May 10th, 2014

Is my penguin pal a bootie, or legit? Also quick sale.

Hello lovely peeps. :D

So I've been pretty dang busy, with finals and such, so I've been posting very little, even though I have been commenting here and there!
Also a little shout out topuckyducky sorry I haven't had time to catch you a Scatterbug lately, but I have NOT forgot about you. ^_^
Also kittay752
I will be sending you a message as well. <

Ok, so here's the dealio, I got this lovely little 'lup as a gift from one of my very dearest friends. She actually found it at her local Goodwill and even though I will DEFINITELY love him as much if it turns out that he is a bootie, but we were just both super curious. The reason why I am so curious is because I haven't seen the red tag Piplup pokedoll more than once in my research, and it appeared to be a seller from Malaysia, which seemed a little sketchy. It also says he's from 2006. Not sure if that is a legit release time. >_<

I really hope a pokedoll expert here from the comm can identify his legitness from the pictures provided. ^_^
-He has been heavily loved- <3

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On another note, I have a birthday coming up on the 19th. Any other May-babies here? ;D
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Wanted: Mewtwo plush!

So my little sister is turning 14 next month and is totally in love with mewtwo (mainly Mega Mewtwo Y) anyways, I really want to get her a Mewtwo plush she can snuggle to her hearts content! The most I can spend is $25 shipped and I'm totally okay with loved condition, because it'll end up that way anyways.

If I can't get a Mewtwo, she is also interested in the Snivy line. She already owns a Snivy US Pokedoll I bought while in NYC.

Thank you selwylde
Alola Vulpix

Free For All Friday!!

★☆ PKMNCollectors Free for All Friday!! ☆★

As always, you may use this post to talk just about anything you'd like with other members, but please still respect the community rules and remember that collectors of all ages participate here -- please use your best judgement and do not comment with inappropriate images/topics, troll or harass, or otherwise use this post to get around our community guidelines.

Also, due to the nature of the community, please avoid advertisements and discussing financial issues. Otherwise, chat about whatever you'd like and have fun!

small intro post

Hi! I'm Jay & I joined the community somewhere in mid April. Having a final paper due soon was the perfect inspiration to finally make one of these. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I only started collecting pokedolls/other plushies mid 2013 or so despite having collected pokemon cards since I was little.
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New Members + Want List!

Hi, everybody! This account belongs to both my wife and I. We've been fans of Pokemon since the beginning. Our collection dwindled after becoming adults, but now we wish to begin collecting again!

Our collection ranges from the video games, old plushies and figures, board games, and tons of trading cards. I don't think at this moment it's worth setting up and posting pictures, so another time! We do have the Mini Sitting Eevee + Eeveelutions, the Pokemon Center Mega Charizard, and the Entei/Raikou Pokedolls coming.

We are however looking for anything that catches our eyes. Here's a small list of some of the things we are looking for:

Blissey DX Plush
Legendary Beast Takara Tomy Plushies
Suicune Pokedoll
Tomy Charizard Doll
McDonalds Larvitar Plush
Flareon "I Love Eevee" DX Plush
***Any and all Pokemon Trading Figures***

I'm currently making some post in my LiveJournal to have the entire list, but I think these are okay to start with. If you have any just let us know! We live in Canada so we looking for items without breaking the bank too much with the shipping.

We also collect video games, manga, anime, and steel-books (for blu-rays + video games).

Thank you for letting us join the community!  :D

***We are new to this so if we get any of the brands or information wrong, sorry in advance!***
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

New Kids (XY DX1, Megas) Sales!!

Hi everyone! I'm back with the latest set of kids (with the Mega evolutions, such as Mega Mewtwo X!) and the new DX kids for sale! Please take a look!


1. Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2009. Feedback can be found here.
2. I ship from California, USA!
3. PayPal payments accepted (NO ECHECK), contact me if you cannot use PayPal, I will try to work with you.
4. I ship on Saturdays. My next shipping date is May 17th.
5. I ship the kids in a bubble mailer. :)
6. All kids will be shipped new, in box!!

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 10.08.14 PM
DX Kids: $9.80 plus shipping/ea
Available: 5 Yveltal, 5 Mega Mewtwo Y, 2 Mewtwo, 4 Hydreigon
Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 10.08.07 PM
XY Mega 1 Kids: $5.60 plus shipping/ea
Available: 5x Mega Mewtwo X, 1x Mega Ampharos, 4x Mega Blaziken, 1x Mega Absol, 1x Mega Mawile, 3x Skrelp, 3x Clauncher, 2x Honedge, 1x Pangoro, 2x Skiddo, 2x Pikachu, 2x Magikarp

Please comment with your location/ZIP code for a quote. Thank you for looking!
Noivern time

Super multipurpose post! Custom gets, quick rare eeveelution GA payment 3, and Sales!

Hi guys :) So I am FINALLY a full fledged adult. I finally got my own car! Annnd I will be making all the payments on an adult. Therefore I come to you with some sales today :D

.........was my original intro! But I just got TWO  huge boxes in the mail! :O

First box! Quick rare eeveelution GA is in!
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Second box! My Sylveon custom from shuuichi_chan *_*

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And lastly I have what I originally intended to post:

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Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Sales/Auction Reminder & Bell Plush Commissions

Just a reminder that I have several zukan (including Houndour/Houndoom), Keldeo merchandise, and miscellaneous trainer merchandise (including Pokemon Mate) up for sale and auction over here! Auctions end tomorrow (Sunday) at 8 PM CST. I've also lowered some prices and added some Pokedolls and other plushies for sale! Click to be taken to the sales!

I also have a rare opening for Bell Plush commissions! Folow the below link to be taken to the commissions post!

As always, sales permission was grandfathered in.
Electric spiders

Two reminders! + Drawings and Candy Trade?

Hello there guys!
First thing I wanted to remind was my two settei auctions!

I have a Vulpix and this group settei up for auction, and they are ending a little over 24 hours! I also have a few more setteis up for sale, so go HERE if you are interested!

Second reminder:

I am taking pre orders on these metal figures still!!! There is a lack of Mega Venusaur, Blastoise and Mewtwo claims, but if more people are willing to claim them, I will buy more sets and therefore you will be able to get the ones you are after! So far I have bought 10 sets!
Please go HERE to go to the claims list!

Lastly (if this is not allowed, please do not hesitate to tell me), is here anybody that would be interested in drawings and candy trade?

Drawings, as simple as it says, we give each other a list of Pokemon we like and do a drawing on whatever number!
I tend to buy a bunch of candies for friends and I realized I have bought waaaay too much! So I thought maybe somebody would be interested in some candies from my country? I live in Slovakia, and our (+ a big portion of them Czech) candy is what we are very proud about (we have biscuit candy, gummies, cat tongues chocolate and tons of other things!)! If you are outside Europe, I am very willing to buy also some others like Kinder chocolate, Milka, Haribo and others, but the ones I have at home are priority of course!
What I am looking for is mainly something that is not available over here, or some candy that is typical/unique for your area you live in (for example maple syrup candy that I once got from Canada, or green tea Kitkat from Japan, those were delicious!)!
For me, I don't like anything with caramel on it! No things like Twizzlers, Hi-chew, Skittles, Oreo, Air Balloon, M&m's, Haribo and such, as those are well known and they are available over here! Give me a list of what you do not like, or if you are allergic to! A bunch of my candies include nuts for example.

Let me know please and thank you for reading <3

Belated Birthday Get! Current Collection + Recent Gets! *Image Heavy*

Hi again everyone! I recently turned 22 on May 7th this Wednesday. I was going to post my current collections that day but I was waiting for my Holy Grail to come *V*. She had a little detour and almost end up at someone else's house, but good thing the mailman spotted the problem with the address and came knocking on my door. I had to go get my ID to confirm that is my package. Here she is!!!!

My 1:1 Chikorita I got from em_lemon~~~~and the best part is that her leaf is still standing!!! A big plus :D I spent hours cleaning her up thou >.< Her name is lil leaf <3 She currently smells like green tea cus I used lots of green tea wipes to clean her XD



Here's my current collection. It is quite small right now, but I usually get things I think I can use and feel are worth the money.
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From the community, I got the the Johto Starter watch and Bulbasaur pen from tdotakichan, Rachi and Pichu card holder/coin holder from caddieneko, Pikachu large plush tail (actually not in this picture because the one that is here I got it from ebay =.= super expensive, I gave the other one to my bf because we both have a Pikachu 3ds XL) and Pikachu plush pen from elisha1288, Poke Box Tumbler from bishoujohenshin, and lastly a Pikachu keychain, a gift from em_lemon. Everything else I got it from I also have an eeveelution 3ds LL case but I gave it to my bf for his 3ds XL.

My recent gets from the community and from Yahoo!Japan are:
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And finally~I would like to thank kwingette for drawing this wonderful and cute Chikorita picture for my birthday!!! <3


Sorry for the super long post >.<"

Multipurpose Post! Wants, Carddass GB cancelled, Potential GA, etc.

Hi guys! I have a multipost today ^ -^ I really need to get around to making a collection update post
@ -@ I've gotten so many things...but now it's time to (hopefully) get more things! :D I have a few wants~! <3

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Also for the ones who claimed things in the XY Carddass GB, it was cancelled - someone else bought the lot! :((( I'll be checking back to the seller every now and then and hope they get another set @ -@

I found this wonderful lot of kids that includes a clear Milotic!! I'm looking for a GA Cohost who could be the runner! I would handle the spreadsheet/threads! ^ -^ Please check it out, there are a bunch of wonderful kids!! :D The seller says they are in used condition though, so I also need to know if people would still bid on them! :(

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Also, my design a teapot contest is still going! It'll keep going until I finish my current project (around Wednesday/Thursday)~ Here's the link to it! All the entries so far have been wonderful! :D I wanna see more teapots! ^ -^

Finally, sales plug! I still have plenty of things to get rid of! Flipz, Advanced Gen Topps (which I am having a Buy One Get One Free deal on! :D), plush, and other misc things! Follow the links! :D
Everything else:
I really need a master sales post XD

Alright! That ends this post! Thanks for checking it out~ I leave you with this amazing Game of Thrones/Pokemon crossover pic!

i think i got a bootleg.. :( help

hi! i got this scizor from japan, but i guess even there are some fakes, looks good, but its darker and not shiny like other scizor i have, but the worst was that the white paint on the "shoes" was lumpy, so when i cleaned it, it start to come off really easy and was sticky,:S
sciz preview
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i also got ditto nidoqueen quagsire wooper and red gyarados, i think those are good :) i was a little worried about gyarados because its more like pink than red but i saw some pics on internet and its like that, right?
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Let me know what you think, if you need info about zukans or tfg i might be able to return the favor :) thanks for reading!

Game footage!!+ question

Hi all it seems like I have posted quite a lot since I joined and I apologize, I just love speaking to you all ^^ I promise to make this my last post for the month first the good stuff!!

The graphics look like x and y so that's awesome!! I loved this as a 5th grader and I know I will as a young adult <3
Anybody have any hopes of future merch like pokedoll remakes? I could defiantly go for a torchic minky pokedoll and some mudkipz merch!! Oh and the villain teams, team aqua and magma!! Team rocket is my #1 but Aqua is awesome bc the outfits are cool and comfortable looking~Collapse )
Armoured, Armour, Armored, Armor, Mewtwo

Mewtwo TCG Wants

I know there aren't many Pokemon TCG collectors in this community... but I'll post this full of hope!

I've got a growing Mewtwo TCG Collection (images soon to come) which I'd be really pleased to finally complete, however I'm missing some vital cards and was hoping some fellow PKMNCollectors could help me fill the voids.

The following 4 are my priority wants:

Mewtwo Gold Star EX Holon Phantoms 103-110Striking Back Mewtwo 10th Movie PromoShining Mewtwo Neo Destiny 109-105Mewtwo Legends Awakened 11-146

From left to right:
Mewtwo Gold Star - [EX Holon Phantoms 103/110]
Striking Back Mewtwo - [Japanese 10th Movie Promo]
Shining Mewtwo - [Neo Destiny 109/105]
Mewtwo - [Legends Awakened 11/146]

I'm also interested in (literally) any other Mewtwo TCG cards. Please comment if you have any for sale.
Here's my mandatory wants plug - Please click here for my permanent wants post.

Thank you so much for reading!