May 11th, 2014

Hawlucha anime!!!

In need of plush artists open for commissions!

What title says! I'm wanting to commission a small plush for myself but most plush artists seem to be closed right now :( What I'm after is a plush of either Mega Manectric, Toxicroak or Hawlucha.

I've had some bad luck in contacting people lately so I'd really like to deal with someone that is able to keep a good communication and also who is able to work and finish the plush in less than a month. I usually like my plush made of minky and with embroidered details - but will consider other styles too ;)
If you are a plush maker keep in mind that I might turn down a offer if your style is not exactly what I'm looking for!
espurr pls

Gets (including my first 1:1 plush)! And a few sneaky questions...

Hey guys! It's been just over a month now since I first joined the comm and I thought I'd let everyone have a look to see how my plush collection is going :)

Disclaimer: I don't actually collect a particular line or brand, since I originally set out to collect one of each Pokemon (although I failed miserably in keeping to this goal...) so my little collection is a little odd
Also, please be prepared for a VERY image-heavy post! (spoilers below, I swear the photos get better!)

IMG_3348 IMG_3406

Hungry for more??

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Hello comm! As we all know today is Mother's Day. It's just me by myself this year but I have the entire house clean for mom and a few cute cards made for when she gets back.

Now for merch related things! Does anyone have any Pokemon items that they group together like a family? Maybe like two parent Meowstic and an Espurr baby? I'm actually guilty of this with a lot of my plushies, and since I took inventory after everything arrived I now know I definitely have a lot of plush! (106)

Maybe we could share a few images of our most cuddly families? I'll start with my personal and most life-sized plush mama and babby image and I'm sorry I thought this was a good comm post for Mother's day!

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Casual Shoto

Tiny sale update + update + want :)

Hey everyone! :D
I am preparing a "get post" at the moment. Taking picture of everything I got so far ^^. I am waiting for more 2 packages to come c: One is suppose to come tomorrow and hopefully, the second one will not take too long. It's going to be a HUGE get post with tons of photos :D I really can't wait to share it with you all ^-^

I also made a tiny update to my sale post if you want to check it out :)

You can click on the image or this link to go to the sale post.

I am also looking for this plush if someone have one :)

It's a Raikou plush made by Takara Tomy :)
I don't really care about the hand tag, but the tush tag is a must.

I can't buy at the moment, but I am willing to trade anything from my sale post for it ^-^

Thanks for reading :D
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D-Arts figures (Mewtwo, Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise)

Hello collectors!

I've recently discovered the D-Arts pokemon figures existed so I know very little about them. I'm interested in getting my hand on them but I would like to ask your opinion on how much should one expect to pay for those without being completely ripped-off.

Here are the figures in question:

From what I've seen so far, it seems to be more or less:

1st issue Mewtwo with Mew - 75-90$

2nd issue Mewtwo - 60-75$

Venusaur - 50-60$

Blastoise - 60-75$

Charizard - 120-150$

Do you know if those prices are more or less accurate? Is this what I should expect to pay for them?

Thank you!

**** EDITED TO ADD ****

Pokemon 1 : Self Restrain 0. :p
I ended up cracking and buying a lot of the 4 of them for 300$ CAN, mint in boxes, shipping included.
It's also shipping from Canada so it makes it certain there's no duty fees for me either, which is a plus.
From what you guys have been saying, it seems like a decent price.
I probably could get a better deal by hunting them down individually but this saves me the trouble and I still feel like I'm not buying peace of mind at too much of a price.
And now I can't wait to take pictures...
Thank you again, gang, your input is always helpful (even if it often leads to me spending money)

Let's Make a Deal!

I have decided to do something different with my sales/offers.I have decided that you give me the offer that you want to pay! Ingore the offers/sales prices on the links below. I would like to get rid of this stuff! All flats will have free shipping unless you would like otherwise! My sales policies as well as when I was given sales permission are in the following links! So go ahead, check it out and let's make a deal!!

Flats and cards!


Any questions on anything please ask and I will gladly help! Even if it is taking another picture:)
Small preview!!


Thank you for looking!

(no subject)

Hi everyone!
Sorry if this post isn't allowed :(
I'm wondering if anyone seen firebomb? I've brought a wobbuffet lot from them 3-4 weeks ago but it hasn't arrived yet. I usually get stuff from the US after around 2 weeks. I asked them a week ago if they had send out my package but they havn't replied.

You stupid grail ;.;

A few days ago an Entei gold star appeared on Y!J, but I hardly had any money. The auction just ended for 12.500 JPY (= 90 euros). Of course I wouldn't win it, but it still sucks :/

Anyway, I feel like spending money xD
I'd like any Entei, Garchomp, Litleo or Cynthia merch. I'd rather buy bigger items from Europe and flats from the US, just because the shipping price is so high >.<

I have most of the TCG already, except of that Japanese Entei * of course :c
Also have most of the Litleo plush, Entei pokédoll, M Garchomp PC plush/figure.
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Weeding Sales Part 1

Hello everyone! <3 I'm trying to slowly weed out some items, and I decided that I would start very small first... I also have some items from my last sales post as well. Everything in this post is OBO, so please do not hesitate to haggle!

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That's all for part 1! XD There may be more to follow. Depends how attached I am to stuff... >.>;;

Thank you!~

Eeveelution Star Cards for sale


Haven't posted here for a while now, life has gone from busy to inconceivably Its to the point where I dont even think about collecting right now, so I am starting another series of spring cleanings to get rid of most of my stuff. (cards, charms, zukans, figures, misc)

First up, the set of English eeveelution star cards:

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.:Treasure-Japan Issue:.

Hello, I have a question for anyone who may use Treasure-Japan.

On April 20 I placed an order for items on and paid a deposit of close to 2,000 yen. I accidentally chose the "contact me before placing the order" option instead of the usual "place my order without notification." So, I received an email asking for me to confirm my order of said items. I sent an email back almost immediately basically saying "Yes, please place my order." Ten days go by and there's still no change on my account that the order was confirmed and placed, so I emailed them again with another "Yes, please place my order." Another ten days have gone by with STILL no change on my account and still no response from them, which is very unusual since the generally reply back within 48 hours to any email. There are no holidays going on, and nothing on their site saying that there are any problems or hold-ups. Since over two weeks have gone by with no word I have opened a dispute with them over Paypal because I DID pay them money to place an order and there's nothing to show for it. If I still don't hear back from them, I may have to open a claim against them in order to get the refund of my deposit.

I guess my question is: is anyone else having problems with Treasure-Japan lately?

UPDATE: I finally got in touch with them via Paypal messaging. They said they weren't receiving my emails, which again, is very weird since I've done many MANY orders with them and have confirmed through my email before with no problem.