April 25th, 2014


HQ I Love Pikachu + RAICHUS for grabs!

The new HQ Raichu plush are out, and I scooped up as many as possible to share with the community!!

You can get your own HQ Raichu plush mint condition brand new, and I can even combine it with Sunystore (haha clever right) Orders if you've ordered petit plush, starter evo pokedolls, Espurrs or 12 inch Dedenne dolls!

Raichu plush by themselves are 45$ + 10$ shipping (55$ shipped) or 52$ to combine with something else. I have six up for grabs! GONE!!!!!!!!!!! thanks you guys! :D

Just comment to claim!

Please also go check out the other things on Sunyshore I will be picking up tomorrow :D My feedback and sales policies can also be found on that page. As for Mega evo charms, 90% were mailed yesterday and the rest go out on Monday. Thanks for ordering those!!

Yes, I do have the giant arcade poster for this Raichu. Yes, that is just how I roll.

Until next time, I plan to amass ALL the I <3 Raichus before updating with them, so see you with more of them in May, comrades!

North American McDonalds Promo!

Hey guys, haven't been on too much lately (mainly lurking...) since school has sucked out the life from me :/

Anyhow, hopefully this hasn't been posted yet, but confirmation at North American finally getting a Pokemon promo! But... are those Pokeballs with images on it? Not... what I was expecting, given the last two promos... Guess I'll get the cards and not collect the toys this time around :( Lil disappointed...

EDIT: Release is 'May/June'.

First FromJapan gets! + Figure help? + Questions

Haven't update for so long. I was really bumbed out when I had to pay for my package because the fees was ridiculous and I only purchased small items but it was partly my fault for being too carried away. But hey, I got my package today!


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I got a few questions.

1) Do you people keep your stuff in plastic? For example, I refused to take my Submas straps out of their plastic because it looks pretty that way. Do you keep the original boxes of your items? Like Idk if I should throw my Talking elekid box or not D:

2) Does any of you have a very restricted area to display your stuff? For me, I'm restricted to these two shelves D: It's stupid but that's how it is.

Looking for large Pikachu bank

Hey guys!

I was wondering if anyone had this particular bank? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pikachu-Pokemon-DIAMOND-VERSION-PEARL-VERSION-ichiban-kuji-Figure-Bank-/321297257039?pt=TV_Movie_Character_Toys_US&hash=item4acecf124f I wasn't sure if the ebay price is about the going rate or overpriced. I'm trying to find a Pikachu bank that is roughly 9 - 12'' instead of the small 4'' ones. I actually plan on using this, so I'm not out to find something really rare or NIB. The ebay one is the biggest one I've seen thus far.

Thanks in advance for the help. :D
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Poliwhirl Pokedoll Offers, Sales, and Game Events Reminder


This is a reminder that offers are still on for the Poliwhirl Pokedoll below. Please click the following image to the offers post.

--- Sales Post ---
My most recent plush sales post can be found here (please click the images below to teleport). If more than one person (and at least one with a sales permit) asks for a quote to the same country, I will let them know that a combined shipping option is available to them.

--- Game Events Service ---
I'm still offering free services for gaming events. I think I need to make myself clear on this though - it's meant to help you get events on 4th and 5th Gen games as the WFC service will be shutting down for those games soon. The WFC service will still be active for XY games so if you want past generation events on your X or Y game, it will have to be last priority since it's not an urgent matter. I will still help with this, but my priority is having everyone take advantage of past events on previous generation games.
For a list of what events I can help you get, click here. (The column on the left will lead you to past events that were available for each region's game.) Although I can help with Dream World and Dream Radar events, they can be obtained by yourself if you have a 5th Gen game to play with. Let me know and I can guide you with what to do.

Thanks for reading! To all Aussies and New Zealanders, hope you guys made the most of Anzac Day! Lest we forget!

April collection update and Eeveelution and friends GA update

To everyone who participated in the Eeveelutions and friends GA: We lost :( I was in a fierce with someone up until the very end. We even extended the auction by almost half an hour. Alas, even after raising my own claims by $15 we lost. Sorry guys D:

Anyway! Here is my collection update of the month :D

 Here's a small preview of my gets from this month. CUSTOM NOIVERN POKEDOLL AHHHH.


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Sorry for the long and graphic post hehehe :)

Possible GA/GB? Looking for Cohost!

Hello everyone! I've been so busy @ -@ But I finally found some free time and while roaming Noppin I came across this amazing looking lot! I need some help actually figuring out if it's saying what I think it is!! Take a look! :D

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Also there is still plenty back in my sales/offers post! :D Feel free to check it out! Lots of pogs, plush, and Topps! ^ -^

On a final note, my Military Ball is tomorrow and I cannot be more excited!! <33
new pic

So many stickers...

Hey, everyone! I'm back with more sales and like 700 stickers! Yeah! Crazy right? My back is aching so much... I've got nearly every Pokemon with the exception of 6th Gen. So come check out all the goodies!


I apologize for the lame paint job... LOL. xD;

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Hawlucha Pokecen Japan

~Custom Shiny Klefki and Chesnaught Plush Auction, Huge Eeveelution Blow Out Auction and Sales~


I got some free time to sew again! April Custom Plush Auction Time!
I told myself I'd make chibi versions of the starter Evos! Starting with Chesnaught. I was then bombarded by the news of official DX pokedolls. DX Lucky for me, I decided to make them "Chibi" styled. Mine are a little chubbier than the DX pokedolls and are actually Pokedoll sized. So I hope theres enough of a difference between them to bid. Also, have some keeeeeys!
And I told you I'd be doing a huge Eeveelution blowout with some sales and auctions among other items.

Please let me post all the threads before anyone orders anything from my sales. All Done Go Ahead!


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I'm always on the hunt for any of these Sylveon items. If you have anything there or isn't listed in my collection I'd be interested.
Please give it a look and leave me a comment. <3

Next post will be an collection update~ Happy bidding!

$2 Figure/bag/other non plush Offers ends in 24hrs! Also some gets :3

Hello everyone!

There is only 24 hours left to offer on all the figures/bags/other non plush items in my offer post.
Many still have no offers or are at their starting offer!

Click the pictures or here to be transported.

Now a few fun gets!

I got this beautiful eevee on eBay. She is fully pose able and very life-like!
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Collection Update

It has been a while since I made a post like this.
I still collect Minun and Plusle~
This is what I have till now!

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I also have a question!
Which laying plush is your favorite?
This is mine, had her since July 2012 and she and Yoshi are the only ones that are always next to me in my new big bed :3
Thank you for reading and happy collecting

Introduction + collection + wants

Hello! Making my first post to the community to introduce myself. I've been a fan of Pokemon for as long as I can remember. (I have some Pokemon merchandise I don't even remember getting, haha!) I started in Gen ll with Gold and it's been my favorite generation ever since. It introduced so many of my favorite Pokemon and had so much to do. Kalos has come the closest to dethroning it with all the amazing Pokemon and mechanic changes it introduced. I can't pick a single favorite Pokemon, there's just too many I love.
Aside from Pokemon I'm a retro guy. Still own a NES, SNES, N64, and mostly use my 3DS for Pokemon and VC. Also a big fan of anime! My favorite is FMA:B and the most recent one I finished was Welcome to the NHK which I absolutely loved.
Now lets move on to the interesting stuff before this post gets too long1 My collection! Some pics may be a bit cut off. (Just in case, to the far right there is a Spoink and Pignite plush.)
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Here's a closer look at the plushes!
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Closer look at the figures!
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And for giggles I'll also say I have a rather large Digimon collection although it's smaller than my Pokemon one since most Digimon figures are way more expensive.

And that's it for now! Not much compared to most here, I know! ^^; It'll keep growing though. Which brings us to the next part of the post, would you look at that!
Right now I'm looking for a Combat Series Hasbro Hitmontop figure (It's basically a spinning top, would prefer it with it's rip cord), and Combat Series Heracross. A reasonably priced Heracross plush is also desired. These are another two huge favorite Pokemon so these are top priority at the moment. I also LOVE politoed but sadly have no merchandise of it! I've been looking for a reasonable priced Politoed Jakks Pacific plush for a while now, most keep slipping away, so that's another one I'm after. A lilligant and Zoroark plush would be nice to own. Also looking forward to getting a Hawlucha kid when that comes out. You don't wanna know how much I liked Hawlucha. Oh, and how can I forget! Totodile! One of my absolute favorite starters! Looking for any and all merchandise of him.
Well thanks for reading this rambling post! Hope I won't be too much of a nuisance.
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Just Moved! 15% Off $10 or more~

Hi all! Two weeks ago I moved to a new place, and I've taken the opportunity to go through my stock and make sure everything posted is accurate. To add to the event, I'm offering 15% off your order of $10 or more (before shipping) until midnight PDT May 1st (12am between 4/30-5/1).

Click for sales~

Multi post! A lovely spring outing!!+ is it possible...?

Today me, Xatu, and gardevoir went to Bellingrath Gardens in AL!! I haven't been since junior high so I was very excited when my parents said we could go ^^ it was worth the hour drive, I would love to go again in the summer with a couple of friends and take even more pics!!

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And finally, is it possible that 1/10000 Hong Kong sellers could be legit? Unless they stole a picture take a look!
Ok the second one is bugging me, is the stock image a picture of the real thing, or a bootleg product?  Any info will be appreciated so I can update my tutorial :) 
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Hi everyone! Just joined this wonderful community so thought I'd hop on over and introduce myself. I'm Sammie, I go by Peppermints or PeppermintGecko online. I've been a fan of Pokemon since the first release of the Pokemon games. But, other than the games and cards, I've never really collected Pokemon merchandise; until now!

Currently, I only have 2 plush in my collection, a small Jakks Pacific Minccino, and a Tomy talking Oshawott plush. But, I'm hoping to expand with a few more! Specifically, I'm interested in anything involving (its quite a list!) Ho-oh, any of the legendary dogs, Jolteon, Umbreon, or Typhlosion.

Thanks for reading!

Major Sales and Commission reminder

hey hey! Sorry I've been so dead around here! I'm having a major sales post because my car sucked up my money. I'm using this sales post to get shipping money to ship EVERYTHING I owe everyone! Thank you AGAIN guys for your patience!

Also, if anyone was ever wondering their commission status, I do keep them updated in bold. I'm set to finish everything end of April! Also, I never did post a reminder and I did still have some slots, so reminder that I'm open and taking PALM PLUSH ONLY! (40 shipped in the US and 45 shipped international)


zukans and custom plush and MORE!!
Including custom Raichu and Volcarona ^-^

Pokemon items sales here: http://glacidea.livejournal.com/778996.html

Non Pokemon items sales here: http://glacidea.livejournal.com/779196.html

Pokemon TCG Sales here: http://glacidea.livejournal.com/779312.html

Commissions here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/16710248.html#t546343272

My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/glacidea/

If you need to contact me for any reason outside of the sales post, please send me an email to: weekdaywriter at yahoo dot com

<3 thank you everyone!!!

Dollar Menu

This will be my clearance for all the flats except for cards and collections I own. Everything will have a starting price of $1. I am going to take offers, but I don't think they are worth much. So, feel free to make a thread to offer. Unless some turns out to be really popular to have a bunch of bids, I wouldn't mind just letting it go over the weekend. Shipping would also be $1 in envelopes unless you want a document/photo mailer which would cause some extra bucks which I don't think would worth. 'cause those stamps in plastic sleeves are made of paper board or have a paper board. Besides, the growlithe and unsealed pikachu stamps have already had many creases so it might as well to cut and keep them as singles.

Sales permission was granted by denkimouse on 01/28/2011
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Click the image to get a full view of the stamps and stickers.