April 20th, 2014

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Has anyone seen this strap?

I've been searching for this Pokemon Time Charizard strap for awhile now and I'm becoming desperate to locate it.
Theres one on ebay going for $30+ although the Venusaur and Blastoise straps are going for a lot cheaper.
Please help me locate this item cheaper or if anyone has this for sale, let me know please.
I don't have funds right now but I would like to know if it's available somewhere so I could purchase it in a week or so.
Thank you!
thank you

Updated sales and an auction!

Hello comm! :)

I updated my sales with some new items! Including some Pokemon Walky pouches and some more TFGs! :3

Click the picture or here to be transported!

Also, everyone who bought from my sales last week, everything was shipped out on Thursday! ^_^

Now for the Auction!

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Please wait until this is crossed out to bid!Bid away!

Until next time~♥

Wants Post

Let's keep this plain and simple. I am currently seeking the following TOMY figures:
Celebi (sitting pose)

I am willing to take figures that are not in terrific condition, as long as all of the limbs are intact. Keep
in mind that I will probably purchase the figure in around a week if I am interested. If you're willing to part with any of these figures, please let me know.

Trade me your: Eevee walky pouch?

^ I am looking for a C-Eevee walky pouch.

I am hoping to trade ANY item in my TL for this item:
You can find the items I am trading on my Weebly page:
Would anyone like to trade? It doesn't matter if there is no tags as long as I can use it for coins (& maybe cards in there?) then it's all fine.

If nobody is interested in trading then I am selling items still. x3

Please click the image to be transported to my sales.

+I have a Pokemon tumblr account -Jessyistired.
If anyone has one please add me and I will follow you as well. I'm looking for pokemon fans to follow x3

$1 Auctions Random Figures

Auctions are over and total are being made.


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Wait Till all threads are up before you comment BID AWAY

TCG sales! Take it all away!

Hi guys :)

I have a few new cards for sale today! Please take these guys away! The prices are already pretty competitive compared to online stores, but make offers. I really need to raise some funds asap, I made a derp. :)

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Kirlia - $0.25
Purrloin - $3
Virizion FA EX - $22 ($26.49 on T&T for comparison) This is a super textured thicker card, it's sooo nice!
Xerneas EX Tin edition - $5

I have 100s more cards for sale on my permanent sales post here! Please come take a look!

Thanks for your time! Hope you're all having a great easter weekend!

Small gets&wants post

Hello comm & happy easter! :3


This is only a small post for my wants and my latest cute gets! (I'm so sorry that I haven't leave feedback for the seller but everytime I forgot the username :/ Maybe because of the long shipping time to germany u.u' )


Look under the cut for my supercute gets!


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For my wants - I have decided to complete my Southern Island card set, so I'm searching for all of these except butterfree, togepi, ledyba, vileplume and ivysaur. Would be awesome if anyone can help me out :))


Thats all, thanks for looking!

Collection Update~! And super Easter blowout sales!

Hello everyone! I have a bun-tastic collection update to share with everyone! ^ -^
TONS of pictures below the cut~!

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Now for extreme Easter sales!! EVERYTHING is up for reasonable offers! My mom is warning me that if I don't get rid of things that aren't a part of my collections she will simply throw them away :( I'm hoping they can go to good homes instead! Only thing I'm putting a price tag on is a recent FA TCG pull ^ -^ So please take a look!

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Finally, I'm really sorry for those who have still not received their pogs from my second sales post :( I've ben incredibly busy these past couple weeks and it was really hard for me to get to the PO. When I finally got there, the lady running the counter refused to ship the envelopes because they had "obscurely shaped" items in them, even though I told her I'd shipped envelopes with the same items before - .- I was able to ship all bubble mailer items but unfortunately I'll have to try shipping the pogs again sometime this week :(
Terribly sorry for the delay everyone!! :( I know I say to give me 1-2 weeks to ship but I feel bad making people wait! > n<
I hope you can get your items soon!
Thanks for checking out this post! Have a happye aster everyone! ^ w^b

Giant Karp and more GA Reminder! Updated sales/slashed prices added more plush and SYLVEON!

Don't miss out on your chance, this ends tomorrow! We still have not met the reserve, we need your help to get there! Click the link to be transported to the auction!

Also don't forget to check out my sales! I've put up my 2 Sylveon bubbles for a special WORLDWIDE LJ shipped price! My contact hasn't been able to locate anymore so don't miss out on your chance!
Remember that I'm open to haggling and trading ;)

(no subject)

Hey everyone, still trying to find a Raichu Pokedoll. If you have one in need of a new home, let me know what your asking price is and we can go from there ~


Also still on the look out for a Wailord Pokemon Time plush for a semi reasonable price

gets and question?

Hello everyone!
today i have some gets and a question, first the question. ive seen this item pop up on ebay twice now i think. it says it a preorder that will be out april 26th. is says its a takara tomy plush and that its very rare. i was wondering if when it is released are these plushes known to be rare or is this just an ebay thing? also is ebay the only place where i can order it from right now? should i wait? how big are these plushes normally? Thank you for any help!
Screen shot 2014-04-20 at 4.57.18 PM

now onto gets!
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im also looking for any swirlix items i dont have. if you have anything you think i dont have please link me to your sales or tell me about it! really interested in stickers but i want everything i can get ^^
Thank you!

Trouble with the talking Fennekin plush

Hi, everyone! I was wondering if someone could help me out here.

I bought a talking Fennekin plush last year when it came out, and I noticed that it kept saying the same thing over and over again.

Sometimes, it says a few different things, but then it makes a quick clicking noise in the middle of what it's saying and repeats that one thing over and over again.
Like, I can tell that it's trying to say a whole bunch of different stuff, but it seems to keep resetting itself in the middle of its sentences, if that makes sense.

For example, Fennekin might say the following things:
-"Fok--" Then I will hear a "click" and it will cut off in mid-sentence and repeat the exact same thing every time you prompt it to say something:

I even bought a second one, but it has the EXACT same problem. It even repeats the same phrase the first one repeats.

Does anyone else own one of these? Do you have this same problem?
Do they all do this?

Sorry if this was worded in a confusing way. I can try to explain it better if you need me to.
Here are pictures of the plush I'm talking about:

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My Wants List!

Hello everyone! This is Ivan and this is my wants list. I got paid recently so I would like to get a few plushes that I have been looking for. If anyone has any for sale, please let me know! Shipping would be to US 95128,

Thanks! :D

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