May 16th, 2014

Butterfly and Amaranth

A Small Poke'dolls and Plush Lot

Hello, ladies and gents!

I've decided with my decreasing amount of space and funds that it's time to do my first bit of weeding. But my time these days is limited, so I decided rather than sell individually, I'd pile everything into a lot, and let you all know if anyone is interested. All the plush here are ones I've gotten thanks to this very community and they've been well taken care of. (More details and a list of the lot contents are in the link itself, but feel free to ask me any questions here!)

Link Here

~I was granted sales permission for pkmncollectors by entirelycliched on 4/2/2012. My feedback page is right here.

Thanks for looking!


Intro and Wants Post..

Hi I'm kodiwolfy. I'm a new member here about a month ago, even though I've been stalking here for few months :P
I've played pokemon for a long time and never thought about collecting it's merch, but all change since I met 'little guy in my userpic' in Black 2 late 2013 (yeah too late XD, skip Black 1)
At first I'm shy to show my collection, it's so tiny compared to most of yours here :( But the more I thought, he doesn't have a lot of merch anyway :P

So here's my tiny collection...
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new eeveelutions

Just a boring wants post!

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a great Friday! ^_^ I just wanted to post an updated wants post since I haven't in awhile. I am also going to post a collection update soon, so look out for that :)

I am currently looking for any of the following Pokemon in figures, straps, keychains, plush, and pan stickers or other stickers:

-The Lake Trio
-Espurr, Meowstic

Thanks ahead of time! ^_^

Gets post :) and is this item real?

Happy Friday, friends! I haven't made a gets post in a while and I thought I would share some of the stuff I have received over the past couple of weeks.

Take a look under the cut! :D
[Spoiler (click to open)]unnamed

The three pokedolls I claimed during the Pokedoll Party GB :) These are my first pokedolls ever. I absolutely love them and can't wait to get some more! Definitely want to feel/get some minky ones.

Also started collecting a few tfgs (thank you gengareric!). I bought the weavile bottlecap for my boyfriend but it is essentially mine :P Also happy to get more chess pieces (thank you dezi_kitsune!).

Unfortunately this picture really sucks but the big pink chunk is a custom made dunsparce stamp from zannid! I absolutely love it. I have been using it to sign cards that I send to my friends XD

Lately, I have been creating my wishlist and a lot of my list is comprised of Christmas items. While browsing merch I came across this item:

[Spoiler (click to open)]plush-christmas2008

Does anyone know if this is real? If it is, does anyone have any knowledge about how expensive this item may be? I really love the land form Shaymin so if this item is legit, it is definitely a grail for me.
Any help would be appreciated!
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Rainy Day Sales Update and Wants!

Click Skiddo to go to the sales! Lots of stuff I want gone. I lowered prices as well as opened haggling for orders of multiple items (purchase price of $15 or more).

Also some wants:

Xerneas keychain: I managed to miss out on this when it came out. If you are selling or know where I could get one please let me know! Found thanks so much! <3

This one is a long shot:

Mew Singing keychain: ANY help finding one of these would be super appreciated! Also, I have the Vaporeon version I would be happy to trade for one in the same condition (MWT).

Anyone who participated in the Growly GA and Pokedoll Party GB your items were all shipped. The last few were shipped days ago. Sorry for not putting notes in the packages like I usually do! >_

Lots of PC items!

This week I had some of my finals, still need to do three subjects and I've done five now.

But on Tuesday three packages were delivered while I wasn't home, so they gave them to our neighbours. After I came back I wanted to get my packages, but my neighbours weren't home *hun dun duuun*

So I finally got my packages on Wednesday! I sure didn't expect these to arrive so fast.

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My collection is starting to get bigger, especially the Litleo part. I really hope we get a Pyroar plush soon!

*continues studying for her finals while trying (and failing) to sing Italy's song for ESC*

Introduction post + some collection pics!

Peek-a-boo Grumpig

Hello! This is Siplick, a fellow Spanish collector who recently joined the community >ᴗ<

I have been a casual collector for a very long time but only started taking it seriously about 7 years ago, when I bought my first PokéDoll - a Riolu! Nowadays my favourite things to collect are plushies and figures, specially the smaller dolls and Kids. I also adore the games and my favourite region is Hoenn (so I am very, very excited for OR/AS!!!).

As for my main favourite Pokémon, it's Grumpig! I adore that chubby little pig and I'm looking for all of his merchandise :D
Some of my favourite Pokémon include Blaziken, Lucario, Smeargle, Hawlucha, Vivillon, Swoobat, Masquerain, Krookodile, Deoxys... Since my list goes on and on, I don't have a huge collection for all of them, but I would love to expand their collections. I will write a want list as soon as I have some money to spare!

So! Without any more chatter, there you have some pictures of my Grumpigs, figures, pokeplushies, et cetera:

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Psychic MPC gets

Photo 2014-05-16 20 39 54
Yaay! Green psychic goodies came today~
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My Sigilyph plush is apparently a version not released in the cranes and the person who owned this plush received it as some kind of bonus gift(?) Anyone know the difference in versions and why? I think the normal MPC has a purple tag but mines yellow.

Also, the other day I made a post regarding a Duosion MPC plush I bought off of Y!J, for those who commented with advice, thank you kindly!
I talked with the seller and they were extremely polite and kind about the whole thing. They offered me the Duosion plush from their own collection in exchange for mine with the shredded tag (so kind), so I'll be exchanging it for the mint one. For those who have Solosis line MPCs with shredded tags, I'm not sure why some of them seem to be in this condition, but there are mint ones out there as well, fortunately.
And for anyone whose ever worried they might run into trouble on Y!J with claims/returns, it seems like the advice I received was accurate: needn't worry! People on Y!J are super kind about returns and even throw in extra goodies/offers when exchanging goods, my situation is a perfect example. 

Mini-Grail Get + Sneak Peek to Espurr/Meowstic Update!

Hello everyone!
Today, I have an especially exciting mini-grail to share! I was waiting for the mail eagerly all day. This is not your typical little Snivy whatsoever… It's none other than a shiny Snivy lottery kid!!
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Thanks for reading about my newest addition to my royal snake collection!! I'm still waiting for a few more items to arrive for my Espurr and Meowstic collection, so in the meantime, I'll end this post with a sneak peek to my ever-growing psychic kitty collection! I'm super pleased with its progress, so keep an eye out for my next post!
~princess_snivy <3

Quick sales

I found a new plush! I looked all over for a sylveon...with no luck :(  This is the first time I have seen him. They had a bunch of the starter tomy plush.

NWT Helioptile Tomy plush- $16

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International fees went up. Base shipping for anything (except flats) is $6.55. Do not inquire if this bothers you. There is nothing I can do about it.

UPDATED 5/12/2013
Click the images for bigger photos

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Offers reminder!

Hello community!

Just a reminder that my offers will end soon (it will end about 24 hours since this post or 24 hours after the last offer) so don't miss that change to get some rare items as the Flareon bell keychain or the Snubull grabby :3 Of course, I could accept trades as offers or something so if you have something on mind, just let me know! You can click on the picture or HERE to see the post!

Also, I want to show you a custom Poochyena I made yesterday >.< I love it, omg. This summer I could try to do more (I'd love to try to do a Ninetales ;^;) Poochy, say hello!