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In search of: Pikachu teapot

Hi everyone! I just joined, mostly for the purpose of finding this one item.
I am looking for the Pikachu enamel teapot. I believe it was released in 2012. I don't really mind any condition as long as it's not rusty or banged up. Minor scuffs are ok.

Shipping would be to 26041 in the US. I can pay via Paypal ASAP! I am really eager to find this item so if anyone can point me in the right direction or has one to sell, I'd really appreciate it!

Here's a link to a photo: (sorry, I'm on mobile so it's weird to do links and pics)

Thank you!!

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Daisuki Club DX Arceus Pokedoll Sale

Hey guys,

So along with the 1:1 Dittochu plush (that I've reduced to a more ideal starting price), I am also putting up for sale an extremely rare Pokemon Daisuki Club DX Arceus Pokedoll!

Sales permission given by entirelycliched on April 2013
Feedbacks: New and Old.
Shipping is from Australia, and can be expensive for overseas shipping!

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Also, while I'm at it, I'll link to my recent sales post while I'm at it. Click the image below to be transported :)
Sale Preview 1

Happy shopping!

Collection Update! Mini Gets Post! +Teapot Reminder and Commissions are open!

I have a super wonderfully awesome collection update! I got my very very first MWT Pokedoll! You can probably guess who it is...but go ahead check it out under the cut~! :D

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Next, I'd like to remind everyone of a super awesome contest still running for you to have the chance to design your own teapot and two teacups and win your crafted design! Check it out here:

Thank you for taking the time to read this post~! I hope it wasn't too lengthy~! ^ -^ Have a wonderful day everyone! :D

Group Buy & Pokedoll Want List!

Hello everyone today I bring a simple group buy for Mewtwo Mega Pack.The only two figures up for Grab will be Normal Mewtwo and Mewtwo Y for $8 bucks each. I will be offering free shipping if you live within the U.S.A.


mewtwo Y-
mewtwo X -xxiiijamesiiixx
Mega Stone 1 -xxiiijamesiiixx
Mega Stone 2 -xxiiijamesiiixx

Also I have a simple wants list. I know some of the pokedolls are on sell on sunnyshore or other online stores but I am trying to buy it from a seller within the states. Please Note I will not have money till Friday when I get paid if you don’t mind holding since I will be 100% committed in buying.

new wants


Still hoping to clear out some space, so why not a reminder that my sales are still open~?

Click here or the banner below to check out what's available~!

I'm always open to haggling on larger orders, so if you don't like the prices you see, just throw me a new one!
Just make sure to check out the shipping chart before commenting.

offers reminder + sneak peek

This is a quick reminder to let any bidders know that offers for my Sylveon items & Jolteon keychain will be ending tonight at 10pm PST!
Click the picture to get to the post - there are also a lot of leftover stamps, charms, coins, and other misc. things that are still available. :)

And just to finish off my small post, a little teaser for my update next week. :D

So it seems that I'm collecting Kid Figures now...

It started off with a small lot off of YJ, and now I've got to catch em all!
These are so cool, I can't believe I didn't collect them sooner!
Collapse )Color-coded for fun!

Downside is, now I have tons of doubles...
I'm going to try to get sales permission, so that I can trade em for ones I need.

Now, an actual question:
Is there a "rarity guide" of sorts for these figures?
I know about clears and shinies,
but I'm curious about ones that might be more desirable.
How do I know if' I've got a "good" one?
I have a pink that the shiny version?
It looks like the anime pink butterfree, rather than the shiny sprite.
Thanks for your help!

Sell me your stickers!

Hey guys ^w^

So I've seen a lot of sales posts with the new trozei stickers lately, and I'm developing an interest in them 0w0

I'd like to buy them in large quantities, and I don't really have a preference for which Pokemon I get (I mean I do, but those are mostly the ones that were sold right away >w<)

I have ten bucks to spend right now, so I'd like to get around 10 random stickers. After I recieve the first group (if someone sells them to me xD) I'll probably post again once I've raised up more funds~

These are my only requirements:
Please no doubles
Must have at least a few "cute" Pokemon like the starters, Celebi, etc (I know everyone has different views about the cuteness of Pokemon, so think more along the terms of popularity I guess? And I won't be to picky about this, just don't send me a Landorus and call it one of the cute ones >w<)
Must be a mix of Pokemon (so make sure they aren't all the same type, color, region, etc)

Other than that this is a great way to get rid of the ones you couldn't sell xD
And I'd be happy to trade for them for perlers or Pokemon cards... I'm thinking one perler for three stickers? But that would only be after I recieve the random ones so I can prevent getting doubles.

Thanks in advance!!

Semi-grails and help with plush identification!

Today was an extremely eventful day for me.
I've gotten so many pokemon goodies.
Some of them may need new homes in a few days. c:

First, let's start off the post with a semi-grail!
After months of looking for them and trying to persuade my fiance into letting me get them.... I HAVE FINALLY GOTTEN THEM AT A GREAT PRICE. :D
I am so happy! I also finally got the Mew I was looking for too (even tho it was only released last year)!

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I also collected a few more pokemon lots. We may keep some of it, but most will probably need loving new homes. c:
Most of them are in pretty good condition.

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Last but not least, I would like to get some help from the community to identify this charizard plush!
It seems rather interesting but I definitely don't want to overpay for it. Any information will be appreciated! :3


Thank you!!! :D
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Pokemon Trozei! Sticker sales! and small gets~

I bought a BUNCH of these things because hey, who doesn't love stickers, and the leftovers are for sale!

Shipping from AUSTRALIA
Stickers shipped as flats in bubblemailers on cardboard.
Shipping to the US starts at $3, Shipping within Australia is just $1 (including a little bit towards the cost of the bubblemailer). Inquire for everywhere else!
Prices in USD
Sales permission given by entirelycliched on 2nd April 2012
Feedback is here!
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new pic

Even more sticker sales!

Hey, everyone! In the next coming weeks I'll have some auctions (and some straight sales) for plush, figures, locks, and clips! It should be fun. :B

And even more Trozei stickers! I bought a lot in the hopes that I would definitely get Tyrunt/Tyrantrum and well... now I've got a lot of extras... xD;


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The grabby legend, plus some sales, offers and other gets.

Hello community!

I'm back with a package that arrived from Japan and I have a few items for offers like a rare Flareon bell keychain and a Snubbull grabby! Also some bell keychains, TOMY keychains and FCS for sale. And remember that you can combine anything with my sales post and I'm open for trades!

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With that lot I also got some cute gets <3 Finally I have the shimmery Mightyena! I only need the clear kids of Poochyena and Mightyena ;_;
And now I want to show you my grabby collection >.< With the Snubbull grabby that I'm selling it arrived two mor of them and that paper! I hope it serves to put some light in the Grabby world, since they are kind obscure figures and there isn't even a list of the models that exist

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Finally, I hope I'll post some super rare things (plushplushies!!!) and art commissions when I finish my class in two weeks >.< And I'm going to receive tons of kids and some metal charms (yay!) :O


Advice for new seller?

Hey all,

So I finally got my sales permission not too long ago! That means I'll be putting up some of my thrift shop finds and other goodies for you guys, from time to time. However, I had a question before I got started. I don't know a ton about the pricing of most pokemon merchandise. I don't want to ask for way too much, and I don't want to get ripped off, myself. What do you suggest an uninformed seller to do? Should I do an auction format and start with lower starting bids? Should I get help from someone in the know, and let them help me price my items? All advice is appreciated! Thanks all!

Could you please help me getting these figures ?

Hello everyone !

As you may know, I collect Eeveelutions, mostly Eevee and Sylveon. I recently found an auction for these figures on Ebay :

They are the Eeveelution Gather Eevee & Friends. Nobody seemed interested, the price stayed the same for several days... But it doubled within minutes ! I won't be able to bid if the prices continues to go up like that. There's another lot of them on sale, but for 200 dollars...

So please, if you know where I could find them, would you tell me ? Thank you very much !
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