ Feedback:
~ Old feedback:
~ I ship within a week of receiving payment
~ Items that have high shipping will be marked with an *

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Get These Out of my Room Sales and April Commissions!

Hello Everyone, I recently did some weeding to my collection and have a few new custom plush that need homes!
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And now onto Commissioning info!
IMG_20140124_211633IMG_20140119_003523IMG_20140210_130846IMG_20131108_200354 - CopyIMG_20130121_220155IMG_20130215_220145
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For more examples of my work check out my tumblr
Slots are first come first serve
If you take longer than 24 hours to respond the slot will be offered to the next person in line.
Questions and comments are always welcome :>

Slots available
1.  fleece Noibat-  Creampuffoholic - FINISHED! fixed
2. Phantump Plush - B4ckbone - FINISHED!
3. Leafeon Beanie- Fabledkizmet - 55% completed
4. walky nidoking and lazy grotle - 3kame  - Nidoking - FINISHED Grotle- FINISHED
5. Manetric- haybuddyy FINISHED

*All Commision Slots are full thank you everyone!*

X & Y Plush Sales, and a shockly fast grail get.

Happy Easter Eve!
So I've got some X & Y pokemon plush to clear out.
But first; remember this post?

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I also completed the Jynx and Ralts evolutions today.

On to the sales!
2014-04-19 16.14.19

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I updated my collection page with my new gets. If anyone wants to exchange links, just ask! :D

Birthday want!!

On may 24, I'm hitting the big 22 so I want to get myself a plush for my birthday ^^/ this maybe updated later if I think of something else but for now I'm putting what I can think of :)  oh!! And please feel free to send a virtual birthday card with a drawing to ladyneko92@aol.com! I will treasure it forever <3 my RL friends won't really do that kinda stuff for me XP they think they can't draw tch!! Us sellers please!! International shipping is sooo expensive <:0
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Forgot to add these for a less boring post happy Easter!

So, I just lost an ebay auction...

For this. ):

It wasn't one of my major wants, but when I saw it I knew I had to get it, it was now or never. It was a UK only auction and it's not very often a Sylveon item becomes available to UK bidders only... I lost it by 50p. )': I'm pretty devastated about it to be honest. :/ I really wanted it. Does anyone have one they might be willing to sell? It's a Sylveon/Eeveelution 'sticker' book, it has plastic pages for stickers on the inside and is roughly A5 size. I don't see them often and would love to have one.

In other news though, I have some (big!) plushies on their way soon for me to show off to you guys. Really looking forward to them. (:

Broken TOMY...

Hello community~

I have a Absol TOMY figurine, but her scythe and tail are missing... Can anyone recommend to me a material to fix her with? I was at first, thinking about air-dry clay to re-model the missing parts, structuring the parts with wire. But, since her scythe is clean cut off, that would be hard to pull off, and topping it off with a shiny finish... Plus, it probably wouldn't last long at-all. I was going to include photos, but I can't find my camera lead... :c
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New Gets! Yanma & Crobat! More collection pictures too!

I just got in some new TOMYs two days ago.  :D
Also got a few more sealed Auldeys.

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Here is the ancient Sneak Peek Video Cassette I got when I was subscribed to Nintendo Power ages ago.

For those of you who have never seen it:
Click Here! (it was the only full version I found, but it's kind of crackly)

Here's more of my pokemon collection:

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Reminder for auctions + my most wanted grail finally achieved!!!!

Hello there guys!
First thing, I wanted to remind you that I have some ongoing auctions that will end in a little over 24 hours!! Here is a teaser pic:

I have some rare items up for auctions, like Eeveelu items, Johto related puzzles, HGSS book and tons ad tons of other things!!
Please click HERE to go there!

Now to my SUPER DUPER ULTRA MOST WANTED GRAIL GET that I have been wanting since I have started collecting Pokemon!!!
Last time, I gave a tiny teaser picture...

I think that most of you already know who it has to do with....

Jackie and Mantyke
Freaking cuties!!!! I am having SO SO much luck with my favorite ray merchandise, but this time, it's exceptional...

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Thank you so very much guy for looking!!! <333

Lucario bootleg?

I ordered a Lucario plush the other day, and I'm pretty suspicious of it since I know the Internet can be a wonderland of bootlegs. It's the Lucario Banpresto 2010 plush, and I'm wondering if you guys could help me figure out if it's a bootleg or not, or if I'm being overly paranoid.

Here goes.

photo 1

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I'm pretty sure it's a bootleg, but I just want to make sure. I guess I need to be super careful when I'm shopping in Amazon, because the bootlegging is getting atrocious, even though you're really careful.

Sorry if I come off paranoid, but it's getting increasingly difficult collecting plushies online when there's rampant hordes of bootlegs D: Thanks!
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Display Poll and Sales!

Hello everyone! I haven't posted in a while... college is keeping me pretty busy! I really like collection displays, so I thought I'd do a little poll!

1. How do you display your collection?
2. Is your collection all in one place or spread out?
3. Do you display rarer pieces differently?
4. Do you have cuddle plush on your bed?
5. What do you do with tags?
6. If money/space were not an obstacle, how would you display your collection?
7. Do you like the way you have your collection displayed or do you want to make changes?
8. Do you anticipate and make room for new items or do you just re-arrange when the items come in?
9. Do you have multiples of the same thing? How do you display those?
10. Post a picture!

Also, I'm hoping to clear out some of my stock so that I don't have to haul as many scarves home when I check out of my dorm for the summer. Click on the banner to go to my Etsy store; I've got lots of Pokemon themed scarves still!


I was granted sales permission on May 22, 3013 by entirelycliched

My feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/inky_starlight/
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