May 18th, 2014

Chillarmy - Shiny

Psychic kitty madness at the Pokemon Center

Meowstic and Espurr pokedolls were released at the Pokemon Center today, and I have been looking forward to new Espurr plush all week!

Me and my friend, Mindy, who is currently visiting from America, arrived to the Center semi early-ish, with the expectation that the Center would open at 9 am, as it usually does on release days. Of course, it didn't open until 10 am, so we ended up waiting around in line for an hour. Woo. But it was worth it!

Being one of the first people in, and also thanks to it not being very crowded today, I had plenty of time to chose exactly which plushies I wanted, and as usual, I took a bunch of photos.

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I took a couple of extra close-up shots when I got home, as usual.

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I am so very pleased with how these pokedolls turned out.

Thanks for checking out my post :)
Houndoom so cute

Card gets

Hello everyone! Today in the mail I got 4 cards; which I am VERY excited to share with you all.
The cards came today from a great user that I enjoy buying cards from: pokemontrader -thank you again for being so awesome! :3

Along from collecting plushies and figures, I still slowly but surely love expanding my card collection. So without further ado are you ready to see what I got?

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Diancie Merch?

Hey all just stopping by with a quick question

Is there any current diancie merch and what is the diancie merch coming up?
I would love to know since I plan on collecting Diancie ^^

Thanks so much for your help!
(feel free to remove if this post isn't allowed o-o)

epcot visit & stock

i've been in orlando for about a week now and took a trip to epcot yesterday. being a pokefan, of course i visited the mitsukoshi dept. store in the japan section of the world showcase as i have done several times before.

what i found was a bit interesting, at least to me.

the last time i visited epcot about ~3 years ago, there were many pokecen plushes as well as some pokedolls. this time, however, there were none. from what i could tell, all of the plushes available now at mitsukoshi are tomy.

i have to admit, i was pretty disappointed. though the merchandise area is bigger now, the variety is smaller when it comes to plush. one display had only pikachu plushes (not pictured here, also had a few pika hats) and another had these tomy plush to choose from:

there were some neat things in the corner display, such as tshirts with the legendary beasts on them and hats with two different designs, one with charizard. i'm not sure if that would be of interest to anyone, but i figured i'd mention that!

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Dunsparce Collection!

Hey everybody, I've only been a part of this community for about 2 months but my collections have already grown so much! Almost everything from my dunsparce collection has been from the com, here is it is so far:

photo (43)_resize

Larger pic and some closeups under the cut!

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My totodile and N collection have also grown a lot, but I'll leave them for another time since the totodiles are kind of messy at the moment and I don't have all of my N stuff with me right now :/ If anyone else collects dunsparce I'd love to see your collections :D, but I'm not sure if there are many other dunsparce collectors on here haha. If you have any dunsparce stuff for sale that I don't have yet please show me! ^o^

New sales! Pin button badges & plush

Hi guys! I come to you today with a couple more items, and a reminder of my other sales! So today we have Froakie, Fennekin & Flareon items for you in addition to everything else, take this stuff away! Today is also the final day for free shipping on orders over $5 so don't miss out! Now is the time to get alllll those bulk cards you wanted :D

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As always, this can be combined with anything from my main sales page :)

Also, still looking for a Dragonite Pokedoll, Vaporeon Pokedoll and a really awesome plushmaker ready for a crazy challenge!
Armoured, Armour, Mewtwo, Armor, Armored

Exciting Order, Questions & Wants

Hey everyone!
I've finally managed to find the Pikachu World Cup 2014 Tomy and ordered him immediately with no hesitation. I love Football/Soccer and just couldn't resist him and the Football Pokeball!

World Cup 2014 Tomy 1

I've read that it's a Limited Edition release and I guessed it would only ever be available in Japan, so I had to get it before the price rises dramatically.
Does anyone know what the shelf price of this is in Japan? I'd really like to get more but would like to spend less than I did the first time.

I can't wait for him to arrive to me in England, United Kingdom and once he does, I will probably post about the amazing occasion.

In the meantime, I will leave you with a link to my Wants Post. Please let me know if you have anything in my Wants, I really want them!
Here's a small preview:
Armored Mewtwo Figure Front 1Dragonite DX Tomy 2
Mewtwo Gold Star EX Holon Phantoms 103-110Snorlax Pokedoll 2

Thanks for reading!


Sylveon pouch and a free pin button!

Hi guys, I recently designed some cute little Sylveon faces and thought it'd look nice on pouches, so here they are!

For anyone who's buying a Sylveon pouch, I will include a free Sylveon pin button with your purchase! :D

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I also have these other items for sale in my custom shop, I can combine shipping with anything there :)

Thank you for looking!

Pokemon Hair Ties in Tin?

I totally had one of these as a girl, no clue where it went..

I don't care about the tin, but really want some of the hair ties that were in the tin...


These are the only pics I can find--so sorry if it is yours--let me know and I'll take it down.

I found one auction on ebay--it has a couple of them. What I really want are the ponytail holders and scrunchies. I had this awesome Dratini scrunchie, and I would love to get another. Does anyone have ideas of where I can look for this, or have any to sell? Thanks!
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Introduction Post

Hey guys! My name is Kaylee and I just joined here a few days ago. I'm super excited to be a part of this community. Iv'e been watching from afar for quite a while, and I'm glad to finally be a part of it. I have been a fan of Pokemon ever since I was little, so over the years I have amassed a fairly decent collection of Pokemon merch. Check out the pictures of my current collection under the cut. :)

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I suppose thats about it. I'm super excited about being a member of the community, and I can't wait to expand my collection more. :)

Commissions are open!

Hi guys! I'm opening up some slots for pastel, and inkpen commissions! Here's a quick preview, bigger and better pics under the cut~! ^ -^ I removed this from my last post because I felt like there was too much going on @ -@ And I think commissions should have their own post~ Here we go! :D

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Commission Info under here! :D
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I'll be opening up four slots~ :D


I'll also be opening up inkpen commissions~! Examples are under the cut~

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Each of these commissions will only be $2.50 each~! Individual portraits only, I don't yet feel comfortable getting too complicated with this style XD I'll only be opening up two slots because of how time consuming these are:
cotton candy


MAGNET COPIES of my Original Oil Paintings for SALE
Made into Durable Front water Resistant Magnets!
1.i was granted sales permission on 07/02/11 by dakajojo

Apparently LJ cuts aren't working?? or maybe just not for me?? atm

each are Front Water Resistant, Not Flimsy Durable, Glossy
3 and a half inches wide 2 and a half inches tall.
i ship everywhere except indonesia/italy/signapore sorry!
$14 each shipped USA/ $18 each shipped elsewhere.
bubble mailers are an extra $2 to the order if you need one.
each additional are $9 each,

All come with a tiny mystery POEM
typed and printed, a story for each piece i will not be sharing them on here.
they will be added as a bonus! to the buyers.

Above Link for Details! My LJ Cut isn't working =( for some reason

_ghost_stories - Copy.jpg
-Ghost Story Night- x8 available

-Finally They Would Meet-  x8 available

-Blanketed in ice-  x8 available

 - Normal Sales -

TRADING i only trade with members with GOOD feedback
Here are some items i reallly want!

DX/Mega Kids Sales Reminder!

Hi everyone! If you've already ordered DX/Mega Set kids from me, I shipped your orders out yesterday. So the orders should be coming in the mail soon! As you receive these kids figures, I would appreciate feedback here, and I would gladly return the favor. Thanks!

Also, this is just a reminder that I still have lots of DX/Mega set kids for sale over at the below link. Click the fake cut to be transported and to see!

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 10.12.53 PM

(Above Kids Figures for Sale Here!)

Thanks, and have a great week!