May 14th, 2014

Panda collection update and my collection website!

Heyy guys! My collecting has slowed down a lot lately mostly because I want to save my money for Pancham and Pangoro items... and I've moved houses so everything's packed up, no room for anything new.

BUT I've got all of my pandas out on a temporary display and wanted to share what it looks like now!~

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Also, my collection website is finally complete!!
I've put sooooo much work into my site, I'm a perfectionist with free time... heheh.
And wanted a really nice place to catalogue everything.

So, if you're interested in seeing most of the merchandise made for Pancham and Pangoro since their release, come visit!~


Thanks for looking!- Oh, also, some wants... just in case I get lucky?!

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Wanted: Pokemon Rumble NFC figures!

Hi guys! I just have a small want today: the Pokemon Rumble NFC figures. I'm looking for all of them in new condition (but don't care about shinies, I just want one of each Pokemon), and I don't care whether they're Japanese or "other", since I believe it doesn't matter for playing with them? (Correct me if I'm wrong.) Ideally I'd like to buy as many from each seller as possible to save on shipping, as I live in Australia, so buying 5 or more at a time would be ideal. I am really looking to buy multiples from a seller first before filling in the gaps, shipping is just not worth it for one or two figures. I'm looking to pay about $5 each (before shipping) but I'm happy to negotiate a little, especially based on convenience. I'm open to trading from my sales post too (I think it's mostly up to date, though I won't have time to sell properly for a few weeks when I completely overhaul it), but trade value needs to include shipping on both ends in that case.

I'm also after an Amphabulous kid if anyone has one to sell along with NFC figures! Shipping is now too expensive from most places to pay just for one kid :( Also the Amphabulous pencil cap and the dice bag with Amphabulous on it, I'm not sure if I missed any other Amphy or Amphabulous merch lately.
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Disappointed get

Hello all,

So recently I've been after some Psychic plush as Psychics are my favorite type. The most recent plush to catch my eye is the Solosis line MPC.
My first purchase of the set was the Duosion MPC which I got off of Y!J last week and it arrived a few days ago. I'm satisfied with the MPC itself, I think it's quite cute and I'm very excited to get the other two, but I was very disappointed to find that the tush tag had quite some fraying, something I've never seen on a new crane plush before. I know they came out quite awhile back, but the seller claims it to be untouched after winning it.
Photo 2014-05-14 0 23 03
The damage was no where at all listed on the description or mentioned when I inquired to the seller about the tags state, so I feel the listing was a bit deceiving and I think I'd like to make a claim to get a refund or return the plush. I'm not sure how to go about doing this just yet, I'll be doing research about that when I find time this week.

I've won and seen many plush in the arcades and I've never run into fraying like that in a tush tag. This is what a non damaged MPC tush tag looks like after winning it straight out of a machine. I understand that there are subtle differences in quality in especially in crane plush, but the comparison makes it really hard for me to believe that the plush came damaged that way.
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Any advice would be greatly appreciated :(

Kalos Starters & Friends GA Update and Sales Post!

Just to start off, as of today I will have all the Kalos Starters & Friends GA items shipped out except for kwingette and shinykamon

kwingette I have put your total up here: Payment Here Your total was the new shipping total plus the claim for Froakie which I only charged $2-3 for in the end. So let me know what you think then :)

shinykamon I seem to have never gotten a shipping payment from you if I am mistaken please let me know. If not then I also have your payment total as well here: Payment Here

 photo Untitled-2-1.png

Now from here onto my sales :D

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fist pump!

Grail get! With a sort of photostory

A couple of weeks ago I realized that I was finally able to afford getting my grails, and posted on here that I was on the lookout for them.  By the next day I'd been contacted by a member, purchased one of them, and now it's finally here!

image (12)

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Do you know what this post means?  I only have one other grail that I'm fervently searching for -- a minky Espeon pokedoll MWT.  I'm willing to pay $65-85 for one since I've read/ been informed that that is its going rate.  If you have one that you're willing to sell, or if you find one for sale on another site please contact me.

Edit: Espeon is mine. I seriously love this comm!

Updated sales! Everything OBO

Hello, today I bring you my updated sales! Here is what has been added to the pokemon section

Also I still have cards, action flipz and cool misc stuff at these links!
Flats and cards!

I want this stuff gone and to a good home!! Please take a look!

Oh and I know this isn't pokemon but I have some yu gi oh cards for sale under this cut as well as a my little pony trade. Everything is OBO.
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Thank you for looking!

Exciting gets! :D + trade with meeee!

Hi everyone! Hopefully everyone is having a great weekend! :D

I recently acquired a few things that I'd like to show off! I WAS going to wait a bit longer, but the excitement took over. x3

So here we go!

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I made another Houndoom plush! I believe this one came out better than the other (for those of you who saw my last Houndoom plush I made ^__^; )! But, sadly, I cannot keep him in my collection. I dunno why, it's one of those personal things. x3

SO! I was hoping maybe someone would give him a permanent home and trade with me. <3 Let's work something out? :33

Here are a few shots of him! HANDSOME & ALL! :D

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I hope I can find him a good home, someone who will love him to itty bitty bits! :3

Let me know what you have! Maybe we can work out a trade. <3 For reference, here is my wants list:

Click the banner to be transported! :D

And that's all for today!

Thanks for reading/looking! :D

Super cute custom pokedoll get!

A while ago, I inquired about the artist someone got their custom Mega Charizard X plush from, LRK-Creations. After a small debate with my wallet, I decided to jump at the chance of getting a commission :)

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Does anyone know of any custom plush artists that can pull off the Pokemon Time style? The only artist I've found that I trust to pull off the style so far is MagnaStorm, but her commissions are super hard to get.

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Your Favorite Psyduck plush

Good day everyone,

I have a soft spot for Psyduck. His blank stare, his slow reactions, his headache... In the cartoon he is just dumb as a rock but with such a sweet heart. I jut want to hug him. Which is why I'm on the lookout for a Psyduck plush.

Alas, I'm difficult with my plushies. I prefer them larger. Like 10in and over. Which makes my research that much more difficult as I find the old Hasbro one great but too dark (it's more mustard than yellow) and most others are too small. Or strangely deformed. I'm thinking I might have to rethink my standards.

So I'm looking for inspiration. Regardless of my own preferences, which is YOUR favorite Psyduck plush?


New Gets and Old Finds!

A few weeks ago I went to visit my parents and found some pretty choice things in my old closet. And decided to treat myself for my birthday.
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I also had a question about gaining sellers permission.
I've been thinking about offering some custom pokemon artwork here over summer but I know you need to gain I think 10 positive feedback to get permission (which makes a lot of sense) But I don't buy things very frequently and most of my purchase come from conventions or local shops. Are there other things I can do to help this along? Otherwise it might take me several months, I'm a pretty casual collector.

Wanted! Show me your schtuff!

Hey everyone! Luckily Sylveon collecting has been going pretty good recently and I'm actually finding myself with more money (:o shocking!) so I'm hoping to pick up a thing or 2?

Show me anything you have of the pictured pokemon :D

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Grail Get!

I got a VERY huge box today in the mail! Among many other items, it contained one (or should I say several?) of my grails! I would have never thought of obtaining a grail in such a short amount of time after I started collecting. ^-^

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New items coming soon!

I hate that they will  re-release the same thing, but I am also glad as well. Means I don't have to buy it and get to focus on older items that I missed out on xD

New straps!
Tyrunt is so precious <3

New kids include:


More pics here:

What are you hoping gets released? I know sylveon pokedoll is on a lot of peoples lists
Hello There

Lot up on Ebay

Hi everyone! Hope your Spring is going well! I did a bit of reorganizing and decided to clear quite a few Pokemon things from my room. I have listed them in a largeish lot on ebay, and figured why not let the comm know in case someone wanted to GA it or bid.
Anyway here it is.

Link to Auction

My sales permission was granted by entirelycliched on December 13th 2012 my feedback can be found here
Thanks everyone have an awesome day :)

Pokemon Conquest Statues

Hello everyone! I have arrived. I would just like to take a minute to ask for a couple very specific wants.
My wife and I one year anniversary is next month and my wife really wants to get me the two pokemon conquest statues of mitsuhide and articuno and nobunaga and zekrom. If any one has any of these, please contact me. I saw nobunaga and zekrom on ebay but I havent uey seen mitsuhide and articuno.

Thanks :D
as always. I am looking for the zukan with sableye, nosepass, chimecho and mawile
by fluna_daiyunel

Pokémon Center Paris Vivillon + Pikachu gets + Shiny

Maybe some of you know it (and actually I've learned it from some of you xD), an exclusive Vivillon will be available at the Pokémon Center Paris from June 4th to June 21st. It will be a local in life event (and not a serial code unfortunately, from what I've understood). Thus, like someone suggested me, if you really want it you can send me your X/Y game, then I download Vivillon in your game and finally send it back to you. No commission fee for that, I think that shipping price is enough :/
[EDIT: Since I own an European 3DS, it only works with European games. But don't worry :) As sleepypikachu pointed out, the Event page says that Pokémon Centers Paris visitors will be "among the first ones to receive this unique Pokémon". Thus the pattern ISN'T exclusive to Paris. Because of the Pokéball, I'm assuming this pattern is exclusive to Pokémon Centers. Anyway, others will be given worldwide o/]

EDIT: chain will clone my Vivillon. Thus you could expect a Pokéball Vivillon rain \o/
But I think you'll be able to combine it with some stuff, because I'm now pretty sure that there will be some exclusive merch *o* Nothing 100% sure of course, but look at the art on the left of the picture. That's really similar to the ones of Japanese Pokémon Centers, isn't it ? So I'm almost sure we'll have some clear file folders, charms and a Pikachu plush with French brush *crossing my fingers*
Anyway, whether there is exclusive merch or not, I'm ready to do pick ups o/ Of course I will take a little commission fee, but be sure I don't want it to be over $4 :) (except if there is a big plush lol *dreaming*)

I'll let you know if I have more information.
EDIT 2: HQ picture of the PC Paris art

And now my Pikachus ^^
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Let's end this post with some Shiny Pokémon *o*
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Thank you for reading :3

You can find more pictures on my website
(send me a message if you want to share links)

And take a look at my updated sales o/
(Pikachu keychains)

Small Furfrou gets post!

I was going to wait a little bit before showing of some of my community gets but when taking some pictures I decided that I might as well! Close ups can be seen under the cut!

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Next post will probably be another gets post which might include something I've been looking for a while! Thank you for reading!