May 15th, 2014

Mega Sales! :D

As graduation comes closer and closer the time for me to weed out the misc. Pokemon things gets shorter and shorter~ So I have mega sales ahead~! :D
Items include - awesome card deals, plush, 3DS games, and a bunch of other stuff! :D
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Check out non-pokemon sales here! There are MLP cards, and some video games - including Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Also, Amazing Spiderman 2 was amazing. I didn't find it cluttered. I've been a hardcore Spidey fan for a loooong time and I found it to be very well paced and just had an incredible impact on me. I"m tired of hearing how "rushed and cluttered" it is. I'm not just praising it I'm appreciating it. Sorry, just tired of all the Spidey hate :( On a more positive note, only 6 more months til Ruby/Sapphire! XD
o4. prince mijumaru.
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Looking for I love Pikachu: Raichu plush.

I know Gin was selling some but I missed out. :[
Unless they'll be in stock at Sunyshore soon?

I should had got it from Y!auction but I was so focus on getting the DX Dedenne and Pumpkaboo, I completely forgot about it.
Does anyone have one for sell or know a good place to get it?

I'm looking for one that is in the price ranges of 30-ish or lower.

moving sales

need cash fast for an out of state trip and starting ti clean for graduation move out! Paypal only, sales perm granted in aug 2010 by denkimouse, ships from PA, USA international shipping not included please inquire
$_3yveltal pokedoll, NWT $35 shipped
IMG_1880tomy froakie $6 plus shipping, TOMY greninja figure $10 shipped Froakie 1:1 plush $60 plus shipping
Chef, Charmeleon

Charming auctions

Hey guys, long time no see. Things have finally settled down, and now that I've gone through my collection fully, I've got a few doubles that I think would be better off with other members of the community. For now this will be just an auction thread, and after everything had been sent out, I'll be posting a bigger straight sales thread of even more swing charms.
Also if you wanna know a bit more about these things, look here - (Hopefully I'll be helping out with that page soon enough)

To start things off, I was given sales permission by entirelycliched on 2/11/2013
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If you have any questions please ask
Payment must be made within 48 hours of winning the item
I have two cats and two dogs in my house, so I will do my best to make sure no fur/ect is in the packages I mail out
I ship from 30189 in Georgia from the US
As soon as all payments clear/are made, I will ship out the items the day after (paypal debit card, can go to mail out things right away)

Please do not bid/post until all threads have been made HAPPY BIDDING!
(Really hope I made the cut properly)
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May Custom Pouch Sales

I have even more pouches for sale this month. I have restocked all my old patterns and I have 5 new ones for sale, including Meowstics, Goomy, Gastly Line, and the Hoenn trio!

* I was granted sales permission by dakajojo 7/2011
* My feedback:
* I ship from MI, USA and ship everywhere!
* I am not open for custom commissions at this time.
* I accept trades
* I accept paypal
* First come, first serve.

Pouch Info:
- All artwork was done by me and proffessionally printed on polyester fabric.
- Fabric and prints are high quality and double sided.
- Line in black fabric on the inside and padded to protect your items.
- Smallest size (7x4 inches) is big enough to fit your 3DS and more!
- Large size (8x5 inches) is big enough to fit your XL and more!

Price Info:
- 7x4 (small) pouches: $16 shipped in the US and $20 shipped outside the US
- 8x4 (large) pouches: $20 shipped in the US and $24 shipped outside the US.
- Receive $1 discount (if in the US) or $2 discount (if outside the US) if you buy more than one!

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Megane Glaceon

Rare Eeveelutions Toyopet watch auction and updated sales

The rare Eeveelu Toyopet watches are here! Unfortunately the Sylveon pouches didn't come in on time so instead of making a random auction this will mainly be just the watches and the pouches along with the Glaceon straps will be auctioned off together in another auction.


Firstly before bidding or buying please read my rules first! I am not responsible for any rules you did not read and follow!

And second, the Leafeon, Umbreon, and Glaceon watches are NOT for auction and are just in the picture for display since this is the first time I've obtained so many at one time and wanted to have all in 1 picture. And the Umbreon watch was already bought and sold by another comm. member.

Now for the auction info.:

*All watches were listed as new however if you are concerned please ask for conditions first

*All items in my auctions can be shipped worldwide

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on July 27th 2013

Auctions end on Sat. 18th 11AM Los Angeles time you can find the timer here:

Winners in the auction within the US will get free tracking for orders over $45 or free shipping within the US for orders over $80(this applies to auctions only but can be applied to combined items from the store as well)

My sales rules can be found here and is also my sales link: I also added a few new items so check it out! Items in my sales can be combined with auctions.

And also I'll be taking offers for the Umbreon chupa but first I need to make sure they don't make bootlegs for it.
Just checked and looks like there were no reports of bootlegs out there so offers will now be put up. Just wanted to check since I've never owned these before.

Here's some pics:

Please wait for all threads to be put up before bidding or asking any questions! THREADS ARE UP!


alot of the pokemon i like iam not sure they have pokemon center plushes or pokedolls.
im looking for a torchic snowman. it is from 2012.if i can get it with tags that would be awesome!

1.espeon pokedoll(i know this one is real)
2.caterpie plush or pokedoll
3.togepi pokedoll
4.cyndaquil plush or pokedoll
Fofinho Flowers

An unexpected collection update!

Hey guys! I know I don't post here as often, but I just never really have anything to show usually. :'D I still lurk the comm daily and all that.

Yesterday I went to the post office to pick up a package that was not related to my collection, and along with it they handed me five other packages. That's right. Five. Five of my packages that had been missing for MONTHS. So I figured I'd post showing you guys my new gets.

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Banpresto I love Eevee DX Flareon plush

Hi, I want to purchase the Banpresto I Love Eevee DX Flareon plush, but I have a question. On different sites, I see different sizes listed, so I was just wondering if any of you own it and could clarify the size with me, or even compare it with something so I get the idea. Sorry if it's a stupid question, I just wanna figure it out XD

by viper_fox

Paris June Meet-up + Junichi Masuda at the Paris Pokémon Center :)

HD picture of this Paris PC art

Hello everyone o/
Yes, it's me again (> <), sorry.
Since many members are planning to go to Paris in June (I don't know why, haha), we thought it would be nice and helpful to make a meet-up post :)
I hope not breaking rules, I've never made that kind of post before :s

I think that the first thing to mention is the period when you will be in Paris.
Also if you only want a Pokémon Center meet-up or a Parisian one too (visits, walks, shopping lol...). If you already know when you are planning to go to the Pokémon Center (all: "every days" xD) it can be interesting to mention it too, especially if it's on the opening day (June 4th).
As you maybe know, Junichi Masuda confirmed on twitter that he will be at the Paris Pokémon Center on June 4th (even if nothing was officially announced, we can hope a signing session o/)

I'm really excited ^o^
If you have any ideas for organisation or want to add something, do it o/
I wrote this post in such a way we have a "place" where we can organize all that, but I'm not sure being the best one to lead it. So this post is your post o/

Thank you for reading, and I hope my English not being too scary :s (I'm a bit anxious about the meet-up because of my oral English xDD)

Here is how to access to the PC

Crémerie de Paris (Hôtel de Villeroy)
9/11 rue des Déchargeurs - angle 15 rue des Halles
75001 Paris

Participants (tell me if I made mistakes):
dragonrider49 Not determined yet
violetcyrene 4th (evening) to 8th
schnickschnacks 7th or 14th
tora_ra Parisian ^^
umbreonlover182 4th to 6th
knienke 7th to 9th
chariflame and riolulz 10th to 11th
abbeymew and joltex around 4th?
raikourai whole summer ^^
chiisai_hime 13th
kyogre2604 17th to 19th
cloudy_may around 13th?
roussil 6th to 8th

Loooong overdue collection update & huge TCG/kids/Sylveon figure sales!

It's been a loooong time since I've been active around here (at least it's felt like it!) School took over my life for the past two months so I wasn't able to update here or on my TCG blog. Sadface. But now that I'm on summer break (even though I'm taking summer classes and have a job...) hopefully I'll be around more! Let's just get to the collection update, I've gotten a decent amount of stuff since I've posted last.
Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 9.51.26 PM
More pics under the cut!

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Looking for...

Hey fellow community members. Long time no see. I'm here seeking a game that seems to be escaping my grasp EVERYWHERE.

I've been looking for a copy of HeartGold version, and it's seriously nowhere to be seen around here.

So I'm wondering, does anyone in the community have a copy they'd be willing to sell me? Heck, I'll take SoulSilver too. I just really want to play one of them again.

Thanks to anyone who can help me!