May 8th, 2014

Galvantula and Joltik

Pre orders for XY2 metal figures!

Hello there guys!
Today I come to you with Pre orders of these beautiful metal figures! This was approved by our dear Gin, so just so you know it's ok to do this!

Since I mainly collect Honedge line, I really want to get all different colours of him (but I will get doubles of Honedge too, so you can claim him as well!)....and since I have bought a bunch of sets, I do not need the others, that's why I have these others up for preorder! Please read the rules first!! If you do not read them, I will notice it and people might claim things ahead of you!

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Thank you so much guys! Let's hope to get the colors we all want :D

FromJapan saga

Short version of what happened:
I deposited 780 JPY onto a FJ account. After the price of the item I was bidding on increased, I decided to use the adjust/release feature to withdraw my funds and I received a statement on my PP account that my payment was refunded. Later, I decided to re-deposit my funds along with an additional 80 Yen (it would've made a difference). I was told that there was an error depositing the funds and the transaction was declined. I shrugged it off because I thought that I simply was short the money (#BrokeAsHell). I tried to re-deposit the initial deposit of 780 Yen, and to my shock, it was declined as well. I went to my PP account and I noticed that not only did I have $0.00 USD, I also had 0 Yen. I don't understand why the money would not be there. In order to find out what the hell is going on, I am going to list the exact steps of what I did.

1. Deposited 780 JPY into my FromJapan Account from my PP account. Since PayPal had incorrect conversion rates, I opted for the other option to let the bank do all of the converting (I don't know if this really makes a difference or not since I only worked with USD previously)
2. I decided to release the entire deposit (780 Yen) from FJ, later to re-deposit it and a small amount (80 Yen) more, because I needed to add more money in order to get the item that I wanted.
3. I received a statement saying that my payment of 780 JPY had been refunded.
4. The new deposit of 860 Yen was declined. I wasn't initially startled because I was unsure how much I had in the first place.
5. I attempted to re-deposit the 780 Yen (I knew I had at least that much).
6. Shockingly, that was declined as well.
7. Checked my PayPal only to discover that I had $0.00 USD and 0 Yen.
8. Posted this on pkmncollectors for advice.

Is there something that I have seriously looked over? I hope I'm able to get that money back somehow.

EDIT: I have just confirmed with my card issuer that the entire FJ transaction is still pending. I hope it doesn't take too too long for my deposit to re-appear on my card.
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Fang Love

Reminder for 'Vees Kitchenware Auction and GB for Charms

Reminder before my 'Vees Kitchenware auctions close at the end of today.

Please click here to make a bid and see sales permission/rules. The 7/11 Promo Bowl and Cake Set are still at low bids =3

Also. I hate spamming the community, but I'm missing the Sylveon pokecenter charm in my collection that was released recently and I just found a set of the charms for a decent price for a BIN on Y!J. I just need Sylveon for my collection. All of the other Eeveelu's are up for claims.

Edit for 5/9 - The listing for the charms ended, and there weren't enough claims. However, I found a cheaper set, so if people are still interested, I'll give it more time for claims.


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Please comment on this post to make a claim <3

Re-intro and grail get

Hello all! My name is Ali but on lj I call myself Fennekinz! Even though I am not really a Fennekin collector ^^; I actually was a very active member under the name eeveecheese, I even obtained sales permission! So...if you see Fennekinz trying to sell some swag on here don't be put off by it! I am a big fan of Eevee, a bigger fan of Glaceon and a HUGE fan of Leafeon! My claim to fame is that I have a custom 1/1 Leafeon plush heehee~ I might post more up-to-date pictures of my collection after the gets post after this one :) A warning: I have a lot of really adorable stuff and a lot of it is random!

Now, on to that grail get...

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last call for XY dice GB! one more dice available! chupas are in & sticker sales!

hey guys! this is the last call for the XY dice GB! ;u; I don't want to hold up your guys' money for any longer, so if we don't get at least one more claim by tomorrow night, then i'll have to cancel the GB. each dice is $5.15 + fees + shipping from me to you. this $5.15 includes the dice and shipping via registered airmail. i am willing to cover the cost of one of the dice! i've seen a few of these dice up for sale and this $5.15 is a really good price~~ *u*

edit: the group buy is a go! I have contacted each of you via comment for payment 1!

the two dice we still need claimed are #2 and #9! edit: dice #2 has been claimed! dice #9 is still available!
Blue Die ft. Froakie: Froakie, Dedenne, Squirtle, Inkay, Vivillon, Garchomp
Green Die ft. Quilladin: Quilladin, Scatterbug, Yveltal, Spritzee, Marill, Snorlax

You can either claim them on this journal post or the original group buy post here! there are also more pictures there!

next, the XY chupas are in!! purple and red genesects are both still available and come with the candy and the pokeball! they will be $6 each + fees + shipping!

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lastly, i have some neat pokemon "reward seals" for sale under the cut! these are shiny stickers about the size of a quarter and feature XY and Unova pokemon! please keep in mind that due to their shininess, they're really hard to photograph!

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Also, please come check out my regular sales! I have lots of plush and figures, as well as TCG and stickers that need a new home! please help fund my trip~~ i've added new items like a sylveon and eeveelutions metal movie tin and lots of gachapon straps! ALL OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED!

Flashire Booster and Charizard EX Box Opening

Hi, Everyone!

Today I'm going to be hosting a Livestream while I open these beauties. :D lol. 38 Flashfire and 2 XY Booster Packs. sorjei gets first pick after me since she helped purchase the booster box, but all duplicates will be available for trade/sale after she chooses. So, if you see something you like, feel free to let me know.

Livestream Link As usual, my dogs will probably make an appearance at some point. My livestreams are silent, so don't worry about your sound. I will be typing in the chatroom as "maitaidelight" or "risha."
Stream over! Check this post later for my list of Flashfire wants. XD!

I should be doing a card collection update soon. I have completed my English TCG collections of Houndour, Houndoom, Vulpix, Meowth, and Persian. And I'm only missing one RH card each of Eevee and Growlithe. EEE! :D

~ Risha


Just finished sorting through all the cards. I don't have a list of what's available yet (except for Magnezone EX non-FA), but going go ahead and post my wants.

Here's my wants for Flashfire. Would prefer to trade but might consider purchasing -

11/106 CharizardEX
41/106 ToxicroakEX
69/106 MegaCharizardEX
79/106 MegaKangaskhanEX
100/106 CharizardEX
102/106 ToxicroakEX
103/106 KangaskhanEX
105/106 Pokémon Center Lady
106/106 Pokémon Fan Club
107/106 MegaCharizardEX
108/106 MegaCharizardEX
109/106 MegaKangaskhanEX

And the Prerelease Dragalge card.

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And I'm pretty sure the only two Alternate Print cards so far are Holo versions of Heliolisk and Meowstic from the decks (but there might be others I don't know about).

And I'm still looking for these XY cards -

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I have an extra #13 Mega Charizard Y. I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to trade a Mega Charizard X for it?

I will probably go Flashfire Blister pack searching tomorrow since I want two of the promo cards. XD! Hopefully, I get a full art pull since I didn't get one in my box. ^^;

You can't handle the flipz!!! Flipz sales! Gen 1 and 3! +Topps BOGO! +Carddass GB Reminder!!

Hi guys! :D So, I bought 65 flips...why? Because I noticed that one of them seemed to be a water type card and the first two letters were "Mi"....hmmm...

photo5 (1)

Yep! Sure enough there was a Milotic flipz among them!! So happy I could finally have this! The pictures are so vivid when you get in the right spot! :O I definitely don't need 60 extra flipz so I'm selling the rest! ^ -^ Here we go! :D

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ALSO, because of the Ruby/Sapphire news I decided to do a special buy one/get one free on my Advanced Gen Topps! Check em out!

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Finally, check out my XY Carddass Group Buy! We only need five more claims! Each claim is only $2.87. There's Helioptile, Froakie, Flethcling, Talonflame, and Yveltal!


Deluxe Dolls GA - Payment #2 - now due.

Shipping is split up by the number of plush you won.

We are sorry about the confusion.

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Original GA post: HERE!
Payment #1 post: Here!


  • Payments will be sent to: robynbacon123 (at) gmail (dot) com .

  • In the memo, please put: Deluxe Dolls Payment #2 - USERNAME

  • After the 24 hours period, negative feedback will be left and a report will be made to the mods!

Thank you.

So I want to buy some figurines, and came across a Leafeon for $2.98 on


I have, however, never purchased from this site before and would like to know if anyone has experience with it. While this Leafeon looks great, others don't look as quality, such as this absol


What would you say? Is it a good place to buy from? and where's a good place to get figurines, along with recommended brands? I just don't want to order and be upset if it's not what I expected.Thank you so much for your help! :)

Pokemon Genesect Movie Cardass Sale!

Hello everyone! Today I bring you this quick sale for the Pokemon Genesect Movie Cardass card/stickers! Each set comes with a holo semi-transparent plastic card and a little foldable sheet of stickers.

Each set is only 1.50$ before shipping and fees!! These can be shipped out in a regular envelope with a stamp (including international, though I believe it may require 2-3stamps) meaning these will cost little to nothing (first class tracked mail is also available)! :D These are in hand and ready to ship.

Not to be confused with the XY cardass set. This is the previous set.


These can be combined with any items from my regular sales here:
(plush and bucket are 15% off until Sunday at 11:59pmCST)

Sales update !

Sales permission :
granted on 09 December 2012 by entirelycliched

My feedback

Hi all,

I just re-update some of my items. Decided to put more of my collection for sell since need money for my other collections from flashfire which recently released.
Please feel free to take a look at my sales thread and ask me if you have any questions. I am open to any offers and haggle, but please do not feel offended if you get rejected. The more you buy the cheaper you will get.


eevee iphone5/5s/5c casePhoto Feb 26, 2 59 53 PMPhoto Feb 26, 3 04 18 PM

Wants and a new collection addition as well as commission info!

Hello all!

The main reason for my post today is that my boyfriend's birthday is quickly approaching and getting him gifts isn't a simple matter of going shopping in town. I'm therefore looking at merch of the following Pokemon; (I might be picky but let me know what you have and your price to the UK) Feraligatr line, Mega/Lucario, Mega/Garchomp line, Tyrantrum line, Scizor line, Gliscor, and he has taken an interest in a Dialga Pokedoll too. Also if you have Helioptile, Heliolisk or Umbreon merch I might want some for myself

chris team smaller

Also, I made a charm recently which I plan on keeping in my own collection - shiny Helioptile! I'm so pleased with how it turned out and based the design on the Pokedoll which you can see for comaparison. Take a look under the cut!

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I'm also feeling ready to take some more commissions - the last batch were finished and sent rather quickly and I'd love to make some more for you all. Everything you need to know about slots can be found in my journal here. I have some exams next week so I won't be starting until after then, but I thought I'd let you all know in advance in case you were interested.

cinnabar pokemart2 DSC_1406222

Thanks for looking!
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Buying TCGO Codes!

Hello Comm!
I've been playing a lot of TCGO lately and I love it!

I'm looking to buy bulk of TCGO codes!

If you have FlashFire TCGO codes, I'd love that too but I don't care what you have to offer! :)


Sales reminder :3

I'm lowering the price of my "quick Espurr print sales" by ~50%- each print is now 8 shipped anywhere!

Here's the original post:

Another thing: is anyone interested in custom trades? I'm almost done with my perler sprites commissions from April, so I was wondering whether anyone wanted to make a print, or plush, or sculpture, or anything for some? xD I'll be done in around 2 weeks so I'd be able to start anything new in that time period.

Here's a link with examples:

And yeah that's pretty much it. Thanks for looking~

An underground get and some sales

Hello community!

I'm here today to show you something I bought some months ago (but it arrived ona a ship so it took two months!)
ss (2014-05-08 at 09.09.09)

Such a cute box! It's a diglett game :O
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I don't know the rules of the game, does anyone have it or know how to play? The Digletts have some number from 0 to 5 and then a pokeball, which I guess means that you've catched it, I guess there are some kind of rules, but I have no idea :/

Anyways, the game comes with some kind of speaker that says things, I don't know that it says since it is on japanese. Could anyone translate it?

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And now, some sales :3

Collapse )And you can combine anything with my main sales post...


Selling some ebay lots, including rare charms!

Hi all! I'm putting some of my old pokemon figures and a few rare pieces in my collection on ebay. I was going to put everything up here individually but I'm like to get rid of everything ASAP.

I'm selling 2 rare metal double-sided clip charms, eevee and mew. I've never seen these anywhere outside of having them myself, even on the community. They came from a U.S. capsule machine circa the early 2000s. I'm actually curious if anyone has more of them! Anyhow... here they are!
Plus other stuff! Pokemon Center Talking Celebi and Christmas plate.


My feedback for the community is here: old / new. My ebay feedback is here.
Thanks for looking!
cae, weavile, caedo

a F!J 4 month build up package of gets, a graily grail, future sales & tales.

So I got hit by the Y!Japan & co bug....finally. Not good. Money gone. All gone. Make more money for stuff. Happy days.

No...honestly I wouldn't change these gets for the world..! I am so amazed at how much it's grown within just this box...! Only a gets update at the moment, I really need to buy shelves because my room is a mess in some places...proper collection update eventually I swear ;_;

First things first. My awesome awesome friend skydramon has made all this ever possible, without her I wouldn't have ever been able to get all this stuff! THANK YOU SO MUCH SKY I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH.  ;___; <3

Also some of these items will be gets from other sites & here as well...just the majority of it through a middleman =,D!
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Thanks for reading or just looking at the pretty pictures! (I now need a dr pepper after all this typing)  =D