April 22nd, 2014


buying eevee and sylveon plushies

i'm looking to buy one eevee and one sylveon plush, preferably the smaller sized plushies but i will look at anything as long as the plushies are about the same size ! these are going to be props for cosplay so tags are not needed and the conditiong can be used.

after looking at some pics i'm either looking for the standing pokemon center plushies or the sitting "mini plushies" also from pokemon center. but yeah, i will look at other stuff too. i'm not looking to spend a lot on these so yeah, if you have some plushies in used condition, i will happily take them ! just include pictures of the items :>

i'm in finland so be sure that you can ship worldwide.

.:BIG get!:.

A figure that I posted about a while back FINALLY came in....oh, sweet Arceus. @-@
When someone told me it was about twice the size of the D-Arts Mewtwo Figure, I was all "Okay, so not so gigantic." ...Nope. It's almost TRIPLE the size of the D-Arts Figure. Like, OMG WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO?! D8>

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(A 16 oz waterbottle for reference. Yikes!)

Looking for either Sylveon or Tyrunt plush! :)

Hello lovely comm! ^_^
I hope everyone had a delicious and fun easter, I sure did! *stuffs leftover chocolate egg in mah grubby mouth*.
I come to you today with a want for a dear friends birthday in a few months!

She is interested in either the Sylveon Pokemon Center plush (Pokeball tag) OR the Tyrunt Pokedoll (EDIT: Not Pokedoll - Pokemon center plush - I think any Tyrunt will do really).
They DON'T need to be with hangtag, but preferably not "loved". :)
Originally I got the Pokemon center Sylvee for $18 shipped from entirelycliched in January, so I'd like to pay no more than $20 plus shipping on her. For Tyrunt in his Pokedoll form I'd like to pay no more than $21 SHIPPED if possible. >_< These prices would be MWT.
Really hoping this is possible, because I want to make a dear friend's birthday wish possible! I went halfsies on a SHINY MAGIKARP last year for her, which was a GIANT wish of hers, and it got sent to the person I went halfsies with, and his parents threw it out, because it was in a bag. :(
So I really want to get this right! <3
Obviously I'd love to get her another 'carp but they are soooo pricey. :(

Thanks so much in advance darlin's! :D
Oh! I only need one or the other! ^_^

*I borrowed these from google, if they are yours please let me know so I can give you credit <3*
Sylveon's tag! ^_^

US Pokedoll

Custom Pokemon Time bookmarks now printed!

Hello community!

I have been trying to do some custom Pokemon Time bookmarks printed and finally I found how to do it!
This is my first bunch and I only tried to do my favorite ones but I think I'll do another bunch when I can. I have some of these for sale and I'm open to commissions! So if you want to see a bookmark of your favorite pokemon, check under the cut! ^^

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And, as usual, if you prefer a traditional art, you can check anything on my other art commission HERE or click on the picture. I'm open to whatever you prefer ^^

Finally! It's only a day left for the Mommy Dialga GA, so if you want to get one of this cute plushies, just bid with your max. to be able to win this! ^^

Pokedoll wants and question

Just posting my pokedolls wants, before I post an update in the next coming weeks.

If you see these or have any of these for sale, please contact me <3 These are the last four I need to complete my collection!!


Also, I've encountered this problem recently. I had a package leave SMJ last Wedsnday via priority mail w/insurance (2/3 day delivery), and it was supposed to arrive by Saturday (I never listen to the 'expected delivery' time, because it is at times inaccurate.) However it's now Tuesday and it still hasn't arrived. Has anybody ever had this happen on a USPS package? I was expecting my Oversized shimmery Piplup pokedol and a Tomy laying Leafeon beanie, and I'm hoping that they didn't get lost ;_;


Shipping problems?

So I went to the post office to send out a bunch of commissions last week, and about half of them are back at my house. I've had this happen twice, once because the shipping label got scratched off during transit and once because the address I was sending it to had some sort of problem (I can't even remember now.)

But the thing is is that there isn't even any note, or label, or anything, they're just there 0_0 I repackaged them all and everything but I'm just wondering, has this happened to anyone before? It's just really strange... I don't know what happened. I'm guessing the post office messed something up- I've been going to a new one recently but it's not like this was my first time there >w< And I seriously doubt something was wrong with all 4 packages that got returned...

I gave everything to my mom to send off tomorrow, so hopefully they'll go through this time. It's just really, really strange ahaha

(Oh, and to the people this applies to- you'll know if yours was one of them if you get a box within a box in the mail XD)

So yeah, anyone have any similar weird experiences? D:

absol want and question about pouches

hey all
for those who havent seen yet we unfortunatley lost the ga :( therefore I am on the hunt for some absol items as a gift for my fiancée, mega absol or regular wanted. and I know its a long shot but any plush would be excellent!!! so let me know if you have any for sale or seen any :)

also a bit of a question about pokemon pouches, currently I use an old walky mew pouch as a make up bag but i have been using this for almost two years now so it has seen better days so I am after a replacement pouch. I want to know what other pouches are out there, they dont have to be large just long enough to fit mascara in!
i may consider buying one if anyone has one to offer or can point me in the direction of one :)