April 29th, 2014

  • j_ule

New art commissions and reduced prices on art sales!

Dear fellow community members!

I decided to do art commissions again because I need the money!

I have ALSO still art sales, and I reduced the prices (because I have the feeling they'll never sell)! So please also have a look at them :)



This time, I will have 3 commission slots again, but I'm open to opening new slots on a waiting list but I can't tell you for sure when and if I will be able to work on the waiting list in the end, it really depends on the amount of work!
I don't have much time to do commissions at the moment (but as I said, I need the money) and I will probably only be able to draw at the weekends, so you gotta be a little bit more patient. :)

So, no let's get to the buisness!

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quick wants

I have a big gets update that I would like to save for when I move in June and have a nice set up.
Until then, I am gonna do another quick wants post. :)

I'm looking specifically in this post for meowstic, froslass, and pumpkaboo items. Thanks for looking!

Also: Looking for any froslass customs. :)
(Or phantump/gourgeist customs too)
Link me if you're open to commissions!
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Thank you for any and all help! ^-^

Rare Keshimon metal figures auction!

Today I have 17 rare mint condition Keshimon metal figures, including their original packaging and erasers, on auction! Pokemons include: Charizard, Clefairy, Vulpix, Magikarp, Onix, Gastly (both colors), Wartortle, Charmeleon, Flareon, Raichu, Kangaskhan, Pikachu, Nidoran, Pidgeotto, & Squirtle (both colors).

The figures are in mint condition. The packaging is decent considering these are from 1997. Obviously the bubble was torn off so the paper around there is torn. One or two are ripped in the back.  The erasers are unused.

Shipping for 1 figure will be somewhere around $2.50 - $3 in the USA and $8ish international.

The auction will end Sunday, May 4 at 8pm Eastern Time. Link to countdown HERE.

Please wait for thread to be made before bidding.

Preview! See all the pics after the cut.
2014-04-28 13.04.352014-04-28 13.06.31

Also stuck a few more X&Y stickers in my shop. Expecting a bunch more soon. Here are the new ones (click the pic to go to the store):
PicMonkey Collage.jpg
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pika cap2

TCG lot sale

Greetings all I finally got a grail I've been looking for on Noppin for a good price so now I gotta paid so I have a TCG lot up for sell so check it

1.Paypal only
2.I can ship outside the US
3.I can hold up 48 hours
Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 09

XY lot $25 for all

thanks for viewing
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Shiny, Mega Gardevoir

Fresh batch of merchandise arrived!

Hello everyone!
This is going to be my first post to the pkmncollectors community :D

I'm Mega Gardevoir, and I collect merchandise of various series, including Pokémon of course!
I try to only collect merchandise of my top-5 favourite Pokémon designs, so I can actually afford them~

Below here's a photo of everything that's in my latest batch of merchandise that just arrived, straight from Japan!


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Well, that was it for my first post to pkmncollectors!
I hope I did everything the way it's supposed to, and hope everyone who read it enjoyed it!!
More post to follow, usually with a month in-between!

- Mega Gardevoir

  • ribbyy

Brief re-intro and my collection!

Hey everyone! I'm Ribby, and I mainly collect the Jigglypuff line, but recently I've just started a Hypno collection. I thought I'd reintroduce myself as it's been a good few years since I first joined this community, however I've only just got back into collecting these past few months. You may have seen me around recently, buying from the comm. :3

Anyway, onto my Jigglypuff line collection! Be careful, it's VERY VERY image-heavy, with lots of large images.

Here's a preview of my entire collection:

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And that's about it really! I just wanted to share my collection with the community. Sorry if the pics are a little too big, and if the quality's not all that great. ;v; I did try to resize them.

I'm still looking to expand my Jigglypuff line collection, excluding flats at the moment. So if you have any Jigglypuff line things that you haven't seen here, let me know! I live in the UK, so I understand that shipping can be expensive, but that's not a problem.

Thank you for checking out my collection! c:

More Gets

Hey Guys

Got These Cool Plushies In The Post Today!

I Love The Marill And Wailord!

Not A Fan Of Whimsicott However So May Get Rid As They All Came Together

Still, Nice Gets :D



Poke things i've made!

**If a post like this is not allowed; please let me know and i will take it down!

I thought it would be fun to show you guys some cool, derpy things i used to make! I'm getting into plush making for real now. I'd like to teach myself how to make actual, nice quality plushes using patterns and designs. That's what i'll be doing in the near future!
So i thought it would be nice to make a post about my previous makings. All done by hand, and all done without any kind of previously designed pattern or design. I just cut out shapes and threw them together!
Let me know what you think!
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cotton candy

Pokemon Post Card Offer Reminder Ending 2morrw Midnight And Ghostly Wants!

pics came from google,
I haven't posted wants in a really long time so here they are!
WANTS!  i am looking for the folder or memo pad of
the silhouette ghost pokemon.
want halloween
i am also looking for the silhouette ghost hand towel and sticker sheet.
haunted sticker sheethand towel

Reminder My Pokemon Postcard Offers End tomorrow at MIDNIGHT
many are at their starting bids! Next week i will be offering off some Holo
Post cards and pokemon gum. I will be adding a Preview!

http://myprettysoldier.livejournal.com/39053.html <-offers
http://myprettysoldier.livejournal.com/38516.html <-regular sales

Two cards!

Below Are two cards up for offers. Their starting offers include pp fees and shipping will be free! :3 No international people sorry :(
And here is my rules, mostly just be patient haha.

Sales Rules

> Given sales permission by (allinia, (4/5/14)
Only selling to pkmncollector members that have less than 3 negative feedback
> Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/12mermaid/

> I have 2 cats but they don't get to my pokemon stuff, smoke free home
> I ship from ohio, and will let you know when your things have been shipped. Will NOT ship internationally at the moment
> If a package is believed to be lost in the mail, I cannot be held responsible. I can offer insurance if you would like it (though i am new at this so i may consult ballerbandgeek)
If you think your things may have been lost, please be patient and feel free to PM me and we can work something out. Before you leave any feedback, if it is not good then please contact me so we can work it out! I am new to this so please have PATIENCE.

> All prices in USD
> Prices do not include shipping costs or fees
> I only accept payment through Paypal
> Since I am new at this I will not accept haggling at the moment.
> No payment plans.
> After I give a quote, I will only wait 24 hours for a response. If I get no response it will go back up for sale or go to the next person interested
Please notify me when you have sent payment and I will confirm the payment.
> I MAY hold items, depends case by case.
> When sending payment, please include your LJ username and won items in the Message field, not the Subject field
all PAYMENTS made to morgan.swoger at gmail dot com
Please include your address when paying on paypal
I can refuse to sell to anyone if needed
don't delete comments
bid in increments of one dollar
sniper no snipping!

I can consider all offers though I am only looking for vaporeon minicot and absol/mega absol merchandise and the vaporeon lenticular.

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If you are interested in any of these cards please make your own thread.

Oh! Offers will end friday night at 9pm Ohio time. Haha almost forgot XD
Thank you!