May 7th, 2014

Pokemon XY Carddass GB!

Hi guys! I cam across a wonderful lot of these super cool carddass cards, I've been looking for the Bunnelby for a while! I thought it'd be cool to host my very own GB ^ -^ Every card set claim would only be $2.87! That includes PP fees - shipping is free! ^ -^ (For Payment 1 at least!) I can handle shipping them out for this one ^ -^ But please keep in mind that I do not ship internationally! The listing ends in 3 days but I'm fairly sure it's a listing that renews itself unless bought ^ -^ So lets claim these cute little cards! :D Pics under the second cut!!
Please keep in mind that once all slots are claimed - I will need payment immediately!
There will be two payments for this GB - the first for the seller to me, and the second from me to you! Please look at my sales/shipping info right down there! VVVV

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This is basically what each set looks like - one main card and a small sticker sheet ^ -^
$_57 (2)

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Pikachu: fokko
Bunnelby: noibatcutie
Gogoat: salamence646
Pancham: fueki
Noivern: dragonrider49
Xerneas: jen81489
Dedenne: rainyan
Chespin: squeakaree
Spritzee: kittay752
Swirlix: samo22
Fennekin: fokko

Also, I've been adoring all the teapot entries I've been getting so far! ^ -^ Keep em coming! And for those who purchased things from my sales, I'll be headed to the PO on Fri/Sat! ^ -^ Stay Frosty! And Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle! (Kudos to those who get the references~)
Also, this infinite flow of Bunnelby's is a metaphor for my utter happiness for the Gen 3 remakes @ w@ Fingers crossed for Dusclops and Milotic merch!!!! (And for contests!! ; w; )

Mostly-Pokedoll Wants Post

As yet another has slipped through my fingers, I thought I'd try my luck here.

The three biggest things I'm looking for right now are the minky Vaporeon, Espeon, and Leafeon Pokedolls. I would prefer them hang tag-less. (This way they match the Umbreon I got from the comm!) They just need to be in good condition. I really have no idea how much these things go for without their tags (although I gather they go for quite a bit with the hang tag.) If you've got one you're willing to part with, just let me know what your price is. :)

I'm also hunting for the Pokemon Time Charizard strap (MIP) (I know there's one on eBay, but I can hope I can get it for less, right?), and the plush (MWT preferable).

Tomy Groudon Want (among some other also wants!)

I have Kyogre already, but it feels naked to have kyogre without groudon, so i'm on the lookout! With the new game announcements i thought it was a perfect time to ask! Could anyone tell me how much i'd be expecting to spend on this guy? Also if you have one up for grabs let me know!

Here is a photo taken from google. (If it is yours i will take it down, just let me know!)


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I went to the park today and Dedenne really wanted me to show you all this very cute dandelion we found. C:

Thank you for looking! :D

Small sales + metal figure machine in Japan

Hey again everyone, I have some more small sales this week including some of the things I got in Japan!

I have a few Eeveelution things up for offer, including a rare Jolteon metal swing keychain and a few Sylveon items - all details and info are under the cut. :)

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I also thought I'd share something kind of cool that I found in Japan!
It looks like a metal figure gachapon from a long time ago. I was browsing vintage shops with my friend who pointed this out - I know that some of these figures date as far back as 1998! It was just neat because I absolutely adore metal figures and thought it was a nice piece of history to see for myself irl.

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That concludes my post for now! I'll have another amada sales post at some point with some new stock in the upcoming weeks, and a collection update too with some exciting new gets. :D
Megane Glaceon

Big Sales Discounts and 2 quick questions

Everything must go! For purchases of $15 or more get $2 off your purchase and orders over $30 get free shipping. To also get a wider range of sales I am now open to international buyers! I was originally going to put the older stuff in a lot but some older items were already bought and have only a few left so it'll stay in my sales post a bit longer. Also haggling is more than welcome!

Here's my sales post:

And also I have 2 questions for 2 items. Click cut below to see:

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And lastly I figured out what to do for the contest! I got 3 judges now and have selected some of the prizes to give out, but because one of the prizes did not arrive in time before filling out the charge 2 form it will have to start beginning of next month. I will have more details once that's up and tasks for the judges as well. What other items of Pokemon would people like to be as prizes? Besides Eeveelution items I wanna put up something other people like to get a wider range of participants. Let me know what you would like to see! I will make a poll with the most commented Pokemon. Please note though that I'll be going by what type of Pokemon to get and not an exact product. I'll be deciding on that part but it should be something good. ^^

Oh! Almost forgot but I updated my Glaceon collection photo:

Sticker shop update & 25% off sale!

Hello again! I updated my pan sticker shop with more X & Y 'mons! Here are some of the new ones:

Also, the shop is having a sale! April showers bring May flowers... so water and grass types are 25% off! This applies to most Gens 1 - 5, including starters and legendaries (but excludes Eeveelus). No code is needed. I will still do free shipping on domestic orders over $10, but this may not be compatible with the sale, so I will manually refund you after you pay. Click the pic to be taken to the shop!

misc OBO sales

Given sales permission by (allinia, (4/5/14)
Only selling to pkmncollector members that have less than 3 negative feedback
> Feedback:

Here is the original link to my sales and offers

FEEL free to make me a offer on anything that you want, even if it is below asking price. I would like this stuff gone. I would love to have funds for my amada sticker wantings.

image (3) This is a huge card playing mat. It is made out of cloth and it is in great condition. Offers on this start at 9 dollars. shipping and pp fees are not included in this price.

IMG_1849Mewtwo metallic figure. Does have a green smudge on one of its hands and it has a little white dot on its forehead. He also has a bit of paint missing from his feet. I am asking 1.50 for it.

Little question about the Eeveelutions Movie Zukan.

Hello everyone !

I was looking at my Sylveon shelf yesterday and to be honest, it's really, really empty. So I ended on the computer, looking for things to buy instead of doing my homework, of course.

The Eeveelutions movie Zukan caught my eye ! It looks neat. But something looks strange, you know, these transparent blocks used to make the figures stand. I saw photos with them removed, and some other photos where they seemed to be attached to the figure...

My question is, can you actually remove these blocks, or were they just removed for the commercial pictures ?

Thank you !

Auction Reminder + gets

I got a few things in the last couple weeks
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By the way, if anyone doesn't want the megastone charms, let me know. :) I love how they look like marbles.

Also a reminder that my plush auctions end on Friday. A bunch still have no bids, like charizard, blaziken, leafeon, umbreon and giratina! And some are still at their starting bids, like torterra, shinx, zekrom and DX terry cloth mudkip! Click the picture to go!

looking for several TOMY figures

Hi there, I'm new here. Looking to be able to pick up some TOMY figures for my ever expanding gen 1 collection. i'm looking to buy multiple figures off of the same people to hopefully minimize shipping costs. these are what i'm looking for at the moment.

Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill
Nidoran female, Nidoqueen
Nidoran male, Nidorino
Paras, Parasect
Mankey, Primeape
Machop, Machoke, Machamp
Weepinbell, Victreebel
Shellder, Cloyster
Gastly, Haunter
Omanyte, Omastar
Kabuto, Kabutops

drop me a comment!
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Beautifly merch?


after seeing the big news, I was reminded of the hoenn pokemon that were my favorites and i remembered about Beautifly!
I LOVED beautifly so much!
I'm wondering if there is any merch of beautifly or any plush that exists? I'm having a tough time finding some :o

Looking for a loved Pika

So I graduate high school in June (where does the time go) and I am looking for a giant Pika buddy for my dorm room. I'm after a loved condition Pikachu Sleeping Kutakuta. I think they are way cuter loved n floppy. Throw me an offer and Im also be willing to do partial trades, just show your wants and Ill see if I have it. Thanks guys :D


I am also doing a quick collecting weeding later this week and posting it as a large lot on ebay because I dont have the time to make a large sales post on here, so be on the look out for that. It will include shirts, figures, cards, some generic hasbro and jakks plush, and some miscellaneous stuff nothing super exciting.
Houndoom so cute

A small little get + Sales! :3

The adorable mini Ampharos plush! Eehhh I am so happy I got him and so quick too; just look at how adorable he is!
But this is my B-day gift, so, I gave it back to my mother. She will wrap him up and re-gift him to me, Amphy I will see you later! <3

I bought from an Ebayer: kouchan10. They are from japan: good communicator and fast shipper. -I hope they are legit seller?

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Sales time
I updated my sales with sadly a few more items I have to sale.
°˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° SALES: °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °
I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
I need the money so please make me an offer if you see anything that interest you! (:

I will consider trading some items for a: Minky Eevee pokedoll or a Mega-Ampahros plush. <3

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Here is a link to my Weebly page: If you wish to trade links let me know!