May 2nd, 2014

Mommy Dialga GA Payment 1

Hello community!

Finally the first payment of the Mommy Dialga GA has arrived so it's time to pay!

Also Wobbuffet and Mesprit are up for claims for 3$ each. The first 24 hours they are open for participants.

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I wanted to show you some updates on my custom Pokemon Time Bookmarks >.< Thanks to all of you that trusted on me, it was a pleasure <3 If someone one a custom one or want to buy directly some of these designs, just ask me ^^

Finally, I have updated my sales post so you can check it. Some custom pokemon time bookmars on the flats section, items without bids on the offers post -laying plushies, straps and magnets- and some extras of the package I got from Japan -some plushies-.


Sylveon auction, round 2!

I managed to come across a couple more of the mouse pads, yay! Korean stores are weird, they stock maybe one or two pokemon items and never get them again. I haven't seen anymore of those genesect movie ones in a while either, no matter how many stores I check. And I've gone to at least a dozen stores to look for them.

Anyway, I'm rather pleased to bring you some more korean sylveon goods! Along with the mousepad, notebook and puzzle from the last time I posted, I also found another, larger puzzle. Sylveon isn't the main focus on this one but there's other cuties hanging out.

Auction will last for 8 days, running from today until the 10th of may at 6pm south korean time (UTC/GMT+09:00). Minimum bid increase is $1, please pay within 48 hours of receiving your total.

I was granted Sales Permission on 10/27/2012 byallinia

Prices do not include shipping/fees, however, bid totals over $30 will get free shipping.

Unfortunately, still featuring Pikachu nosing his way in on EVERYTHING

Warning: Pictures are pretty big, to show detail.

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Please refrain from bidding until all threads are up.

Threads are up, bid away!

Congrats to the winners!
Vulpix PD

Wanted! Pokemon stationery!

Hi everyone! Just a wants post. I am seeking pokemon stationary. If you have any for sale or know where I can get a hold of some I would really appreciate your help!

Will be making a major gets post and possibly auctions sometime next week as well. Hope everyone is having a great day!

Sega Pico Pikachu - Any information?

I didn't know until today that Sega made a special edition Pikachu version of the Pico.
(I didn't even know the Pico was still around; I thought it ended in the 90's)

I would be very interested in getting one of these; but I don't even know how rare they are or how much they normally sell for (eBay didn't help in this instance).
I haven't even seen one on here. Any information would be great. I've seen a short explanation on Bulbapedia.

Deluxe Dolls GA - Payment #1: due now! ++ claims still available for Friends GB!

THE SPREADSHEET HAS BEEN FIXED. All users who have paid will be refunded. Please send the correct payment in the edited spreadsheet! I'm sorry for the confusion!

FINALLY! Got done with the spreadsheet for payment #1! :D

We won the Deluxe Dolls GA, and got a pretty good discount! GET EXCITED! :D

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Original GA post: HERE!


  • Payments will be sent to: robynbacon123 (at) gmail (dot) com .

  • There are 2 columns-- domestic or international. Please pay accordingly!

  • In the memo, please put: Deluxe Dolls Payment #1 - USERNAME

  • After payment is sent, comment on this post with your location!

  • After the 24 hours period, negative feedback will be left and a report will be made to the mods!

Congratulations everyone! :D
pokemon: mamo!

New goods on Sunyshore!

Trainer promotion items have been put on Sunyshore! :D And the upcoming Espurr and Meowstic dolls! Tomy figures and Tomy figure sets are also available and some other cool stuff! (Keep in mind, some TOMY figures will not be available for purchase for a couple weeks, as they come out the end of May!)

Click to the pics to check it out!!



Hi everyone!

My package from eBay finally arrived! I've been anxiously waiting for it for ages (4 days ish I was really excited) and now its finally hear!

Flareon shall be assisting me in this opening XD

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I love Zekrom so much and this plush is amazing! It really is a good representation of him! I think I'll be wearing Absol as a necklace, his charm is so cute.

Thanks for reading!

Plush Auctions!

I did some weeding and I think my collection is finally at a size I like :D I would like this stuff out of my room. X)
Included are pokedolls, banpresto and other plush.
All auctions will end in a week, 6 PM Pacific, Friday May 9th countdown clock
Items come from a cat friendly home
I ship from the USA
Don't bid if you can't pay, I can do payment plans if you talk to me, but nothing more than a month
No sniping, if a bid is made in the last 5 minutes it will be extended
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Please wait until all threads are up :) All up, happy bidding!
  • nerd

Merch for trade!

Hello community!
I have started a new collection and I would like to trade so pokemon merch in hopes I could start on the collection!
I'm interested in Mega Charizard merch! Any mega charizard merch as I don't have any!
Also, looking for rare charizard finds!
Click here to see my wants!

What I have to offer:
Limited Edition Metallic Pikachu & Pichu Gameboy Color
Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold
Sealed Base Gen 1 Team Rocket Devastation Theme Deck (x2)

Images are under the cut!
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Don't know what to do with this hangtag! ):

So, I recently purchased the I <3 Eevee Laying plush and I am in *so much love*. I have honestly never loved a plush more than I love my Eevee. Not even any of the Sylveon plushies can compare. I already knew the I <3 Eevee plushies were designed with collectors and fans of Eeveelutions in mind and that they would be soft but I could never have expected how soft and cuddly she really is. I spent all last night cuddling with her, I think my fiance was a little jealous. x'D I have a name for her too but I'm waiting for my next gets post to show off pics/names. (':

Now, the I <3 Eevee plush are highly sought after and very collectable and I do indeed plan on getting more of the set eventually. But I can barely put this girl down. If I'm lying in bed, she's next to me. If I'm sat working at my PC, she's on my knee, I really can't put her down. But with the amount I'm cuddling her I'm scared her nice little tag is going to get bent or that the plastic tag might pull at the fabric tag too much. It's quite a small and sturdy tag so I'm not *too* worried, but I consider the tag part of the collection along with the plush itself, which is my reason for cutting them off and wanting to keep them in pristine condition if I'm going to be giving the plush cuddles and not just displaying it. I also have a holiday coming up and really want to bring my Eevee with me.

Should I cut the tag off? Or not? The only thing stopping me is knowing she might be worth a good bit with a tag in a few years time, though at this rate I doubt I'm ever selling her haha. I know you can get plastic tag loops online so I can always reattach the tag myself but I don't know which are the best/most appropriate ones to buy.

Does anyone else have that special plush that they really just want to bring with them everywhere they go? Did you cut the tag off yours? Not sure what to do. )':

Edit: Bleh ignore my rambling. I'm new(ish) to plush collecting so I'm still sometimes very 50/50 about whether a tag comes off or stays on. But this is a special case for a special plush. Tag's coming off. Seriously doubt I would ever sell this plush but if I really do end up wanting/having to, I don't get rid of tags, and plastic tag loops can be bought.