May 17th, 2014


need UK middleman!

hey ! i'm in need of someone from UK to bid on an item on eBay. It's rather large item but we'll discuss the details on shipping the item to me, so comment here if you can help me out !

i'm located in finland.

WTB Lati Kid Figures and PokéRom

As mentioned in the subject, I am looking to buy the Bandai kid figures of Latios and Latias. I don't have any, so I'd really love to add these to my collection! I am in the USA, for shipping purposes - if anyone has one for sale, or that you're considering selling, please let me know. I'm flexible about pricing!

I am also looking to complete my collection of PokéRoms. These were little mini-CDs released around 2000 that you can put in a computer and view silly little Flash content. Here is a picture of one:

I have made a spreadsheet of which ones I have and which ones I need, see below:

Additionally, if there are any that you know of that aren't in my list at all (even if you don't personally own it), please comment and let me know so I can add it! The difficulty with these is that since they're fairly obscure, I am unable to find any complete list of which Pokémon were released - I've mostly based it off of the back of the "series" boxes, as well as individual lots I've seen for sale. Some were stand-alone, and as such, I am sure some are missing.


Oh, I'm also looking for the Bandai kid Rayquaza figures as well. Forgot to mention that initially, sorry!
Alola Vulpix

Free For All Friday!!

★☆ It's PKMNCollectors Free for All Friday time!! ☆★

As always, you may use this post to talk just about anything you'd like with other members, but please still respect the community rules.

Remember that collectors of all ages participate here so please use your best judgement and do not comment with inappropriate images/topics, troll or harass, or otherwise use this post to get around our community guidelines. Also, due to the nature of the community, please avoid advertisements and discussing financial issues. Otherwise, have a ball!

Last Payment for the Deluxe Dolls GA! :D + EXTRAS!!!!

WHOOP WHOOP! The Deluxe Dolls GA is in!

Baconscreation was kind enough to take pictures of each member's items! You can see those under the cut! :D

(sorry for the side-ways picture in advance! ^_^; )

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Original GA post: HERE!
Payment #1 post: Here!


  • Payments will be sent to: robynbacon123 (at) gmail (dot) com .

  • In the memo, please put: Deluxe Dolls Last Payment - USERNAME

  • These plush are big. The last payment includes the actual shipping cost and Paypal fees, along with $2 for packing materials (boxes for everyone.)

  • After the 24 hours period, negative feedback will be left and a report will be made to the mods!


Now, on to the extras!

These plush are only available to the participants of this GA for the first 24 hours. If you claim a plush, it will only raise the price of your shipping total, no extra moo-lah required! :3 Please comment if you're interested, and we will update your total!

After the first 24 hours are over, claims will be available to anyone for their original GA price of $7 + shipping.


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ATTENTION! Thanks to everyone who participated and made this GA a success! I say we got some pretty good plush at great deals! When you receive your package, please be sure to leave baconscreation and I, haybuddyy, feedback.

baconscreation :
haybuddyy :

Thank you everyone! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :D

Quick wants!

Hey everyone :)
I'm looking for a quick Cyndaquil Canvas plush. I've had no luck everywhere else and I REALLY want it! So if anyone owns one MWT or knows someone who owns one willing to sell I would love to take him in.
Thank you and have a nice day! :)
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Wanted 1rst Generation Tomy

I want to complete my collection of the first generation and I will make a list of figures that I need, if anyone has them and wants to sell them to contact me... ^^

[Spoiler (click to open)]#10 - Caterpie
#13 - Weedle
#15 - Beedrill
#19 - Rattata
#20 - Raticate
#24 - Arbok
#27 - Sandshrew
#28 - Sandslash
#29 - Nidoran♀
#33 - Nidorino
#35 - Clefairy
#36 - Clefable
#37 - Vulpix
#39 - Jigglypuff
#41 - Zubat
#42 - Golbat
#45 - Vileplume
#46 - Paras
#47 - Parasect
#49 - Venomoth
#50 - Diglett
#51 - Dugtrio
#53 - Persian
#57 - Primeape
#59 - Arcanine
#63 - Abra
#64 - Kadabra
#66 - Machop
#67 - Machoke
#68 - Machamp
#69 - Bellsprout
#70 - Weepinbell
#71 - Victreebel
#72 - Tentacool
#73 - Tentacruel
#75 - Graveler
#77 - Ponyta
#78 - Rapidash
#79 - Slowpoke
#81 - Magnemite
#82 - Magneton
#88 - Grimer
#89 - Muk
#90 - Shellder
#92 - Gastly
#93 - Haunter
#98 - Krabby
#106 - Hitmonlee
#107 - Hitmonchan
#108 - Lickitung
#113 - Chansey
#124 - Jynx
#129 - Magikarp
#131 - Lapras
#132 - Ditto
#134 - Vaporeon
#135 - Jolteon
#136 - Flareon
#142 - Aerodactyl
#145 - Zapdos
#147 - Dratini
#148 - Dragonair

I know they are many and some are more prized than others, but I'm interested in getting before which are cheaper

Thanks :3

Quick First Collection Update!!

Hey everybody, I'm pretty new around here, so this is my first collection update!

I only have 7 Plushies right now, but soon I am hopefully going to add more and diversify into having a bunch of other things (Kids mainly).

So here is the small collection!

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Anyways, that's all for this small collection update, but I'm expecting a few more plushies in the mail in the coming weeks, so I'll post when they all arrive! :)

Big post! Gets, pokemon story, bootleg question & new ACEO card commissions!

Hi all ~ today I come with a few things!


At first, I got a package yesterday from the comm with sooo pretty things! Especially the heracross tomy figure (which is the first heracross I own for my bug collection!!:D) And I got an extra gloom figure because I bought oddish and vileplume - thanks to vulpeslagopus!! Thats so kind :)) ♡


From ebay I got recently a supercute japanese caterpie book with a story for little childs (pics from each page under the cut!)
Also what I bought from ebay: A pink translucent vileplume tomy figure! Want to know if its a bootie as I even thought or maybe it is authentic? It looks very well-made to me. Also pics under the cut!


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ACEO card commissions:


I'm making Aceo cards again and I'm open for any pokemon commissions.


One Aceo card costs only 10$ (incl. shipping + paypal fees!) I will open 5 Slots.






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Thats all, thanks for looking & have a nice weekend!:3


Megane Glaceon

Rare Eeveelutions Toyopet watch auction and latest gets

Just a reminder that my auctions end at 11am tomorrow morning in Los Angeles time.

Click link here to go to auctions: there are still a few items that are at starting bids including the Umbreon chupa that's still at it's starting offer.

Also my latest gets and a few other gets I didn't add to my last gets post

2 grails on the right of the Flygon charabottlin figure and Glaceon super effective keychain
custom Espeon plush which is so soft. CX

I was literally surprised to get 3 grail offers in one day that I had to get the last offer on hold to get more money for it. Thanks so much guys I'm glad to finally have obtained them!
Haruka, Makoto, MakoHaru

The best Lucario figure? (Question!)

Hey there everybody! I'm curious, what does everyone feel the best Lucario figurine is? I own the smaller Takara Tomy one, and he's very nice, but I'm super interested in hearing from everyone else which figure they think is the best and why! Best paint application? Best size for the money? Most faithful to the character? :D I'm looking to expand my Lucario collection and I adore figures thing leads to another. Can anyone give me some advice? #^-^#
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Small Collection Update and Still Looking for a TOMY Fuzzy Groudon Plush! C:

I did some collection weeding and redecorating. c:

I managed to collect a whole bin of plushes that I just wasn't as excited to have as i thought i would be when i bought them. :c I'm going to sell them and send them off to new loving homes once I am approved for sales permission. (From now on ill try to make less impulse buys like that and stick to my wants list)

There are a bunch of new friends hiding among the old. Specifically the DX turtwig pokedoll, oversized turtwig pokedoll, smaller sitting I Love Eevee plushes, Sitting Pokecen Sylveon, Banpresto Ampheros, Pokemon Petit raichu and ampheros keychains, HQ I Love Pikachu Raichu, Mewtwo Pokedoll, Lucario Pokecen plush, Eevee Pokedoll, Swampert Pokedoll(yeah, i decided to keep him c: ), Jakks Shinx, Entei and Zorua Pokedolls, and Turtwig and Torterra Banprestos.

I think I really like my shelves a lot more now. They look fuller and cuter. The pink shelf is a little empty, but that is because I'm awaiting the arrival of a 1:1 mew to take up some space there. C:

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Let me know what you think! C:

Also i am still looking for a TOMY fuzzy groudon plush to pair with my lonely kyogre! If you have one for sale, please let me know! I would be able to pay for him on Friday!
Here is a picture of the one i am looking for:

This photo was taken from google images! If it is yours and you would like me to take it down, please let me know!

Thank you for looking! :D

Collection Weeding (mostly Keldeo)

Hi guys. First off, anything from previous sales posts has been shipped. Most of you already got your stuff but if you haven't, expect it soon :).

Second, I'm doing a bit of collection weeding today. To start, I'm selling my Keldeo collection and a few charms. Anything purchased here can be combined with my regular sales (which have had Amada and Pan stickers added, by the way!).

Regular sales are here:

Preview of collection weeding:

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Om Nom
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Bit of Collection Weeding

So after slowing down collecting Lucario I'm being more picky about what I buy. As such, I've noticed a few items in my collection I don't really care for and would like to offer them to the community.
I'm also selling some of my PokeBox charms.

*International buyers from the Pressed Penny offers: I'll have to reship your stuff out again due to a PO screw up. ;-;*

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Question regarding display cases!

Hi! ^w^

I have a question regarding display cases (obviously xD) so I'm hoping you guys could help me out <3

I've looked online and in stores but I just can't find anything that is what I need :c

So I need more space for my figures, so that they don't have to live in little boxes the rest of their lives xD
I want to buy a clear glass display case, that is small and has shelves. I also need to be able to hang it up on a wall. I can't believe how difficult it has been to find one! If anyone can link me one or sell one to me it'd be very much appreciated!!

For reference pics, this is where I'm putting it:
(Please excuse the quality of the photo's- I think I may have scratched my ipod camera or something >w<)

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To make the post more interesting, I decided to include a get from months ago and some pokemon sculptures I made for fun :3

This May figure was made for me, because I asked. Literally, just because I asked. The user who made this didn't require payment of any kind, not even overseas shipping cost. I'm super grateful for the figure, the pics don't do her justice at all.

oops I gotta go fix Pikachu's eyes so they match xD
These guys I made for myself! (I've never made figures before, so I thought I might as well try xD) The Mudkip and Pikachu were made using model magic, and the Snorlax I made by staying afterschool during our sculpting unit in art~ He's actually been through the whole firing process, unlike the other two. And I painted him using acrylic paint :3

Thanks for looking ^w^

Pricing Qwester

Hello! Depressing klooper for me english jer, buti danged nice resay gJ$)Kd!!!!

But naw, seriously, I was wondering if anyone who collects Gen 4 TOMY figures could give help me out since I have a few Gen 4 TOMYs in my collection that I'm interested to know the rarity of.

Does anyone know how rare these figures are?
Mismagius (I heard this one is rare)
Rotom (I also heard this one is rare)
Starly line (I don't have these but I want to soon)

I also would like to know how rare these (non Gen 4) figures are
Extended size 3 inch Lati@s TOMYs -- I think these were a tie in for the movie with Latios and Latias (I don't remember what it was called since I don't really follow the anime)
Cloyster (I saw in one pricing guide that it can go for up to 65 dollars)
Sir Aaron Lucario

New gets and updated sales + auctions!

Ill just make some notable mentions for special gets and other new gets can be check on my collection website:

Time for new auctions! Included are a rare 2009 Pokemon Time Bag, cool clearfiles, utensils kit, and a Pokemon Movie manga (Full Colored!)!
Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 9.05.15 PM

Auctions will last for a week and end on Saturday, May 24, 2014 at 8:00:00 PM (San Diego time)
Countdown Timer:

Please do not bid until this line is crossed out! BID BID BID! =D

[New Gets!]
2014-05-15 17.04.04
First up is the Pokemon Cuckoo Clock! Ive been wanting this for a long time and now I finally own one! YAY! =D
The only downside is that the plastic is a bit melted on a spot and the Pikachu/Togepi pendulum is missing. Other than that, its great! It works and sings! Pidgey is still able to swing side by side but not as well without the pendulum to stabilize him. If anybody knows where I can get a replacement, that would be great! ^_^

2014-05-15 18.21.56
Next up is this pokeball!

But wait!

Its not an ordinary pokeball!

2014-05-15 18.22.45
Inside is this awesome Pokemon Center Tokyo Watch! I think it was released as a grand opening promotional item at the time in 2007. It features the mascots of the Tokyo Pokemon Center: Pikachu, Charmander, and Poliwhirl! Its so cute! (More pics available on my website in the others section.) I know theres an Osaka one with Meowth and Squirtle as well but do they have them for each different Pokemon Center?

Now finally!

2014-05-15 20.12.192014-05-15 20.12.382014-05-15 19.54.59
This is a Lucario and the Mystery of Mew Pop-Up Storybook Playset! There are different scenery from the movie within this storybook and you can set up your figures and props to reenact the movie or just to play around~ Ive been looking for this for awhile and it just showed up one day and I got it with no competition, yay! It was actually bigger than expected! I wished the included Lucario figure was pearly since thats the only one I'm missing! (More detailed pictures available in the Misc. Lucario section on my website~)

I hope you enjoyed looking at my gets and feel free to browse around in my website! =D

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Sales Post (Small)

mew pokedoll+unwanted things I don't know what to do with

im looking for a mew pokedoll. jap or american it doesnt matter as long as it has its tags.
if you have one please show me i will love to look at it and any other plushes you have


Pokemon silver - complete
Pokemon crystal - complete
Pokemon Y- 1st badge collected

I have a extra y and the others I do not want. I really don't know what to do with them.
  • prnzs

May Pokemon Center mega merch

A little random, but I was at the PC today and after coming home decided to check the website to see other merch. I found a few items that I haven't seen posted and these items have apparently been released May 1st~15th.
I think a few may be interested in these cute necklaces as they remind me a bit of the megas key shaped charms that came out recently.

Mega stone necklaces (come out May 22nd)Collapse )
I want that Trozei puzzle ;w; and I'm always a fan of pokemon candy! Especially the Darkrai version one, Klefki with Jirachi!

Also, the back of the Japanese Design promotion flyer has a tid bit on this promotion going on at the Pokemon Center. Go in with your software and get a free mega from the PC, you'll also get a free post card for the mega you received when you went in, depending on the date. See it on the Pokemon website here. Thanks kidgengar for taking the time to find it!
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