April 24th, 2014

Reintroduction + Tomy Collection Reorganization + Is My Tomy Magmar Legit?

Hi community,

I'm Tommy & I like warm hugs (brownie points if you know what movie I referenced.) I've been meaning to do this for a while. I've been into Pokemon since 1999 around the time the first movie was coming out in the US. My first exposure to it was through the Anime specifically the 3-parter where Ash caught the Kanto starters, and I've been hooked ever since. I then got a few cards then on my 9th Birthday in 2000 I played my first Pokemon game, Red Version which I still have to this day. I got Yellow too that day. My favorite Pokemon of all time is Oshawott as you can see from my avatar. I fell in love with Ash's Oshawott in Best Wishes! (one of the few good things about it.) I also like Charizard & Mewtwo. My main collections are of course Oshawott & Tomy figures.

Yesterday I reorganized my Tomy collection, and now I have more room for figures. I like this way a lot better.

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What do you guys think? I am willing to talk to other Tomy collectors about our collections and what not.

I also want to know if my Magmar is legit or not. I am not really sure as I heard even the legit ones had bad paintjobs.

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As for how many figures I need to complete each generation I need

Kanto: 10
Johto: 46
Hoenn: 53
Sinnoh: 35
Unova: 20
Kalos: 3 (of what's been released, but I am keeping up with this generation as they've been released)
C&H Autumn
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Poliwhirl Pokedoll Offers + Game Events Freebies + Kalos & Friends GA Update


I am going to be taking offers on this Poliwhirl Pokedoll with tush tag only. As I now have a MWT version, I have to let go of this swirly tadpole sadly. Hope that this little guy can go to a good home.

Poliwhirl (front)
Poliwhirl (side)Poliwhirl (back)
Poliwhirl Pokedoll - Please offer no less than $200. Free tracking will be included for offers $250 or over.

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Anyway, pretty happy to get this guy so I thought I'd share it...

Thanks to Brian for passing me codes for this. Still got one extra unused code that I'm considering trading for a rare event.

--- GA Update ---

miniokami has informed me that all items for the Kalos Starters & Friends GA have arrived! However, due to some personal circumstances, payment 2 totals will have to be pushed back until next week. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.
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Hello everyone ^~^

It's been a while since I've been on pkmncollecters! My birthday was 2 days ago ^~^ and I was wondering if the Pokemon center sells iPhone 5c cases? I really want one so badly & I'm currently looking for a pidgeotto & skitty tomy figure
pokemon world
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Quick Want!

Hey sorry I havent posted anything for a while - but i have gotten some gets, ill make a big post later on, when i finish exams haha.

Anyhow for now i really want this Tomy: its a Mew Alternative Clear tomy - I'd like it in good condition shipped to Canada ON.

clear mew tomy

Oh and the mewtwo clear tomy as well!

Let me know if you've seen one of these or have one to sell thx ! : )

EDIT; Picture is from http://tomydatabase.weebly.com/ which belongs to James in this community. Hope you don't mind me using it. : C
by pikabulbachu

A few gets + Shiny come back + A scarf for Subby + New discounts

After around a month with no luck (even if I haven't played so much recently), yesterday I found these two Shiny Fairy 30 minutes apart ^^
So I present you Lavande and Cancan who will both evolve. Maybe Spritzee was the one I wanted the most, but in fact I liked the three Pokémon of the Safari. Thus I will hunt Togepi in another one.

And now my gets o/

¤ from HobbyLinkJapan
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¤ from AmiAmi
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And I finish with my DX Substitute plush, which isn't a new get but who's got something new :)
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Thank you for reading :3

You can find more pictures on my website
(send me a message if you want to share links)

And take a look at my updated sales o/
(XY Mega Evolution Kids + New discounts)

My Question + Somewhat "Helpful" List For Buying Purposes

I have a question: anyone know of any online stores that sell the older TOMY figures, like in the black and yellow boxes? I like those, but I can't seem to find them in much places except for Yahoo Japan, but I'm still too lazy to get a middleman services and after hearing about obscene payment 2 charges, I'm scared to do so. eBuey is usually a joke (enjoy your 6 dollar, out of box, scuffed Bulbasaur TOMY!). I have, however, created a list of places that I know sell MIB older-gen TOMY figures.

Pokevault: Diverse selection. The pricing, however, is subpar for certain items.
Animeraro: Kind of like JapanVideoGames with a marginally better selection and slightly slower shipping. I don't know which one matters more.
JapanVideoGames: Passable selection. Pricing is not that great. The service, however, is excellent. I live in the South, and they're in California, and I usually get my packages in 2 days, although I haven't bought from them in years.
GKWorld: Incredibly poor selection, but at decent prices.
Toywiz: Average selection. Sometimes exceptional pricing. Sadly, I have heard horrific stories about items taking months to arrive and items failing to be taken off the website weeks after they are purchased.

Deceased websites:
ToysNJoys: They had a very nice selection. I have heard horrible stories about shipping. I think the physical store is still alive, though.
Sonrisa Toys: They had MIB TOMYs for like 3 dollars for maybe like a couple months around 2010. I got a Venusaur evolutionary line for 4 dollars. The shipping was incredibly quick. A young life taken far too soon.
HobbyValley: Had some rarer TOMYs like Clamperl for cheap. It died sometime after 2010.
Unknown (had Moon in the name): It had some rare TOMYs on it like Absol and Sneasel for low prices. I don't know if it's down or not but an extensive search produced no signs of its whereabouts.

If anyone doesn't know of any stores based on the internet that sell the older gen TOMY figures, does anyone live near a store that sells them?

sales! - let's get these guys out of here!

Hi there, folks!
Before I begin, I would like to let everyone know that I have changed my username from colourdelusion to revarrie!
I hope this clears up any confusion!

I just wanted to share that I've got plenty of items left in my sales from my last weeding.

Sales Feb 2014 023

I'm looking to clear a lot out very soon. Please give them new, loving homes!
Click on the banner below to be transported to my sales page!


Please also be on the lookout for upcoming commission information and a long-overdue collection update!

Thank you! Enjoy your day!

help a cosmic out.

so my phone is dying. D:

to help offset costs of upgrading and of getting a new pokemon case.... I'm selling and auctioning off some things.

I have sales permission- 1/18/14, by entirelycliched.

http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/soulsalight/ <----- OLD FEEDBACK

http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/cosmicxlove/ <----- CURRENT FEEDBACK

I only ship within the USA. please don't ask otherwise.

I ship on tuesdays, wednesdays, and thursdays, and most saturdays.

all pkmncollectors rules apply- first to commit gets the item, along with the five minute auction extension rule.

the auction will end on 8pm on MONDAY, april 28th- Pacific Standard Time. A timer will be provided with the images!

if you could bid in increments of 1, that would be amazing.

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Question For All Sylveon Plush Collectors!


Can anyone tell me about the different sylveon plushes that are out there? I already have the DX sylveon and the pokecen standing sylveon, but i feel like i want a few more in my collection! If anyone could show me pictures and tell me about each different sylveon plush i would really appreciate it! I get paid tomorrow and would like to put up a wants post including some pink sweeties. C:

Thank you oodles! :D <3

Search for Pokemon Y and PMD: GTI

◠‿◠ Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a completely fantastic day!~

A best friend of mine is going to be taking care of my 3DS for a while so I wanted to buy them a copy of Pokemon Y so that they can get into the XY spirit :') I'd rather buy one from the community so I was wondering if somebody had an used copy of Pokemon Y to sell? (I already have X and plus, he likes Yveltal more c: ) I'm not too sure about what the value for it is used, so feel free to toggle around and I'll try to meet up to your standards of parting with your copy n__n (Shipping will be to the US) Found!~ Thank you so much, Herar!! c:
If there's not a copy of Pokemon Y for sale then please keep in mind that I'll also be on the search for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity! I think it looks pretty fun :') It's cute!! Plus, who doesn't want to be a Pokemon? *__* I'm hoping not to exceed more than 20 shipped in the USA for this, since I've seen copies go around for this much on the community, buuuut, of course, I am buying your precious copy, so I'd be willing to try to fit your needs c: This is just a heads-up, but I can most likely pay tomorrow! c: Or today if you're in a huge rush xD
Thanks! n__n take care!

oh right: and if anybody has a giratina pokedoll for sale, please tell me~
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Best and Worst?

So recently I made a big purchase at a convention. I'm wondering if it's a bootleg or not...it looks exactly like the one in the review for the item on pokevault's youtube, but it came from a convention that was selling quite a bit of bootlegs at other booths. So I'm not sure what to think of it, and I can't post any pictures until my little sister gets home with her iPad. Anyways, I was wondering how close a bootleg can get to looking like the real thing? I was also wondering what is the worst poke bootleg you've ever seen/owned

By the way, I bought the Takara Tomy large Virizion plushie that's like 15 inch tall.

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Shiny Eeveelutions Zukan Auction! Reminder for Standing Sylveon Kid Auction + Other Namco Movie Kids

Today I bring you this work of much frustration (and love <3). THIS:

I spent a good 3 days painting these itty bittys and hope others will appreciate and love them for all the work that was put into them :3 You can view more photos in their full size and different angles under the cut ;)
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Also don't forget that my Standing Sylveon Kid auction ends in less than 12hrs! You can also purchse other Namco Movie kids such as Dragonite and Snivy for reduced prices! Here:

Pokemon X Y 02 zukan pick up!

Pick up has finished ^^ Posting payment shortly

Payment post is up: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/17151959.html

Sorry I made a mistake on this post, was supposed to pick up everything on 30th April and for some reason I put 7th May instead ^^; So by all means no rush if you can't pay yet, deadline will remain the same (9th May).  I will be replying to comments at a later time when closer to payment deadline ^^


Hello all,

It's time for the new XY02 zukan pick up :D

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Price for full set of 4, inserts included:
$25 including shipping and fees to anywhere, i will upgrade to registered mail if you purchase 2 sets or more.

I will also be opening claims for individual lines this time, price as follows:
Please note that these will only be picked up if all lines have been claimed.
Froakie line: $10 shipped
Fennekin line: $10 shipped
Chespin line: $10 shipped
Pancham line: $8 shipped

Combined shipping is possible, take $1.5 off each additional line if you are purchasing multiple (:

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Thanks everyone!

RESEARCH: TOMY figure price guide (1-51)

I'm making this list to show how much you should be paying for any given TOMY figure out of box in good condition. This is simply based on rarity and not in-game power or usability. You should not pay any more than 20 dollars for any TOMY figure in existence in poor condition (dirty and scuffy, sometimes with missing or breaking limbs), even things like Golbat, Girafarig, and Electrode. This list, however, will only show prices for figures with minimal scruffs and no missing limbs and will go from 1-50 in the National Pokedex.

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Shaymin Rumble U Figure

Hello wonderful comm! :) Hope you are all doing well on this beautiful April day.

I am just sending out a message to see if anyone has this little guy and is willing to part with him:


Please let me know if you do! I would prefer it to still be in plastic but I am willing to consider one out of plastic.


New stickers & offers- Caterpie bell plush & Pokedoll keychains

Hello! Today I have a few things for sale, and I wanted to mention that my sticker shop has been updated. A few Gen 6, and a lot from Gens 1 & 3.  Please check it out! Here are some of the new stickers! http://pokemonpanya.storenvy.com/


Ok, now here are the things I have for offers - Caterpie Bell plush (missing bell and string :( ) and Pokedoll keychains. Please look after the cut!
photo 2

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Gets :)

Hey Again!

Been A While Since I Posted So I Thought I'd Show You Some Recent Gets ^_^

Firstly A Selfie! However Its Pokemon Related! So..:P

Made The Necklace Myself And Had Someone Cross Stitch The Starmie Onto The T Shirt For Me ^_^

Got My Durddigon Zukan From A Member Here! Although I Forget Who...

And I Bought This Munna Charm For My New 3DS :D

Well Thats About Everything For Now



Even more gets :D

I wasn't expecting this package at all! I'd left the front door open for our cats so they just put the package on the doormat. When I was getting some icecream, I suddenly saw it sitting there <3

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I got these straight from the PC in Fukuoka, from my friend. I didn't know the prices for these items before but he told me how much some of the items cost. Now I know that most of the items on Ebay are horribly overpriced ;.;

Pokemon Action Flipz Booster Box Opening Stream!

Hi all!

I recently have started focusing on more than just TCG, I've ordered some Topps, Burger King, and Action Flipz cards. I received my booster box of Action Flipz today. :D

(Skitty/Delcatty, Minun, and Feebas/Milotic are flipz I already had from this set.)

I will be hosting a livestream in a few minutes while I open the packs. Livestream Link As usual, my dogs will probably make an appearance at some point.Try a different camera angle this time. If it's awful...let me know. Also, my livestreams are silent, so don't worry about your sound. I will be typing in the chatroom as "maitaidelight" or "risha." Livestream is over! ^^

All duplicates will be available for trade/sale after the stream, so let me know if you see any that interest you. You can find the set list here.

I am excitedly awaiting another package that should contain the last 3 Houndour and Houndoom English TCG cards I need to complete my collection. Expect a collection update soon. :D

Speaking of Houndoom, if anyone has the Mega Houndoom can badge for sale, please let me know. Actually, if you have any Hound stuff for sale or trade, feel free to let me know. XD!

If anyone has any mint/near mint Topps or Burger King (from the OLD promotion) cards for trade (or possibly for sale), please let me know. ^^

~ Risha


Here's the set list including what I have/don't have -
(This is mainly to let people know what's available in the set and which ones I pulled. If you'd like to see photos of a particular one, let me know. If you're interested in trading/purchasing one, please let me know. I usually prefer trading.)

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Realized I'm also missing these from the original Flipz set -

Special Flipz
S-1 Pikachu
S-2 Ash & his friends/Team Rocket
S-3 Pikachu/Raichu

Rare Flipz
R-1 Moltres

Quick plush sales

Got some quick sales... Customs and regular plush.

Click below to see more pictures of these customs. Chimecho is a little bit bigger than a pokedoll.

Custom Chimecho Plush - $55
Custom Dewgong Plush - $140

TOMY Togekiss Plush - $9
Scraggy Pokedoll USA version with tag - $13

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Button plush and magnet offers + new sales + gets

Hello community! I'm back with some gets, sales, offer and trades!

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And now some gets <3
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You can see my Pokemon Time bookmarks collection! I have some of them for trading since I'm searching for a lot of them so if you have any and you'd like to trade, please let me know! Thanks to kirsty for this ;u;

Also, my wants! I'm open for trades of items or art commissions for anything of my WANTS POST (click there) or my main wants: Poochyena clear kid, Politoed Pokemon Time strap, Politoed and Poochyena retsuden.
Collapse )Finally, I'm still open for art commisions on custom Pokemon Time bookmarks and traditional work! Click on the photos to see the post ^^

Houndoom so cute

Spring Secret Swap Gets!! <3

So to my surprise yesterday I received a package; and the entire time I was wondering what I bought.
Then it hit me, I didn't buy anything. Haha. OOHHH this has to be my: SSS. /rushes to grab Eevee. ^-^ <3

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HELP? Can someone help me about a bootlegged plush?
There is one on Ebay I have been eyeing; but the eyes worry me and it's pretty cheap too...
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Some Wants

I'm looking for a few Kids figures: Ninetales, Nidorino, Dragonair

I'm hoping to spend around $5 for each. Please let me know if you have them for sale.

Today's Gets & a big wantslist!

Hello comm ~ again I'm coming with gets&wants (sry xD) But I'm willing to show you my lovely things I got today! Look under the cut for my small, but cute&retro gets :D

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And here is my new wantslist I made!! Please take a look if you want my money! :))


- Southern Island cards I don't have


- Raichu kids (attack &normal, except the one who stands on one foot, because this one I still have)
- (Only clear) kids of caterpie, metapod&butterfree
- butterfree normal&pink kids
- Bulbasaur, ivysaur&venusaur kids normal & clear (except clear normal pose venusaur)
- Clear ledyba kids


- pokemon time tin butterfree!! (think I've seen it anywhere but not sure)
- pokemon time tin venusaur


...and you can offer me any other things of caterpie line, bulb line, oddish line, ledyba and raichu. :)


Thats all, thanks for looking all & good night! :3



I guys! I have a quick question. How reputable is animeraro? Do any of you have experiences you can share? There is something I'd like to buy from them, but I'd like to hear a few reviews from the comm first. :) thank you!

I'm having trouble checking out of their store! When I. Fill in all of the required fields, select payment method, etc, I still can't press the checkout button D:

A wild NOPPINBOX appeared!

Things have been a little crazy here of late (my new boss requires 10-12-hour days, six days a week ><, boyfriend's grandfather died earlier this week, and we thought his 19-year-old cat's kidneys failed (kitty is doing better today!)). One little bright spot? I got a box from Noppin! I was planning to save it for Sunday--my day off-- so I could take better photos in daylight, but my excitement got the better of me.

"Helping" me with this unboxing is Fishy-fish (the shiny Magikarp), and The Big Grumpy Umbreon (not a name, a title!)...and, I suppose, my cat.

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